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Folklore & Children's Books


By Anita Barbour. For children of all ages - a basic introduction to the art of paper folding with 65 designs thoroughly illustrated in a step-by-step instructional book. 8.5x11 120 pages Paper $14.95

Hughes, Meredith. A beautifully illustrated extension of the Rip Van Winkle legend, this captivating story takes place on the Hudson River near Kingston, and is the 1990s return of Henry Hudson to the replica Half Moon, and the treasure he seeks. 54pp P $9.95

Jones, Louis A recounting of the regions most famous ghost stories by the well known New York State Historian within a tale of two boys and a ghost's search for Captain Kidd's treasure. My favorite book when I was growing up. illus 112pp P $11.95


_____The INDIANS OF NEW JERSEY Dickon Among the Lenapes
M.R. Harrington. The lore and legends, the everyday lifestyle of the Lenapes is presented here through the eyes of a fictional, shipwrecked English boy - Dickon. (See also "The Iroquois Trail," the further adventures of Dickon.) with b&w illus, an introduction and a glossary of the Lenape language. Two great (for 10yr-14yr olds) adventure stories filled with accurate Indian Lore. 352 pages 6x9 $12.95

_____The Land of Rip Van Winkle Catskill Legends and Traditions
A.E.P. Searing. In 1884 Mrs. A. E. P. Searing, wife of the secretary of the Overlook Mountain House Company, issued a very handsome book entitled The Land of Rip Van Winkle. This highly original work wove the threads of old legends into new stories which better reflected the spirit of the region and its fabled hotels. The true accounts of various Indian captivities with the subsequent torture and removal to Canada of the survivors are surprising in this work of fiction, but good accounts nevertheless. Mrs. Searing's tales-as unabashedly refashioned as they are-still hold a fascination and charm for devotees of Catskill lore and, indeed, for the general reading public. For that reason we reissue her book with the sure knowledge that it will both inform and delight. 9x11 147 pages b&w illus Hardcover $27.50

Anon. A reprint of the 1868 collection of writings about the Hudson River, this little gem is filled with fascinating Indian, Dutch and Revolutionary War stories and poems. 88pp P $8.95

Coffin, Tristram. A reprint of the 1915 variation of the famous Hudson Valley myth(?) placing the lost, found and lost again treasure in the Hudson Highlands. Fuel for countless treasure hunts and dreams of riches, this is still a delightful read. 64pp P $5.95

_____RIP VAN WINKLE in verse
James Pitcher (after Washington Irving) A retelling of the famous legend, only this time in the form of a poem. A beautiful 4 color cover compliments this interpretation. The only thing this lacks is illustrations. 33pp P $5.95


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