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The hike/drive below is excerpted from Hikes, Walks & Drives in the Saugerties/ Woodstock Area, with information gleaned from The History of Greene County.
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History of Greene County
Vedder, Jessie Van Vechten. Reprinted village by village "OFFICIAL" history of Greene County from 1651-1800 with an update to 1926  by the County Historian.
From the introduction - In compiling this History of Greene County it has been thought best, because of length of such history and the consequent expense, to touch only on the earliest events of importance in the settlement of each town in the county, adding to it from time to time, should it prove of enough consequence to warrant its continuance. . . . To this early history has been added the most importance events of 1925-26-27, together with a limited directory of each town.//.

with a 25 page NEW INDEX by Audrey Klinkenberg, and many b&w photos 6x9 207 pages Paper $14.95

Kaaterskill Falls

Here is a bit of gossip as history . . . (probably true!):

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