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Hope Farm Press was established in 1959 and grew to encompass more than 2500 titles of New York State books. Today it is downsized to just sell the 25 titles with the Hope Farm Press imprint. The other books remain listed on this website as a reference and historical reminder of what was available under one roof. They are nolonger available for sale here.

My brick & mortar store (252 Main St) closed in 2009. My hectic schedule (as a baker and traveling culinary writer) no longer allows open hours at my warehouse on 15 Jane Street. It is now just my writing office and storage.

Questions? Email hopefarm@hopefarm.com

Specializing in New York Books since 1959
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Hope Farm Press specializes in New York State books
Hope Farm Press  

The site index, directory or whatever you call it, I call the Table of Contents
Most pages are a static list of books - for reference and research - I no longer offer them for sale.  


All Hope Farm Press titles are available wholesale and retail. I only sell Hope Farm Press titles. ~ Richard Frisbie

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FOR BROWSING: Table of Contents

    If you have time to look around and discover New York books you might not have thought to search for, please feel free to browse the extensive New York State book lists via links from the Table of Contents page. This page also gives you access to the reviews, travelogues, book excerpts, searchable indices, community events and New York State County histories provided free online, plus the genealogical information I offer through the NYGenWeb pages for Ulster County and Greene County, New York. Enjoy!

Hope Farm Foundation - hopefarm.org (not to be confused with Hope Farm Press - hopefarm.com) is a 501(c)(3) IRS approved charity for abused and neglected children in the state of Florida


           Hope Farm Press & Bookshop was established in 1959 in Cornwallville, Greene County, New York, by Charles Dornbusch, just before he retired from the New York City Public Library. The buildings and land were originally purchased by his family from the Hope family who had farmed it for years. Thus, it became Hope Farm Press. It was not connected with either the orphanage called Hope Farm, or Father Devine's Hope Farm, both of which were also in the Hudson Valley.

           Charles Dornbusch ran it as a walk-in and mail-order bookstore for 30 years. He specialized in military history and New York regional interest books. From his interest in the local history of New York's Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain region grew a catalogue of 500 books and pamphlets on New York State, and his remote Greene County Bookshop became the destination of people from all over the world. His death in 1990 left a void in the pursuit of the preservation of our heritage that I can only hope to fill.


           When Mr. Dornbusch died in 1990 his heirs (Greene County Historical Society) invited me to participate in a competitive bid for his business. They sold the property separately, and I moved the contents to a building that started out as a chicken coop/garage in my hometown of Saugerties New York. While I continued to operate my book store, Booktrader, on Main Street, I ran Hope Farm as a mail-order, New York State Specialty book business. In 1992 I sold Booktrader and opened Hope Farm Bookshop in the hastily converted garage with 300 feet of wooden shelves. My office was squeezed into the coop section with room for 2 computers and printers, and a side room with 8 pallets and 3 steel bookcases for the cases of stock I maintain. It was very cozy and easy to heat. I don't know how I ever lost anything there - but I did!

         Still More Recent History

           The fellow I sold the Booktrader to (in 1992) called me on July 28th, 1997 and told me he was moving to California on August 20th. He asked if I wanted to buy back my old store in the Village of Saugerties. He knew I was very busy and needed more space. I knew I didn't have time to move my shop! Anyway . . . when it came down to either no book store in the village or me running Hope Farm out of the larger space . . . I bought it back and moved. 

      Now, 9 years later we welcome visitors to Main Street of my hometown, Saugerties, NY. With expanded hours, (daily 10 to 6 pm, 12-3 Sundays and most holidays) more room for my New York regional interest books and capable sales help, we are able to serve you better. I look forward to your visit.  

      AND - the Latest History:

      I gave away Booktrader today (1/1/2009) and am opening Hope Farm Press & Bookshop on Jane Street (the street behind my current shop.) It's still in the Commercial and Historic Business District, and just a half block off Partition Street. I look forward to your visit there.

      The FINAL Word

      The 15 Jane Street "shop" (more of a warehouse) is no longer open to the public. (Really, I'm here so rarely I only saw one person over the "busy" Holiday Season.) It is now officially storage. You can call to see if a title is in my inventory and I will mail it or deliver it locally. I am selling my inventory (which is extensive) not adding new titles to the list. When it is gone - it is gone.

      Richard Frisbie It is gone. Only my 25 inprint titles remain.


    PHONE NUMBER 845-246-3522

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    See what National Geographic says about Hope Farm Press
    in their March 1996 article on the Hudson Valley.


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