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"Cousins Should Know Cousins"
Reunion was Saturday June 26th 2004 this year. 2002 photos
2004 photos


Directions: NYS Thruway to exit 20, west on Rt 212 towards Woodstock approx 6.5 miles to South Peak Veterinary Hospital on the right. 845-679-5733
It is on a turn at the end of a long straighaway - we are the next 2 driveways - #1716.

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Greetings all!

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Helen Duran (Sissy Flanagan)  Ellen Riester   Catherine Frisbie
1999 Family Reunion

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Bruce & Cathy Dederick's Wedding
October 2000

Couples   Philip & Diane Faraday / Ray & Justine Frisbie
Al & Barbara Faraday / Barry & Lee Frisbie
at Bruce & Cathy's wedding

Children of Michelle (Frisbie) and Travis Mattson
Hannah and Parker Konrad Mattson
(Alan & Janice Frisbie's grandchildren)

In March, Barry Frisbie and his son Michael, Dorothy Jean Dederick  and her daughter Wendy, and brothers Bill and Brian Wilson installed a teak bench and a stone patio on the back lawn of the Governor Clinton Senior Residence as a memorial to Catherine Frisbie.  

     This is just a brief page of family info hastily collected to promote the  annual family picnic - AND the concept that - "Cousins Should Know Cousins"
     That need was recently driven home during a family crisis, when the fact that I didn't know who my cousins were, meant some were left to fend for themselves, uncomforted among strangers.

     Anyway - on to happier moments . . . I wanted to include photos of family events on this page. You are invited to send yours along also.

Uncle Ed (Riester) passed away on January 14th, 2003 

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