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    Over 200 b&w photos with extensive captions and an introduction about various Towns and Counties throughout America. These are AMAZING collections of photos and historical captions - really nice.

      _____Around Auburn    
      _____Around Auburn II    
      _____Around Fishkill    
      _____Babylon by the Sea   
      _____Balston Lake    
      _____Big Moose Lake    
      _____Brooklyn in Postcards    
      _____Brooklyn in the 1920s   
      _____Brooklyn Navy Yard    
      _____Broome County    
      _____Brunswick OP - Inquire    
      _____Buffalo Pan American Exposition    
      _____Buffalo's Waterfront    
      _____Burnt Hills    
      _____Canastota & Chittenango    
      _____Cayuga County    
      _____Central Islip    
      _____Chemung Valley    
      _____City Island and Orchard Beach    
      _____Clifton Park OP - inquire    
      _____Cortland County    
      _____Cresson and the Alleghenies   
      _____Croton Dams and Aqueduct    
      _____Delaware Water Gap    
      _____East Bronx    
      _____East Hampton    
      _____Fagan Sisters of Copake Falls    
      _____Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville Railroad    
      _____Fort Ontario    
      _____Gravesend Brooklyn    
      _____Greene County and the Catskills    
      _____Greenlawn: A Long Island Hamlet    
      _____Hammondsport and Keuka lake    
      _____Harlem Valley Pathways    
      _____Hunter College    
      _____Hyde Park on the Hudson OP - Inquire    
      _____Jefferson County - OP - inquire    
      _____Kenmore New York    
      _____Lake George    
      _____Levittown II   
      _____Long Island Italians    
      _____Manhattan Hotels    
      _____New Scotland    
      _____New York City's Financial District    
      _____New York Giants Baseball    
      _____New York Italian American Immigrant Theater    
      _____Niagara Falls    
      _____Niagara Falls II    
      _____Ontario County    
      _____Otisco Lake    
      _____Parma and Hilton    
      _____Patchogue - OP - inquire   
      _____Patchogue II - OP - inquire    
      _____Penn Yan   
      _____Poughkeepsie Halfway Up the Hudson    
      _____Richmondtown & Lighthouse Hill    
      _____Rochester Neighborhoods    
      _____Rochester Resorts    
      _____Roycroft Campus (East Aurora)    
      _____Sacandaga Valley    
      _____Sackett's Harbor    
      _____Saratoga Springs    
      _____Sauquoit Valley    
      _____Shelter Island    
      _____State Univ of Farmingdale    
      _____Staten Island    
      _____Staten Island II OP - inquire    
      _____Staten Island in the Twentieth Century    
      _____SUNY Downstate Medical Center    
      _____Syracuse Greater    
      _____Taconic Pathways    
      _____Tarrytown & Sleepy Hollow    
      _____The Catskills in Postcards    
      _____Throggs Neck & Pelham Bay    
      _____Times Square & 42nd Street    
      _____Tioga County    
      _____Town of Aurora    
      _____Town of Tonawanda    
      _____Wind and Water Mills of Long Island    
      _____Yankee Baseball The Golden Age    

Each is a 128 page Paperback and sells for $16.99 to $25.99.
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    _____Albany County New York
    Barber & Howe. An excerpt from the Historical Collection of the State of New York (c1844) which includes a history and a description of each of the townships. 5.5x8.5 26 page Stapled Booklet #9712 $10.00

    _____ALBANY ARCHITECTURE: A Guide to the City
    edited by Diana S. Waite. Albany architecture beckons us to explore this beautiful city. - ISBN 0-9625368-l-4 ; 6 x 9 - 278 pages - Photos - Index - Paper - $24.95

    _____Albany - Capital City On The Hudson
    John J McEneny. An illustrated history covering the four centuries that transformed Albany from a Dutch farming and fur trading outpost into the capital of one of the country's most powerful and populous states. Albany, as the nation's oldest city still using its original charter, presents a wealth of history and tradition which is skillfully assembled and illustrated here. Introduction by Pulitzer Prize winning author William Kennedy. 8.5x11.5 300+ illus  268 pages indexed $29.95

    Huybertie Pruyn Hamlin. Annotated and illustrated depiction of life on Albany's Elk Street, 1873-98. - ISBN 0-9605460-9-X ; 6 x 9 - 376 pages - Photos - Maps - Cloth - $25.00

    Giddings, Edward A three hundred year history of this southern Albany County town on the Hudson River with an introduction by Greene County Historian, Raymond Beecher. new index 150pp P$18.95

    _____FLASHBACK: A Fresh Look at Albany's Past
    C. R Koseberry. Essays about great moments and persons as they intersect events in US history. - ISBN 0-96054604-9 ; 6 x 9 - 198 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $7.50

    _____Fort Orange Records, 1656-1678
    Translated and edited by Charles T. Gehring. The records in this volume represent the oldest surviving archival papers of the Dutch community that eventually became Albany. Although the Dutch first visited this area in 1609, records were first maintained in 1652 by the officials of the village of Rensseleraerswijk, which surrounded the West India Company post of Fort Orange. 320 pages, 6 x 9 Cloth $60.00

    _____The History of the City of Albany, New York
    Arthur James Weise, M.A. This history encompasses many aspects of Albany's past, including: descriptions of aboriginal settlements as well as early French, Dutch and English ones; values and customs of the people who lived there; the Revolutionary War-, business and commerce; the Erie Canal; and the Mohawk and Hudson Railroad. The addenda contain a historical summary covering the period 1821 to 1883; a synopsis of the churches; a listing of the newspapers dating from 1771 to 1883; a roster of mayors, 1686-1884; the names and addresses of banks; and changed names of streets. This is the first known separate history of' Albany. (1884) reprint, 520 pages, addenda, illus., everyname plus subject index, paper, $41.00 #W138

    A. Older, P. DiConza, S. Dumbleton. Comprehensive guide to New York's Capital District. - ISBN 1-881324-00-1 ; 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 - 352 pages - Photos - Maps - Paper - $14.95

    John E. Boos. A historical look at "Old Albany" with sketches of Albany during the 1930's. 6-1/2 x 9 - 164 pages - illus. - Paper - $4.95

    John E. Boos. A second look at Albany history through the artwork of Jerry Costello. 6-1/2 x 9 - 204 pages - Illus. - Paper - $4.95

    _____Mayor Erastus Corning Albany Icon, Albany Enigma
    Paul Grondahl. Erastus Corning's political career in the capital of New York State spanned 5 decades - he was elected mayor 11 times - a feat unsurpassed in American political history. He perfected the political machine which grew so powerful under his tenure it still survives today, and his actions impacted everyone in the state. Published to rave reviews: (. . . a minor classic, highly readable, meticulouly researched and illuminating history . . . )  this is a biography of national proportions about a very important New York State politician. b&w photos, index, bibliography, 568 pages Hardcover $36.00

    _____"Mother Donit fore the Best": Correspondence of a Nineteenth-Century Orphan Asylum.
    Judith Dulberger 1996. In Albany, NY. Paper -0341 -X/DUMDP $16.95

    _____ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK Two Centuries of Craftsmanship in Albany and Troy, New York
    Diana S. Waite. A chronicle of decorative ironwork and its creators in the capitol district. - ISBN 0-9625368-0-6 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 144 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $22.95

    History of Berne in Albany Co . w map + photos. 145pp P $10.00

    _____THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE A History of Albany County in Art and Architecture
    Bennett, Allison Warmly received when it was first published in 1980, The People's Choice makes accessible the rich artistic heritage of Albany County. 135 pages, 163 illustrations, 8.5 x 11 (0-935796-66-5), reprint, quality paper, $23.00

    Thomas Finnegan. The preservation and renovation of Albany's historic Union Station. - ISBN 0-9605460-7-3 ; 9 x 10-1/2 - 108 pages - illus. - Paper - $10.00

    Eugene J. Johnson. The architecture of Albany's Marcus T. Reynolds (1869-1937). - ISBN 1-881324-01-X ;8-1/2 x 11 - 120 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $24.95


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    _____CHAUTAUQUA An American Utopia
    Jeffrey Simpson.  Chautauqua is home to the oldest summer arts festival in the United States. Since 1874, people young and old have been coming to this enchanting lakeside community in upstate New York for the institute's unique programs. 9 x 10 - 128 pages - Photos - Paper - $19.95

    _____Around Chautauqua Lake 50 Years of Photographs 1875 - 1925
    Paul Leone and Mary Poshka. Nearly 200 vintage photographs with extensive captions capture the style and history of this beautiful section of western New York. 10x9 103 pages Paper $15.95

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    Chemung County Historical Society. Catalog of artifacts from settlements in New York from museum in Chemung. 8 x 8 - 20 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $4.00

    _____HISTORY OF CHEMUNG COUNTY, NY 1836-1975 (2 vol. set)
    Ausburn Towner and Thomas Byrne. A complete history of Chemung County from 1836 to 1975. 8-1/2 x 11 - Vol. I, 862 pages; Vol. 2, 604 pages -illus. - Cloth w/slip case - $75.00


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    Gordon Pollard. One hundred years of embossed bottles as historical artifacts are highlighted in this detailed study. 6 x 9 - 370 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $18.00

    _____BRIEFLY TOLD: PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. 1784-1984
    Allan S. Everest. A history of Plattsburgh, the county seat of Clinton County. 6 x 9 - 64 pages - Photos - Illus. - Paper - $6.95

    Allan S. Everest. An account of one of the Revolutionary War's most important commanders. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 - 85 pages - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $7.95


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    Webb, Franklin H.. Reprint of the 1892 sketch of this Columbia County community. many B&W photos and drawings 88pp P $6.00

    _____DIAMOND STREET History of a Red Light District
    Hall, Bruce Edward. The history of Hudson, NY. From its whaling origins, this book documents the vice and corruption that made this town a beacon for gangsters and violence. B&W illus 222pp P $13.95

    Stephen B. Miller. A collection of stories and biographies about the settlement of Hudson, NY. - ISBN 0-932334-75-X ; 6 x 9 - 132 pages - illus. - Index - Cloth - $12.50

    _____KINDERHOOK AND ITS PEOPLE 1914-1984
    Duck, Ralph S., More than just an update of Dr. Collier's "A History of Old Kinderhook" c1914, this house-by-house, street-by-street documentation of the historic village and its residents includes many anecdotes and histories not in its predecessor. Only the streets that existed in 1914 are covered, but all the new residences built on them are here. no index, 232pp H $20.00

    _____A VISIBLE HERITAGE The Art and Architecture of Columbia County
    Ruth Piwonka and Roderic H. Blackburn. One hundred twenty photographs grace this beautiful history of over 300 years of art and culture in one of the earliest counties to be settled in New York. Includes many usually inaccessible paintings from private collections. 160 pp, 157 illustrations Paper, 9x10, $24.95 ISBN: 1-883789-08-7 Cloth $35.95 ISBN 1-883789-109

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    Jacobson, Alice J. The history of the farmlands and communities displaced when NYC needed another reservoir. With plenty of b&wphotos, this is the ONLY record of the area and event. Finally back in print! 126pp P $18.50

    Jacobson, A & J. A collection of stories and old photos about the original settlers and their ancestors in the area around the present Pepacton Reservoir. 138pp oversized P $18.00

    _____A Free Soil - A Free People The Anti-Rent War in Delaware County, New York
    Dorothy Kubik. By 1845, settlers had transformed the wilderness of the Catskills into productive farms. Their dream of owning their own land, however, became a nightmare as they tried to free themselves from the shackling leases of wealthy landlords. Considering their cause a continuation of the American Revolution, the tenants rebelled and refused to pay the rent. The more militant, like the colonists at the Boston Tea Party, called themselves "Indians." They dressed in grotesque disguises and appeared at sales of delinquent tenants' property to intimidate bidders. Violence erupted at one of these sales near Andes in Delaware County, and a fatal bullet almost shattered their cause. A Free Soil----A Free People tells of their struggles, their sufferings, and their final triumph. This is the only book in print on the subject of New York State's Anti-Rent War. 176 pages, illustrated, 6 x 9, paper, $15.00

    Horton, Gertrude F. A storyteller's memoir of life in Delaware Co. With Indians, treasures, various wars and more. 222pp $14.50

    _____SPANS OF TIME Covered Bridges of Delaware Co.
    Herrmann, Ward E.. The original, HUGE (12.5 x 17.5 inches), magnificently illustrated in color and B&W, signed by the author/artist history of Delaware co. and all her beautiful covered bridges. H 167pp $60.00

    _____THE BYGONE ERA - Rafting on the Delaware 1883
    Pine, Joshua, edited by Alice Jacobson. A graphic account of rafting from Delhi, NY., to Philadelphia, PA., this scenic and historic tour (with 7 B&W vintage photos) was culled from the Chronicle, a Walton, NY, newspaper. 71pp P $12.00

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    _____Dutchess County Days
    Agnes Clark. An enchanting collection of reminiscences detailing rural life in the (Redhook area) Hudson Valley during the first quarter of this century. 144 pages photos Paper $10.00

    Edmund Platt. Reprinted from the 1905 original. Illustrated, maps. Biographical appendix, index, 8-1/2x11, 328 pages, cloth $25.00.

    Herrick, Margaret E. From a Poughkeepsie Journal column beginning 1962, place name origins, folklore and traditions of Dutchess Co. illus + indexed 213pp H $49.95

    _____My Heart Goes Home A Hudson Valley Memoir
    Thomas Sweet Lossing, edited by Peter Hannaford. An account of a happy boyhood in a vanished time - the 1870s and 1880s -- in Dutchess County NY, written by the son of historian and artist, Benson Lossing. A child's view of rural Hudson Valley history in this prominent man of letters' home. 190 pages 6x9 Paper $17.50

    Duane A. Biever. The story of a small New York town on the Hudson River during the Civil War years. ISBN 0-9665890-0-9 8.5x11 b&w photos Paper  $18.00

    _____UNITY WITHOUT UNIFORMITY: The Rhinebeck Church Community 1718 - 1918
    Lawrence, Thea. Not just a history of the churches, but of a community and its people. Beautifully written account of the intellectual foundations of faith and practice in the Hudson Valley. " . . . A story of the people . . . and their relationships as residents of the town, as well as worshippers from different congregations." 176p., $30.00

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    _____Essex County New York
    Barber & Howe. An excerpt from the Historical Collection of the State of New York (c1844) which includes a history and a description of each of the townships. 5.5x8.5 17 page Stapled Booklet #9713 $7.00

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    _____Shtetl in the Adirondacks The Story of Gloversville and Its Jews
    Herbert M. Engel. For about 65 years, from 1880 to the end of World War II, almost everyone in Gloversville depended on the manufacture and marketing of a single product: fine leather gloves. And for a time, Jewish table cutters, the highest skilled craftsmen in the trade, represented the largest ethnic group in the industry. The story of this Jewish community describes how life once was when acculturated German-Jewish factory owners employed unionized Polish Jews. The coming together of these two groups in a relatively isolated setting represents a microcosm of what was occurring rather unevenly elsewhere in America and illustrates the cultural chasm that existed between Jewish life in upstate and in downstate.
    'Simply stated, Herbert Engel has written one of the finest memoirs of village life in New York. . . In thought and literary skill it ranks with any."-New York History Out of print since 1992. 220 pages, illus., 6 x 9, paper $18.00 0-935796-22-3


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    Van Loan & Smith. The architecture and history of theHaight/Gantley/ Van loan house at Athens. 19pp $6.00

    Galusha, Diane. A reverent history of the little community of Halcottville on the Greene & Delaware County border. 166pp P $11.00

    Tompkins, Flora. A history of the former Hedding Literary Institute with a glimpse of student life in Ashland from 1854 to 1861. 74pp P $6.00

    Harrington, Katherine. Catskill Mt history as poetry.109pp P $5.00

    Gallt Embracing facts and figures of leading men who lived in Greene County History. The hard copy (over 500pp) is out-of-print, For now, all that is available is the index on the e-book of Hope Farm Press Indexes.

    A reprint of speeches from the 1934 celebration of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Durham with index 26pp $5.00

    Horne, Field. From Black Dome Press and the Green County Historical Society, with an introduction by Gov. Cuomo himself. 236 pages with illus on almost every one, and the best index ever. P $25.95 (Hardcover is out-of-print)

    Vedder,J.V.V. The book that preceded her well-known "Official"history, this concerns Catskill with some info on Platte Clove.110pp P $12.95

    _____History of Greene County
    Vedder, Jessie Van Vechten. Reprinted village by village "OFFICIAL" history of Greene County from 1651-1800 with an update to 1926  by the County Historian.
    From the introduction - In compiling this History of Greene County it has been thought best, because of length of such history and the consequent expense, to touch only on the earliest events of importance in the settlement of each town in the county, adding to it from time to time, should it prove of enough consequence to warrant its continuance. . . . To this early history has been added the most importance events of 1925-26-27, together with a limited directory of each town. With a 25 page NEW INDEX by Audrey Klinkenberg. b&w photos 6x9 207 pages Paper $14.95

    _____Out To Greenville And Beyond
    Raymond Beecher. A reprint of the Greene County Historian's book of the history of the Greenville region of the county. 6x9 fold out maps b&w photos index 144 pages Paper $15.00

    _____Pioneer Days in the Catskill High Peaks: Tannersville and the Region Around
    Leah Showers Wiltse. Using newspaper clippings, old photographs and fond memories to recreate tales from ordinary lives in the nineteenth century Catskills, the author documents the mundane, the remarkable and the unbelievable history of this mountaintop resort region. 6x9   160 pages illus index Paper $15.95

    Pinckney, James. Reminiscences of the early settlers c.1868. indexed 84pp H $12.50

    Pepe, Paul E. The story of Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl and thepeople who made it happen. Celebrating its 35th anniversary, this history documents the personalities, the technological innovations, and the difficulties encountered. 324pp P $6.95

    _____Van Loan's Catskill Mt Guide
    88pp P + maps $11.95 one of the "Artist's" guides circa 1879 with ads & fold-out maps. _____WINDHAM
    Wiles, Richard C. History of the Greene Co town.20pp P $3.50


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    Mabel Furner Jenks. 175 years have passed since Lima, then called Charleston, was founded. During that time the population has increased from 23 persons to about 3,000 people. In like manner, the town has progressed from log cabins, candle lights and forest lands to the present well-constructed buildings, fertile farms, comfortable homes, electric lights, and other improvements. During these 175 years, many interesting changes have taken place, changes that are rapidly being forgotten. To preserve a little of this interesting history, I have endeavored to compile as accurate a chronicle of Lima from the earliest time to the present as possible, pertaining to people, places, and things, sorted out and put in compact form for easy reference. 52 pages 5.5x8.5 b&w photos & illus Stapled booklet $4.00

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    The Herkimer County Historical Society. A beautifully illustrated, complete history of New York's Herkimer County. The aim of this history is to describe what went on here in the last 200 years. 8-1/2 x 11 - 352 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Cloth - $50.00

    Montgomery & Fulton

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    _____History of Montgomery & Fulton Counties 1772-1878
    Beers, An illustrated and descriptive history with added name index. 9x12 H 432pp $55.00

    Barbara McMartin w/ Alec Reid.  How a people and their craft built two cities-Gloversville and Johnstown, New York. ISBN 1-888374-13-6 - $45.00 -Cloth


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    _____ALL AROUND THE TOWN Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities
    Patrick Bunyan. Where in Manhattan did Washington sleep? Where was Teddy Roosevelt born? Where did John Tyler get married? Where did James Monroe die? Where did Lincoln and Grant lie in state? These Manhattan presidential sites are among the more than 2,000 fascinating entries comprising All Around the Town: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities, the definitive guide to historic New York. 376 pages 154 photos 8x9 $35.00 hardcover $19.95 paper

    _____Awakening the Past The East Hampton 350th Anniversary Lecture Series 1998
    Tom Twomey, editor. All 27 lectures delivered as part of  the 350th anniversary celebration are now available for the first time in one volume. Situated on the east end of Long Island, NY, this town's history begins in the colonial 17th century when the English settled it. The lectures start there and bring us up to the present day, covering all aspects of East Hampton History. 6.5x9.5 465 pages notes, index, bibliography Cloth $39.95

    _____The Beautiful Bronx 1920-1950
    Lloyd Ultann. A companion volume to The Bronx in the Innocent Years, and The Bronx It was only Yesterday, this book covers the thirty years in which the Bronx changed from the rural hinterland suburbia of Manhattan to a thriving metropolis of its own. Comprised of a brief historical essay and filled with extensively captioned rare black and white photos from the Bronx Historical Society archives. 8.5x11  192 pages index Hardcover $22.50

    _____The Bronx It Was Only Yesterday 1935-1965
    Lloyd Ultan & Gary Hermalyn. A companion volume to The Bronx in the Innocent Years, this book shifts to a period of great technological change that brought the world closer to the Bronx, and is an engaging portrait of the mainland portion of New York City. Comprised of a brief historical essay and filled with extensively captioned rare black and white photos from the Bronx Historical Society archives. 8.5x11 indexed 184 pages Hardcover $25.00

    _____Brooklyn People and Places, Past and Present
    Glueck & Gardner. A surprisingly affordable coffee-table book filled with photos, anecdotes and the the story of the various ethnic groups and events that made up her history. 9x12 hardcover approx 400 pages $19.95

    _____Brooklyn An Illustrated History
    Ellen M Snyder-Grenier. Brooklyn's unique character grows out of a rich and colorful history, a complex tapestry of developing neighborhoods, striving immigrants, melding - sometimes clashing - cultures, economic boom and bust. The historic panorama of people, events and places are all documented here with color and black & white illsutrations on every page. 8.5x10.5 color b&w illus index 292 pages Hardcover $34.95

    _____Christmas in New York
    Daniel Pool. A tiny "then and now" photo and essay look at the Holiday Season in New York City. 5x8 hardcover b&w 158 pages $17.95

    Christopher Morley. Illustrations by WalterJack Duncan. Unpretentious, charming, and readable, these pieces fulfill one of the most vital functions of the personal essay: they make us like the author and wish we could chat with him. 5x8 379 pages Paper $19.95

    _____Gardens in the City New York in Bloom
    Mary Jane Pool. With photographs by Betsy Schiff and an introduction by David Rockefeller.   Gardens everywhere - from vest pocket gardens to botanical gardens - New York has 100s of them, unexcelled in variety and theme. Both the private and public gardens of New York City are lavishly and lovingly described and illustrated in this beautiful "coffee table" history of Manhattan's gardens. 9.5x12 200+/- pages color and b&w illus Hardcover $49.50

    _____Gotham A History of New York City To 1898
    Edwin Burrows and Mike Wallace. This monumental city history covering from the earliest Indian inhabitants through to its consolidation, is an epic as vast and varied as the community it chronicles, drawing on the work of hundreds of scholars to weave a narrative tapestry that reads like a fast-paced novel. From its first settlement to its unofficial status as capitol of  America, this richly drawn history delivers the complex story of the world's greatest city. 7x10 1380 pages b&w illus bibilography, name and subject indices Hardcover $49.95

    _____The Hamptons Long Island's East End
    Ken Miller Photographs, introduction by George Plimpton. Documents in color photos the endless beauty of nature and man in the Hamptons. 9x12 paperback 200+ pages shrinkwrapped $35.00

    _____Invisible New York The Hidden Infrastructure of the City
    Stanley Greenberg. Introduction by Thomas Garver. A photographic exploration of the hidden and often abandoned structures and machinery inaccessible and unknown to most New Yorkers. These luminous, dark and poetic images document how a city works, and the toll that deterioration and deferred maintenance can take on the soul of a city. 11x9 90 pages 52 b&w plates hardcover $29.95

    Jackson, Kenneth T. editor. A massive (HUGE!) compendium of more than everything you ever wondered about New York City. Incredible reference - thousands of entries arranged alphebetically, with hundreds of illustrations, maps and tables extensively cross-referenced and indexed. An indispensable resource for lovers of NYC. H $60.00 It weighs 8 lbs. and is the size of the Manahattan phone book! (Add an extra $2 shipping!)

    _____LAWRENCE PARK Bronxville's Turn-of-the-Century Art Colony
    Loretta Hoagland. Lawrence Park was the creation and namesake of William van Duzer Lawrence who bought a run-down f'arm near the Bronx\ille train station in 1890 and began building homes on the rocky terrain. Prominent writers soon settled in Lawrence's community and set the tone for the new Village of Bronxville. Lawrence Park explores the lives and art of these early Bronxville residents and describes the houses in which they lived. It is a definitive work on a fascinating chapter in Westchester history. This engaging history is illustrated by 242 black-and-white photographs and maps.
    223 pp./242 illus. ISBN 0-8232-1475-3 $55.00 cloth

    _____Long Island People and Places - Past and Present
    Bernie Bookbinder. An exciting social history of the people and events that helped create Long Island, and a fitting tribute to one of the most historic areas of the United States. 9x12 illustrated with contemporary photographs, 264 pages Hardcover $39.95.

    _____The New York City Fire Patrol An Illustrated History
    Arthur C. Smith. The author, a superintendent and veteran firefighter, presents the history of the last-of-its-kind insurance industry fire salvage corps, which was originally established in 1839. Loaded with rare photos! 8.5x11 80 pages maps, b&w photos Paper $12.95

    _____The Historical Atlas of New York City
    Eric Homberger. A visual celebration of nearly 400 years of New York City's history, the penetrating text and hundreds of captioned color and b&w illustrations combine to present Manhattan's complex history in a most accessible and enjoyable way. Give Gotham as a gift and buy this for yourself! 8.5x11 191 pages maps, charts, drawings and photos Paper $22.00

    A reprint of the 1800s paean to New York City, filled with black & white steel engravings on every page to illustrate the historic guide book text. Includes advertisments and double page map of Manhattan Island. 10"X7" P 88pp. $10.95

    _____Manhattan Water-Bound Second Edition
    Ann Buttenwieser.  Originally published in 1987. From the 17th century to the present, the history of Manhattan's waterfront - from triumphs to blunders - is engagingly presented here. The author, a waterfront planner in Manhattan, deftly traces three centuries of history. This edition includes 2 additional chapters that encompass the vast changes that have taken place in the areas of restoration, legislation and environmental consciousness over the past ten years. 6x9  296 pages figures, maps and tables Paper $19.95

    _____MIRROR FOR GOTHAM New York as Seen by Contemporaries from Dutch Days to the Present
    Bayrd Still with a new introduction byJames F. Richardson. This collection of 600 excerpts from contemporary essays and letters captures a panoramic picture of New York City as described by its visitors from the Dutch days to the present. James Fenimore Cooper, Frances Trollope, Charles Dickens, Walt Whitman, Mark Twain, Giuseppe Giacosa, Rudyard Kipling, and H. G. Wells; the Revolution, the Civil War, the Roaring Twenties - each piece captures some aspect of the great city. Some are representative of lost literary genres while still others touch upon observations and moods so germane to the essential nature of New York City that they speak to its unique character in all ages.
    "[Still] must have had a great deal of fun in making this book. His readers will find that he has been able to transmit a sense of delight through the pages that he has written, as well as through the descriptions from other pens that he has edited with a historic sense the original narratives often lacked. " American Historical Review
    " . . adds . . . a new dimension to our knowledge of our city . . . " The NewYork Times Book Review

    John Kieran. Winner of the John Burroughs Medal, A Natural History of New York City is a personal report after fifty years of study and enjoyment of wildlife within the boundaries of greater New York, complete with over seventy-five illustrations.
    ". . . this remarkable book . . ., like his remarkable memory, is packed with exact and often surprising information.... It is encyclopedic. Yet, at the same time, it is a rarely companionable book. Something of a glow a naturalist feels in the June days of his enthusiasm when all is interesting, all is exciting, has been carried into its pages...." The New York Times Book Review
    " . . a brand new portrait of New York City which sparkles with butterflies, twinkles with wildflowers, and echoes with birdsong.... One of the special virtues of this book [is] the way Mr. Kiernan urges the reader to go see for himself.... He is a good guide and a happy companion, and has a knack of sharing his enthusiasm. " Saturday Review
    5x8, 428 pp./illus ISBN 0-8232-1086-3 $17.50 paper

    _____New York Living Rooms
    Dominique Nabokov. Dominique Nabokov distains artifice. She is the chronicler of a society that determines much of the intellectual and political future of New York. This book of photographs of the livingrooms of the "movers and shakers" in Manhattan is an intimate, full-color into their lives. 8.5x9.5 112 pages color illus Cloth $29.95

    _____Psychic New York
    Patricia Collins. A guide to Astrologers, Tarot Readers, Psychics, Palmists and numerologists, and a never-before-available opportunity to become acquainted with specialties, techniques and styles of over 100 of New York City's foremost practitioners of the occult sciences. 5x7 143 pages indexed Paper $13.00

    _____A Short and Remarkable History of New York City
    Mushabac & Wigan. Nearly 1500 entries on a time and filled with illustrations - this book tells the history of the past 5 centuries in New York City.  128 pages 146 photos 8x9 $17.50 Paper or $35 hardcover

    _____THE STREET BOOK An Encyclopedia of Manhattan's Street Names and Their Origins
    Henry Moscow. The Street Book offers a unique way of viewing the borough's history. The book contains brief biographical sketches for more than one hundred of Manhattan's well- and lesser-known street names. With numerous photographs, period drawings, and reproductions of old newspapers, The Street Book is a visual treat as well; the detailed topographical maps of present day Manhattan provide an easy reference for locating streets, and even makes it possible to use The Street Book as a walking guide.
    9x8, 119 pp./illus. ISBN 0-8232-1275-0 $14.95 paper

    Harry Granick Introduction by Robert E. Sullivan,Jr. Everyone wonders what goes on down a manhole, whether there are real alligators in the sewers, what's going on in and under the subways and all the rest of the mysterious life beneath the sidewalks of New York. This is something of a subterranean superintendent's guide; a vivid account of the complete anatomy of the nation's most dynamic city. The text is enhanced with nearly a hundred period photographs, maps, and diagrams.
    6x9, 212 pp. ISBN 0-8232-1312-9 $16.95 paper

    BrianJ. Cudahy. Second revised edition. Transportation expert Brian Cudahy recounts the history of the New York subways in a book that is full of detail, historical anecdotes, and the wonders of twentieth century technology. Tracing the system from the first short IRT loop to the extensive network of today, with information about such fascinating sidelights as the city's tram systems and the PATH trains linking New York and New Jersey, he has produced a complete, thoroughly researched and annotated, and fully illustrated history that will delight subway buffs, students of urban affairs, and all those who love the city of New York.
    194 pp./illus. ISBN 0-8232-1619-5 $19.95 paper

    _____URBAN WILDERNESS Nature in New York City
    Jean Gardner, text, Joel Greenburg, photos, Bill Moyers, forward. A gorgeous book containing over 180 photographs of unexpected, magnificent wonders of New York city's five boroughs. It is a miraculous guide into a realm of unique and diverse natural environments of N.Y.C's 5,000 acres of parkland that will captivate and challenge the reader to set out on forays through its pages again and again.
    With no small measure of passion, Jean Gardner describes New York City's natural environment and the extraordinary efforts of grass roots, city, state, and federal organizations to rejuvenate the city's natural areas.
    131 pp., 87 b&w photographs ISBN 0-9621060-3 $40.00 cloth

    _____When Brooklyn Was the World 1920-1957
    Elliot Willensky.  Brooklyn's historian takes us back to a sweeter time - Luna Park, Coney Island and Subways, the last of Ebbets Field and the Brooklyn Dodgers - with a brilliant entertaining text and hundreds of nostalgic photos. 8x9.5 index biblio b&w illus 239 pages Hardcover 24.00


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    _____CAST IN METAL: Historic Markers of Oneida County
    Raymond F. Ball.  A full-color guide to the historic markers throughout Oneida County. ISBN 0-8256-1743-X- $14.95 -Paper

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    _____Dome Sweet Dome
    Joe Glisson. An outstanding collection of sports cartoons, concerning the Syracuse Unlversity Orangeman plus some national sports topics. ISBN #0-9653389-7-5 148 Pages Paperback $9.95

    _____Street Wise
    by Jack Carpenter. Revised Edition Many of Syracuse's prominent streets and their name origins. 76 Pages Paperback $7.95.

    _____Syracuse University The Tolley Years 1942-1969
    John Robert Greene. The biography of the man who made significant changes to the landscape of higher education and the Syracuse community. b&w photos, 250+ pages Cloth $29.95


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    ______The Concise History of Orange County
    Rev. Elwood Corning, (1946) This is number one of a planned series of reprints of 20th century histories of the counties of southeastern New York. (Ulster was done as an e-book.) This history of Orange County is the first in 100 years and updates the early histories as well as bringing us up to WWII. The well-written, modern language account, with the large format 7"x10" page and larger type make this accessible to everyone.With many B&W photos and an index (for the first time) this attractive book is an important addition to your Orange County and NYS collections. approx 130pp P 7"x10" $13.95

    _____CORNWALL, NEW YORK: Images From the Past 1788 - 1920
    Dempsey, Fulton & O'neil. A meticulously researched history of one of Orange County, New York's oldest towns, nestled between the Hudson River and Storm King Mt. Revives nostalgic memories, acquaints readers with Cornwall's roots and instills in a coming generation the need to preserve the past. 138 illus, biblio, index $25.00

    _____Cornwall Revisited, A Hudson River Community
    Janet Dempsey. This Town Historian's newspaper column is one of several used from its hundred year run to present the bits of history of this Hudson River community. These events, viewpoints and opinions reveal at first hand the rural day-to-day life of an historic community. 8.5x11 Paper approx 80 pages $25.00

    _____Eager's History of Orange County
    Samuel W. Eager. a reprint of the 1847 book, this is the earliest of three major histories about Orange Co. With a new expanded index. 768pp H $31.

    _____Headley's History of Orange County
    Russel Headley. Originally published in 1908, this edition contains over 1260 pages of history, biography, portraits and illustrations. Twp volumes and a matching index H $71.00

    _____Just the index to Headley's History of Orange Co. 126pp H $14.00

    _____The History of Deerpark in Orange County NY
    Peter Gumaer. Begins with the 1690 settlement to trace more than 150 years of the lives, customs and characteristics of its citizens, as well as the history. Family histories of those first settlers profile their ancestors and four generations of their descendants. Genealogies of notable citizens enhance the text, and additionally, population and emigration data, occupations, and religious and political information is provided for a complete look at the history of this little town. c1890 originally published. 220 pages new full name index $19.00

    _____History of the Town of New Windsor Orange County New York
    Edward Ruttenber. This covers from the earliest settlement of the town to the 1870s, and features a new index  which has been expanded to include the biographical material and the appendices not indexed in the original. 8.5x11 224 pages index Paper $25.00

    _____ORANGE COUNTY, N.Y. Reader's Guide & Bibliography
    Gocek, Matilda. Essay and survey; some rare titles. stapled paper $4.00

    _____Rockland County New York in the 1790s
    Jacquetta M. Haley.  Rockland County, the smallest county in New York State, was carved out of Orange County in 1798. The author transforms the dry facts of everyday life at that time with interesting stories of individuals; their occupations and travails, and the way they led their lives. 6x9 156 pages Cloth illus index $18.00.

    _____The STERLING ESTATE a 1859 MAP
    Brooks, T.B. In Orange County, NY and owned by W.H. & Peter Townsend in 1859. MAP Only $2.50

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    Jacquetta M. Haley, 1997, 156 pp., illus., index. The most comprehensive account to date of the creation of Rockland County and of the peoples (whites, blacks end Native Americans) of agricultural Rockland at its erection in 1798, based on original sources, particularly the Federal census records and the diaries of David Pye and Tunis Smith, and enlivened with stories of’ individuals who lived 200 years ago. cloth, $18.00


    Alice Gerard, 1997, 106 pp., illus. Exciting adventures and daily life of five children who grew up during different ems of Rockland County history, 1643- 1884. Intended for ages 9-12 but enjoyable reading for older folks, too.  paper, $9.00

    Brooks Wright. 1978, 134 pp., illus., index. Part biography, part history, part analysis and evaluation of the romantic and mystifying artist who spearheaded the modem art movement in America and secretly maintained two families, one in Congers, N.Y. and one in New York City. ISBN:0-9ll18300-0, cloth, $10.00

    Larry H. Whiteaker and W. Calvin Dickinson editors. 1990, 98 pp., illus., index. 132 letters between two brothers in the Union Army and their family in Monsey, N.Y. Army scenes and battle descriptions are accompanied by numerous explanatory notes and an introductory essay by the editors. paper, $5.00

    John R. Zehner, illustrated by Richard Bassford, map by Claire K. Tholl, 1995, 2nd edition, 39 pp. A fast-paced retelling of the most infamous act of treason in American history -- Gen. Benedict Arnold’s attempt to sell West Point to the British during the American Revolution -- the ensuing capture of British Maj. John André and his execution in Tappan, N.Y. Paper, $4.00

    Morton Marks, with photos by Martha Cooper and Creole translation by Hugues St. Fort.   32 pp. Documents the origin, evolution and structure of the Haitian communities of Rockland, which has the largest Haitian-American community of any suburban county in the U.S., and their economic, cultural and religious life. exhibition catalog, 1993, paper, $5.00

    edited by the Rev. David Cole, D.D., reprint of original 1884 edition, 1986, 555 pp., 59 engraved portraits, 23 maps and views, biographies; name index added.  cloth, $45.00

    edited by Frank Bertangue Green, M.D. A reprint of the original 1886 edition, 1989, 444 pp., illus.; name index added. cloth, $34.50

    Wilfred B. Tahnan, 1977, 301  pp., illus., index. This well-researched treasure trove of infonnation, impressions and interpretations of Rockland’s history was written by one whose Dutch and Huguenot ancestors settled in present Rockland County more than three centuries ago.  paper $13.00

    Commemorative booklet published for rededication of Gen. Frémont’s gravesite in Rockland Cemetery, Sparkill, N.Y. and dedication of a new monument near the cemetery entrance. Contains articles by author David Nevin, Rockland historian Isabelle K. Savell, and excerpts from Frémont’s Memoirs of My Life. 1989, 12 pp., illus.   paper, $4.00

    Lynn S. Beinan. An exhibition catalog listing known works of the nearly forgotten South Nyack, N.Y. artist, a leading marine painter and illustrator in his day who devoted most of his career to painting historical American naval scenes; includes a history of the Davidson and Merritt families and of the Nyack Rowing Association. 1986, 72 pp., illus paper, $7.00

    Cornelia F. Bedell. Reprint of 1941 original edition that chronicles people and events, facts and legends as well as geography, Indian lore, industries, colonial days and villages of Rocldand County, a book having the flavor of old family stories. 1968, 399 pp., index. cloth, $25.00

    Kathleen Mundell, photos by Elizabeth Rose. Documents the rich Easter traditions (customs, food preparation, traditional arts) in Rockland’s Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Ukrainian Catholic communities.  exhibition catalog, 1984, 45 pp. paper, $5.00

    Isabelle K. Savell, . An account, based on the Lexow family files, of one of life’s passionate pilgrims, who headed a successful investigation of corruption in New York City, fought successfully for the creation of Greater New York, and launched the bi-state effort to save the Palisades from destruction; includes the European and early Rockland County antecedents of the Lexow family. 1984, 241 pp., illus., index cloth, $15

    George H. Budke. Compiled and edited by John H. Bennett and Yvonne Yare.  A collection of material written by George H. Budke, originally appearing as a series of newspaper articles in the Nyack, N.Y. Journal News, October 1941-October 1945. Limited copies available. 1976, 327 pp., illus., index. Paper, $24.50

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    St Lawrence

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    _____St Lawrence County New York
    Barber & Howe. An excerpt from the Historical Collection of the State of New York (c1844) which includes a history and a description of each of the townships. 5.5x8.5 22 page Stapled Booklet #9706 $10.00

    _____HISTORY OF ST. LAWRENCE COUNTY: 1749-1878
    Samuel W. Durrant & Henry B. Pierce. - ISBN 0-932334-52-0 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 914 pages - Illus. - Index - Cloth - $50.00


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    _____ROUND LAKE Little Village in the Grove
    M. Hesson, D. Rogowski, and M. Comfort.   Round Lake-from its beginnings in 1868 as a Methodist camp meeting to the to civic-minded community it is today.  7 1/4 x 91/4 - 106 pages - Photos - Maps - Illus. - Paper - $19.95

    _____Saratoga County New York
    Barber & Howe. An excerpt from the Historical Collection of the State of New York (c1844) which includes a history and a description of each of the townships. 5.5x8.5 34 page Stapled Booklet #9614 $10.00

    _____History of Saratoga County
    Sylvester, N. A remarkable work with detailed illustrations of the area. Includes maps of the Battle of Saratoga.- ISBN 0-932334-22-9 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 732 pages - Illus - Index - Cloth 750 page out-of-print

    _____Saratoga County Ghosts
    David Pitkin. A wonderfully entertaining guide to Supernatural Saratoga County. A splendidly well-researched, thought provoking and comprehensive census of a region both haunted and historic. 5.5x8.5 maps index 225 pages Paper $13.95

    ___Saratoga Lost Images of Victorian America
    Robert Joki with an introduction by Marylou Whitney The grace and opulence of America's Victorian era faded with the dawn of the twentieth century and almost all of the buildings and views in this book have long since disappeared in Clouds of dust from the wrecker's hall or in spectacular, cataclysmic infernos, but in Saratoga Lost, Robert Joki takes the reader on a guided tour of that grand era with hundreds of historic photographs from the author's extraordinary private collection, complemented by period artwork. Robert Aoki first became an avid student of historic Saratoga Springs and a collector of its antiques and memorabilia in 1973. Though interested in all historical periods arid aspects of Saratoga's past, he became especially fascinated by the Civil War and post-Civil War Victorian era. As a collector he came to specialize in stereoviews-nineteenth-century three-dimensional photographs. Over the past quarter century, he has amassed what may be the largest collection of original photographic prints of Saratoga Springs taken during the years 1860-1890. Mr. Joki lives with his wife and two children in a Victorian-era country house they restored just Outside the city of Saratoga Springs. 183 pages 8.5x11 indexed with b&w photos Paper $24.95

    _____Saratoga Queen of the Spas
    Grace Maguire Swanner MD. A history of the Saratoga Spa and the Mineral Springs of Saratoga and Ballston. 7x10 304 pages index biblio b&w photos Paper $14.95

    _____Stereoscopic Saratoga Springs: Approaching and entering the 20th Century
    Compiled by Stuart Stiles, Jr. Early scenes in and near the city. This book is a real curiousity! It looks like a stenographer's pad - spiral bound, with a stereoscopic view at the bottom of each page, under a brief history and explanation of the view. The book is designed so the pictures can be viewed in 3-D in a stereoscope! So you say you don't have a stereoscope? It comes with 3-D glasses too - and works perfectly well viewed with the naked eye. An innovative approach to preserving the history AND the images of this architecturally  rich region. 63 pages b&w illus Spiral 7x10 $20.00

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    _____Early History of Schenectady [New York) and its First Settlers
    John Sanders. This fascinating and comprehensive history of Schenectady and the neighboring Mohawk Valley includes accounts of the notorious massacre of 1690; the French and Indian War; Sir William Johnson; the Palatines; Revolutionary battles (including Oriskany and Fort Stanwix); the Erie Canal; the War of 1812; churches and pastors and more. The appendices comprise a variety of original documents: Van Curler's letter to the Patroon, from the Rensselaerwyck MSS, dated 1643: a 1714 land patent with detailed descriptions of boundaries and inhabitants; the will of Arent Bradt; a 1673 letter from William Johnson to the foreman of a band of wood cutters; a "List of Ye People Kild and Destroyed" during the massacre of 1690; and a treatise on the friendship between the Plymouth Colony and New Netherlands through the Pequot War, King Phillip's War and the first Thanksgiving. (1879) reprint, 346 pp., appends., original fullname index, paper, $28.50 #S051

    _____History of Schenectady County
    A reprint of the 1887 booklet with map and new index 50pp $6.95

    _____Schenectady During the Revolution
    Hanson, Willis T. A reprint of the 1916 history of not just Schenectady, but much of the Mohawk Valley and the Border Wars during the Revolutionary period. with index 304pp H $36.00


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    _____BRIEF SKETCH OF 1st Settlement of SCHOHARIE
    Brown, John. A reprint of the 1823 account of the German settlement of Schoharie County. 24pp P $5.00

    _____History of Schoharie Co - Roscoe - 2 vols - $63.00

    _____History of Schoharie - Simms - $44.00

    Schaefer, Vincent. A complete history and natural history of the prominent Schoharie landmark. B&W photos and maps 122pp P $12.50

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    Quinlan, J.E. Reprint of the 1873 classic - excerpted, revised and rearranged w/index 239pp P $20.00

    _____Retrospect An Anecdotal History of Sullivan County, New York
    John Conway. Three railroads, a canal, dozens of industries, and hundreds of hotels have come and gone since Sullivan County was formed in 1809. Famous stars of sport and screen worked and played there; infamous and,despicable gangsters lived and died there. It is a history rich and colorful. Retrospect is a look back at that history, with reflection, with scrutiny, and, occasionally, with longing.
    ". . .a book for all seasons. . .a parade of heroes and rogues, ordinary people and saints. . .you meet movie stars and gangsters, baseball players and coffin makers, passenger pigeons and people of Prohibition.—" Chris Farlekas, Times Herald-Record
    John Conway, a columnist for the Times Herald Record, hosted popular call-in radio shows for nearly 20 years and received a NYS Broadcast Assoc. award. He serves as Sullivan County Historian. 148 pages, illus., 6 x 9, paper $15.00 0-935796-72-X

    _____THE RIVER AND THE MOUNTAINS Readings in Sullivan Co History. David Gold, Ed. A single source of Sullivan Co History, from the Delaware Indians through the Catskill Resort era, this comprehensive collection from ALL sources is a MUST for those interested in the region. 6"x9" Paperback 446 pages $27.50

    Edited by R. W. Stallman Crane, Stephen. These are some of his earliest published pieces. They will hold a special attraction for those interested in the author and his roots in the southern Catskills.151 pages, pen & ink drawings, P $15.00


    Campbell, William. In 1849 the author was able to interview the surviving Revolutionary Veterans to compile this first-hand account of the Indian conflicts on the frontier of NYS. An extensive 160 page appendix of biographical sketches, speeches, reports; even an index of scalps! 386 pp P with name index out-of-print

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    Elting, Irving. A reprint of the 1886 study of Dutch influence on the social and political development of Hudson River Com. Focuses on New Paltz. 68pp P $8.95

    Brink, Benjamin Myer. The complete story of the settlement and development of the town of Saugerties. reprint stapled manuscript style, printed four pages to a page. 92pp [original was 365pp] $11.95

    Fried, Marc B.. Accounts of Kingston's earliest settlers and their attempts to build a permanent settlement 206pp. P $12.95

    Lefever, Ralf. The history of this Ulster County town from 1678- 1820 with more than half the book devoted to the genealogies of the pioneer families. reprinted with photos & index intact.593pp P $42.50

    _____A History of New Paltz Various booklets from the Elting Memorial Library. 20 pages to 42 pages $2 each.

    _____HORSE & BUGGY DAYS in New Paltz
    Peter H. Harp. A collection of Mr. Harp's articles. 88 pages Stapled $5.

    Sylvester,N.B.. The 1880 classic with illus and a new index! ISBN 1-55787-130-2 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 786 pages - Illus. - Index - Cloth - $80.00

    _____A History of Ulster Under the Dutch
    Van Buren, Augustus H.. Starts with the Indians and how they were affected by the first white settlers, then takes you through the burning of Wildwyck (Kingston) in 1663 and its bloody aftermath. Factual and well done. 146pp P $13.95

    Woods, Ron. This wonderful history is of the parks of New York State's first capital. Includes much on sports - esp. Baseball. Great color + B&W photos 101pp P $14.95

    _____The Mountains Look Down: A History of Chichester
    Reginald Bennett, introduction by Howard Frank Mosher. Chichester was a Company Town, a flourishing woodworking company was the principal employer and reason for Chichester's existence. This is an entertaining anecdotal history beginning in 1863 when a tiny mountain town had a water powered chair making factory,  through to its heyday in the early 1900s as a manufacturer of the finest office furniture in America.  Filled with the portraits of three generations of Chichester residents, this is an unforgettable evocation of a way of life now past. 6x9  143 pages illus Paper $15.00

    _____OLDE ULSTER VOLUME I 1905
    Brink, Benjamin Myer. Reprint of 1st. year [of 10 year] magazine with a variety of competent historical and genealogical articles dealing with Ulster County and its people, including many transcripts of original documents. Much of the material is available nowhere else. 384pp H $29.95
    (I have a complete set of 120 magazines and will scan, print and bind any articles, genealogies and/or issues on demand. - Inquire)

    _____Old West Hurley Revisited - A Nostalgic Tour   (now at the printers)
    Allen Rowe, with an introduction by his daughter, Candy Rowe. "Old West Hurley Revisited" is a 200 page history of the village before New York City's Ashokan Reservoir waters buried it in 1917. The first part is an imagined tour which includes 65 black and white photos of various businesses and houses, (most previously unpublished) with descriptions of life at work and at home on a typical day in the early 1900's. There are four maps with a key to identify each lot and each building on it. They are cross-referenced with the photos for an easy understanding of the village layout. Then, the remaining 2/3s of the book contains a brief section of Methodist Church records and over 80 pages of a year-by-year listing of all the newspaper articles about West Hurley. This is truly a detailed examination of the life of a community now lost. With a full index, large 8x10 format, 200 pages. Paperback $20.00.

    _____Picturesque Ulster
    Richard Lionel DeLisser with an introduction by Alf Evers. This classic turn-of-the-century pictorial work on Ulster County townships contains over 1000 b&w original illustrations, and a horseback travelogue of the back roads including interviews and bits of history. Some sections were contributed by leading experts in their fields, most notably Col. Sharpe's (of Civil War fame) piece, but most are DeLisser's accounts of the locations and people he met in his wanderings. Never before or since has the architecture, people, and their various occupations been so nobly documented in such detail. 300 pages 70# Mead Offset Enamel paper, Smyth sewn and glued, 9x12 Paper $35.00

    _____Legends of the Shawangunk (New York) and its Environs, Including Historical Sketches, Biographical Notices, and Thrilling Border Incidents and Adventures
    Philip H. Smith. The Shawangunk ("Shon-Gum")  region encompasses parts of Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties in New York. While some of these   "legends" are indeed told in a colorful but tongue-in-cheek manner, others are well documented. (1887)  reprint, 168 pp., illus., paper, $19.00 #S1518

    _____Shawangunk Adventure, Exploration History and Epiphany
    Marc Fried. This inveterate chronicler of the "gunks", the northernmost section of mountain ridges that stretch through Pennsylvania and New Jersey before coming to a stop in the Hudson Valley, created another illuminating history of one of our most beautiful mountain ranges. Long famous among rock climbers and for the Mohonk Lake and Resort, now it can be known for its history. 6x8 171 pages Hardcover $17.95

    _____Shandaken New York, A Pictorial History
    Lonnie and Ruth Gale. This venerable couple's vast knowledge of their ancestral home, and their impressive postcard collection combine to present a comprehensive and illustrated history of the Catskill Mountain town of Shandaken. 8.5x11 88 pages 100+ b&w illus Paper $17.00


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    _____WOODSTOCK History of an American Town
    Evers, Alf. This colorful landmark of American regional history is a must for everyone interested in the area after reading his"THE CATSKILLS". exhaustively reshearched with B&W photos +index 750pp H $39.50

    _____Woodstock Handmade Houses
    Haney and Ballantine, Back in print at last! This full color,glossy paperback of brilliant photos of all the funky, hand-made traditional and unconventional abodes of the denizens of that state of mind known as Woodstock, NY. First run sold 150,000copies (!) around the world. 91/2"X81/2" P SALE  $9.95 

    _____ ROCK & WOODSTOCK
    Smart, Paul; B&W drawings by T. P. Moynihan. The story of how Rock & Roll changed the small American town of Woodstock, NY, and how Woodstock changed Rock & Roll. Concentrates on 1965 to the present. I suppose this is important to the musicologists, but I loved it for the personal insights on ALL the great performers of the era. Great fun. 192 pp P $13.00

    Lang & Young Classic account of the greatest rock concert ever by those who made it happen. color and b&w photos 127pp P $19.95

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    _____Early History of the Town of Salem
    Dr Asa Fitch. From its first settlement in 1751 to the end of the Revolutionary War, together with incidents of pioneer days in other towns in Washington County. 5.5x8.5 39 page Stapled Booklet #9605 $20.00

    _____Washington County New York
    Barber & Howe. An excerpt from the Historical Collection of the State of New York (c1844) which includes a history and a description of each of the townships. 5.5x8.5 26 page Stapled Booklet #9606 $7.00

    _____History of Washington County
    Johnson, Chrisfield. Illustrations and biographical sketches - with maps - no index (see below) - ISBN 0-932334-20-2 ; 8-1/2 x 11 - 704 pages - Illus. - Maps - Cloth - $55.00

    _____Name Index to above H $18.00

    Dr. Asa Fitch Historical Society. A nicely presented pictorial history of the eastern New York town of Salem. An intriguing glimpse at this Washington County community compiled by the area's Historical Society. 8-1/2 x I I - 94 pages - Photos - Paper - $18.00

    There are TONS more Washington Co books in the Genealogy section

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    _____The Best of Westchester County
    Marian Hamilton. In this revised edition over 1000 attractions and activities keep you entertained in and around Westchester County. Includes over 50 pages of Rockland, Putnam. Dutchess, Orange and Fairfield County (CT) attractions also. 5.5x8.5 314 pages map, line drawings, index Paper $13.95

    _____Chronicles of Tarrytown and Sleepy Hollow
    Edgar Mayhew Bacon. This delightful volume is the perfect companion to Henry Steiner's The Place Names of Historic Sleepy Hollow & Tarrytown. Attractive illustrations of mansions and monuments complement the narrative which includes the life and customs of early settlers; prosperous businessman Vredryk Flypse's "castle" the story of the Old Dutch Church and an account of all of its ministers;, "Sunnyside," the home of Washington Irving; legends of the area; old sites mid highways; Tarrytown in war times and a contemporary description of Tarrytown. Also includes a thrilling account of the capture of the traitor John Andre and a map of the two villages, (1897) reprint, illus., small fold-out map, original fullname + subject index, paper, $19.00 #B015

    Various authors. In this work you will find a detailed and well-researched chronicle, authored by distinguished individuals, of Westchester's last 100 years. In addition, there are sections dealing with both institutions particular to the county government and with the particular state of things that people everywhere enjoy, e.g. the arts. Under the guidance of the Editorial and Publications Committee of the Westchester County Historical Society, the authors who have contributed to this work have painted a vivid picture of life in Westchester County during the past century. Picking up where nineteenth-century historian J. Thomas Scharf left off, the contributors have traced Westchester's evolution from a rural region to the nation's premier suburban county. Emerging from this story of Westchester's century-long transformation are colorful people, exciting firsts (e.g. the construction of the world's first parkways) and a glimpse of the county's future beyond the Tricentennial. Carefully selected illustrations enhance each chapter, making the book a visual delight as well as a comprehensive account of a lesser known phase of Westchester history. 7x10 368 pages index biblio Hardcover $24.95

    _____Westchester County A Pictorial History New and Revised Edition
    Susan Cochran Swanson and Elizabeth Green Fuller. In his Foreword, Richard Maass, Westchester County historian, writes. "This is more than a social history of a county. It is an engaging, well-written and documented record of three centuries of growth in an area which has always provided leadership for America, both in men and ideas." The county of Westchester was officially created by an act of the New York General Assembly on November 1, 1683. Though exploration of the region had begun with Verrazano in 1524 and Hudson in 1609, Westchester was still wilderness at the time of its official birth. There were few roads, the best transportation was by water, and most of the food consumed was grown in the county. Since that time, the county has undergone enormous changes in a history that is one of the richest in the United States. Visiting every town in the county, speaking to town historians, librarians and local historical societies, the authors have collected and painstakingly captioned hundreds of photographs, maps, and illustrations. The written capsule history of the county accompanies the photographs and provides the reader with a meaningful overview of the evolution and growth of the county. In celebration of Westchester's 300th birthday, here is a superb chronicle of the past, and a treasure trove of memories for future generations. 8.5x11 200 pages index photos Hardcover $35.00

    _____THE JEWS OF WESTCHESTER - A Social History
    Shargel & Drimmer - The definitive ethnic history; from colonial times to the present. b&w illus P264pp $29.00

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