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NEW____A Post Card Portrait of John Burroughs         
By Dorothy Unruh Bloodgood. April 3rd, 2004, was the 
167th anniversary of John Burroughs' birth. He always 
considered April "his" month because he also got married
in April, and his son was born in this month. But mostly 
he liked April because of the return of Spring, and with it his beloved birds and flowers. In his lifetime John Burroughs was the best selling, most photographed, and best-loved author. His poems were learned by every student, and his nature essays used to teach them science. Teddy Roosevelt called him "Uncle John", and they frequently traveled together. Roosevelt, an expert bird watcher, praised him saying, "No bird escaped John Burroughs's eye; no bird note escaped his ear." Burroughs annually camped with his good friends Thomas Edison, Harvey Firestone, and Henry Ford. When Edward Harriman gathered the top minds of the Victorian era for his famous 1899 Expedition to Alaska, John Burroughs was one of the honored guests. Generations of Vassar girls idolized him. 

    You get the picture - John Burroughs was an institution, and very much a literary presence in the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains. This is his biography, illustrated with post cards from the author's extensive collection. It is a lovingly compiled account of his life, with a warm introduction by his granddaughter, Elizabeth Burroughs Kelley. I am really pleased to bring it back into print. The cover is illustrated with rare full-color photos of Slabsides and Woodchuck Lodge, both interior and exterior, taken from the Hope Farm Press collection. 5.5x8.5 48 pages sepia photos Paper $11.95





_____John Burroughs The Sage of Slabsides

_____NATURE MEDITATIONS of John Burroughs


_____The World of John Burroughs

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