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The Golden Age of American Lighthouses. 

By Tim Harrison and Ray Jones. Filled with vintage & archival photos and captions, giving a historical overview of the early lighthouses - many of which no longer exist. 8.5x11 169 pages indexed b&w photos Paper . 169 pages. b&w photos. Paper. TGA01. 19.95

Mid-Atlantic Lighthouses Hudson River to Chesapeake Bay.

Roberts & Jones. Here these two intrepid lighthouse fans use the Mid-Atlantic lighthouses to explore the early history of our nation as they provide a regional tour. 8.5x11 . 86 pages. index and bibliography. Paper. MAL01. 19.95

Eastern Great Lakes Lighthouses - Ontario, Erie and Huron.

Roberts & Jones. Combines the fascinating history and lore of lighthouses with stunning color and black & white photographs of the most significant lighthouses on both the American and Canadian sides of these 3 Great Lakes. 8.5x11 . 88 pages. index and bibliography. Paper. EGL01. 19.95

American Lighthouses, A Comprehensive Guide. Roberts & Jones.

The only comprehensive full-color guide to many of America's lighthouses. More than 450 are described and most are pictured in this handy guide. 5.25x8.8 . 264 pages. index profusely illus. Paper. ALA01. 21.95

Sentinels in the Stream.

George Fischer & Claude Bouchard. By George Fischer & Claude Bouchard. A beautiful full-color look at the 43 lighthouses of the St. Lawrence River, with a brief, 1 page history of the light facing a full page photograph. 8.5x8.5 96 pages with a map and introduction Cloth . 96 pages. map and introduction. Cloth. SIT05. 19.95

Lost Lighthouses - Stories and Images of America’s Vanished Lighthouses.

Tim Harrison and Ray Jones. Memories - and a few old photographs - are all that remain of America’s most historic lighthouses. During the last 3 centuries over 1600 lighthouses were built to light our nation’s shore. More than half are gone forever, but are memorialized on these pages and in our memories. 8.5x11 . 170 pages. 100s of b& w photos. Paper. LL01. 17.95



Paintings and text by: L.F. Tantillo. Paintings and text by: L.F. TantilloWith essays by: Warren Roberts, Shirley Dunn, Charles Gehring, Stefan Bielinski and Wendell Tripp. This book features these New York State cities, towns, and areas, from the 17th to 20th centuries: Adirondacks, Albany, Batavia, Binnekill Creek, Buffalo, Catskill, Erie Canal, Hudson River, Kingston, Mid-Hudson Valley, Mohawk River, Newburgh, Rondout Creek Schenectady, St. Johnsville, and Syracuse. Go behind the scenes with historical painter L.F. Tantillo to see how he recreates a vision of New York's past in his evocative paintings and discover the fascinating real-life details of history that underlie each brush stroke. 11 x 8.5 152 pages 28 color/77 b&w illus Paper. 152 pages. 28 color/77 b&w illus. Paper. VON01. 19.50

Gardens of the Gilded Age.

M Christine Klim Doell. Nineteenth Century Gardens and Homegrounds of New York State. Explains the history, design and social function of ornamental gardens and homegrounds based on the study of historic photos of 19th century gardens. Provides a new perspective on American customs in landscape gardening from 1860 to 1917. (1986). 209 pages. 100+ b&w photos index. cloth. GOT01. 39.95

Architecture in New York State A Photographic History.

Wayne Andrews. Mostly exterior views from throughout the state by this well-known architectural photographer. Over 250 b&w photos of mansions, row houses, courthouses, churches and hotels, presenting an incredible range of style and period. 9x11 . 188 pages. index , 250 b&w photos. Paper. AIN02. 24.95


Ornamental Ironwork Two Centuries of Craftsmanship in Albany and Troy, New York.

Waite, Diana S.. Albany, New York. A chronicle of decorative ironwork and its creators in the capitol district. 8-1/2 x 11. 144 pages. Photos - Illus. Paper. OI01. 19.95

Apostle of Taste, ANDREW JACKSON DOWNING, 1815-1852.

David Schuyler. Andrew Jackson Downing's mission as an apostle of taste carried the responsibility of providing examples of architectural and landscape design worthy of imitation by other Americans. This is the first full-length biography of Downing, the horticulturist, landscape gardener, and prolific writer on architecture who, more than any other individual, shaped middle-class taste in the United States in the two decades prior to the Civil War. Through his books and the pages of the Horticulturist, Downing preached a gospel of taste that promoted the modern or natural style of landscape design over the formal and geometric arrangements that were the hallmark of eighteenth- and early-nineteenth-century gardens. Together with his longtime collaborator, architect Alexander Jackson Davis, he contributed to the revolution in American architectural taste from the universality of the classical revival to Gothic, Italianate, bracketed, and other romantic or picturesque styles. footnotes 6x9 LIMITED!. 290 pages. index 290 pages b&w illus. Cloth. AOT01. 35.95

The Architecture of Country Houses.

A.J. Downing. America's first important landscape architect was instrumental in establishing a well-styled, efficient, yet low-priced house that offered many features which previously only mansions could provide. This, his most important book, offers 34 designs for model homes with elevations and floor plans, and a discussion of the design and function of all aspects of each. 5.5x8.5 . 484 pages. over b&w 300 illus. Paper. TAO02. 12.95

Rustic Garden Architecture.

Ralph Kylloe. Explores the freedom and natural beauty of rustic yard furniture and architecture that is enjoying considerable attention today. With plans, drawings and beautiful color photos the author illustrates this rejuvenated artform. Mohonk, Poets Walk, and other notable locations are featured here. Beautiful photographs by the author, with plans and sources. 9x11. 145 pages. 100 color photos. hardcover. RGA01. 37.95


Abby Ruoff. Rustic Originals is chock full of ideas and techniques for turning the ordinary furniture find into the extraordinary. . . . Paper. RO01. 24.95


Beth Moses Hickok. A reminiscence of an upstate New York farm wife who became one of America’s most famous painters. 6 x 9. 64 pages. Photos - Illus. Paper. RGM02. 12.95

GRANDMA MOSES 25 Masterworks.

Jane Kallir  Anna Mary Robertson. Moses, after 60 years of working as an upstate New York farm-wife, became celebrated in the international art world as Grandma Moses. 10˝ x 14˝- . 56 pages. Photos - Illus. Paper. GMT01. 19.95

SERMONS IN STONE Stonewalls of New England and New York.

Susan Allport. Who would think that a history of that humble workaday structure, the stone wall, would be so full of the fascinating, the pecular, the downright eccentric? But here it is, laid out in a sprightly style and beautifully illustrated by the ink drawings of David Howell. 61/4 X 71/2. 208 pages. Illus.. Paper. SIS03. 13.95


Edited and With New Material by Gregory D. Huber. Updates the highly acclaimed original (c1968) edition with extensive new material. Added to Fitchen's descriptions of barn types, framing style, and exterior appearance is research information that relates to the form, fabric, and essence of each Dutch barn. Huber notes the secondary expressions seen in barns in various locations in both New York and New Jersey, the evolution of the barn building tradition, and why only one of the four major tie-beam types found in the Netherlands proliferates in America, 7.5 x 10.5 . 272 pages. 52B&W illus, biblio, indx. Paper. TNW01. 29.95

Complete Guide to Building Log Homes.

Monte Burch. By Monte Burch. Whether it is a modest vacation cabin or a multigabled manor - using your own trees or assemble numbered logs from a kit - you'll find out how to do it here in the most comprehensive guide to building log homes. 8x10 406 pages indexed with suppliers, b&w photos, diagrams and plans Paper . 406 pages. indexed b&w photos plans. Paper. CGT02. 21.95

Gustav Stickley's Craftsman Farms A Quest for Arts and Crafts Utopia.

Mark Alan Hewitt. By Mark Alan Hewitt. Gustav Stickley's utopian community was created to embody several of the central ideas of the Arts and Crafts communities such as Byrdcliff and Roycroft. The virtue of the simple life, the necessity for manual childhood education in the crafts and trades, the value of country life . . . all combined to lead a vanguard of critics against the rush of industrial capitalism and consumerism. 6.5x9 200+ pages illus Cloth . 200+ pages. illus. Cloth. GSC01. 39.95

Camps and Cottages A Stylish Blend of Old and New.

Molly Hyde English with photography by Linda Svendsen. By Molly Hyde English with photography by Linda Svendsen. While not specifically a New York book, the style it reflects is prevalent throughout New York and the decorating ideas, even gardening designs, fit perfectly in the rustic living books here. A gorgeous coffee-table book.10x10.5 176 pages full color Cloth . 176 pages. full color. Cloth. CAC02. 39.95

Craftsman Homes.

Gustav Stickley. By Gustav Stickley. More than 40 plans for building classic Arts & Crafts style cottages, cabins and bungalows. A must-have book for lovers of good design, students of architecture, history buffs, or those who want to put the Arts & Crafts philosophy to practical use. 8.5x11 205 pages b&w drawings and photos Paper . 205 pages. b&w drawings. Paper. CH02. 19.95


Abby Ruoff. Designs for practical furniture made with found twigs and other natural wood. 7-1/2 x 9-1/2. 248 pages. Photos - Plans. Paper. MTF01. 21.95

BOLDT CASTLE: Alexandria Bay, New York & The Thousand Islands.

Roger Lucas. The story of the building of Boldt Castle and the familiy responsible for it. 8-1/2 x 7. 60 pages. Photos - Maps - Illus. Paper. BC01. 10.00


A well-illustrated, book on building basic Adirondack furniture, with clear step-by-step directions to guide the beginner or accomplished woodworker. A fascinating history of the Adirondack chair is included. . 128 Pages. illustrated. Paperback. BAF02. 12.95


C. Gilborn and J. Scherer. Nichols was a designer and builder of rustic furniture in the 1920's-40's. beautifully illustrated 7 x 8. 35 pages. color Photos. Paper. TRA02. 11.25


Howard Kirschenbaum. The history of one of the grandest of the Adirondack Great Camps. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2. 72 pages. Photos. Paper. SOS02. 5.95

Rustic Traditions.

Ralph Kylloe. A showcase of hundreds of pieces of rustic furniture in their natural settings: in homes, cabins and summer houses in the Adirondacks and beyond. 8x11 . 176 pages. photos, index. Paper. RT01. 24.95

Saratoga Lost Images of Victorian America.

Robert Joki with an introduction by Marylou Whitney. The grace and opulence of America's Victorian era faded with the dawn of the twentieth century and almost all of the buildings and views in this book have long since disappeared in Clouds of dust from the wrecker's hall or in spectacular, cataclysmic infernos, but in Saratoga Lost, Robert Joki takes the reader on a guided tour of that grand era with hundreds of historic photographs from the author's extraordinary private collection, complemented by period artwork. Robert Aoki first became an avid student of historic Saratoga Springs and a collector of its antiques and memorabilia in 1973. Though interested in all historical periods arid aspects of Saratoga's past, he became especially fascinated by the Civil War and post-Civil War Victorian era. As a collector he came to specialize in stereoviews nineteenth-century three-dimensional photographs. Over the past quarter century, he has amassed what may be the largest collection of original photographic prints of Saratoga Springs taken during the years 1860-1890. Mr. Joki lives with his wife and two children in a Victorian-era country house they restored just Outside the city of Saratoga Springs. 8.5x11 . 183 pages. indexed with b&w photos. Paper. SLI01. 24.95

Rustic Style.

Ralph Kylloe. Beautifully photographed, full color, coffee-table book on the Adirondack style wood and twig construction so popular in the North Country. Shrink-wrapped 9x11 . 180 pages. color illus. Hardcover. RS01. 39.95

Adirondack Style.

Ann Stillman O'Leary. Photos by Gary Hall. This is a great overview of the rustic Adirondack style of New York's northwoods using extensive (over 200) color and b&w photographs of historic and contemporary interpretations. Exterior and interior usage of stone and wood highlight this nationally popular rustic design. 10x10 . 180 pages. 200 photos index. Hardcover. AS03. 37.50

Cabin Fever - Rustic Style Comes Home.

Rachel Carley. Not the rude shacks erected by the first settlers, we're talking about the nineteenth century camps built by some of the wealthiest families in America, and the rustic hotels and vacation cabins built by the less affluent lushly illustrated here. Cabin Fever presents the best of the old lodges and private cabins, along with the latest in contemporary style trophy homes and simple log cabins as a definition of Rustic Style. Includes sources for the various furnishings and creative touches to make this an architectural and decorative resource. 9x9 profusively illustrated in color and b&w photos, . 207 pages. illus in color + b&w. Hardcover. CF01. 35.00

DURANT The Fortunes and Woodland Camps of a Family in the Adirondacks.

Craig Gilbom. The role of a prominent Victorian family in developing the central Adirondacks. Descriptions of the village-like camps which borrowed from the log and bark-covered shanties of the guide, trapper and lumberjack, and evolved, under the direction of William West Durant, into the prototype of the Camp Beautiful. 8 1/2 x 11. 170 pages. Maps - Illus - Index. Paper. DTF01. 19.95

SANTANONI From Japanese Temple to Adirondack Great Camp.

R. Engel, H. Kirschenbaum, P. Malo. DELAYED Till Spring 2000 -- Fascinating story of one of the Adirondacks' most important architectural and historical treasures. A rich portrait of its cultural context, rustic architecture, owners, camp life, and successful campaign for its preservation. 8 1/2 x 11 . 225 pages. Photos - Maps - Illus. Paper. SFJ01. 25.00


Daniel Mack. The tradition, spirit, and technique of making rustic furniture with dozens of project ideas. 8 1/2x I I . 160 pages. Photos - Illus. - Index. Paper. MRF01. 19.95


Daniel Mack. An informative and idiosyncratic guided tour to the rustic furniture maker's art by one of the outstanding makers of our time. 8 1/2 x 11. 144 pages. Photos. Cloth. TRF01. 26.95


Daniel Mack. A delightful book that conveys the pleasure of making furniture from stick twigs, and other found wood. 8 1/2 x 11. 112 pages. Photos - Illus. Cloth. SRF01. 19.95


Ann Stilhnan O’Leary. More than 200 photographs and a rich narrative illuminate this rustic building and decorating style, from its beginnings in the Great Camps to spectacular contemporary interpretations. l0 x 10 . 180 pages. Photos - illus. - Index. Cloth. AS04. 37.50


Ralph Kylloe. Presenting craftsmen who turn logs, roots and twigs into incredible artistry. The freedom and beauty of rustic yard furniture and architecture are celebrated in this colorful volume. 8˝ x11. 128 pages. Photos. Paper. RFM01. 19.95


Daniel Mack. An interactive journey beyond the simple icon of the log cabin in a journey of discovery into the World of nature and the soul of the log cabin. 10 x 10. 160 pages. Photos - Illus. Cloth. LCL01. 39.95

LOG CABINS and COTTAGES How To Build Them & Furnish Them.

William S. Wick. This little reprint captures the spirit of the woods and the simple cabin life. 9 x 6. 136 pages. Illus.. Cloth. LCA01. 12.95


Ralph Kylloe. Camps represented through tantalizing fish stories and stunning photography. 8˝x 10. 144 pages. Photos. Cloth. FC01. 39.95


Ralph Kylloe. A complete guide to rustic cabin collectibles that are used to decorate and enhance cabins, camps, homes, and commercial settings. This resource offers an extensive look into the makers history and styles of these collectibles. 8 x 8. 128 pages. Photos. Paper. CC03. 21.95


Scott R. Ferris and Ellen Pearce. The collection of paintings (many of the Adirondacks) given to the people of the Soviet Union in 1960. Unseen by Western eyes for nearly forty years. 11x 9˝. 96 pages. Photos - Illus. - Index. Cloth. RKF01. 30.00


Caroline M. Welsh and Scott R. Ferris. Essays and illustrations focusing on Kent’s 40 plus years in the Adirondacks. This volume emphasizes the effect of the Adirondack culture and landscape on all of his work. 9 x 8˝. 96 pages. Photos - Illus. - Index. Paper. TVF01. 24.95

ADIRONDACK CAMPS Homes Away From Home 1850-1950.

Craig Gilborn. Camps are old clothes, fishing poles, wooden boats, creaky buildings, moss on the roof, critters under the porch. Nevertheless, for all their homeliness, despite their deftness with the common touch, it would misrepresent many Adirondack campers as Just Folks. The Adirondack camp is not rural, but exurban. Virtually all the families that built the Great Camps came up the Hudson River, from Manhattan and the Hudson Valley, to its source, the Adirondack Mountains. Some families once came by private railroad car, some owned the railroad. Now some fly in by their own jet. The second and subsequent generations privileged by wealth generally have been privileged culturally as well. The apparent artlessness of their camps is artful. 8.5x11 . 360+ pages. color and b&w illus. Cloth. ACH01. 49.95


Craig Gilborn. The true heritage of Adirondack rustic furniture. An essential resource - the bible - for dealers, collectors, designers and hobbiests. 8-1/2x 11-1/2. 352 pages. Photos - Illus. Paper. AFA03P. 29.95

In Search of a National Landscape.

Ferber & Welsh. Subtitled: William Trost Richards and the Artist's Adirondacks, 1850-1870. By Ferber & Welsh. Accompanies the first exhibition devoted to William T. Richards' paintings of the Adirondacks, a little-known body of beautiful and important landscapes. With essays and filled with color, sepia and b&w illustrations of his work. 10x8.5 96 pages index Paper . 96 pages. color, sepia and b&w. Paper. ISO01. 29.95

Cabins and Camps.

Ralph Kylloe. Written and Photographed by Ralph Kylloe. A stunning photographic study of the finest examples of Rustic homes and one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture from the top artistic craftsmen in the country. A HUGE (11x12) coffee-table book of full color photos depicting lavish interiors and lush exteriors, but mostly fireplaces and furniture in in some of the most beautiful rustic homes in the country. 231 pages Hardcover. 231 pages. all color photos fullpage. Hardcover. CAC03. 60

Adirondack Vernacular The Photography of Henry M. Beach.

Robert Bogdan. By Robert Bogdan. Henry Beach was a prolific and accomplished upstate New York photographer who documented the North Country during the first quarter of the twentieth century. His photos are important as Stoddard's were, and are remarkable for capturing the people and places of a rapidly-becoming-modern Adirondacks. With 250 photographs, some fold-out panoramas, and all are engaging. 11.5x9 196 pages index Cloth . 196 pages. 250 photos index. Cloth. AV01. 49.95


ARCHITECTS OF STANDING - Pierce and Bickford - Elmira, New York 1890-1932.

Roger G. Reed. Joseph H. Pierce and Hiram H. Bickford designed a broad range of buildings. 11 x 8-1/4. 56 pages. Photos - Illus. Paper. AOS01. 12.95

Landmarks of Oswego County.

Judith Wellman. With a foreward by Paul Malo and photographs by David Doody and others, this is a timeless collection of the architecture and design of the historic buildings of Oswego County in essays and photos. 7x8. 340 pages. 100s b&w illus, index. Paper. LOO01. 24.95


Thomas Cole.

Earl A Powell. The director of the National Gallery of Art traces Thomas Cole's development, and explores the Romantic theories that guided his thinking and informed his vision. A series of breathtaking landscapes painted mostly of the Catskills. 9.5x11 Color and black & white illustrations throughout.. 144 pages. appendix index. Paper. TC03. 24.95

Woodstock Landscapes.

John Kleinhans with Gail Godwin. A landscape photo book of the Woodstock area. Mr Kleinhans' beautiful photographs are complimented by award winning author Gail Godwin's perfect prose. 11x8.5. . color photos. Paper. WL01. 29.95

Catskills Country Style.

Steve Gross and Sue Daley. By Steve Gross and Sue Daley, with an introduction by the very literary Francine Prose. Well, it had to happen. The newest title in the series that includes Charleston Style and Santa Barbara Style - the Catskills have been discovered! This is a fancy, glossy, coffee-table book on the new urban-country-folk uniquely Catskills look. A mix of flea-market, yard sale, handmade and antique furnishings in an eclectic melange of high-style design. There are some really beautiful, and some really bizarre and exotic homes displayed - some I passed in my travels and always wondered about - and even some standards such as Olana and Wilderstein. OK OK - they aren't in the Catskills, but they overlook the Catskills. I won't quibble. Their presence helps to make this a beautiful book. 9.5x10.5 208 pages full color indexed Hardcover . 208 pages. indexed. Hardcover. CCS02. 50.00


Eberlein and Hubbard. Oversized Dover reprint of this 1942 beauty. Over 200 B&W photos with histories and descriptions of 123 buildings on both sides of the river. . 208 pages. full index, maps. Paper. HHO01. 16.95


Teller, Myron S.. Floor plans and detailed drawings of various aspects of a typical early Dutch stone house. 8x11. 20 pages. . Stapled. ESH. 4.00

The Mill On the Roeliff Jansen Kill.

Faber, Harold editor. A collection of writings depicting the history of New York's oldest operating mill, from RevolutionaryWar days as an iron mill to its 20th century incarnation as a paper mill.. 142 pages. index. Paper. TMO01. 15.00

Albany Architecture A Guide to the City.

edited by Diana S. Waite. Albany architecture beckons us to explore this beautiful city. 6 x 9. 278 pages. Photos - Index. paperback. AA01. 24.95

Dutch Architecture Near Albany The Polgreen Photographs.

Shirley W. Dunn and Allison P. Bennett. The photographs, taken in the 1930s, provide an overview of 18th-century architecture in Albany, Rensselaer and Greene Counties. In many cases, these images are the only record we have of the architectural details of these buildings. 8 x 10. 144 pages. illus. Paper. DAN01. 25.00


A.J.Downing. One of the most widely used books in American Architectural literature - contains 26 different designs of tasteful cottage residences illustrated by over 155 drawings - A gem. . 260 pages. 155 drawings. Paper. VCR01. 10.95


Thomas Finnegan. The preservation and renovation of Albany's historic Union Station. 9 x 10-1/2. 108 pages. illus.. Paper. SUS01. 10.00


Eugene J. Johnson. The architecture of Albany's Marcus T. Reynolds (1869-1937).8-1/2 x 11 . 120 pages. Photos - Illus. Paper. SFF01. 24.95

Phantoms of the Hudson Valley.

Monica Randall. A stunning and haunted architectural tour of the fabulous, faded mansions along the Hudson River Monica Randall's evocative, sepia-tinted photographs capture the architectural splendor of 26 palatial estates many of them truly castles which loom as mysterious ruins along the Hudson River. These stately mansions, many of them among the most historically significant in the country, recall the aristocratic luxury of a bygone era, with their turrets and spires, rambling porticos, gleaming columns, glaring gargoyles, and, inside, vaulted ceilings, spacious ballrooms, huge libraries that reflect the river elite's obsession for books, and endless personal touches that are the indulgences of the wealthy Bannerman's Castle, a once-magnificent Scottish styled fortress, now abandoned for half a century, is perhaps the most breathtaking sight on the river. the abandoned Victorian villa Wyndcliff is a savage display of ruin and decay these and all the rest hold their secrets in deserted attics, hidden passageways and gazebos overgrown with weeds and vines. Through her masterful photography and darkroom work, Randall also recreates some of the restless phantoms she learned about while interviewing the current owners. Pairing the visual spectacle of these ruined mansions of the Hudson with the tales of phantoms that haunt them, Monica Randall celebrates the glamour and mystery of these glorious old estates in this lavish book. MONICA RANDALL is a photographer, historic preservationist, and filmmaker and the author of THE MANSIONS OF LONG ISLAND'S GOLD COAST. 12 x 9 1/2. 206 pages. 100 sepia-tinted photo. Hardcover. POT02. 65.00

Hudson River Houses The Hudson River and the Rail Road Illustrated.

Edwin Whitefield. With an introduction by John Zukowsky. This is a reproduction of the 1850-52 sketchbook of well known landscape artist Edwin Whitefield, (c1816-1892) best known for his lithographed views of American cities and his illustrated books on Colonial Homes. The publisher obviously had some difficulty reproducing this old and rare work. Nearly half of the illustrations are too faint to appreciate their beauty. Never-the-less, this work brings to light important visual documentation of numerous Hudson River villas and cottages that are long since lost. 10.5x9.5 . 84 pages. 75 b&w illus index. Cloth. HRH01. 18.00

Report on Historic Barns and Timber Framing in the Town of Rochester, Ulster County, New York.

Peter Sinclair and Susanne Sahler. This is a report of 20 barns built between 1766 and 1905. Using photographs and drawings the text interprets each building according to its place in the history of regional design and the changing traditions of timber frame carpentry. An addendum to the report contains some 17th century building contracts along with speculation about early wooden buildings of the area that have not survived. 8.5x11. 67 pages. . wirespiral. ROH01. 15.00

Mr Bristols Barn.

John Szarkowski. John Szarkowski is the Director Emeritus of the Department of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. His photos of an East Chatham barn originally owned by Abel Bristol, and the diary of neighbor Philo Blinn are combined to present daily life on a Civil War Era farm in Upstate New York.. 72 pages. b&w photos. Hardcover. MBB01. 16.95

Springwood - Birthplace of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Franklin D Mares with photographs by Richard Cheek. A full color tour (with a few vintage b&w photos) of the home in Hyde Park where Franklin Roosevelt was born. Filled with the family, gardens and furnishings of this beautiful home, and including a similar tour of Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt's home. 8.5x11. 48 pages. color illus. . SBO01. 9.95

Thatch Report.

Peter Sinclair. A Preliminary report on the historic use of thatch in the Mid-Hudson region. 8 1/2x11 . 14 pages. with extensive drawings. Stapled. TR03. 5.00

Chimneys, Stoves and Slaves.

Peter Sinclair. A preliminary report on the five-plate wall stove in the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY. 8 1/2x11. 28 pages. with extensive drawings. Stapled. CSA01. 5


edited by McKelden Smith. This book is an incredibly inexpensive invitation to explore one of the most remarkable places in America -- the Great Estates Region of the Hudson River Valley. It contains color and b&w photos and drawings of 10 sites including: Clermont, Montgomery Place, Locust Grove, Wilderstein, Olana, Mills Mansion, Hyde Park, Springwood, Val-Kill, and FDR's Library. with maps and historical text. 8 1/2 x 11. 64 pages. Photos - Maps - Illus. Paper. TGE01. 12.95

The Hudson Valley Dutch and Their Houses.

Harrison Meeske. With a preface by Roderick H. Blackburn. For the first time since the 1930s (Helen Reynold's Dutch Houses in the Hudson Valley Before 1776) we have a new book which differs from previous works in important ways. This contains extensive background material on Netherlands history, New Netherland settlement, immigrant origins, land tenure, title and valuation, and regional types of structures, as-well-as describing the fundamentals of construction and materials used. This offers an excellent overview of the construction, furnishings and decor of the early Dutch houses in the Hudson Valley. 6x9. 414 pager. 200+ illus. Paper. THV01. 29.00

Style Follows Function:

Architecture of Marcus T Reynolds. Eugene J Johnson with photographs by Ralph Lieberman. Marcus T Reynolds was the leading architect of Albany in that city's golden age, when its political boss had a magna cum laude degree from Harvard, its prosperous bankers wrote books about American and Roman history, and its governors of New York regularly ran for president. A talented, even quirky architect, about whom very little has been written since his obituaries appeared in 1937, Reynolds gave Albany one of its greatest monuments, the Delaware & Hudson Building, a Flemish Gothic structure so imposing that it is often mistaken for the state Capitol. He also gave Albany a Dutch Renaissance fire station, several Italian Renaissance palaces and banks in a variety of classical styles. This book chronicles his varied and successful career and puts his buildings in the colorful economic, political and social contexts of his times. 8.5x11 . 115 pages. index photos plans. Paper. SFF02. 24.95

Woodstock Handmade Houses - SALE.

Haney and Ballantine. Back in print at last! This full color,glossy paperback of brilliant photos of all the funky, hand-made traditional and unconventional abodes of the denizens of that state of mind known as Woodstock, NY. First run sold 150,000 copies (!) around the world. 91/2X81/2 . . . paperback. WHH01s. 9.95


Neil Larson. Better known as Washington's Headquarters, this Newburgh residence was the first historic house museum open to the public. Because General Washington used this house as his headquarters in 1782-1783, the significance of the building's architecture and its role in the regional history outside this era has been obscured. This booklet provides a broader history of the old stone house and the family that created it. 6.5x8.5 . 21 pages. 20 b&w illus & Maps. Stapled. TJH01. 8.50

Intimate Friends.

New York Historical Society. Thomas Cole and Asher B. Durand, the two founders of the Hudson River School of Art, and their literary soulmate, William Cullen Bryan are brought together in this illustrated exploration of their friendship and their impact on the American Landscape. 7.5x10 . 64 pages. color illus. Paper. IF02. 13.95

Frederic Church's Olana: Architecture and Landscape as Art.

James Anthony Ryan. With an introduction by Franklin Kelly. Olana's Persian-style house and 250 acres of romantically-designed grounds have been called the last great work of Hudson River School painter Frederick Edwin Church (1826-1900). Built high on a hill between 1870 and 1891, Olana is a personal vision of harmony between man and the American Landscape. 8.5x11. 104 pages. 71 photos (31 color). Paper. FCO01. 21.95

The President As Architect: Franklin D. Roosevelt's Top Cottage.

John G. Waite Associates. By John G. Waite Associates. This new book traces the history of a forgotten landmark, a Dutch-style stone cottage pied-a-terre overlooking President Roosevelt's ancestral home on the Hudson River. It is one of only 3 buildings designed by a President in office (Jefferson designed 2) and the first significant building designed by a disabled person for a disabled person. Top Cottage is now being readied and will soon be open to the public, and this illustrated book is compiled by the architectural firm that specializes in such historic restorations. 8.5x11 160 pages 120 illus, index Paper . 160 pages. 120 illus, index. Paper. TPA04. 29.95

The Marble House in Second Street An Historic Structure Report.

Rensselaer County Historical Society. by the Rensselaer County Historical Society, with an introduction by John Winthrop Aldrich. The Hart-Cluett mansion in Troy, NY, is the headquarters of the Rensselaer County Historical Society. This is an examination of the building, its origins, furnishings and occupants, and of the history of the city itself seen through the lens of their elegant townhouse. 8.5x11 350 pages with b&w photos, drawings and schematics 3 appendices. Paper . 350 pages. b&w photos, drawings. Paper. TMH01. 25.00

To Kingston, With Love - A Photographic Journey.

Phyllis McCabe. By Phyllis McCabe. After a brief introduction by Mayor T. R. Gallo, and a forward by Kingston Historian Edwin Ford, the photographs take over - as they should! Kingston's Uptown, Midtown and Rondout are beautifully depicted in this stunning, full color paean to the architecture and people of New York State's first capital. Captured in all seasons and all lights, I've never seen Kingston look better. 12x9 82 pages . 82 pages. 80 full color photos. Paper. TKW01. 24.95

The Stamp of FDR.

Bernice Thomas. By Bernice Thomas. Subtitled: The New Deal Post Offices in the Mid-Hudson Valley, this is part art book, part history book, and part architecture book, combined to provide a beautiful look at Franklin Delano Roosevelt's contribution to the region. His full immersion in each construction, from design, to materials and artists used, even the artwork selected, stand today to reveal his interests, his beliefs and his political accomplishments. 8.5x11 88 pages index 16 full-color pages and many b&w photos throughout Paper . 88 pages. index 16 full-color pages. Paper. TSO09. 19

The Good Home - Interiors and Exteriors.

Dennis Wedlick with Philip Langdon. By Dennis Wedlick with Philip Langdon. This is a beautifully illustrated look at the home designs of the widely admired architect, Dennis Wedlick. His belief that your home design should reflect your spirit, and be a window to your soul is shown in the photos of his many designs - most in New York - and his explanations on how they work to fulfill your expectations. Really a remarkable book with finished color photos, plans and drawings. 9.5x12 239 pages index stunning photos cloth . 239 pages. index & stunning photos. cloth. TGH01. 50.00

New Worlds From Old 19th Century Australian & American Landscapes.

Johns, Sayers, Kornhauser & Ellis. By Johns, Sayers, Kornhauser & Ellis. This is an odd, but strikingly beautiful coffee-table book comparing (and contrasting) the Hudson River School of Art and its artists to the similar style and period of art in Australia. It is a fascinating account of the evolution of parallel schools of art, and a stunning look at the landscape of Australia side-by-side with that of our region. Church, Cole, Durand, Bierstadt, Homer and more, are juxtaposed with their equally famous (if unknown to me) Australian counterparts. Includes a timeline of historical and cultural events on both continents, descriptions and explanations of the art presented, and biographies of the artists themselves. 10x12 271 pages maps & index Hardcover Originally $60 WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!. 271 pages. maps & index. Hardcover. NWF02. 25.00

Dutch Colonial Homes in America.

Gross, Piatt, Blackburn & Meeske. By Gross, Piatt, Blackburn & Meeske. This lavishly illustrated volume provides an unprecedented look at 28 houses (plus 11 barns and other structures) built in the 17th and 18th centuries by Dutch Colonists in the northeastern United States, primarily in upstate New York, and along the Hudson Valley, on Long Island, Staten Island and in New Jersey. Interior and exterior photos, and photos and drawings of architectural elements, detail the construction and uses of these remarkable homes. This book will be in demand for a long time. 9.5x12 240 pages maps color photos, b&w drawings, index Cloth . 240 pages. color photos drawings. Cloth. DCH02. 60.00

Uniquely Ulster The Seasons.

Phyllis McCabe. By Phyllis McCabe, with an introduction by Alf Evers. This very talented photographer has doe it again. Her To Kingston With Love is a beautiful photography book of our County Seat and New York's first capital, Kingston, NY. So we shouldn't be surprised at the stunning full color photographs of the whole of Ulster County in this equally beautiful and much larger homage to our area. Season-by-season and at all times of the day, you'll love pouring over the gorgeous scenes she assembled here. 12x9 151 pages over 140 color photos, Paper . 151 pages. over 140 color photos. Paper. UUT01. 34.95

Kingston New York The Architectural Guide.

William B. Rhodes. By William B. Rhodes, with photography by James Bleeker. Discover the rich history of New York's first capital in nine illustrated walking tours, and be guided by detailed maps to over 130 sites that are fully illustrated and described. Over 400 years of history, from stone houses in the original stockade, to Greek & Gothic revival, Victorian era, a lighthouse and WWII era quonset huts - it's all here! 6x9 205 pages b&w illus index Paper . 205 pages. b&w illus. Paper. KNY01. 16.95

Matters of Taste.

Donna Barnes & Peter Rose. By Donna Barnes & Peter Rose. This combination Art, History, and Cookbook is subtitled: Food and Drink in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art and Life. The sixty paintings presented in this handsome volume are discussed individually from both and art history and a culinary history perspective, including authentic period recipes. Also included is a separate cookbook adapting these recipes for the modern kitchen. 8x10 272 pages 61 color photographs Paper . 272 pages. 61 color photographs. Paper. MOT09. 49.95

Great Houses of the Hudson River.

Edited by Michael Dwyer. Edited by Michael Dwyer. A coffee table, full-color tour of the great estates and beautiful houses of the Hudson River. More up-to-date and inclusive than Historic Houses of the Hudson and more than just the 6 or 8 historic sites in Great Estates of the Hudson, this is the complete color tour of all all the houses in a big, stunning book. 10x12 208 pages Hardcover . 208 pages. . Hardcover. GHO03. 50.00

                              METROPOLITAN NY


Harry Granick. Introduction by Robert E. Sullivan,Jr. This is a subterranean superintendent's guide. a vivid account of the complete anatomy of the nation's most dynamic city. The text is enhanced with nearly a hundred period photographs, maps, and diagrams. 6x9. 212 pages. photos/maps. Paper. UNY01. 18.95


Brian J. Cudahy. A Transportation expert recounts the history of the New York subways in a book that is full of detail, historical anecdotes, and the wonders of twentieth century technology. A complete, thoroughly researched and annotated, and fully illustrated history that will delight subway buffs, students of urban affairs, and all those who love the city of New York. . 194 pages. illus. Paper. UTS01. 19.95

Building the Empire State.

Carol Willis Editor. This rediscovered 1930s notebook charting the construction of the Empire State Building celebrates the monumental achievement of it's design and construction. Faithfully reproduced with additional essays by an architectural historian. 9x11 . 190 pages. indexed b&w photos. hardcover. BTE01. 29.95

Townhouses Urban Houses From 1200 to the Present Day.

Marcus Binney. Included here for the chapter on New York Brownstones, (including Theodore Roosevelt's birthplace) this full color international guide to historically significant Townhouses spans 8 centuries and the globe, focusing on the urgent need to preserve our urban past. 9 1/2x11 . 176 pages. color photos diagrams. hardcover. TUH01. 45.00

The Hamptons Long Island's East End.

Ken Miller Photographs. Introduction by George Plimpton. Documents in color photos the endless beauty of nature and man in the Hamptons. 9x12 shrinkwrapped . 200+ pages. full color photos. paperback. THL01. 35.00


American Institute of Architects. Few areas illustrate the evolution of American architecture, both public and domestic so ideally as Long Island. Its architectural wealth ranges from nearly one hundred prime examples of colonial-era design and construction to hundreds of splendid examples of modem and postmodern design. This handsome book, the most comprehensive, well-researched and generously illustrated volume on the subject, brings this great architectural heritage to life in over 370 illustrations complete with authoritative, extensively detailed captions.From simple lean-to structures to distinguished works by famous architects, this book offers readers a rich sampler of American architectural design and an excellent companion for any tour of Long Island's unique architectural heritage. 8 3/4 x 11. . 224 pages. 374 b&w illus Index. Paper. AIA01. 14.95

New York Living Rooms.

Dominique Nabokov. Dominique Nabokov distains artifice. She is the chronicler of a society that determines much of the intellectual and political future of New York. This book of photographs of the livingrooms of the movers and shakers in Manhattan is an intimate, full-color into their lives. 8.5x9.5 . 112 pages. color illus. Cloth. NYL01. 29.95

Stanford White's New York.

David Garrard Lowe. This is at once an architectural retrospective, biography, and cultural and social history of the life and times of Stanford White, who designed numerous urban masterpieces, including: Washington Square Arch, Madison Square Garden, and Judson Memorial Church. He was also one of the most famous personalities in the glittering Manhattan society of the late 19th century. Illustrated with a portfolio of unforgettable images of New York. 8.5x10 . 339 pages. indexed illus&drawings. Paper. SWN01. 24.95

New York A Guide to Recent Architecture.

Susanna York. By Susanna York. This guide provides a look at new and adventurous work - exciting and innovative buildings - by the world's leading architects, recently constructed in New York City. 4.25x4.25 240 pages b&w illus index Paperback. 240 pages. b&w illus index. Paper. NYA03. 12.00

An Architectural Guidebook to Brooklyn.

Francis Morrone. by Francis Morrone with photography by James Iska. The illustrious history of northern and central Brooklyn is here presented in words and pictures. Downtown, Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Park, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, and Cobble Hill are all covered. This includes the oldest urbanized areas, the 'brownstone belt' and the principal industrial areas. 6x8.5 481 pages index b&w photos and maps. Paper . 481 pages. . Paper. AAG02. 19.95

Beaux Arts New York.

David Lowe. by David Lowe. A beautiful architectural tour of the Beaux Atrs elements and buildings of New York City, past and present. 8.25x8.25 128 pages Paper. 128 pages. . Paper. BAN01. 19.95

Central Park A Photographic Excursion.

James Freund. By James Freund. Over 250 color and b&w photos capture the diverse scenery and seasons of New York City's Central Park. These photographs reveal pictures composed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, and frame new ones never conceived by the original designers. 7.5x9 143 pages 250+ photos . 143 pages. 250+ photos. Paper. CPA01. 20.00

Twin Towers.

Angus Kress Gillespie. By Angus Kress Gillespie. The life of New York City's World Trade Center. Published before 9/11, it is now an eloquent eulogy to what was one of the most resonating symbols of our American culture. Certain to be of interest to students of American politics, and engineers and architects. Some b&w images, 263 pages index and bibliography 6.5x9.5. 263 pages. index and bibliography. Hardcover. TT02. 26.00

The Sanctuary.

Thomas Roma. By Thomas Roma, with an introduction by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. This acclaimed photographer offers a compelling sequence of 52 black & white images that document the varieties of religious experience in Brooklyn - the houses of worship. 10x10 81 pages Cloth . 81 pages. 52 black & white images. Cloth. TS01. 29.95

Above Hallowed Ground.

Photographers of New York City Police Departmen. By Photographers of New York City Police Department. A photographic record of September 11, 2001, from the unique vantage point of the NYC police photographers, both professional and amateur who were on the scene. 9x12 full color 192 pages Hardcover . 192 pages. full color photos. Hardcover. AHG01. 29.95

                                  MOHAWK VALLEY


Bruce Maston, M.D. Architecture, development and personalities of GE Realty Plot Historic District. 11 x 8-1/2 . 259 pages. Profusely Illus. Paper. AEO01. 16.95


Frank E. Przybycien. The city of Utica and the surrounding area are rich in architectural diversity. 9 x 6. 296 pages. Photos - Maps. Paper. UAC01. 20.00

Movie Palace Masterpiece - Saving Syracuse's Lowe's State/Landmark Theater.

Edited by Alfred Balk. On the National Register of Historic Places, Lowe's is one of the finest examples of the fantasy architecture popular for the movie theaters of the 1920s and 1930s. This book documents the history of this glorious theater, from its dazzling beginnings on Syracuse's Little Broadway in 1928 through its inspiring rescue from demolition to the 1978 rebirth as the citizen-owned Landmark Theater. With 33 beautiful color photos. 7x10 . 80 pages. 33 color photos. Cloth. MPM01. 24.95

A COLLECTIVE ENDEAVOR The First FIfty Years of the George Eastman House.

The George Eastman House. An illustrated, inside glimpse at a world renowned museum of photography and film. 6 x 9. 140 pages. Photos. Paper. ACE01. 12.95

STICKLEY STYLE Arts & Crafts Homes in the Craftsman Tradition.

David Cathers & Alexander Vertikoff. This elegant volume showcases exceptional examples of Stickley collections and craftsman interiors .No one played a more influential role in the triumph of the American Arts and Crafts Movement than Gustav Stickley - Furniture maker extraordinaire. 9 x 11. 224 pages. Photos - Illus. - Index. Cloth. SSA01. 40.00


Joseph Bavaro and Thomas Mossman. The life and furniture of Gustav Stickley of Syracuse, New York.  8˝ x 11. 176 pages. Photos -Illus. - Index. Paper. TFO02. 19.95


The Berkshire Cottages: A Vanishing Era.

Carole Owens. Between the Civil War and World War I, the nouveau riche built American castles coyly called, cottages. These grand estates were the summer homes of the rich and powerful. The Berkshire Cottages: A Vanishing Era tells the tale of who built the cottages, why they were built and what life was like inside the marble and gilt halls. Recommended by Kirkus, Library Journal, Publisher's Weekly, and The New York Times.Carole Owens is a resident of Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Her home is on the grounds of a nineteenth-century Berkshire cottage Her book offers the Berkshire Hills traveler the unique opportunity of standing in two centuries at once. A tour of the cottages is one to he undertaken today while they stand and can be experienced in their twentieth-century incarnations as inns, restaurants and historic sites. 8.5x11. 240 pages. b&w / color illus. Paper. TBC01. 32.50

Field Guide to New England barns and Farm Buildings.

Thomas Durrant Visser. Of the 30,000 barns in Vermont alone, nearly 1000 a year are lost to fire, collapse or bulldozers. This guide to barns, silos, sugar houses, granaries, tobacco barns and potato houses is an attempt to document not just their structure, but their traditions and innovations before the surviving architectural evidence of this rich and rural heritage is lost forever. 5.5x9 . 213 pages. index 200+ b&w photos. Paper. FGT01. 19.95

THE ARCHITECTURE OF BERGEN COUNTY NJ The Colonial period to the Twentieth Century.

T. Robins Brown and Schuyler Warmflash. A long overdue tribute to New Jersey's important architectural legacy ... Sweeping and intelligent treatment of our overlooked architectural treasures. Walk or drive through any of Bergen County's seventy communities and you will find in its buildings reminders of a diverse architectural history-the legacy of nearly three hundred years of settlement, growth, and change. The Architecture ofBergen County, New Jersey presents an accessible overview of the county's architectural history and its historic structures. More than 150 photos document the county's architectural treasures, building both awareness and appreciation for these structures and their history. The book is arranged chronologically, beginning with the arrival of European settlers in the seventeenth century and ending in the late twentieth century. Each chapter begins with historical background and follows with a description and analysis of building types common to the county for the period. The book also highlights delightful surprises, such as the home of an early African American newspaper publisher and two homes in Paramus and Washington Township whose exterior walls are made of mud. The authors pay particular attention to the early stone houses associated with the Dutch-American cultural group, a building type unique to the region. The Architecture of Bergen County. New Jersey shows how social, technological, and political changes occurring within the county have been reflected in the building types and styles of the area. 17X10. 416 pages. 30 MAPS 154 B&W PHOTOS. Cloth. TAO06. 35.00

Medival English Tithe Barns.

James W. Griswold. More than 2000 tithe barns were built in England between 1066-1400 to store, process and distribute the 1/10 land tax (tithe) levied to support the church. Barely 200 remain standing. This book explores these simple, functional structures with their extrodinary interior timber framing in words and pictures. Many of the techniques perfected in Medival England barn construction were later used here in the New World. 10x7. 85 pages. 80+ b&w illus. Paperback. MET01. 15.00

                     WESTERN NY

BUFFALO'S TREASURES A Downtown Walking Guide.

Jan Sheridan. This pocket guide features a user-friendly map, addresses, photos and architectural details of 25 major downtown buildings. 4-1/2 x 9. 48 pages. Photos - Map - Illus. Paper. BTA01. 4.95

Rescue of a Landmark.

Majorie Quinlan. Frank Lloyd Wright's Darwin D. Martin House, built in 1904 and abandoned for 17 years before being rescued and restored. 9x6 some color photos included.. 104 pages. photos, map index. Paper. ROA02. 13.95

Frederick Law Olmstead's Point Chautauqua.

Edgar Conkling. By Edgar Conkling. Photo editor Joyce Morris. A written and photographic history of the religious resort community designed and laid out in 1875 by famed landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead. 6x9 136 pages 48 b&w photos Paper . 136 pages. 48 b&w photos. Paper. FLO01. 15

The Rainbow City.

Kerry Grant. By Kerry Grant. Celebrating the light, color and architecture at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, NY, in 1901. beautifully illus oversized 12x9.5 Paperback 200 pages $39.95. 200+/- pages. beautifully illus. Paper. TRC03. 39.95

National Landmarks of Western New York.

Jan Booth Sheridan. By Jan Booth Sheridan. Subtitled: Famous People and Historic Places, this book includes writeups about 29 of them in Chautauqua, Erie, Genesee, Niagara, Orleans, Cayuga, Chemung, Livingstin, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca and Tompkins Counties. 6x9 105 pages photos index Paper. 105 pages. photos index. Paper. NLO01. 9.95

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