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 Adirondack Books

The Genealogy --- Hiking & Nature and County & Town sections
have many more books of historical interest.

Nathan Farb. Photographs rich in the spirit of wilderness-stillness, solitude and grandeur. - ISBN 0-8478-0583-2 Cloth ISBN 0-8478-9584-0 Paper ; 9 x 12 - 183 pages - Color photos - Cloth, $45.00 - Paper, $29.95

edited by Sally Daly. Families, homesteads, organizations and businesses for over 100 years. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 35 pages - Photos - Paper - $3.00

_____A History of the Adirondacks
Alfred Donaldson. Reprint of the 1921 classic in a two volume paperback edition ". . . major work about the region, unsurpassed . . ." indexed $45.00

Lettie Petrie. These Read-Aloud stories for your favorite child bring the animals of the Adirondacks to life. The seven different tales have main characters such as Buffy the snowshoe rabbit, Marshmallow the bear, Bob the chipmunk and Dudley the duck. Each story takes us through a charming woodland adventure. These lively characters are sure to entertain the young and the young at heart. A pleasurable way to spend time reading to and with the kids. - ISBN 0-925168-53-X 6x9-64pages-lllus. Paper - Price Not set

Barney Fowler. A delightful collection of photos and stories by a veteran newsman. - ISBN 0-9605556-1-7 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 200 pages - Photos - Paper - $11.95

Barney Fowler. A montage of memories and comments of a newspaperman. - ISBN 0-9605556-0-9 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 200 pages - Photos - Paper - $11.95

Barney Fowler. Unusual view of New York State's Adirondack region by a veteran reporter. - ISBN 0-9605556-2-5 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 200 pages - Photos - Paper - $11.95

Sheri Amsel. A delightful book from Adirondack artist Sheri Amsel featuring Adirondack flora and fauna-a great way to introduce youngsters to nature and the alphabet at the same time. The artist's furry creation, Cecil, is hidden throughout the book for the young reader to find.- ISBN 0-925168-33-5 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 32 pages -illus. - Paper - $7.50

Bill Healy. Any collection of Adirondack photographs can only show so much-six million acres, the area now within the Blue Line of the Adirondack Park, is a lot of territory. The views included are sights seen in four years of travel by foot, canoe and automobile. From Great Sacandaga to Old Forge, from Blue Mountain to Mount Marcy and over to Lake George. Excellent overview history of the mountains. - ISBN 0-932052 41-X ; 11-1/4 x 9 - 128 pages - 100 Full Color Photos - Cloth - $27.50

_____AN ADIRONDACK ARCHIVE The Trail to Windover
Elisabeth Hudnut Clarkson. "There is no Adirondack book quite like this one, a narrative of one family's pilgrimage over many generations, beginning with the pre-Revolutionary settlement of Sir William Johnson at Fish House on the Sacandaga. And what a family it was-and is! The cast of characters range from rogues to riches, from the perfume tycoon Richard Hudnut to his distinguished clergyman brother William, from Hollywood star Rudolph Valentino to old sporting guides. The trail took the family northward to Speculator, then Perkins Clearing, and finally to Foxlair and Windover, near the southern flanks of Gore Mountain out of North Creek." -Warder Cadbury, noted Adirondack Historian and Author - ISBN 0-925168-17-3 ; 6 x 9 - 260 pages - Photos - Cloth - $30.00

_____ADIRONDACK BOOKS, 1966-1992. An Annotated Bibliography
compiled by Douglas Welch. An annotated bibliography of Adirondack books published since 1965. Historians, book collectors, conservationists, young readers, scientists, naturalists, outdoor recreationists, folklorists, artists, local history buffs, genealogists, and scholars will all find this work worthwhile for meeting their information needs about the region. - ISBN 0-925168-27-0 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 160 pages - Cloth - $27.50

_____ADIRONDACK BRIDGE BUILDER FROM CHARLESTON The Life and Times of Robert Cogdell Gilchrist
Rosemary Miner Pelkey. Here is the story of a Confederate Major who built the first suspension bridge across the Hudson River in 1871. How and why a Southerner came to the Adirondacks only a year after Appomattox to build a bridge, who he was and what happened to him is recounted. - ISBN 0-925168-23-8 ; 6 x 9 - 162 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $15.00

William Chapman White.   A biography of one of the most beautiful and best-loved wilderness areas America---the wild, mountainous, mostly unspoiled Adirondack Forest Preserve. 5 1/2 x 8 1/4- 336 pages - Maps - Illus. - Index - Paper - $14.95

Lois Jeanne Kay. Poetry from central New York and the Adirondacks. Enjoyable reading. 6 x 8 - 68 pages - Paper - $11.00

_____Adirondack Fishing in the 1930s A Lost Paradise
Vincent Engels. From a consummate storyteller we get this nostalgic glimpse of fishing in the Adirondack wilderness over 50 years ago. A very special way of life documented as it was disappearing with drawings and old b&w photos. 5x8 155 pages Paper $13.95

Donald Wharton. A collection of interesting Adirondack stories of diverse topics. - ISBN 0-9641548-0-3 ; 6 x 9 - 131 pages - Photos - Paper - $13.95

Kenneth and Helen Durant. This book recounts the history of the classic boat and some of the techniques used by its talented builders. It is a book that every marine library must have; with its publication, Kenneth and Helen Durant have finally given the Adirondack guideboat the recognition it has long deserved. 8 1/2 x 11 - 252 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Index - Paper - $19.95

_____Adirondack French Louie Early Life in the North Woods
Harvey L. Dunham. Over 100 photos help to tell the life of one of the region's well-known trappers and woodsman. A reprint of the regional classic about early Adirondack life. 209 pages 6x9 Paper $16.00

_____Building Adirondack Furniture
by John O. Wagner A well-illustrated, book on building basic Adirondack furniture. 128 Pages Paperback $12.95

MORE on the Adirondack Rustic style in Architecture

Paul Schneider. ISBN 0-80,50-5990-3 - $12.95 -Now in Paperback! 

Seneca Ray Stoddard. An 1874 tour of the Adirondacks in narrative form. 4-1/2 x 7-1/2 - 208 pages - Photos - Charts - Cloth - $15.00

_____ADIRONDACK PARK A Wildlands Quilt
Barbara McMartin.  McMartin focuses on the uniqueness of the forty-four individual tracts that make up the 2 1/2-million-acre forest preserve within the Adirondack Park. She chronicles the preserve's unusual origins, people, politics and economics that created what is now one of the most important wilderness areas in the Eastern United States. 6 x 9 - 196 pages - Photos - Maps - Paper - $24.95

Doris E. Schulyer. Young girl escapes tragedy in Mohawk Valley-finds love in the Adirondacks. - ISBN 0-914821-00-8 ; 5-1/2 x 8 - 140 pages - Paper - $12.00

Doris E. Schuyler. The continuing saga of 'the Princess' as she returns to the Mohawk Valley. - ISBN 0-9628208-0-6 ; 5-1/2 x 8 - 182 pages - Paper - $12.00

Paul Jamieson. Second edition. Paul Jamieson has chosen from contemporary and other writers of nearly four hundred years to reflect the changing attitudes toward wilderness and development of wildlands. Thirty-six new entries have been added since the 1964 edition. "If you want a one-book library on the Adirondacks, this would be the one to get . . . a banquet of matters Adirondack. "-Neal Burdick ISBN 0-935272-21-6 Cloth ISBN 0-935272-22-4Paper ; 6 x 9 - 544 pages - Cloth, $29.50 - Paper, $18.50

_____Adirondack Odysseys: A Guide To Historic Places From the Mohawk to the St. Lawrence
Elizabeth Folwell and Amy Godine. An entertaining guide to hundreds of museums, historic sites, forts, and homesteads. All the how-to information you'll need to enjoy your next excursion into the Adirondacks. 6x9 288 pages Paper $16.95

_____Adirondack Park Mountain Bike Preliminary Trail & Route Listing
Adirondack Mountain Club. Full page topo maps and information about each of the nearly 100 routes. 8.5x11 Spiral bound 274 pages $14.95

_____An Adirondack Passage The Cruise of the Canoe Sairy Gamp
Christine Jerome. The author retraces George Washington Sears' (Nessmuk) 1883 trip through 266 miles of the Central Adirondacks in a replica of his canoe, Sairy Gamp. The result is a rich, eloquent narrative that weaves Nessmuk's story with her own and intersperses Adirondack natural and cultural history. 5.5x8 244 9ages index b&w illus Paper $12.00

_____Adirondack Short Stories
Jack Woods. A collection of humorous and interesting stories, some true, some almost true and some contrived but all witty and interesting. 130 Pages Paperback. $10.00

Carl E. Heilman II.  From the brilliance of the fall foliage to the tranquility of snow-white landscape, Heilman demonstrates the power of nature and the beauty of its gifts. 11 x 8 - 160 pages - Photos - Cloth, $45.00
__Paper, $29.95

_____Adventure Guide to the Adirondacks & Catskills
Wilbur Morrison. The best guide to the mountains, with tales of the Indians and early explorers in what is primarily a guide to enjoying the Adirondacks and Catskills today. Includes directions and expert advice on all aspects of outdoor activities  - hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, etc. 5x7 maps and b&w illus 165 pages Paper $9.95

_____After the Summer People Leave
William T. Lowe. Twelve baffling Adirondack mystery stories - good reading. 246 Pages Paperback $11.95

_____Alfred Stieglitz At Lake George
From the Museum of Modern Art. A stunning  collection of this famous photographer's work in and around Lake George. 9x10 120+ pages Hardcover $35.00

Norman Boas, MD &Barbara Meyer. The story of a well-known farm that played a major part in the Bolton community for almost fifty years.- $18.00- Paper

_____The Birch Bark Books of Henry Abbott Sporting Adventures and Nature Observations in the Adirondacks in the Early 1900s
Henry Abbott with intro by Vincent Engels. This complete text of all 19 extremely scarce books about hunting, fishing and camping in the Adirondacks brings back an era when hiking and guideboats were the main form of transportation and the automobile was a rarity. 254 pages maps & illus Cloth 7X10 $22.50

Howard Thomas. A fascinating story of the Black River and its tributaries. Less than 200 years ago northern New York was unmapped wilderness. Today the Black River valley boasts prosperous farms, attractive villages, a variety of industries and expanding recreational facilities. - ISBN 0-932052444 ; 5-1/2 x 81/2 - 213 pages - Photos - Cloth - $9.95

_____Boats and Boating in the Adirondacks
Hallie Bond. A lavishly illustrated "coffee-table" history of the canoes, sailboats, power launches, outboards, and guideboats that helped us to explore and settle the Adirondacks. A whole panorama, from birchbarks and bateaux to the internal combution engine, and a rediscovery of the romance of canoes - it's all here. 9x11 Cloth index, drawings and photos $49.95

_____BOLDT'S BOATS: Alexandria Bay, New York & The Thousand Islands
Roger Lucas. An account of the 60 watercraft once owned by George C. Boldt. 8-1/2 x 7 - 60 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $10.00

David Cross and Joan Potter. WHO was the frrst Adirondack baseball hero? WHAT was the first gangster trial? WHEN was the frrst great Adirondack forest fire? WHERE was the frrst millionaire murdered? Answers to these and over 175 other interesting, amusing, informative events in the Adirondacks' rich and varied history. - ISBN 0-9632476-0-3 ; 5-1/2 x 8 - 195 pages - illus. Paper - $11.95

edited by the Glens Falls Historical Society. Traces the history of Glens Fall, New York from 1763 to 1978. 9-1/2 x 12-1/2 - 250 pages - Photos - Maps - Sketches - Cloth - $40.00

Geraldine Collins. This is the history of that town, of Paul Smiths, Gabriels and Rainbow Lake. - ISBN 0-918517-08-7 ; 6 x 9 - 214 pages - 60 Photos.- Cloth - $12.95

_____BOLDT CASTLE: Alexandria Bay, New York & The Thousand Islands
Roger Lucas. The story of the building of Boldt Castle and the familiy responsible for it. 8-1/2 x 7 - 60 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $10.00

_____BOONVILLE AND BEYOND An Upstate Sampler
William L. Crosten. This book will delight all who know and enjoy Boonville, NY and the surrounding countryside, for Boonville is indeed a typically charming upstate village. - ISBN 0-932052-82-7 ; 9-1/2 x 10-1/2 - 72 pages - 55 Photos - Cloth - $14.95

_____BORN SMART The Story of Paul Smith
Helen Escha Tyler. The life of this prominent early Adirondack pioneer is recounted in this biography. An intelligent, compassionate, humorous man, he had acquired in his life time great wealth; had a post office, electric company, railroad and stations, palace cars and steamboats named after him. His name is still well remembered with Paul Smith's College and the U.S. Post Office at Paul Smiths, New York. - ISBN 0-932052-65-7 ; 7 x 10 -192 pages - Illustrated - Paper - $12.95

John Winkler, edited by Neal Burdick. John Winkler has spent more than thirty years bushwhacking through the Adirondacks. These breathtaking views of the Park are not seen from the roads or trails that cris-cross the area.
This beautifully illustrated volume with over 115 color photos, sketches by John Wiley, as well as poems by C. W. Uschman, gives a new perspective to this great wilderness. The author has done a superb job capturing the ruggedness of these mountains. - ISBN 0-925168-37-8 ; 9 x 12 - 128 pages - Photos - Paper- $27.50

_____BUTLERSBURY: An Historical Sketch
Doris E. Schulyer. A look at the original Butler Homestead northeast of Fonda, NY. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 - 30 pages - Paper - $4.00

Murray Heller. Origin of names of towns, mountains, lakes and rivers in the Adirondacks. ISBN 0-918517-14-1 Cloth ISBN 0-918517-15-X Paper ; 6 x 9 - 162 pages - Maps - Cloth, $17.95 - Paper, $10.95

_____CHAMP: Beyond the Legend
Joseph W. Zarzynski. Search for Champ, Nessie, Morag, Sea Serpents, and other aquatic monsters.ISBN 0-916885-01-1 Cloth ISBN 0-937559-01-6 Paper 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 224 pages -illus. - Cloth, $16. 95 - Paper, $12.95

_____A CHERISHED WILDERNESS Adirondack Vistas
John Winkler A sequel to Winkler's Bushwhacker's View, A Cherished Wilderness offers the reader new insight into the seldom seen Adirondack wilderness. The photos were carefully chosen from the author's extensive collection taken on his many bushwhacks into the Adirondacks. Included are over 100 full-color photographs of breathtaking views and vistas taken during the different seasons. Sketches by John Wiley and Michael Whalen, and poems by C. W. Uschman add to the completeness of this volume. 12 x 9 - 108 pages - Photos - Illus. - Cloth - $37.50 - ISBN 0-925168-59-9

_____CHRONICLES OF LAKE GEORGE Journeys in War and Peace
Bellico, Russell P. The central role of Lake George in both military and social history emerges in the words of eyewitnesses, and Bellico's extended introductions to each chronicle provide the best compact history of the lake to date.... This volume deserves a large readership." 416 pages, 200 illustrations, 4-color cover, 7 x 10 $29.00

_____COLVIN IN THE ADIRONDACKS A Chronology and Index
Francis B. Rosevear with Barbara McMartin. Dedicated to the memory of Verplank Colvin, premier surveyor of the Adirondacks, this reference contains a chronology; an index of over 2,000 entries; listing of named places visited; a key to Adirondack names used by Colvin; a bibliography and source listing and a list of Colvin's sketches and illustrations. - ISBN 0-932052-98-3 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 150 pages - Sketches - Illus. - Cloth - $22.00

Barrie Rolleston Cannon and George Cannon. Beautiful photos of Adirondacks and NE; quotes by Thoreau and others. - ISBN 0-9603020-0-X ; 10 x 9 - 92 pages - Color photos - Paper - $12.95

_____Contested Terrain A New History of Nature and People in the Adirondacks
Philip Terrie. The finest general Adirondack history yet written, the book to which all subsequent accounts will have to refer. Concise and tightly organized, it serves as a balance to studies of narrower scope.6x9 Paper $17.95 Cloth $26.95

_____THE CONSTABLES First Family of the Adirondacks
Edith Pilcher. The story of five generations of Constables who made history in New York's North Country. Included are an Irish surgeon who fought in the French and Indian War; a chief proprietor of the Macomb Purchase, the builder of Constable Hall; four brothers who ranged the Adirondacks between the 1830s and 1 1880s from the Fulton Chain to the Saranacs, prior to noted surveyors Benedict, Emmons or Colvin; the first women campers in the central Adirondacks, predecessors of Lady Amelia Murray. ISBN 0-925168-05-X Cloth ISBN 0-925168-04-1 Paper ; 8 x 9-1/2 - 160 pages - 80 Photos - Maps - Cloth, $32.50 - Paper, $24.95

Steven Engelhart. The many historic bridges spanning the Ausable River. 6 x 9 - 42 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus - Paper - $5.00

_____DURANT The Fortunes and Woodland Camps of a Family in the Adirondacks
Craig Gilbom.  The role of a prominent Victorian family in developing the central Adiron dacks. Descriptions of the village-like camps which borrowed from the log and bark-covered shanties of the guide, trapper and lumberjack, and evolved, under the direction of William West Durant, into the prototype of the "Camp Beautiful. 8 1/2 x 11 - 170 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus - Index - Paper - $19.95

_____Early Days in the Adirondacks the Photographs of Seneca Ray Stoddard
Jeanne Winston Adler. A stunning coffee table book of the classic photos by the incomparable Stoddard. 150+ pages Hardcover $39.95

edited by G. Martin Sleeman. This collection of the writings of early historians and travelers in Oneida County is an important addition to central New York State written history. Long out of print and often available only for use in libraries, it has a foreword by editor/compiler Martin Sleeman. Scholars, historians and the general public will delight in reading what these early visitors thought of central New York. ISBN 0-932052-96-7 Cloth ISBN 0-932052-95-9 Paper ; 6 x 9 - 176 pages - illus - Maps - Cloth, $19.95 - Paper, $14.95

_____ECHOES FROM THE HIGH PEAKS Bygone Adventures of Adirondack Youth
Victor Lamoy. A delightful account of a memorable childhood in the mountains. Lamoy states, "The fundamental intention of this narrative is to depict the posture of youth during stressful times, living adventurously, while maintaining parental respect and concern for nature's wonders. Sketches by the author accompany this folksy narrative. ISBN 0-925168-52-1 6 x 9 - illus. - Paper - $15.00- Fall 1996

Edwin Reid's Musings

Edwin A. Reid. Tales of hunting, fishing, camping and living in the Adirondacks. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 96 pages - illus. - Paper - $7.00

Edwin A. Reid. Stories and essays about one man's thoughts and experiences. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 122 pages - illus. - Paper - $7.00

Edwin A. Reid. Third volume of Reid's observations on life in the back-country Adirondacks. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 114 pages - illus. - Paper - $7.00

Edwin A. Reid. A look at the Adirondacks through poems, short stories and observations. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 96 pages - illus. - Paper - $7.00

Edwin A. Reid. Edwin Reid has an immense store of poems and stories about the Adirondacks. 5-1/2 x 8~ - 100 pages - illus. - Paper - $7.00

_____Exposing the Wilderness  Early-Twentieth-Century Adirondack   Postcard Photographers and Their Work
Robert Bogdan. Explores New York State's Adirondack Mountains through the lives and images of six early-twentieth-century postcard photographers who left a revealing visual documentary of this wilderness region and its culture in the 1900s. Robert Bogdan combines a richly descriptive text with striking illustrations to create vivid biographical sketches of these pioneer photographers, who worked their individual styles to illuminate six different regions of the Adirondack Mountains. The book also provides insight into the popular culture of the times mainly through postcards, but it also takes an in-depth look at the families and work lives of these artisans as they plied their trade in the popular venue of commercial postcards. Aside from the Adirondack locals and a few postcard connoisseurs, the gifted folk artists and craftspeople profiled here were virtually unknown until now. Bogdan has collected nearly 250 illustrations including postcards and photographs depicting Adirondack life of the time. Many of these images have never before been published.   272 pages, 8 1/2 x 10, 243 photographs, 1 map Cloth $39.95

Patricia C. F. Mandel. Catalog of Adirondack Museum's collection of Adirondack artists. - ISBN 0-910020-40-X ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 175 pages - Photos - Paper - $39.95

Sue Schildge.  A history of each restaurant and several of their treasured recipes. New Edition. 51/2 x 81/2 - 211 pages - Illus. - Spiral Bound - $12.95

More Cook books

_____The Finest Square Mile: Mount Jo and Heart Lake
Sandra Weber. In the summer of 1877, Miss Josephine Schofield and Mr. Henry Van Hoevenberg fell in love as they climbed to the top of Mount Marcy. Looking from the summit, they selected a spot to build a rustic lodge and proclaimed the land surrounding a little heart-shaped lake "the finest square mile in which to get closest to Nature." Author Sandra Weber depicts the ensuing 120 years of romance and death, merriment and bankruptcy, fame and fire at Heart Lake and offers astounding new evidence about Miss Josephine Schofield and her supposed leap over Niagara Falls. 175 pages, illustrated, 6 x 9, four-color cover, paper, $16.00

Maria A. Beurmann. An electric collection of Adirondack Mountain poetry, accompanied by beautiful color photos. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 76 pages - Photos - Paper $12.95

Nina H. Webb. Verplanck Colvin and the Adirondacks Mountains are synonymous. Admirers of both can't mention one without speaking of the other. Those familiar with the history surrounding those northern hills and valleys know the landscapes as they were ages ago only because their principal champion carried the fight on their behalf from wind-blown summits to the windy halls of Albany's legislature. In annual reports that sounded strangely like literature he talked about the beauty and purpose of their craggy slopes and moss-covered glens. Later he said he "was the first" to argue for their preservation. That was not a hollow claim. He was the first and, more importantly, the most persistent. ISBN 0-925168-50-5 Cloth $25.00 ISBN 0-925168-51-3 6 x 9 - 128 pages - Photos -

M. C. Ringer. Over 100 color paintings of Alexandria Bay and the St. Lawrence River. - ISBN 0-9640444-0-4 ; 11-1/2 x 10 - 150 pages - Photos - Illus. - Cloth - $64.95

_____There's a Fox in Pinchot's Forest
Aileen Sallom Freeman. The interesting story of Superintendent of State Forests William Fox who worked with forest management expert Gifford Pinchot. 250 Pages Paperback. $14.95

_____FUN ON FLATWATER: An Introduction to Adirondack Canoeing
Barbara McMartin. Author Barbara McMartin is well-known in the Adirondacks. Her guides are a must for the newcomer to the experienced outdoors person. This guide to Adirondack flatwater canoeing on lakes, ponds, and quiet streams and rivers is the second in her series geared to both the young adventurer and the adult novice. It contains descriptions of places to learn to canoe and covers all the flatwater stretches on Adirondack rivers and streams, except those that require camping or long carries, as well as a lot of other useful information. - ISBN 0-92516840-8 ; 5-1/2x8-1/4 - 120 pages - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $12.50

_____THE GREAT AND THE GRACIOUS On "Millionaires Row" Lake George In Its Glory
Kathryn O'Brien. The families who people The Great and the Gracious had impressive credentials. Included in their number were philanthropists, opera singers, artists, scien tists, sportsmen, publishers, financiers, and occasionally a spectacular law breaker-all of national and international reputation. Lavishly illustrated with historic photos and some new photography, the reader will delight in these tales. - ISBN 0-932052-56-8 ; 7 x 10 - 292 pages - 114 Photos - Paper - $22.50

_____The Grieg Affair An 1859 Tragedy
Matthew J. Conway. Libel, arson, assault, murder are all part of the trials of Heverend Henry Budge of Grieg, Lewis County, New York. 130 Paqes Hardcover $19.95

Stanley Norcom. Remembrances of life on a beautiful island in the St. Lawrence River. 7 x 9 - 220 pages - Photos - Paper - $17.95

_____GUIDES OF THE ADIRONDACKS An Historical Perspective
Charles Brumley.No profession in the last two centuries has had a more romanticized image than that of the Adirondack guide. Much of the history and folklore of the Adirondacks has the guide as a central character. Guides were instrumental in the opening of the wilderness to the general public. Stories, interviews and a list of guides fill this volume. ISBN 0-925168-32-7 Cloth ISBN 0-925168-36-X Paper ; 6 x 9 - 376 pages - Photos - Cloth, $35.00 - Paper, $22.50

_____Historical Sketches of Northern New York and the Adirondack Wilderness
Nathaniel Sylvester. Reprinted 19th century classic - including traditions of the Indians, early explorers, pioneer settlers, hermit hunters etc. A collection of 33 essays on the many different regions and historical incidents of the North Country. An eminently readable standard source on the region. 5.5x8.5 316 pages index Paper $16.50

James Buechler. The high-gabled houses of upstate New York shelter the characters in this superb collection of ten stories set in the 1950s. Steely, hard and gritty as the dark streets of an upstate winter, these men and women struggle in isolation. - ISBN 0-9639437-0-7 ; 5-1/4 X 8 - 250 pages - Paper - $12.95

_____ OP - THE INDIAN PASS Source of the Hudson
Street, Alfred B. A 19th century Adirondacks classic! A romantic and poetic narrative that provides a nostalgic look at the early exploration of the "Total Wilderness" that was the Adirondacks. 201pp P $13.00 inquire

Don Williams. Don Williams, born and raised near Northville, New York, has been writing columns about the Adirondacks in New York State newspapers and magazines for over ten years. This carefully selected collection of one hundred includes such titles as The Adirondack Curmudgeon, There's Gold in Them Thar Hills, How to Speak Adirondackish, Pants Lawrence, and Skunk Oil. Such diverse Adirondack topics as health, surveys, guides, animals, ghost settlements, mysteries, hotels, ranches, and clubs draw the reader into Williams' fascinating Adirondack world. 6 x 9 - Photos - Paper - $16.95

_____Hinman Hollow Road Dust
B. C. Stevens. More interesting stories from Tug Hill and Northern New York. 5x8 photos 124 pages Paper $7.50

Barbara McMartin. The story of how the Adirondack forests lured investments from financial centers; how roads were pushed deep into the wilderness; how huge tanneries were built in remote places and how whole towns sprang up around them; how hides were shipped to canal ports in Warrensburg or along the Erie Canal and how teamsters drove great distances to reach the tanneries. What had been a somewhat lost history is brought to life in this meticulously researched book on an industry that disappeared in the early 1890s. 6 x 9 332 pages Hardcover $30.00

_____HISTORY IN THE MAPPING Four Centuries of Adirondack Cartography
Paul G. Bourcier.   The history of a region's mapping and the maps of a region's history together reveal intriguing insights about the past.51/2 x 81/2 - 72 pages - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $6.95

Lana Fennessy. A complete history of the small Adirondack town of Newcomb. 6 x 9 - 106 pages - Photos - Paper - $12.00

_____HOLIDAY TALES Christmas in the Adirondacks
W. H. H. Murray. Two of "Adirondack" Murray's legendary stories are paired in this charming reproduction of a book originally published in 1897. Also reproduced is an inscription by Murray from 1898. Beautifully illustrated with sketches by various artists of that era. - ISBN 0-925168-02-5 ; 8 x 9-1/2 - 120 pages - illus. - Cloth - $25.00

edited by Vaughn Ward. Nine tall tales from "Stories of the Adirondack Liar's Club." - ISBN 0-9126778-79-8 ; 5-1/2 x 9 - 114 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $9.95

Harvey Carr. A collection of hilarious stories with an Adirondack setting. - ISBN 0-912678-844 ; 5-1/2 x 9 - 165 pages - Illus. - Paper - $9.95

Don Williams. Don Williams, born and raised near Northville, New York, has been writing columns about the Adirondacks in New York State newspapers and magazines for over ten years. This carefully selected collection of one hundred includes such titles as The Adirondack Curmudgeon, There's Gold in Them Thar Hills, How to Speak Adirondackish, Pants Lawrence, and Skunk Oil. Such diverse Adirondack topics as health, surveys, guides, animals, ghost settlements, mysteries, hotels, ranches, and clubs draw the reader into Williams' fascinating Adirondack world. 6 x 9 - Photos - Paper - $16.95

Jim Poulette. Into the Adirondacks is comprised of captivating stories about hiking the Adirondack Mountains during the harsh winter season and tales of both the mountains and the people during this often overlooked, yet spectacular period for climbing. - ISBN 0-925168-35-1 ; 4 x 6 - 124 pages - Photos Paper - $10.00

_____JACKS, JOBBERS AND KINGS Logging the Adirondacks: 1850-1950
by Peter C. Welsh. This book describes the process of logging the Adirondacks, a discreet area of six million acres, and how practices changed between 1850 and 1950 In one hundred years, logging went from a seasonal, labor-intensive, muscle- and animal-powered job to a year-round, machine-driven activity done by fewer workers armed with chain saws, skidders and motor-driven vehicles. It is also the story of an industry which changes from one characterized by total laissezfaire practices to one of tight and restrictive governmental regulation. Peter Welsh has done a superb job with the research for this volume which includes over 80 photos gleaned from the extensive collection of the Adirondack Museum. ISBN 0-925168-30-0 Cloth ISBN 0-925168-47-5 Paper 7 x 10 - 204 pages - Photos - Illus. - Cloth, $30.00 - Paper, $22.50

Henry Brown and Richard Walton. Early Adirondack settlers encountered the difficulties of farming and mining. - ISBN 0-914659-34-0 ; 6-1/2 x 9-1/2 - 372 pages - Photos - Illlus. - Cloth - $27.50

_____Just About Everything in the Adirondacks
William Chapman White. A collection of the author's New York Times and Herald newspaper columns on the Adirondacks. 5x8 Paper 101 pages $9.95

Ralph Nading Hill. A twentieth anniversary edition of Hill's wonderful history of Lake Champlain with an afterword by Arthur Cohn. - ISBN 0-88150-354-1 ; 7 x 10 - 316 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $24.00

edited by Maddock, Pelkey, Slaughter and White. The 1994 writer's workshop celebrating the creative spirit of Lake George. 6 x 9 - 138 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $10.00

edited by Barry, Delman, Seligman and White. Another fme collection of writings from the Lake George writers' workshops. 6 x 9 - 136 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $10.00

_____Lake George Reflections: Island History and Lore
Frank Leonbruno "The Lake George islands and all public lands in the Adirondack Park are protected as forever wild by the New York State constitution. But even wild lands require loving stewardship. Frank Leonbruno provided that for over four decades. He cared for our public property as though it were his own. His work enriched the lives of thousands of folk who learned to share his view that Lake George is one of the most beautiful bodies of water on earth." (From the introduction by Peter A. A. Berle, director and host of The Environment Show on National Public Radio; past president of the National Audubon Society-Peter Berle will interview Frank Leonbruno on NPR this summer). This is the story of the numerous islands of Lake George by the ranger who watched over them. 236 pages, illustrated, 6 x 9, four-color cover, paper, $18.00

Ann Breen Metcalfe. The Leland House welcomed guests in Schroon Lake from 1872 to 1950. 6 x 9 - 68 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $6.95

edited by E. S. Bergmann, S. C. Colby, E. C. C. Orcutt. The story of one humdred years of the Irondequoit Club Inn. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 235 pages - Photos - Maps - Paper - $15.00

_____Life With Noah Stories and Adventures of Richard Smith with Noah John Rondeau
As told to William O'Hern.  Richard Smith told his story at home, on the trail, at his rustic camp called Singing Pines and wherever the two chanced to meet. It is intended to show a vanished way of life as well as tell of a friendship that forged a solid trust between a young man and the Adirondacks last hermit, Noah John Rondeau. Through the reminiscences of Richard and his friends, the author has reconstructed Richard's early way of life in the Cold River Duck Hole country where he went to hunt, fish, trap and live in his own way. 6x9 b&w photos, map 275 pages Hardcover $30.00.

_____LIVING WITH THE ADIRONDACKS Local Perspectives on Land-Use Conflicts
by Catherine Henshaw Knott  A close look at the complex issue of land use in the Adirondack Park. 6 x 9 - 304 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $18.95

John Todd, introduction by Warder H. Cadbury. The earliest book devoted exclusively to an Adirondack subject, this is the story of John Todd's visits to the area in the years 1841-1844 decades before it became a place of summer camps. This is the first paperback edition of this important book which is enhanced with an introduction bv Adirondack scholar Warder Cadbury. It is a true facsimile, only the margins have been widened slightly. 100 pages, 5 X 7, first paperback edition, June $12.50 0-935796-88-6   inquire

_____THE LURE OF ESTHER MOUNTAIN Matriarch of the Adirondack High Peaks
Weber, Sandra. Esther is the Adirondacks' northernmost high peak and the only one named for a woman. The author traces the story of the young girl who was probably the first to climb the mountain that would later bear her name and reveals the mountain's unique history and natural history. 80 pages, illustrated, 6 x 9 P $12.00

_____The MacIntyre Mine -- From Failure To Fortune
Harold Hochschild. The colorful history of this iron mine in the heart of the Adirondacks. 9x11 map, illus 28 pages Stapled $6.95

_____Make Them Hunters
Edwun Reid. Edwin Reid's Adirondack Reidings Vol I  revised and expanded in this new edition. Tales of hunting, fishing, camping and living in the Adirondacks. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 132 pages Paper $9.95

_____Man of the Woods
Herbert F Keith. The story of  the unique community of Wanakena, a lumber camp that grew into a village and a village that can no longer grow because of the forrest preserve that surrounds it. 6x9 150 pages 42 b&w photos Paper $14.95

Joseph W. Zarzynski. Ghostly apparitions, mini-monsters, and other tantalizing challenges. - ISBN 0-937559-00-8 ; 6 x 9 - 112 pages -illus. - Paper - $8.95

Craig and Alice Gilborn. Life and work in the Adirondacks during the last 150 years. - ISBN 0-910020-36-1 ; 5-1/2 x 8 - 68 pages - Photos - Paper - $5.95

_____Noah John Rondeau Adirondack Hermit
Maitland C. De Sormo. A collaborative effort by his friends, this reprint includes Noah's own "Recollections", excerpts from his journal, correspondence, and poetry, to describe the life of this colorful Adirondack character. 204 pages, b&w photos, 6x9 Paper &16.00

Ruth Timm. The purpose of this book is to entertain and enlighten, and to show a way of life experienced by those of another generation. In this collection are true stories, and folklore, and a bit of trivia about North Country animals, places and things. No work that tells the stories of people and legends can ever be that of the author alone; it is the product of past historians, the media, and persons living or dead, who have been willing to share the stories and memories passed on to them from past generations. - ISBN 0-925168-24-6 ; 5-1/2x 8-1/2 - 168 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $12.95

_____NOT SO LONG AGO Utica and Vicinity 1940-1949
edited by Eleanor Hassett and the Oneida County Historical Society. Over 160 photos of life in and around Utica, New York just before, during and after World War II. The outstanding pictures were selected from the 1940-1949 files of Russell T. Rhoades & Company, now in the collection of the Oneida County Historical Society. - ISBN 0-925168-084 : 8-1/2 x 11 - 112 pages - Photos - Paper - $17.95

Dr. Dan O'Keeffe II.   The story of the O'Keeffe hunting camp in the eastern Adirondacks from 1915-1965. 6 x 9 - 60 pages - Photos - Paper - $10.00

Sid Couchey. A witty cartoon history of the area, combining scholarship with entertainment. 8 x 6 - 60 pages - illus. - Paper - $2.00

_____Paths Less Traveled The Adirondack Experience For Walkers, Hikers, and Climbers of All Ages
Dennis Aprill, N.Y. licensed Guide #1474. The High Peaks may be crowded with hikers and climbers, but have you discovered these 23 other uncrowded and easily accessible trails and mountains where you can relax and enjoy yourself? Here's the Adirondack experience at its best: solitude, dramatic views, interesting trails that bring you into contact with an incredible variety of plant and animal life. Let Dennis Aprill guide you on trips that everyone from kids to grandparents will enjoy. Forget expensive trail wear, forget special equipment, forget crowded trails! Discover the less-traveled mountains where beautiful vistas are commonplace and a little effort reaps a great reward. Over 80 photographs and dozens of maps and drawings illustrate the scenic highlights, the interesting flora and fauna you'll encounter on each trip, and show you in careful detail how to get there.   6x9 181 pages Paper $14.95

_____PLINY MOORE: North Country Pioneer of Champlain, New York
Allan S. Everest. An account of six generations of the Moore family of Champlain. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 136 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $8.95

Robert L. Eddy. "Notes & Quotes" and "Picturesque and Historic Homes" are featured. 8-1/4 x 11 - 250 pages - Photos - Maps - Cloth, $30.00 - Paper, $20.00

_____Railroads of the Adirondacks:A History
MICHAEL KUDISH. This is a completely new work with three times the detail and more lines and branches treated than his earlier work. In addition, over 200 meticulously drawn maps are included along with historic and contemporary photographs. The author first treats his massive subject thematically by showing the impact of railroads on passenger travel and tourism, on forests and forest fires, and on agriculture and mining as well as the miscellaneous industries that dotted the mountains. He then considers abandonment and present-day efforts to preserve rail lines and station houses. Second: From the Delaware & Hudson and New York Central's Adirondack Division to the smallest iron company or logging line, each railroad is explored in depth and accompanied by a detailed map that will help anyone locate railroad grades, abandoned mines and former industrial sites. The maps will also be of keen interest to the railroad modeler. 496 pages, 8.5 x 11, illus., laminated hardcover $55.00 (ISBN 0-935796-75-4)

More Railroad books

_____RAQUETTE LAKE A Time to Remember
Ruth Timm. A look at history in that part of Hamilton County. We learn about the more famous people like William West Durant, Adirondack Murray, the Vanderbilts, Inmans, Hasbroucks and Whitneys, as well as the guides, postmen, railroad agents, clerks, clergymen and others who helped mold the community. - ISBN 0-932052-81-9 ; 6 x 9 - 333 pages - 150 Photos - Maps - Index - Cloth - $24.95

C. R. Severance. Severance provides a rare look at life and times in the mountains. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 76 pages - Illus. - Paper - $7.00

_____Reflections From Canoe Country Paddling the Waters of the Adirondacks and Canada
Christopher Angus. Canoe, kayak, and ski through the seasons in the Adirondack wilderness as the author reminds us that the landscape we love will remain unspoiled only as long as we're willing to fight for it. 6x9 250 pages photos Cloth  $26.95

_____River Journal Ausable River
Paul Marriner. A full color tour of the mighty and picturesque Adirondack river known as Ausable, and all it's branches. This is a natural history as-well-as a guide, with an environmentally sensitive text and stunning photography. 8.5x11 Paper 48 pages $14.95

_____Rum Across the Border The Prohibition Era in In Northern New York
Allan Everest. Anecdotes from the memories of former bootleggers, bystanders and customs officers provide the rich details from which the "wild and violent" era is skillfully recreated. 5x8 b&w illus Paper $12.95

C. Gilborn and J. Scherer. Nichols was a designer and builder of rustic furniture in the 1920's-40's. - ISBN 0-910020-39-6 ; 7 x 8 - 35 pages - Photos - Paper - $11.25

_____Rushton and His Times in American Canoeing
Atwood Manley with Paul Jamieson. The story of this north country native who became world famous as a builder of canoes. Includes many illustrations and FIVE appendixes:#1 - Rushton's catalog of descriptions of his construction methods, #2 - reprint of an article by Nessmuk (George Washington Sears), #3 - an account of Rushton canoes extant today, #4 - drawings and specifications of seven of them, #5 - a lengthy discussion by Harry Rushton of his father's methods of craftsmanship. indexed 203 pages Paper 6x8" $16.95

_____SAILS & STEAM IN THE MTS: A Maritime and Military History of Lakes George and Champlain Bellico, Russell. Now in its 3rd printing, A Huge all-encompassing HIT! P $25.00 H $45.00

_____Salt Pork and Poor Bread and Whiskey: The Adirondack Diaries of John Brown Francis
edited by Henry A. L. Brown. This is an account of the visits of John Brown Francis (later a five-term governor of Rhode Island) to the vast Adirondack wildemess known as "John Brown's tract" after the diarist's grandfather, one of the founders of the Brown dynasty in Providence. The elder man had had a grand vision of developing the timber and mineral resources of the tract (210,000 acres, or over 320 square miles), but had been repeatedly thwarted by climatic and environmental obstacles. Even though his personal efforts died with him in 1803, his heirs attempted for decades afterwards to carry out his vision. Descriptions of floods, summer frosts and other difficulties in the diaries demonstrate that even after the removal of the British and Indian threats following the War of 1812, most efforts to transform the Adirondack forests to agricultural and commercial pursuits (such as the iron manufacturing described in the diaries) were doomed to failure. John Brown Francis was in his twenties when he wrote these accounts in 1816, 1817 and 1818. "[F]rom tavern keepers and toll collectors to farmers' daughters and land barons, little of the human condition escapes the eye of the youthful annalist. While most of our insights into the population of the early American frontier stem from the observations of foreign travellers like DeTocqueville, Mrs. Trollope and Dickens [and, 40 years earlier, the numerous Hessian diarists], here, for historians of the early republic, is a whole fresh catalogue by an American reporter." The editor of this work, Henry A. L. Brown, is the grandson of John Brown Francis' adopted granddaughter. This transcription is thoroughly annotated and well illustrated, and includes a genealogy of John Brown Francis and a foreword by Albert Klyberg, director of the Rhode Island Historical Society. The bibliography lists about 75 sources and the everyname plus subject index includes about 350 entries. 1997, 92 pp. illus., maps, bibl., index, paper, $14.00 #B658

Many more Adirondack Titles in the Colonial Military, the Civil War and Native American sections. Especially see Hiking & Nature.

_____SAM The Adirondack Railroad Cat
Nancy A. Douglas, illustrated by Valerie Patterson. The author was introduced to Sam while working as a volunteer for the Adirondack Centennial Railroad during the summer of 1992. One day, in the small gift shop at Thendara Station, Sam was placed before her on the counter with the comment, "Nancy, I would like you to meet Sam." Her response was, "Sam, the Adirondack railroad cat. That sounds like a great title for a children's book." This is Sam's story. - ISBN 0-925168-28-9 ; 7 x 9 - 32 pages - Illus. - Paper - $6.50

_____SANTANONI  From Japanese Temple to Adirondack Great Camp
R. Engel, H. Kirschenbaum, P. Malo.  Fascinating story of one of the Adirondacks' most important architectural and historical treasures. A rich portrait of its cultural context, rustic architecture, owners, camp life, and successful campaign for its preservation. 8 1/2 x 11 - 225 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $25.00 Available late 2000 - not yet.

Mark Caldwell. The story of Saranac Lake and its role in the treatment and "cure" or tuberculosis from 1885 to 1970. Many period photos. 8-1/2 x 11 - 40 pages - Photos - Map - Paper - $11.95

Grace Maguire Swanner, M.A., M.D. In this incredibly detailed work, Dr. Swanner has given us a geological, sociological and industrial history of a unique area of New York State, Saratoga Springs. The reader learns the location and mineral content of each of the springs, gets a look at New York State's attempts at conservation and at its public health policies. The author is former medical consultant to the Spa. ISBN 0-932052-67-3 Cloth ISBN 0-932052-66-5 Paper 7 x 10 - 288 pages - Photos - Cloth, $19.95 - Paper, $14.95

_____Seneca Ray Stoddard: Adirondack Illustrator
William Crowley. A catalogue of the exhibit at the Adirondack Museum, Blue Mountain Lake, from June 15th through October 15th, in both 1981 and 1982. With a brief biography and overview of his career. 10x8 64 pages 44 illustrations Paper $12.95

_____Seneca Ray Stoddard  Transforming the Adirondack Wilderness in Text and Image
Jeffery L. Horrell. Seneca Ray Stoddard's photographic and literary work paralleled the era of exploration of this region as well as the early years of photography. It was during his lifetime -- as a result of the changing perceptions of the wilderness -- that the area first attracted artists, tourists, and summer residents.  This book explores the nature of this Adirondack pioneer's work and examines how it influenced and was influenced by the changing attitudes toward wilderness in the last half of the nineteenth century. It is the first complete volume to provide an in-depth study of both Stoddard's writing and photography. Through his photographs and publishing ventures, Stoddard moved from recording the wilderness landscape to defending it against the logging industry and other developers. Stoddard was instrumental in creating the modern perception of the "forever wild" landscape of the Adirondacks. Although there had been a well-established tradition of guidebooks for American tourist regions, Stoddard's practice of including illustrations based on photographs represented a new departure. Horrell shows how Stoddard's work reflected matters of class and power on the emerging tourist industry and its effect on the popular literature of the day. Seneca Ray Stoddard (1843-1917) spent most of his working life writing about and illustrating the Adirondacks of New York state.   192 pages, 6 x 9 57 photographs Cloth $29.95

_____SIX FOOT MAN EATIN' CHICKEN: Adirondack Tales
Vaughn Ward. A collection of tales (true and otherwise) that rural upstate New Yorkers have told folklorist Vaughn Ward.  Paper $14.95 

Raymond D. Masters. This is the history of the region in the Adirondacks that now comprises the Huntington Wildlife Forest. It begins with the Native Americans using the area as hunting and fishing grounds and ends with the opening of an Adirondack Park Visitors Interpretive Center in 1990 on Rich Lake. - ISBN 0-925168-13-0 ; 6 x 9 - 96 pages - Photos - Maps - Paper - $9.95

Tom Klein. The essence of the North Woods is captured in these breathtaking photos. - ISBN 1-55013-085-3 ; 9 x 12 - 160 pages - Photos - Cloth - $24.95

_____THE STORY OF A WILDERNESS Fulton Chain - Big Moose Region
Joseph Grady. Grady's work, originally published in 1933, traces the history of this region from the first visitors through the early nineteen thirties. All aspects of life are explored including the families, the settlements, transportation, the organizations, the hotels and the camps. Grady was very active in promoting the Old Forge area and his writing and photos were published nationwide. This important history should be a part of all Adirondack libraries. - ISBN 0-932052-85-1 ; 6 X 9 - 332 pages - Photos - Map - Paper - $25.00

Howard Kirschenbaum. The history of one of the grandest of the Adirondack Great Camps. ISBN 0-913393-02-9 ; 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 72 pages - Photos - Paper - $4.95

_____Sweet Peas and a White Bridge On Lake George When Steam Was King
Elsa Kay Steinback. Old-timers, steamboatmen, lumbermen, farmers, and hunters, are all included in the stories that make up this accurate, and at times fanciful collection of the early history of this well-known Adirondack lake. 7x10 176 pages photos, illus Paper $20.00

Trip Sinnott. Legendary history of "perfect little gem," at the southern end of Lake George. - ISBN 1-883551-01-3 ; 5-1/4 x 8-1/4 - 64 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $7.95

Bill Smith. Tall tales, remembrances and songs of life in the Adirondack foothills. - ISBN 0-912678-91-7 ; 5-1/2 x 9 - 126 pages - Illus. - Paper - $12.95

Jack Henke. Oneida Lake . . . the largest lake entirely within New York State's boundaries . . . almost eighty square miles of water . . . a lake of history . . . and mystery. Oneida Lake's heritage is a tapestry of tales, over fifty of which are included in this volume. Americans love a good story and Oneida Lake has indeed been a fertile garden for the germination of many delightful accounts. - ISBN 0-925168-14-9 ; 6x 9 - 250 pages - Photos - Illus. - Map - Cloth - $25.00

_____THIRTEENTH SUMMER: An Adirondack Adventure
Jerry Cashion.  A novel about a young girl in the Adirondacks circa 1920. 6 x 9 - 148 pages - Illus. - Paper - $11.50

John Ward Van de Water. Pleasant, nostalgic view of life, living and nature in the North Country. More than 80 channing short stories depicting country life. Essays included appeared originally in The St Lawrence Plaindealer and The Watertown Times. - ISBN 1-55787-076-4 ; 6 x 9 - 214 pages - illus. - Paper - $10.00

_____TICONDEROGA: Patches and Patterns from its History
Ticonderoga Historical Society.  A detailed civil history of the township of Ticonderoga, New York. $25.00-Cloth

_____TO THE LAKE OF THE SKIES The Benedicts in the Adirondacks
McMartin, Barbara. The Benedict family touched almost every aspect of the Adirondacks from the 1830s until the end of the century. In 1838, Farrand N. Benedict rechecked Emmon's first measurement of the height of Marcy. He surveyed for canals and railroads and acquired huge tracts including the land around Raquette Lake. - ISBN 1-888374-02-0 ; 6 x 9 - 192 pages - Maps - Illus. Paper - $24.00

_____Trappers of New York A Biography of Nichloas Stoner and Nathaniel
Foster together with other celebrated Adirondack hunters and Sir William Johnson
Jeptha R Simms. This reprint of the 1871 classic is the story of two of the Mohawk Valley's most famous trappers and Revolutionary War figures and their compatriots. Includes the remarkable life of Sir William Johnson, the wealthy and influential Indian Agent who was married to Josepth Brandt's sister Molly. 308 pages index, illus 6x9 Cloth $24.00

As retold by John Vinton, illustrated by Larry Miller. John Vinton ably captures the history and culture of the Adirondacks in this collection. These are the funny stories, the tragic stories they told each other when, as long ago as the early 1800s they were an integral part of the beginnings of Adirondack culture. Delightful illustrations by Larry Miller incorporate images from Seneca Ray Stoddard and contribute greatly in making this outstanding volume a new Adirondack classic. ISBN 0-932052-34-7 Cloth ISBN 0-932052-35-5 Paper ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 160 pages -illus. - Cloth, $35.00 - Paper, $19.95

Stephen J. Krasemann. A photographic celebration of flora and fauna of everyday life in the woods. - ISBN 1-55971-176-0 ; 9 x 12 - 160 pages - Photos - Cloth - $35.00

_____TUG HILL A Four Season Guide to the Natural Side
Illustrated and edited by Robert McNamara. Travel the different habitats of the Tug Hill region and discover the wonders of the plants and animals in this fascinating ecosystem. The Guide is an easy-to-use source for the identification of a variety of species using the spectacular illustrations of nationally renowned wildlife artist, Robert McNamara. Each chapter describes one of the ten habitats that make up the Hill, with a narrative on the seasonal cycles of life and a "Facts, Tips, and Lore" section presenting a wealth of information about plants, birds, mammals, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and insects. Discover the richness and diversity of the Tug Hill region with this exquisitely illustrated, colorful, and informative nature guide. ISBN 0-925168-76-9 Cover price, $19.95 288 pages with color illustrations 5 3/4 x 8.5 soft cover

Homer D. L. Sweet. Homer Sweet organized a group of friends "to spend a month in the wilds of the Adirondacks for scientific investigation, physical recuperation and mental recreation" during the summer of 1868. Each participant was asked to write some verse to entertain the group for one evening during their stay. This is the collection of their entertaining prose written in and about these beautiful mountains.- ISBN 0-92516848-3 ; 5-1/2x8-1/2 192 pages - Cloth - $25.00

_____Upstate Records and Recollections of Northern New York
Edmund Wilson. His classic writings on upstate New York make the region come alive to a new generation of readers. Pure Americana! 4x7 Paper 200+ pages $16.95

Micah Perks. This novel portrays two women and their lives in some of the alternative societies of the Adirondacks such as Gypsy camps and communes. - ISBN 0-312-14065-7 ; 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 336 pages - Cloth - $22.95

_____WHERE WILDERNESS PRESERVATION BEGAN The Adirondack Writings of Howard Zahniser
edited by Edward Zahniser. A collection of writings and a journal of the late Howard Zahniser. Mr. Zahniser was the executive director of the Wilderness Society and the author and chief lobbyist for the 1964 Wilderness Act that created the National Wilderness Preservation System. This collection was edited by his son, Ed Zahniser, with commentary by George Davis, Paul Schaefer and Douglas W. Scott. - ISBN 0-932052-76-2 ; 6 x 9 - 82 pages - Photos - Paper - $9.95

___Why the Wilderness is Called Adirondack
Henry Dornburgh. This early "eyewitness" account of the founding of the MacIntyre Mine is duly recognized by later writers as the chief source of its history. But, for whatever reason, the author believed that the region gained its name from the mine, while the reverse is true. 5.5x8.5 32 page stapled booklet $6.00

Georgia Barnhill. The outstanding collection of prints at the Adirondack Museum is showcased in this beautiful volume. A.F. Tait, Currier & Ives and Winslow Homer works are included. - ISBN 1-56792-041-1 ; 10 x 9 - 100 pages - Maps - Illus. - Cloth - $40.00

Robert McGrath. Catalog of Adirondack Museum's paintings honoring Park's Centennial. - ISBN 0-910020-43-4 ; 8 x 10 - 56 pages - Photos - Paper - $12.50

edited by Linda M. Champagne. A look at "Visions for the Adirondack Park's Second Century." 8-1/2 x 11 - 116 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $9.95

_____Wildlife and Wilderness A History of Adirondack Mammals
Philip G Terrie. Offers a fascinating historical and scientific analysis of the complex interactions between man and wild animals, especially moose and deer, in the Adironack forest. Brings the history of the Adirondacks alive in a wonderful new form by retelling the past through the perspective of the wildlife. 175 pages index 6X9 many b&w photos Paper $14.50 0-935796-39-8

_____Winslow Homer in the Adirondacks
David Tatham 1996 A "coffee-table" book filled with color & b&w illus of the artist's work. Cloth-0343-6/TAWI $45.00

_____YOU CAN HEAR THE ICE TALKING The Ways of People and Ice on Lake Champlain
Sheldon Posen. A look at the role that Lake Champlain ice has played in the lives of those who have lived with it over the centuries. - ISBN 0-9617701-1-2 ; 8-1/4 x 11 - 72 pages - Photos - Illus. Paper - $10.00

Nadine Balzer McLaughlin. A delightful collection of amazingly fine writing by dozens of north country children who have produced the works simply and naturally, on their own time and, for the most part, outside any classroom. Teachers, parents, young people and all who appreciate the art of good writing will value this volume and find the words of these children, aged five to teens, filled with insight and emotion. - ISBN 0-9643452-0-X ; 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 100 pages - illus. Paper - $10.95

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