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Teacup Tales

from the introduction . . .

Did you know that New York State had its own "Paul Revere"? She was a teenager who rode a thunderhoofed black horse through the midnight silence of Dutchess and Putnam Counties on April 25,1777, pausing only long enough at each farm and tavern to cry "Get up! Pa says to come....There's going to be a fight!"

The advancing British had burned Danbury, and young Sibyl Ludington, "Colonel Ludington's girl," had taken off from Carmel to spread the alarm whlle her father set about organizing the militia. What happened to Sibyl later is told in this facinating book, which recreates many a scene from the Hudson Valley's wealth of lore.

Based upon fact, these tales relate events historic, heroic, tragic, humorousand often, mysterious...for the Hudson is a valley where dwell ghosts still visible to those whose eyes are not "holden" so that they cannot see. Taken from Dutch, Revolutionary, Civil War, and other periods, these stories, in some instances, may have become distorted with the passage of years, but the basis of each is truth.

There are unsolved murders; a face at a window; a lonely man who loved Jenny Lind to his dying day; a bachelor who married a baby; an eerie incident at Wiltwyck (Kingston), when the colonists' sentries vanished forever: the Black Rider who silently joined honest James Margison on a dark road in Mongaup Valley, between the rivers Mongaup and Neversink....

Pauline Hommell spent ten years sorting and writing these tales...and she has imbued the telling with that indefinable, all pervasive spell which the Hudson and its valley cast upon those who know them well.

Reading Teacup Tales, you will sense the shadowy presence of Captain Kidd; of Peggy Shippen, wife to Benedict Arnold; of the tragic Cat Woman of Saugerties; and you may hear echos of the cry "Have you seen Sally Hamilton?" the cry that led to the discovery of the body of a pretty maiden in a gray linsey gown and blue sunbonnet, brutally slain, on the bank of Murderer's Creek . . . a cry still ringing to haunt the ears of her slayer, be he man or shade . . . for in all the years he never has been found.

A collection of true Americana, rich in fact, in legend, and in atmosphere.

"Teacup Tales" by Pauline Hommell 100pp P $11.95

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