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Press bio - Richard Frisbie  
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NEW LOCATION - 1/22/09 - I moved the last of the bookcases into my barn and opened my Hope Farm Press Bookshop in the front room of my house on Jane Street, just around the block behind my old Main Street shop. I'm specializing only in New York books, again. No more used general interest books. 

Exactly six years later, I closed the brick and mortar book shop on Jane Street. (It is still there, but not open to the public.) Now it is my writing office and book storage space for my online shop.

My secure shopping cart is http://www.hopefarmbooks.com

OLD News - This is a picture of me at the "old" Hope Farm Press Bookshop. I'm in front of my second computer on my first desk (c1993) and in the process of making my life as joyfully hectic as it was before I sold Booktrader. I hope you enjoy the results of my labors as much as I do. Richard

This is an "official" bio as it appeared recently in several publications.

     Before owner Richard Frisbie bought his first computer, he bought a bookstore -- on a lark, almost. In 1985, after managing the Woodstock Nursery and Garden Center for seven years, he noticed that a Saugerties paperback bookstore was for sale. As an experienced gardener and voracious reader, he decided to switch his profession with his hobby . . . and a bookseller was born.

     "I thought I'd settle down, get tweedy, cultivate a pipe smoking habit and read all day," he once confided. Instead he found it was the beginning of 12 hour days and 7 day workweeks, with no time to sit, let alone read. In the early years, obstacles such as a fire, and a move to larger quarters in the center of the Village of Saugerties were turned into achievements, and he found book selling not a sedentary profession, but a satisfying one. Using the skills honed during years of running someone else’s business, the modest little trade-in store grew into a first-class reader’s bookshop with books in all price ranges and categories. The Booktrader in Saugerties became a place to meet and a destination for folks from up and down the Hudson Valley. By then it was 1990, and success left Richard restless for a new challenge.

     Hope Farm Press & Bookshop was established in 1959 by Charles Dornbusch in Cornwallville, (Greene County) NY. He ran it as a small regional press with 35 titles in print, and as a mail-order bookstore specializing in New York State history. After Charles Dornbusch’s death in 1990, his heirs, the Greene County Historical Society, invited Richard to participate in a competitive bid for the now moribund business. Armed with letters of recommendation from various DAR, genealogy and historical organizations, Richard met with the board and succeeded in winning the opportunity to purchase Hope Farm Press . . . and a publisher was born.

     There followed a conversion from a typewritten index card mail-order business, to the cutting-edge technology of electronic publishing and the world wide web. Richard compares it to leaping from a stone wheeled cart to a rocket ship! He studied hard to learn the technology, and published his first book on computer disk in 1993 as he established a presence on the internet. Then he launched his first web page in 1995, the same time as Amazon.com, and quickly built Hope Farm Press’s list of New York regional interest books into the largest selection - on or off the web. Years of juggling the businesses, including a stretch during which he sold the Booktrader and concentrated only on Hope Farm Press, culminated in 1997 with the repurchase of the Booktrader and the combination of the businesses as Hope Farm Press & Booktrader.

     Now Richard presides over the best of both worlds: Booktrader, a good general interest bookstore with an strong emphasis on literature, and Hope Farm Press, the oldest bookshop specializing in New York State history and genealogy, all in one location. A 1996 article in National Geographic referred to Richard’s "encyclopedic knowledge" of the region, and last year the New York State Legislature presented him with a citation for "helping to encourage New Yorkers to discover the state’s rich history through books." Find out for yourself what a great resource Hope Farm Press & Booktrader is.

     Whether you are interested in reading a half-priced paperback classic, or researching your roots; browsing the cookbook section, or looking for the history of your hometown, Hope Farm Press & Booktrader is the bookshop of choice. Explore the shelves in the "real" bookshop at 252 Main Street in Saugerties, (open daily 10-6, Sundays and most holidays noon-4) or search the extensive database of over 2000 New York books at the "virtual" bookshop online at http://www.hopefarm.com (open 24 hours a day!) Phone 800-883-5778 (locally 845-246-3522) for directions to the shop. At either location you’ll find the expertise and conviviality that make Hope Farm Press & Booktrader the place where quality books are found and genial readers gather.

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