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NEW EDITION! Revolutionary War Chronology & Almanac 1754-1783

by Harv Hilowitz  to order a copy

Well, all that is about to change. Now anyone can find out everything about the Revolutionary War - painlessly. It's all in the "Revolutionary War Chronology and Almanac", recently published by Hope Farm Press.

Author Harv Hilowitz was in search of a "Pocket Guide to the Revolutionary War", an "Everything You Need To Know . ." type of "Revolutionary War For Dummies" book.

When he couldn't find it, he wrote one! His clear, simple writing style reflects his years as a teacher and student of history. In his new book, "Revolutionary War Chronology and Almanac", Mr. Hilowitz carefully presents all the facts about the American Revolution in an easy and accessible way.

And that's just ONE year in the Southern Campaign of the Revolutionary War! 


To see the 1st Ulster Militia Re-enactors events scheduled in 1997.

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NOW ON CDROMs - these three important (and impossible to find!) titles:

The 39 volume collection //// -- Production Delayed Indefinitely - With apologies from the publisher. $45.00

The Peter Force 9-volume folio edition on 2 CD-ROM disks has a modified search capability, That means that over 1000 pages of index and Table of Contents are FULLY searchable - with links to the imaged page number. IBM format only - Available NOW on 2 CDROMs or 1 DVD

The Ecclesiastical Records of New York State - Edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian, The State of New York, Albany, James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901, in 7 volumes. This includes one of the best primary source collections on the establishment of the Palatines in New York. In searchable, Adobe pdf format. PLUS these 3 GREAT Historical References: _#1_The Documentary History of New York by O'Callaghan Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable. _#2_Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York in 15 volumes. Includes Cadwallader Colden's 5 Indian Nations, and 4 Munsell Colonial Tracts, with editorial essays by O'Callaghan. Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable. _#3_The Colonial History of New York Under the Dutch in 5 volumes. (Brodhead, O'Callaghan, and Jameson) A scholar's companion to both the Documentary History of New York State and the Documents Relating to the History of New York State Includes: Narratives of New Netherland (Jameson), History of New Netherland (O'Callaghan), History of New York (Brodhead), and also includes Cadwallader Colden and four Munsell tracts edited by O'Callaghan. Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable PLUS TRYON COUNTY CDROM including Border Wars of the American Revolution & The Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety, with The Annal of Tryon County & The Minutes of the Commissioners for Defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York. PLUS a 1777 Map of the Tryon County area. All 7 volumes added. ALL ON ONE CDROM! Order

 see the electronic titles section.

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