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Quote from the March 1996 National Geographic article by Patrick Smith . . .

"For all the anxiety the Hudson stirs,
it still delights you with the people and places you never expect to find.
In Saugerties, there's a book publisher who offers you a worn leather chair
and pours out an encyclopedic knowledge of his town." thank you Patrick!

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We've MOVED!

The photos below are for nostalgia sake. My new shop is located in the center of the Village of Saugerties, between the two traffic lights, at 252 Main Street. (In my old bookstore, Booktrader.) It's four times bigger, with four times more storage space and running water (!!) and everything. Come visit me in the heart of the village - you'll see what I mean. Open daily 10-6, Sundays and most holidays 12-4. Call 845-246-3522 for more information.

As you can see from the photo, Hope Farm Press & Bookshop was (1990-1997) in a converted, and very cosy one car garage with a shed roof addition. I replaced the garage door with a new front door - I stood in it to take this picture - and moved in my worn leather chair and trestle work table. (The old entrance was in the chicken coop section, and so low that I would crack my forehead if I forgot to duck. Not very customer friendly!) My desk fit in front of it. (see photo) in my bio section.

The picture of the shelves shows just one sixth of the space devoted to books for sale. Another like it has my reference library. The shelves go clear up to the ceiling, a full 8' tall, and line all the walls. Then there are stacks of wooden boxes displaying out-of-print titles that conveniently pack in my van when I do shows. All the flat surfaces are filled (to overflowing!), various boxes are stuffed under the table, classical music is always playing, and I'm happy to clear a space for you when you come by.

It was nice and cosy - I'll miss that. My new shop is huge - I needed that!

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