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NEW BOOK - #EOO01 - Easy Origami Ornaments 
"one of the best primers ever written on origami basics and folding techniques"-

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by Anita Barbour

In a font designed from her own handwriting, author Anita Barbour
presents a collection of delightful and easy to create decorations for winter holidays. These easy to make ornaments were developed during years of teaching Saugerties children the art of origami at our annual Village Open House. The book includes 65 mostly original designs, and 40 pages of the "basics" in the art of paper folding to provide everything you need for hours of fun - except the paper! 8.5x11 120 pages filled with line drawings of each step in the process, Paperback $14.50 


    Books featuring origami ornaments are not exactly a dime a dozen. Now to this rarity add hand-drawn diagrams; color photographs of folded models; a typeface in the author's handwriting; "how-to" tips on threading, beading, stringing and hanging ornaments; techniques for folding foil paper; a 34 page origami primer and even a glossy bookmark and you will have the embarrassment of riches contained within the pages of "Easy Origami Ornaments", Anita Barbour's valentine to paperfolding

    Anita wrote "Easy Origami Ornaments" for beginners and it  features over 60 of her original designs. But its artful and sophisticated mix will interest folders of all levels. 

    Along with holiday-themed models: silver bell, candle, icicle, snowman and snowlady, star, elf, Christmas stocking and 4 Santas - including a fun finger Puppet Santa for enterprising thespians - are Anita's pleated and twisted variations, some of the loveliest single-sheet decorative folds in origami.

    The versatility of Anita's ornaments are part of their charm. Besides tree decorations, they can be folded into jewelry (brooches, earrings, charm bracelets), greeting cards, party favors, placecards, gifts tags, package decorations and even the occasional accessory for your pet!

    But there's more! "Easy Origami Ornaments" features one of the most amazingly detailed and illustrated introductions to origami notation, bases and folds ever published!

    Hardcore origami addicts take note: Anita's exhaustive explanations leave no stone unturned. Where else could you find a seven-page discussion of the crimp fold, which Anita has further divided into four radial crimp folds and an inside and outside parallel crimp!!

    Noted origami author and designer, Gay Merrill Gross, calls Anita's 34 page text, "one of the best primers ever written on origami basics and folding techniques".

    "Easy Origami Ornaments" is clearly a labor of love and reflects Anita's passion for origami and teaching. Her diagrams are clear and informative. Anita has even devised a folding-friendly bird base that completely eliminates the daunting petal fold which often discourages newcomers. It's a clever and elegant sequence experienced folders will appreciate as well!

    All in all, reading and folding along with "Easy Origami Ornaments" is like having a master class with a gifted teacher and artist. And that alone is worth the price of admission!!

"Easy Origami Ornaments" by Anita F. Barbour, 116 pages, ISBN 0-910746-35-4, Jane Street Press. Click on Order information and top left SEARCH link - type in Origami

by Dorothy Engleman


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