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NEW - Historic Maps of New York -- Towns. Villages, Settlements, Patents, streets and/or geographic features depicted depending on the map. These are very detailed and authentic copies of the originals.

_____(H2) Northeast New York State: 1801 (23" X 29") $7.95
______(S11) New York State circa 1825 (11" X 17") $4.50
_____(T4) New York State: 1866 (18"x24") $6.95
_____(B11) City of New York: 1728 (18"x22") $6.95
_____(B12) City of Rochester: 1838 (18"x24") $6.95
_____(BX7) City of Albany (two maps: 18" X 24" & 1l"X13") 1852 & 1794 $7.95
_____(B8) Albany/Schenectady Co.: 1855 (18"x24") $6.95
_____(B2) Manor of Renselaerwick: 1767  (18"x24") $6.95
_____(B3) Towns of Livingston, Germantown and Clermont (Columbia Co): 1798 (18"x24") $6.95
_____(B9) 1790 Patent Map - Mohawk and Schoharie Valleys: 1790 (18"x21") $6.95



From the French & Indian War through the War of 1812

NOTE: Chapters on the military involvement of the region can usually be found in the County section and the Regional History sections listed elsewhere.

NEW - CDROM on NY History New York Colonial Papers 

The Ecclesiastical Records of New York State
Edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian, The State of New York, Albany, James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901, in 7 volumes. This includes one of the best primary source collections on the establishment of the Palatines in New York. In searchable, Adobe pdf format. Also Included are #s 1, 2, & 3 below:

  1. The Documentary History of New York by O'Callaghan NOW fully searchable!
  2. Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York in 15 volumes. Includes Cadwallader Colden's 5 Indian Nations, and 4 Munsell Colonial Tracts, with editorial essays by O'Callaghan. Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable
  3. The Colonial History of New York Under the Dutch in 5 volumes. (Brodhead, O'Callaghan, and Jameson) A scholar's companion to both the "Documentary History of New York State" and the "Documents Relating to the History of New York State" CDs mentioned above. 
  4. Peter Force's American Archives 2 CDs - a 9 Vol History of all the Colonies for the years 1775 & 1776. Originally completed in 1840, this edition is on 2 CDs for IBM Windows use only. There are 1000 pages of Table of Contents and Indices with complete (boolean) searchability. Then you can leap to the page you want. Called the "Most Important Colonial Reference", certainly one of the scarcest! $35.00
  5. Hessian Collection Volume I - by Bruce Burgoyne. Four essential works focus on the Hessians (German troops used by the British in the American Revolution) and their palce in the era.
    * Canada During the American Revolutionary War: Lieutenant Friedrich Julius von Papet's Journal of the Sea Voyage to North America and the Campaign conducted there. Covers from May 1776 to October 1783.
    * Eighteenth Century America (A Hessian Report On the People, the Land, the War) As Noted in the Diary of Chaplain Phillipp Waldeck. 1776-1780.
    * Waldeck (Germany) Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War - contains brief biographies of everyman who served from Waldeck in the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment.
    * They Also Served: Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries. An unpublished account of the "camp followers".
    This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader (for Windows and Macintosh, provided free on the CD; the corresponding viewer for other operating systems can be downloaded free of charge at www.Adobe.com). NOTE: This CD works best when viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher. 1999, 650 pages $21.00 #1123 

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Code: STG01
Price: $4.95
The story of those who fought in America's second war for independence. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2

Code: BFG01
Price: $5.00
A descriptive list of books containing information about the five regiments of foot guards from the formation of the regiments to the present day. (c 1960) Useful for anyone writing a history of the Brigade of Guards. 6x9

Some Notes on the Continental Army OP
Code: SNO01
Price: $8.95
These notes are brief, penetrating, colorful and universally acclaimed by students of the Revolution.

Code: CKA01
Price: $5.00
A bibliography of his novels illustrated with photos of their covers.

The American Woman
Code: TAW01
Price: $8.50
How women met the challenges of the Rev. War in and outside of traditional roles

Washington's Final Victory
Code: WFV01
Price: $5.00

The British Occupation of New York City
Code: TBO02
Price: $6.50
Reprinted from the 1885 Centennial Celebration with a new index and introduction, this booklet recounts the intrigues and maneuvers surrounding the two years after the Revolutionary War ended before the Treaty of Paris.

Reminiscences of the Revolution or Le Loup's Bloody Trail
Code: REM02
Price: $6.50
New York's Washington Co, General Burgoyne's barbarous Indian alliance and the death of Miss McCrea are described in this reprint of the 1859 booklet about the Indian atrocities that rallied the Patriots against the Crown and led to Burgoyne's defeat at Saratoga.

Revolutionary War Chronology & Almanac
Code: RWC02
Price: $7.50
When the author couldn't find a concise account of the Revolutionary War, he wrote one! History teacher Harv Hilowitz chronicles the war battle-by-battle, campaign-by-campaign, for an easy understanding of this complex subject. With maps by the author, and from Lossing's Revolutionary War, this is a must for every student of history.

An Account of the British
Code: AAO01
Price: $5.00
Recounts events connected with the burning of Kingston in 1777.

Liberty or Death The Northern Campaigns in the Rev. War (was #E126)
Code: LOD01
Price: $31.00
Focusing on the Northern Department of the Continental Army and the enemies that opposed it, this documents the struggle for control of the north-south waterway between New York and Quebec. Constructed from first hand accounts from diaries, letters, and memoirs to provide the real story from the participants themselves. Very readable. Paper

Chronicles of Lake George Journeys in War and Peace
Code: COL01
Price: $29.00
The central role of Lake George in both military and social history emerges in the words of eyewitnesses, and Bellico's extended introductions to each chronicle provide the best compact history of the lake to date.... This volume deserves a large readership. 4-color cover, 7 x 10 Paper

Reminiscences of the French War #R700
Code: REM01
Price: $26.00
Originally published in 1831, this includes the Journal of Robert Rogers (of Roger's Rangers fame in New England) , and the Memoir of General Stark (who was an officer in the Rangers) with glossary. Rogers achieved lasting fame as the leader of his intrepid Rangers in the French and Indian Wars, Stark served with distinction in Roger's Rangers and advanced to the rank of General in the American Revolution. (1831) reprint Paper

War In Schohary 1777-1783
Code: WIS01
Price: $10.00
With photos, maps, lists, letters and a chronology, the Revolutionary War in the Schohary district is documented. no index

Schenectady During the Revolution
Code: SDT01
Price: $36.00
The history of Schenectady during the troublesome times of the Revolution is so closely linked with the affairs of the whole Mohawk Valley, and with the tides of the Border Wars that laid waste the surrounding country almost to her gates, that, in dealing with the history of the one, one must necessarily touch to a large extent upon the history of the other.The first half of this work consists of brief chapters, profusely annotated, providing a general history of Schenectady during the Revolution. These chapters cover the Mohawk Valley, the dominance of the Iroquois in the region, descriptions of homes and businesses in Schenectady, the rise of the Revolutionary movement, the Sons of Liberty, the first militia companies. Sir William Johnson, Joseph Brandt, efforts to maintain Indian neutrality, friction with Sir John Johnson, activities of local whigs and loyalists, the campaign of 1777, raids on German Flats and the Schoharie settlements, the Battle of Oriskany and more. The second half of the book contains individual records of service, noting date of enlistment and other information such as date of death, residence, reason for discharge, places of service, pension, etc. (1916) reprint. Cloth

Baron Von Steuben
Code: BVS01
Price: $3.95
The original biographical sketch of von Steuben penned by General William North. A variety of illustrations of the man and monuments to him are part of this work. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2

True Stories of New England Captives
Code: B041
Price: $32.00
Carried to Canada During the Old French and Indian Wars. This work briefly describes the interactions which took place between the Europeans and the Indians along the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Cuba prior to the establishment of permanent settlements, and then recounts in detail the events surrounding the subsequent Indian attacks at Wells and York, Maine; Dover, New Hampshire; and Hatfield, Haverhill, and Deerfield, Massachusetts. Each story also offers extensive genealogical and biographical information. The families treated in detail include the Baker, Nims, Otis, Plaisted, Rishworth, Rising, Sayward, Sheldon, Silver, Stockwell, Stebbins, Wheelwright, and Williams families. 5-1/2x8-1/2 Paper

Code: TAA02
Price: $21.00
Masterfully unwinds the story in the characters' own points of view, ...Genuinely believable. A novel of literary and historical importance, satisfying in every way. An altogether impressive book. ...Through Marder's writing one senses the greater struggle,...sees battle close at hand and learns of the passions and prejudices that swayed men of that era. ...Enthralling account. These... documents provide a fascinating insight into two ambitious and unique personalities....Maps and illustrations aid in following the exploits of the two men.

Code: TBF01
Price: $5.00
A bibliography of the books about the history of the British Brigade of Guards with an author & subject index.

Code: CTH02H
Price: $21.95
Award winning account of the key role the Hudson River played in the Revolution and the battles fought on it. Contains detailed accounts of the various chains and obstructions used by Patriots attempting to thwart the British plan to divide the colonies by controlling the Hudson River. 6x9 technically Out-of-print in hardcover. I have some available.

Code: DJ01
Price: $5.95
A story of the New York frontier during the French and Indian War in 1757. Reprint made possible by Wells' daughter, Marjorie Harrison. 5 x 7

Code: MAT01
Price: $15.00
Travels during the late 1700's to early 1800's through New York State. 5 x 7-1/2

MILITIA: New York State's Provincial & Revolutionary Military Organizations
Code: MIL01
Price: $5.00
(from Olde Ulster Vul VII c1911) From a paper read before the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay - this little gem is packed with minutia. From the differences in color and style of the uniforms of various units, to the names of all the officers and an outline of the battles engaged - including 4 pages (w/map) of the taking of Forts Montgomery and Clinton by the British in 1777.

Code: TMC01
Price: $7.95
An account of one of the Revolutionary War's most important commanders. 5-1/2 x 8-1/4

Code: PAF01
Price: $9.95
Point Au Fer was a military stronghold of strategic importance. 5-1/4 x 8-1/4

Code: SCC01
Price: $6.95
A bicentennial remembrance of the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition of 1779. 6 x 9

THE TENTH MEN The Hudson Valley in 1777
Code: TTM02
Price: $17.95
The American Revolution's Tenth Men -- ill-equipped, often outnumbered soldiers of the Continental Army...Traces the campaign of the Fourth Regiment of the New York Line, from the woodlots of Westchester to the farmlands of Dutchess and Columbia Counties, culminating in the pivotal Battle of Bemis Heights in Saratoga. Impressive and meticulous novel...of civilian and military life in the Hudson Valley during the American Revolution. Saratoga and the two battles on Bemis Heights are masterly recreations of the termination of the Burgoyne invasion...a well-handled wonderful narrative. Cloth

Code: WLC01
Price: $24.95
. . . With the formal surrender of the British, Washington disciplined and nurtured his war-tom troops while politicians fiddled with events and plans. This cantonment at New Windsor lasted until 1783....Told in 18th century vernacular where appropriate, pertinent letters and orders appear with original spelling and punctuation. A valuable aid to scholars, authors and history buffs. A fascinating read of the daily lives of our first Commander-in-Chief and his men...Cloth

Code: 4SE
Price: $10.00
(was CVM01) Reprint of an 1890 The Story of the Massacre of Cherry valley, a Paper Read Before the Rochester Historical Society... and excerpts pertaining to the early settlers taken from History of Cherry Valley from 1740 to 1898

Code: LCK01
Price: $24.00
A twentieth anniversary edition of Hill's wonderful history of Lake Champlain with an afterword by Arthur Cohn. 7x10 Paper

Code: TRL02
Price: $4.95
1758 British and American Colonials' warship scuttled in Lake George. 8-1/2 x 11

OP - Yankee Doodle Days Exploring the American Revolution
Code: YDD01
Price: $25.00 - 2 left!
The reader is introduced, through original source materials, to a diverse group of man and women who contributed in unique ways to the eight-year long American Revolution. Among them are soldiers and civilians, veteran generals and three-week militia men, patriots and spies, a host of Native American and African-American volunteers, and more than a few courageous women who carved out a place of their own on the front lines. The author weaves their colorful stories into a dramatic tapestry of the times that tried men's souls, revealing fresh glimpses of the indomitable spirit of men and women who brought our country into being. Lincoln Diamant's earlier books include Bernard Romans: Forgotten Patriot of the American Revolution and Chaining the Hudson: The Defense of the River In the American Revolution. 6 x 9

Code: SIE01
Price: $14.95
The completely revised account of the Anglo-Iroquois siege shows how the British used European tactics to conquer a strong fortress in the woodland interior of North America. on acid-free paper; 8.5 x 11

Code: SOL01
Price: $6.50
American Enlisted Men's Memoirs of the Niagara Campaign Illustrated by George Balbar. Memoirs of Jarvis Hanks, Amasiah Ford, Alexander McMullen. 7 x 10

Code: MOT02
Price: $
Edited and annotated by Brian Leigh Dunnigan. The French & Indian War memoirs of Fort Niagara's commandant. Includes other writings by Capt. Pouchot, anonymous memoirs, bibliography. Pressed leather hardcover, 7.5 x 10.5 Not available now, but may be reprinted soon (in 2002/3)

Code: OFN01
Price: $3.50
Written and illustrated with full-page historical artwork by Frederic Ray. Paper, 6 x 9;

Code: TGL01
Price: $5.95
Helen Fuller Orton's classic 1934 novel for children tells the story of young people at Fort Magara during the French & Indian War. Paper, 5.5 x 8.5

Code: FWA01
Price: $7.95
The history and architecture of Old Fort Niagara's two stone towers built by the British in 1770 and 1771. 8.5 x 11

Code: AKC01
Price: $6.50
Lt. Col. John Caldwell and the Beginnings of the American Revolution on the New York Frontier. The story of how the British held Fort Niagara and gained the support of the Indians during the early years of the Revolution. 7 x 10

Code: TBO03
Price: $4.50
The May 27, 1813 fight for control of the forts at the mouth of the Niagara River. 5.5 x 8.5

Code: AHA01
Price: $3.50
A concise account of the fort's history with a detailed guide to the site.5.5 x 8.5

The Celoron Expedition to the Ohio Country, 1749
Code: G046
Price: $14.50
The Reports of Pierre-Joseph C'loron and Father Bonnecamps Few Americans have heard of the 1749 French expedition into western Pennsylvania and southern Ohio, known as the C'loron Expedition. C'loron wrote of how he dealt with the Native Americans and otherwise conducted his assignment. Bonnecamps detailed the flora, fauna and other aspects of natural science, as well as activities of the expedition. Taken together, the two reports give an excellent snapshot of the Ohio country just prior to the final French and Indian War.1997

OP - Campaign of 1776: The Road to Trenton
Code: E127
Price: $32.50
Only 2 left! - This major work covers the political and military movements of the year 1776, during which time Americans reluctantly let go of their strong allegiance to King George III. In July, the Continental Congress declared independence from England, after more than a year of war. Through 1776's roller-coaster pattern of events, this book traces the development of the Revolutionary War. The text is written in a very enjoyable manner, and enhanced by numerous excerpts from public and private documents. Included are stories of the spy Nathan Hale, and that of David Bushnell's famous water machine, the world's first operational submarine. 1995 Paper

Further Materials on Lewis Wetzel and the Upper Ohio Frontier
Code: L503
Price: $20.00
The Historical Narrative of George Edgington, Peter Henry's Account, The Narrative of Spencer Records, The Reminiscences of Stephen Burkham - edited by Jared C. Lobdell. These four colorful first-hand accounts read like adventure stories. The Historical Narrative of George Edgington (1845) is important for it's treatment of Lewis Wetzel and Samuel Brady, two of the greatest scouts at that time. The second, Peter Henry's Account (1850), is important for the dramatic retelling of Peter Henry's capture by the Indians in 1779 and his and his sister's rescue by Captain Brady. The Narrative of Captain Spencer Records (1842) covers the Revolution and the ten years following on the frontier. The final narrative, The Recollections of Stephen Burkam (1845), recounts both sieges of Wheeling in detail. 1994 Paper

Action at the Galudoghson, December 14, 1742
Code: L504
Price: $15.50
Colonel James Patton, Captain John McDowell and the First Battle with the Indians in the Valley of Virginia with an Appendix Containing Early Accounts of the Battle - edited by Jared C. Lobdell. This book was assembled unpublished papers of Lyman Draper (1815-1891) former secretary of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. This book combines Draper's even-handed account of this important first engagement with transcripts of the original sources from which he drew upon to create his account. We learn the settlers' version from the letters of Colonel James Patton and Samuel McDowell, and articles in the Pennsylvania Gazette. The Indians' case is well expressed by the Conrad Weiser report to the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania. 1995

The Battle On Snowshoes
Code: B106
Price: $15.00
On the afternoon of March 13, 1758, in the snow-covered Adirondack Mountains near Fort Ticonderoga, the famous Captain Robert Rogers and his New England Rangers lay waiting in ambush. They never expected the punishing defeat they were about to suffer at the hands of the capable and underrated French partisan leader, Langis (Langy). Bearor writes knowledgeably about the weather and geographical conditions, the forts and the weapons, equipment and provisions used by the participants. He also describes events leading up to the battle and provides biographical information about the two charismatic leaders, Rogers and Langis. While accounts of Rogers' exploits are numerous, here we finally learn more about Langis, the real hero of this contest. Several detailed maps enhance the exciting account of the battle. The story is brought to life with excellent reenactment photographs. Bearor also examines some of the theories and myths that distort the history of this event. A comprehensive bibliography and everyname index complete this extraordinary book. 1997

Freemen, Freeholders, and Citizen Soldiers
Code: K157
Price: $16.00
An Organizational History of Col Jonathan Bagley's Regiment, 1766-1760 During this important battle of the French and Indian War for control of the area around Crown Point and Ticonderoga, New York, Lt. Col. Jonathan Bagley's regiment of Massachusetts provincials decisively held their own against multiple thrusts from the French. Bagley's men fought with grreat valor and helped win the only English victory in North America in 1755. This volume provides a comprehensive background of Bagley's regiment, including recruitment, demographics and wages. Uniforms gear and equipment for each year from 1755 to 1760 are described in detail. Every aspect of daily life is chronicled, including carpentry and labor, training, drill and exercise, and physical ailments and treatments. Even the soldiers' rations are listed here, complete with a nutritional analysis and calorie count of their diet! The outstanding feature of this work is an original transcription of Bagley's orderly book of 1758. Maps display the southern battle theater of 1755-1758, the northern battle theater of 1759-1760, and the areas of significant residency of the men in Bagley's regiment at recruiting, 1756. Accurately rendered drawings by noted artist Joe Lee depict the clothing and equipment used by the provincials and the Indians. The index lists names, places and events. 1997

The German Element in the War of American Independence
Code: G612
Price: $17.00
This book provides insight into the German contribution to not only the American effort, but the British effort as well. The book is divided into three parts, entitled Baron Von Steuben, General John Kalb, and German Mercenaries. The first two are biographies, while the third is an explanation and history of mercenary soldiering, especially as practiced by Germany, where able-bodied young men had much to fear from Prussian recruiters, whose technique of recruiting mercenaries differed little from kidnapping. This part of the book is a fine supplement to the study of the Hessians who fought on the English side. (1876) reprint

Smuggling in the American Colonies at the Outbreak of the Revolution
Code: M111
Price: $15.00
with Special Reference to the West Indies Trade of William S. McClellan Mr. McClellan seeks to establish the particular function which smuggling and especially that in connection with the West Indies trade performed in relation to the political and economic elements of the Revolution. He defines smuggling in the American colonies and discusses the causes of smuggling, the political cumstances surrounding it, the laws designed to stop it and the results of enforcing those laws. This discussion, which was the prize-winner of an essay contest at Williams College in 1911, is enhanced by a complete bibliography and a topical index. (1912) reprint Paper

Muster Rolls of New York Provincial Troops 1755-1764
Code: D141
Price: $44.00
Complete transcriptions of the muster rolls of the various regiments and smaller troop units raised by the province of New York for service in the Seven Year's War, otherwise known as the Old French War. The rolls are complete for the years 1755 to 1764, except for 1757 for which they have been lost. Rolls typically give the name, date of enlistment, age, birthplace and trade of the soldier, and the company to which he belonged. 1891 reprint. w appendix Paper

The Traitor and the Spy Benedict Arnold and John Andre
Code: TTA01
Price: $17.95
Historical Fiction Few stories in American history combine such romantic drama with such psychological human interest. Orville Prescott, New York Times -- Skillfully evokes one of the most critical periods in the history of the American Revolution. Paper

Records of Revolutionary War Veterans Who Lived in Madison Co NY
Code: ROR01
Price: $10.00
Goes beyond a list of veterans buried here with birth, death and service date to include any veteran who ever resided in Madison Co, with all references to them and their families -- plus interesting background material to augment the data.

Artisans For Independence Philadelphia Mechanics and the American Revolution
Code: AFI01
Price: $39.95
A case study of an aggressive and active segment of those common men, the master craftsmen of America's biggest and most dynamic city during the period of 1765-1790.

Ethan Allen Frontier Rebel
Code: EAF01
Price: $19.95
A carefully documented biography of an extraordinary character, on-the-one-hand -- colorful, magnetic, self-confident, ambitious, while on the other -- crude, ruthless and treacherous, this is a study in the contrasts of this hero of Ticonderoga. 6x9 Paper

Reluctant Break with Britain: From Stamp Act to Bunker Hill
Code: E134
Price: $23.00
Mr. Edgar once again brings his informative, entertaining and very readable style of writing to bear on the early years of the American Revolution. This new book focuses on the causes of the Revolution, and the patriots' desire to remain within the British Empire. Misconceptions on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean are seen as keys to understanding why repeated attempts at compromise failed to prevent the war. Mr. Edgar presents a balanced view of the motives and reasoning behind each new Parliamentary measure affecting the colonies, then the Americans' opposition to it, and the subsequent response in Britain. Readers can relive Boston's riotous Tea Party, and read the personal accounts on both sides to determine who fired the first shot heard round the world on Lexington Common which started the war. An everyname index allows quick reference to individuals.1997, 321 pp., , paper

Trappers of New York A Biography of Nichloas Stoner and Nathaniel Foster
Code: TON01
Price: $24.00
Together with other celebrated Adirondack hunters and Sir William Johnson. This reprint of the 1871 classic is the story of two of the Mohawk Valley's most famous trappers and Revolutionary War figures and their compatriots. Includes the remarkable life of Sir William Johnson, the wealthy and influential Indian Agent who was married to Josepth Brandt's sister Molly. Cloth

Indian Warfare in Western Pennsylvania and North West Virginia
Code: L502
Price: $19.50
At the Time of the American Revolution, Including the Narrative of Indian and Tory Depredations by John Crawford, the Military Reminiscences of Captain Henry Jolly, and the Narrative of Lydia Boggs Shepherd Cruger with notes by Lyman Copeland Draper. John Crawford based his narrative on the stories he had heard from his relatives, especially his father, William, who took an active part in the Revolution. Henry Jolly is the representative of the frontier soldiers on the Upper Ohio during the Revolution, and one of the few who left a written account. Lydia Cruger was sixteen and inside Fort Henry during its third and final siege in 1782. 1992

The History of the Indian Wars in New England
Code: H802
Price: $37.00
From the First Settlement to the Termination of the War with King Philip, in 1677. Revised & supplemented by Samuel G. Drake. One of the classic volumes of New England history first published in 1677. The 1864 edition reprinted here has a new historical preface, a biography and genealogical chart on Hubbard and very extensive notes by Drake which identify people and places, and otherwise greatly expands on the original text. (1677 1864) reprint, 2 vols. in 1 Paper

Saratoga Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War
Code: STP01
Price: $30.00
More than a brilliant, gripping account of one of history's most important battles; it is a vivid, needed reminder of how hardfought, gritty, sweat-soaked, God-awful, heroic and all-important was the American Revolutionary War. Superbly and judiciously researched, elegantly written and meticulously detailed, and an absorbing study of character and how it affects history. The use of personal diaries and letters helps to bring to life this most crucial of battles. 6.5x9.5

La Marine The French Colonial Soldier in Canada
Code: G044
Price: $25.50
The equipment, daily life and military service of the French Colonial Soldier in Canada during the final French and Indian War. Contains an abundance of reference material. Paper

Bernard Romans Forgotten Patriot of American Revolution
Code: BRF01
Price: $9.95
From the award-winning author of Chaining the Hudson and Yankee Doodle Days, this is a biography of the Military Engineer and Cartographer of West Point. He was Dutch born, English trained and a Patriot in the Revolution, designing the fortifications for Fort Constitution in 1775. Surprisingly, this is the first full-length biography of this important and enigmatic figure of the American Revolution. 6x9

The French Invasion of Western Pennsylvania
Code: TFI01
Price: $7.95
Using newly uncovered French sources, the author recounts the invasion of Western PA by the French in 1753 and its significance during the French & Indian War. 6x9 chronology & biblio

Epic on the Schuylkill - The Valley Forge Encampment
Code: EOT02
Price: $6.00
An account of the Revolutionary War Encampment, the experiences and endurance of the soldiers throughout the war. 6x9

The French and Indian War in Pennsylvania 1753-1763
Code: TFA02
Price: $14.95
The story of Pennsylvania's involvement, or rather, the various struggles and fortifications, and how the French & Indian War affected the people of the region. Includes info on over 100 forts and sites with many maps. 8.5x11

Molly Brant A Legacy of Her Own
Code: MBA01
Price: $11.95
Molly Brant was helpmate and partner to Sir William Johnson, one of the most powerful white men of the 18th century, and she was also mother of 8 of his children. As a Native American, she was a woman of incredible power and influence spanning both worlds, and the sister of Joseph Brant. This book incorporates primary and untapped sources to genuinely reflect the life of this remarkable woman. With drawings, footnotes, bibliography, chronology of her life and more. 7x10

Sailors of 1812 Memoirs and Letters of Naval Officers on Lake Ontario
Code: SO101
Price: $7.95
Richardson, Sinclair, Kent & Pease. Edited with an introduction and notes by Robert Malcomson. Descriptive, personal accounts of naval exploits on Lake Ontario by four officers (representing both sides) which have not been printed before. A rare look at the battles from a personal point of view. 7x10

Niagara - 1796 The Fortress Possessed 1796-1996
Code: N1T01
Price: $7.95
A Bicentennial Commemorative of the formal transfer of Fort Niagara from Great Britain to the Sovereign Possession of the United States of America, August 9-11, 1996. 8.5x11

Arnold's March from Cambridge to Quebec: A Critical Study
Code: S545
Price: $36.00
Together with a Reprint of Arnold's Journal. Here is a story of bravery unequalled in our country's history. In September, 1775, Colonel Benedict Arnold led a force of 1100 men through the Maine wilderness to Quebec, in a daring plan to capture that city. After a heroic struggle against difficult terrain, short rations, and the elements, he reached the city with about 650 men. There he was joined by Montgomery with 300 men from Montreal. On December 31 they launched what proved to be a disastrous attack on Quebec; Montgomery was killed, Arnold was wounded, 100 of their men were killed or wounded, and 300 were taken prisoner. This is the definitive history of that grueling trek, based on Arnold's journal as well as the accounts of several other participants. The narrative is illustrated with eighteen maps and charts. Extensive notes (about half the book) greatly supplement the main text and provide much additional data. This volume is simply a must-have for every history enthusiast! The author received the Pulitzer prize for American history in 1920. The present work is cited in the Harvard Guide to American History. (1903) Paper

The Story of Old Fort Johnson [NY]
Code: R131
Price: $28.00
Old Fort Johnson was not really a fort; it was the home of the famous Sir William Johnson, Major General and Indian Commissioner during the French and Indian War, Pontiac's Rebellion and the beginning of the Revolution. This is not so much the story of Old Fort Johnson as it is the story of Sir William Johnson, his family and the people who circulated in their lives and influenced early American history. Includes: the life of Lady Johnson, the Will of Sir William Johnson, Genealogy of the Johnson family, land grants, miscellaneous history of the area, Mohawk Indian legends and other interesting topics. (1906 ) Paper

Baron Von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual
Code: BVS02
Price: $5.95
A Facsimile reprint of the 1794 edition. Describes in detail the arms and accoutrements of officers and soldiers, formation and exercise of a company, instruction of recruits, formation and marching of columns, disposition and firing of fieldpieces, laying out of a camp, inspection, treatment of the sick, reviews of parade, and other essentials. 5.5x8

Historical Colonial French Dress
Code: HCF01
Price: $12.00
An old friend of colonial costumers returns with all new illustrations. Historic Colonial French Dress was designed to help re-enactors in the 1970's make historic French clothing. The new edition has great new illustrations by Greg Hudson and Joe Lee. There is a new justacorps pattern by Julie Hudson of Weeping Heart Trade Co. Many of the old tailor plates have been re-worked. New research was added by Lewis Forbes, Mary Mahoney, and Judy Forbes Gill. Because this book is specifically designed for re-creating French colonial clothes it is a valued resource for re-enactors and historic site personnel. It emphasizes civilian portrayals and covers women's and children as well as men's garb. Voyageurs, Native Americans and Militia clothing is covered also. Paper

Code: EWJ01
Price: $39.95
The four morst important early journals ever published and the first recorded travels west of the Alleghanies. CONRAD WEISER 1748, GEORGE CROGHAN (1750--1765), CHRISTIAN FREDERICK POST 1758, & THOMAS MORR1S 1764. Originally published In 1904, this volume presents the best and rarest contemporary accounts of this most Interesting period of Eastern Frontier history. These four Journals admirably epitomize the history of Pennsylvania colonial relations WITH the French and Indians upon their Western borders during the Important epoch of the last French War, and Its sequel, Pontiac's Conspiracy. Of the authors, two (Weiser and Croghan) were government Indian agents; one (Post) WAS a Moravian missionary; and the other (Morris) was a British army officer. Their experiences, which they recount, are as varied as were their avocations. These most Important early journals recorded travel Into Indian country during the formative period of early Western settlement and were edited by noted historian and writer Reuben Gold Thwaites Originally published In 1904, this outstanding work offers the first Insight Into official travel westward over the Alleghenies Into the Ohio Indian country. The most Important Part of this book however are the notes and critical analysis of the Journals by the editor Reuben Gold Thwaites. As editor of the Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, Chronicles of Border Warfare, and the Original Journals of the Lewis and Clark Expeditions, no one Is more qualified to further explain these rare accounts of the most Interesting period of Early Western Travels! His explanations of times and places can only give the reader a much better understanding of this history. Complete as Originally Published in 1904. Gold embossed cover and spine. Only 1,000 copies printed.

Virginia and The French and Indian War
Code: B049
Price: $18.50
When hostilities flared between the British and French inhabitants of North America in the 1750s, the Virginia Colony and the Ohio Trading Company took center stage in the events that would later be remembered as the French and Indian War. Special attention is paid by the author to the following: the crippling defeat of Braddock's expedition; the appointment by Parliament of Earl of Loudon to commander-in-chief of North American forces; the dynamic leadership of Virginia governor Francis Fauquier and British secretary of state William Pitt; the taking of Forts Frontenac and Duquesne; and other notable campaigns of the conflict. (1928) reprint,

Indian Wars of New England, Vol. II
Code: S950
Price: $44.00
Divided into four sections: The Land of the Abenake, The French Occupation, King Philip's War and St. Castin's War (also known as King William's War). Background information relevant to the hostilities is discussed in depth, including the names of the major players and accounts of many individual incidents. (1910) reprint, Paper

1676 End of American Independence
Code: 16701
Price: $19.95
1676 was a cataclysmic year of Indian insurrection and civil war in America, when the colonies lost their autonomy after King Philip's War and Bacon's Rebellion. The forces unleashed during these events revolutionized the relationships between the Colonies, Great Britain and the embattled Algonquin and Iroquois Indians. The New York Times Book Review said, Brilliantly controversial, will invite a rethinking of the whole stretch of our American Past. 6x9 Paper

Code: LMT01
Price: $20.00
The Battle of Oriskany is a history of three Mohawk Valley cultures, Native American Iroquois, Loyalist British, and Patriot Palatine, which would clash in the wilderness inferno at Oriskany. It is the true story of a column of citizen soldiers who entered a ravine in upstate New York as Palatine settlers and Oneida Indians, and emerged as American heroes. . . . on the sixth of August 1777, seven hundred and sixty men of the patriot Tryon County Militia, allied with sixty Oneida Indian warriors, clashed with a mixed force of Iroquois and Loyalists in a pivotal engagement of the American War of Independence. The militia brigade and the Oneidas were marching to the relief of a besieged Fort Stanwix when they were ambushed by Iroquois warriors (primarily Senecas and Mohawks), Tory rangers, and a detachment of the King's Royal Regiment of New York. As a result, the ground called Oriskany was forever sealed in the annals of United States history. This generation can pay no better tribute to the pioneers of the Mohawk Valley than to rescue from oblivion the true import of the deeds they did. 7x10 Paper

Biography of Baron von Steuben
Code: T548
Price: $17.50
The Army of the American Revolution and its Organizer: Rudolf Cronau's Biography of Baron von Steuben. A professional soldier in the army of Prussian King Frederick the Great, Steuben came the American colonies in 1777 at the urging of Benjamin Franklin to act as an advisor to Gen. George Washington. Bolstered by his belief in the cause of colonial independence, Steuben set about the total reorganization of the Continentals' military structure with a new emphasis on drilling, discipline and time-honored battlefield tactics and strategy. The baron succeeded in transforming the Continental Army from a slip-shod troop of guerrillas into a motivated, highly disciplined corps of soldiers and officers. Much information is drawn from Steuben's own correspondence. (1923) reprint Paper

French and Indian War Notices Abstracted from Colonial Newspapers, Vol. 1: 1754-1755
Code: L818
Price: $31.50
This compendium of articles concerns the first two years of the French and Indian War as reported in accounts culled from different newspapers published in Britain's North American colonies and Europe. It was through these articles, letters from government officials, concerned citizens and common soldiers, public addresses, notices and editorials that the British subjects were kept abreast of the dramatic conflict developing in the Upper Ohio Valley, Nova Scotia, Acadia and the whole of the North American frontier. Facts, hearsay and propaganda are melded together in an attempt to both inform the populace and inflame the spirit in defense of the British Empire. No attempt has been made to correct spelling, punctuation or presentation of this material; it exists as it did on the pages of the original newspapers. 1999 Paper

Memoir and Official Correspondence of Gen. John Stark
Code: S705
Price: $38.50
With Notices of Several other Officers of the Revolution; also, a Biography of Capt. Phinehas Stevens, and of Col. Robert Rogers, with an Account of His Services in America during the Seven Years' War. About half of this highly sought-after work is taken up with correspondence, making it one of the best sources of documentary material about the Revolution and the French and Indian War. Anchored by the military accomplishments of John Stark, this book also details the careers of several other heroes of both wars. Includes the extraordinary memoir of Robert Rogers (1755-1761) during the French and Indian War, including the substance of his journal, published in London in 1765, with additional information obtained from correspondence and extracts from general orders. Other military men profiled here are Gen. Jacob Bailey, Gen. Joseph Cilley, Col. Marinus Willet, Maj. Caleb Stark (son of Gen. John Stark) and Capt. Phinehas Stevens. Shorter accounts are given of Thomas Burnside, Col. Philip Skene, Maj. Benjamin Whitcomb, Rev. Thomas Allen and Gen. Moses Nichols. The Stark memoir takes up about 300 pages; the Rogers memoir consists of about 100 pages. (1877)

The Black Watch at Ticonderoga and Major Duncan Campbell of Inverawe
Code: R310
Price: $16.00
The Black Watch Regiment gained fame for its fearless charge during Maj. Gen. James Abercrombie's futile attack on Ticonderoga in 1758, in which more than half of the 1000 Highlanders were killed or wounded in one of the most dramatic battles of the French and Indian War. This small but comprehensive volume gives a history of the Black Watch Regiment from 1667, also known as the 42nd Regiment of Foot, the Highlanders, the Royal Highlanders or Lord John Murray's Highlanders. Text includes: a family history of the Campbells of Inverawe; regimental and company rolls; principal campaigns, battles, etc.; British and Provincial Regiments at Ticonderoga, 1758 and 1759; biographical sketches of 31 officers of 1758; original regimental list of the Black Watch; 1759 officers list; and references taken from Commissary Wilson's Orderly Book. Also contains a fold-out map by Thomas Jeffreys of The Plan of the Town and Fort of Carillon at Ticonderoga. (c1911) reprint Cloth

VICTORY ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN The Battle of Plattsburgh
Code: VOL01
Price: $28.95
More than one hundred eighty-five years have passed since the War of 1812 and the American victory at the Battle of Plattsburgh. Victory on Lake Champlain is a historically accurate fictional account of the battle that helped earn the respect of Europe for our struggling young nation. It is the story of Americans; sturdy, simple farmers; merchants, and officers and men of the regular army who left their homes to face an overwhelmingly superior enemy. The novel's compelling characters, thrown together in the violence of war, each fight in their own way for the right to live and love in their new nation. 6 x 9 Cloth

Code: ITP01
Price: $21.95
In the Path Of War Makes Use Of a rare manuscript Collection Of oral history materials from men and Women who were children during the American Revolution. These authentic accounts show what life was like for children growing up next door to the battles of Bennington and Saratoga. Illustrated with photos of re-enactor children and families, as-well-as with black & white drawings and maps. 7 x 9 Paper

THE GREAT WARPATH British Military Sites from Albany to Crown Point
Code: TGW01
Price: $19.95
The Hudson River / Lake Champlain corridor contains the richest cluster of eighteenth-century military sites in the US. The daily lives of soldiers, officers, and camp followers is examined by looking at the many objects and artifacts they left behind. This is a compelling first-hand account of colonial battles and the men who fought them. 7 x 10 Paper

Wars of the Colonies
Code: A005
Price: $23.00
This volume is concerned with the period of roughly one hundred years between the consolidation of the New World colonies under British rule to the period of increasing dissatisfaction with the mother country that culminated in the American Revolution. The narrative, touching on the important events of this period, is clear, simple and intelligible. The numerous illustrations, maps and engravings are a great aid to understanding. The chapter titles summarize the contents: The Thirteen Colonies, The Pequot War (which was fought in the area of Connecticut and Rhode Island, and culminated in the virtual extinction of the Pequot tribe); War with King Philip; The [Great] Lakes and the Mississippi (accounts of the 17th century expeditions of French Jesuit missionaries provide descriptions of these parts of the New World), King William's War; Queen Anne's War; George Washington; The Conquest of Canada (the fourth and most decisive of the French and Indian wars, c1755-1763, resulted in the final overthrow of the French power in Canada) and Pontiac (the Indian king who led a coalition of northwestern tribes in an attempt to prevent the English from taking the lands that had been surrendered by the French). An everyname index has been added. (1863) Paper

The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley
Code: TRW01
Price: $22.00
The Hackensack Valley crosses the NY/NJ border from Rockland County, in New York, into Northeastern New Jersey. After November 1776, this valley lay between the invading British Army to the south, and the main Continental defense forces in the Hudson Highlands. In the valley, the Dutch tory and patriot settlers carried on a five year war of neighbors between the grand armies. This is an exciting narrative of their lives during this conflict, with colorful details about the war and its impact. Filled with previously unpublished genealogical material on the hundreds of men and women of Dutch New Jersey and New York in the 1700s. 6x9 PaperPaper
The Border Warfare of New York During the Revolution; Or, The Annals of Tryon County
Code: C057
Price: $31.00
This work contains an account of the main events which occurred on the frontier of New York during the Revolution, particularly in Cherry Valley. It relates the following: early settlement of New York, history of the Indians and relations with them, prominent families, committees of safety, military campaigns and battles, the Mohawk Valley, German settlements, incidents of capture or massacre by Indians. Appendixes include biographical sketches, speeches, and letters and documents. (1849) reprint Paper

Records of the Revolutionary War
Code: S022
Price: $42.50
Collected rosters with service records, accounting for some 15,000 soldiers and officers from the New England states, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and South Carolina, arranged by regiment, company, and corps. The author also includes lists of distinguished prisoners, Half-Pay Acts of the Continental Congress, Revolutionary pension laws, and a list of the officers of the Continental Army who acquired the right to half-pay, commutation and lands. This book contains two indexes: a general index and an index of the Virginia soldiers in the Revolution. (1894, 1913) Paper

French and Indian War Notices Abstracted from Colonial Newspapers, Volume 2, 1756-1757
Code: L819
Price: $32.00
Lay aside all of the history you have read about the French and Indian War, and view the events of 1756 and 1757 as they were presented to people through the pages of their weekly newspapers. Experience the fears, anxieties and concerns they were faced with at this critical period in colonial America, as Forts Oswego and William Henry fell to the French. Join Robert Rogers and his Rangers in their numerous expeditions in the woods around Ticonderoga. These pages contain the exact articles presented to the readers with extracts of private letters from the different frontiers, forts and settlements, describing atrocities committed by the French, the Canadians and the Indians allied with them. Paper

The Invasion of Canada in 1775
Code: S756
Price: $15.00
Including the journal of Captain Simeon Thayer, describing the perils and sufferings of the Army under Colonel Benedict Arnold in its march through the wilderness to Quebeck. A lengthy appendix and footnotes throughout the journal are the results of extensive research to give completeness to the story of one of the most daring and important military enterprises of the Revolutionary War. Paper

Hessian Collection Volume I CDROM
Code: 1123
Price: $23.00
Four essential works focus on the Hessians (German troops used by the British in the American Revolution) and their palce in the era. * Canada During the American Revolutionary War: Lieutenant Friedrich Julius von Papet's Journal of the Sea Voyage to North America and the Campaign conducted there. Covers from May 1776 to October 1783. * Eighteenth Century America (A Hessian Report On the People, the Land, the War) As Noted in the Diary of Chaplain Phillipp Waldeck. 1776-1780. * Waldeck (Germany) Soldiers of the American Revolutionary War - contains brief biographies of everyman who served from Waldeck in the 3rd English-Waldeck Regiment. * They Also Served: Women with the Hessian Auxiliaries. An unpublished account of the camp followers. This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader (for Windows and Macintosh, provided free on the CD; the corresponding viewer for other operating systems can be downloaded free of charge at www.Adobe.com). NOTE: This CD works best when viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher.

Forts of the Pennsylvania Frontier 1753-1758
Code: FOT04
Price: $49.95
By 1756 more than a dozen forts garrisoned by paid Pennsylvania troops marked, for the first time, a boundry between white frontier settlements and a hostile wilderness. In addition there were forts built by the French during their invasion, the three Virginia and Ohio Company forts, and the British forts and frontier protection in the late 1750s. In this volume each fort has a chapter, and where necessary, the account is carried beyond 1758 to round out the story. In addition, the book includes some background accounts of the Indians, their raids and warfare which became a characteristic aspect of frontier life. 

A Revolutionary Pilgrimage
Code: P139
Price: $30.00
Being an Account of a Series of Visits to Battlegrounds & Other Places Made Memorable by the War of the Revolution. This eminently readable guide to the locales that played an important role in the American Revolution is remarkable for its attention to historical detail as well as its handsome illustrations. The locations are grouped geographically from New England to the Carolinas and accompanied by more than sixty-five black and white illustrations, making this a handy guide to use as you travel to and explore these historic places. Even if you never leave the comfort of your favorite reading chair, you'll visualize the drama and learn a great deal about the Revolution with the turn of every page. Subjects include Lexington, Concord, and Bunker Hill, Ticonderoga and Lake Champlain; Fort Edward, Saratoga, the Green Mountains and the Mohawk Valley; Down the Hudson; About New York; Trenton, Princeton and Morristown; Philadelphia, Chadd's Ford and the Brandywine, Germantown and Valley Forge; Charleston and Guilford Court House; Williamsburg, Yorktown and Hampton Roads Mount Vernon and Washington. A new index of full names and places has been added. (1917)

The American Revolution: As Described by British Writers
Code: M437
Price: $15.50
From The Morning Chronicle and London Advertiser Newspapers. This book offers an important look at the American Revolution through British newspaper abstracts covering the last few years of the war. The abstracts, from January 1780 through September 1782, vary in content and include such things as extracts from letters written by George Washington and John Hancock, and Lord Cornwallis and Sir Henry Clinton; correspondents' observations on America; proclamations issued by Lafayette, Sir Henry Clinton, Lord Cornwallis, and General Benedict Arnold; debates and discussions held in the House of Commons and House of Lords; dispatches on the war at sea; articles on historical wartime events; and more. Paper

French and Indian War Notices Abstracted from Colonial Newspapers, Vol.
Code: L820
Price: $31.50
Abercrombie's humiliating defeat at Ticonderoga in 1758 was the last straw for the beleaguered British Army. After three years of attempts to remove the French from their settlements and forts on English territory, the British resolved to replace their inept, politically appointed commanders with reputable generals. The new strategy proposed and adopted was to combine the British regulars, provincial forces and militias into three expeditions to attack the French on three fronts simultaneously, and to take all of Canada, ridding North America of all French interests. One by one the French forts fell: DuQuesne, Frontenac, Louisbourg, Ticonderoga and Crown Point. This volume takes the reader up to the eve of Wolfe's invasion of Quebec City. These pages contain the exact articles presented to the reader as originally published; there are facts, rumors, exaggerations, unconfirmed reports and several downright falsehoods. Extracts of private letters from the different frontiers, forts and settlements, describe atrocities committed by the French, the Canadians and their Indian allies. Includes reproductions of 19th-century battle maps of Ticonderoga, Louisbourg, and Quebec. 1999 Paper

The Sexagenary, or Reminiscences of the American Revolution
Code: 9910
Price: $20.00
The unknown author, a wagoner during the war, provides a fascinating description of a teamster's life in the eastern portion of New York during the Revolutionary War. Paper

Old Saratoga and the Burgoyne Campaign
Code: 9616
Price: $12.00
Contains a history of the old Saratoga, now Schuylerville. Gives historical background information from the French in the 1500s, the Dutch in the 1600s and the French and Indian War of the 1750s. A detailed history of the Revolutionary War battle of Saratoga is also provided. Events that took place in Washington Co. are also mentioned. Paper

French and Indian War Notices Abstracted from Colonial Newspapers, Vol. IV
Code: 1378
Price: $28.00
September 17, 1759 to December 30, 1760 -- Volume IV of this series is packed full of action and drama: soldiers march, ships sail, guns roar; generals fall, villages burn and scalping knives drip with gore. These unaltered newspaper articles consist of letters, reports and perhaps a few exaggerations; still, they represent the type of information that was flowing from the printing presses to the general public. The battle for Quebec on the Plains of Abraham occurred on September 13, 1759, but news traveled slowly and the citizens in Boston waited in suspense until mid-October for confirmation of that British victory. The newspapers continued to feature eyewitness accounts of the battle for months, praising the brave actions of the fighting men and lamenting the deaths of the great rival generals, Wolfe and Montcalm. Another well-known event took place that same September when Robert Rogers and his famous Rangers attacked and demolished the St. Francis Indian village. Although the goal of the expedition was accomplished, French militia, in hot pursuit of the Rangers, forced Rogers to alter his return route. He and his men nearly starved to death during that exhausting journey. While the British were claiming victories in the north, newspapers in Virginia and the Carolinas reported that the Creek and Cherokee Indians were spreading mayhem in the southern colonies. After enduring repeated attempts to assault, burn and bomb Montreal, Governor Vaudreuil agreed to surrender the city, and General Amherst was hailed as the Conqueror of Canada. The Articles of Capitulation, September 8, 1760, are presented here in their entirety. Although the capital of New France had fallen, the war persisted on the frontier for three more years. Includes a full .name index and a map showing British Colonies and Northern New France, 1750-1760. Paper

The Loyalists of the American Revolution
Code: V060
Price: $28.50
The Loyalists constituted the majority in some colonies, and a very large minority in the colonies as a whole. This is the history of those 100,000 or more Americans, drawn primarily from original sources and the Rivington ‘s Gazette, the Loyalists newspaper; documented. (1902) reprint Paper

The New Loyalist Index - Volume 1
Code: B860
Price: $38.50
Each entry provides, where available, the name, regiment and rank of the subject, along with brief data on residence, date of birth, marriage or death for purposes of identification, and a citation to a source where additional data can be found. These books are a tool for locating information rather than a primary source for that information. Volume 1 - A master index identifying more than 5000 Loyalists. Paper

The New Loyalist Index - Volume 2
Code: B844
Price: $22.00
Each entry provides, where available, the name, regiment and rank of the subject, along with brief data on residence, date of birth, marriage or death for purposes of identification, and a citation to a source where additional data can be found. These books are a tool for locating information rather than a primary source for that information. Volume 2 - More than 2,000 Loyalists. Paper

The New Loyalist Index - Volume 3
Code: B859
Price: $21.00
Each entry provides, where available, the name, regiment and rank of the subject, along with brief data on residence, date of birth, marriage or death for purposes of identification, and a citation to a source where additional data can be found. These books are a tool for locating information rather than a primary source for that information. Volume 3, Including Cape Cod & the islands, Massachusetts, New Hamphire, New Jersey and New York Loyalists. Paper

The Centennial of the Settlement of Upper Canada by the United Empire Loyalists 1784-1884.
Code: C157
Price: $27.00
An account is provided here of the Centénnial Celebrations held in Adolphustown, Toronto and Niagara commemorating the arrival of the U.E. Loyalists in Canada in 1784. The lengthy appendices reprint the Old UE. List of the Crown Lands Dept. of Toronto. This comprehensive register lists the name and place of residence for thousands of Colonial Loyalists who fought during the American Revolution and settled in Upper Canada. (1885) Paper

Relief is Greatly Wanted: The Battle of Fort William Henry
Code: D513
Price: $22.00
Controversy has always surrounded accounts of this fort’s siege, the capitulation, and events that followed. This famous battle, which has been retold many times and dramatized in The Last of the Mohicans, is here given a fresh treatment, primarily with the help of material found in the Loudon Papers in the Huntington Museum. Eyewitness accounts of the siege are supplemented with excerpts from Kilby’s Journal, Maj. William Eyre’s’ Report and the Monro-Webb correspondence. This work is further enriched with biographical sketches of the leading officers of both sides, a muster roll of Rogers’ Rangers, documents pertaining to the 35th Regiment of Foot (Monro’s regiment) and the Monro documents. 1998 Paper

Code: CIT01
Price: $5.00
A fast-paced retelling of the most infamous act of treason in American history -- Gen. Benedict Arnold’s attempt to sell West Point to the British during the American Revolution -- the ensuing capture of British Maj. John André and his execution in Tappan, N.Y. Illustrated by Richard Bassford, map by Claire K. Tholl. 1995, 2nd edition.

Code: RCD01
Price: $24.50
Compiled and edited by John H. Bennett and Yvonne Yare. A collection of material written by George H. Budke, originally appearing as a series of newspaper articles in the Nyack, N.Y. Journal News, October 1941-October 1945. Limited copies available. . 1976

Code: WAB03
Price: $5.00
An account of the meetings at Tappan, N.Y. and aboard the HMS Perseverance in the Tappan Zee between Generals George Washington and Sir Guy Carleton at the close of the Revolution. 1965

New France and New England
Code: F374
Price: $24.50
A comprehensive history of the events leading up to the French and Indian War Paper

The Story of Old Saratoga: The Burgoyne Campaign
Code: 1510
Price: $34.00
To which is added New York's Share in the Revolution. Reprint of the 1919 classic book on the Battle of Saratoga. Paper

Thomas McKean Forgotten Leader of the Revolution
Code: TMF01
Price: $16.95
A prodigious and fascinatingly detailed biography of an unsung hero of the political backrooms of the Continental Congress. 7x9.5 332 pages Paper

The Pennsylvania Line
Code: TPL01
Price: $15.95
The title refers to all the regiments from Pennsylvania in the Revolutionary War, and this line fought or served from Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Charleston, South Carolina. This book traces the local origins of each company, the succession of command and record of service -- Regiment by Regiment. 6x9 Paper

The Building of Perry's Fleet on Lake Erie 1812-1813
Code: TBO07
Price: $6.95
This is not about Perry's victory of the US Navy over the British fleet on Lake Erie in 1813, it is the how and why of the construction of the fleet. The men and supplies, the Erie frontier, and the reconstruction of the US Brig Niagara in 1990 are all covered. 6x9

French & Indian War Battlesites: A Controversy
Code: 1475
Price: $17.50
The author has combined his deep love of North America's heritage with extensive real world research to create this easily read book. It is a thoroughly enjoyable and valuable contribution to our understanding of this critical period in the forming of our nation. Searching through his beloved Adirondack woods wearing 18th-century clothing and equipment, the author discovered what is believed to be the long-lost sites of Rogers' Rangers' winter battle of January, 1757, and the ambush and death of Lord Howe in the summer of 1758. By comparing accounts in both French and British journals, military records and other sources, Bearor carefully retraced the routes of the advancing troops and reconstructed actual times and distances, thus verifying the sites. Archeological evidence subsequently confirmed his findings. The controversy arises because other writers have placed the battles at different locations, but have never trekked these historic trails in person to test their theories. Until now. Whether you are a seasoned veteran who already has an opinion about these topics, or a novice when it comes to French and Indian War history, this book presents new evidence with which to make your own determinations. First, the battles are recounted in picturesque detail, in a way that can only be done by someone familiar with the region and its history. Then comes an explanation of the methods used in the discovery, exploration and verification of the sites. The coup de grace is a description of the treasure trove of artifacts found at the site. The book is enhanced with photographs of artifacts, along with maps and illustrations. Paper

The West Point Foundry & the Parrott Gun: A Short History
Code: TWP03
Price: $6.50
THE West POINT FOUNDRY, one ot America’s famous early ironworks, was built in the 1820s near the village of Cold Spring, New York, on a flat sandy area close to the Hudson River. It inducted a stone blast furnace to make iron from local ore and large water-powered lathes capable of machining large cannons. The company, which also had a branch in New York City, made locomotives, ships’ engines and boilers, equipment for mills, and other large machinery parts. The products from Cold Spring were shipped on the river to New York and other destinations. When the Civil War began, production was concentrated on making guns, projectiles, and gun-carriages. The foundry’s best-known product was the Parrott gun, justly famous for its range and accuracy. 5.5 x 8.5

Sybil Ludington: The Call to Arms
Code: SYT01
Price: $15.00
SYBIL LUDINGTON earned a place in American history on a rainy night in 1777 when she rode through enemy-infested woods in what is now Putnam County to summon her father’s regiment to bait a Britisb raid on Connecticut and New York. Though Paul Revere is the most celebrated revolutionary to sound the call to arms, Sybil Ludington’s forty-mile ride was bolder and far more dangerous, and she was only sixteen years old. Widowed young, she became a successful businesswoman in a profession then dominated by men and raised her son to become a man of stature in his community. This is the first biography of an extraordinary woman who has been honored with a commemorative postage stamp and statues in Putnam County and Washington, D.C. 6 x 9 Paper

The Bloodied Mohawk
Code: TBM01
Price: $69.50
The American Revolution in the Words of Fort Plank’s Defenders and Other Mohawk Valley Partisans by the Fort Plank Historian. A new annotated history of the American Revolution in the middle Mohawk Valley of New York is now available. Using the actual words of the men and women of Fort Plank and their neighbors, a fascinating account of this epic struggle is produced. Never before published accounts of battles, raids, troop involvements, supply activities, and descriptions of individual hardships are herein provided for your examination and usage. Every statement of fact is documented so that everyone from the casual reader to the professional researcher can easily consult the original source(s). As a bonus: the journal of Captain Daniel Lane of the Seventh Massachusetts Regiment kept while at Cherry Valley in (1778-9); the letter book of Colonel Fredrick Fisher, Commandant of the Tryon County Militia (1778-9); the Orderly Book of Captain Jonathon Titus of the Fourth New York Regiment kept while at Fort Plank (1779); and, Lt. Col. Marinus Willett’s travel itinerary for 1781 are included verbatim. Finally, a detailed listing of the men and women of the Mohawk Valley is presented. Though not all inclusive, it details the known facts covering hundreds of Mohawk Valley Partisans. Through the use of Quit Rent Remission Certificates, Pension Applications, Land Deeds and Mortgages, contemporary letters, muster rolls, orderly books, church records, etc. the lives of these great individuals come to life and are fully documented for the researcher. Available now, this 750+ page book with a 16,000 entry every name index covering well over 1700 surnames and a place name index 6x9 Cloth

Genesis: Rogers’ Rangers, The First Green Berets
Code: L1575
Price: $37.00
This collectible classic, much sought after by connoisseurs of colonial American military history, is once again in print. Originally published in 1969, it constitutes Volume II of Burt Loescher’s meticulously researched History of Rogers’ Rangers. This work offers the complete record of every action, ambuscade, scout and expedition of Major Robert Rogers and his Rangers from April 6, 1758 (just after their defeat in the Battle on Snowshoes during the French and Indian War), to their disbandment on December 24, 1783, at the end of the American Revolution. From 1758 to 1761, the Rangers were active as scouts and advance guards from Canada to the West Indies. Known mainly for their ambuscades around Fort Ticonderaga and Lake Champlain, they also served at the siege of Louisbourg, the fall of Quebec, on the Great Lakes, arid in the Southern theatre against the Cherokee. In 1763 the corps was revived to take part in Pontiac’s Rebellion. During the American Revolution, Rogers fought on the British side and commanded Rogers’ Queen’s and King’s Rangers. Tragically, this extraordinary leader died in disgrace a few years after the Revolution in a London debtors’ prison. Robert Rogers’ famous Ranging Rules for bush fighting have been handed down and adapted by elite military corps such as Darby’s Rangers in World War II and the Green Berets in Vietnam. Mr. Loescher’s monumental study of Rogers’ Rangers remains unequaled to this day. The 20-page bibliography alone is a valuable research aid. It lists principal sources from the Public Records Office in London; Huntington Library; the Public Archives of Canada; Clemen's Library; Rogers’ papers, and dozens of unpublished diaries and other works. The appendices include additional selected documents and historical notes, plus a list of battle honors of Rogers’ Rangers. Several excellent battle maps illuminate the text, along with a portrait of Major Rogers by the well-known artist, R. S. Embleton, and an illustration by the author of Rogers’ Rangers’ uniforms, 1758-1783. The comprehensive index contains full names plus subjects and also covers Volume I (not available at this time). This is the definitive work - the absolute last word - on Rogers’ Rangers. It belongs in the library of every Ranger buff, historian, or French and Indian reenactor. Attractively hardbound in dark green cloth and stamped with gold foil. (1969) 

Marinus Willett Defender of the Northern Frontier
Code: MWD01
Price: $15.00
During the War for Independence, citizens like Marinus Willett truly risked their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to establish the republic in which they fervently believed. Willett’s bravery and unflinching dedication to the cause of liberty made him a hero of Fort Stanwix in 1777 and saved the Northern Frontier for the patriot cause in 1781. He was a superb warrior, but the contradictions in his complex personality probably kept him from converting his military reputation to a successful career in New York’s tangled politics. 6x9 Paper

The Bloodstained Field: A History of the Sugarloaf Massacre, September 11, 1780
Code: M1488
Price: $14.50
This work focuses on the violent interaction between the Iroquois and white settlers in the raucous Susquehanna frontier of Northeastern Pennsylvania during the American Revolution. Paper

Minutes Of The Commissioners For Detecting And Defeating Conspiracies
Code: P1718
Price: $72.00
In The State Of New York: Albany County Sessions, 1778-1781. The Commissioners for detecting and defeating Conspiracies, was officially created on February 5, 1778 in response to the invasion of New York by the British army, and the fear of domestic foes, such as the Tories. The nine Commissioners, aided by armed forces, traveled throughout New York, where they sought out and arrested enemies of the State. This 3-volume work analyzes the laws passed for the repression of disaffection and disloyalty in the state of New York. (1909, 1910) reprint 3 vols. 

AMERICA'S SONG The Story of 'Yankee Doodle'
Code: AST01
Price: $21.00
The complete story of this fabled song and its connection with colonial New York. 5 x 71/2

Code: WF01
Price: $21.00
The story of George Washington's farewell to his troops at Frances Tavern in New York City. 5 x 71/2

The History of Rogers' Rangers, Vol. I: The Beginnings, January 1755-April 6, 1758
Code: L1741
Price: $43.00
We are pleased to offer this rare 1946 classic - the indispensable companion to Volume II, Genesis: Rogers' Rangers, The First Green Berets. Based chiefly on the Loudoun Manuscripts in the Huntington Library, here is the history of the very beginning of Rogers' Rangers, the elite military unit that set the standards for future special forces. Volume I covers the years in which Ranger activities reached their height during the French and Indian War. In early 1755 he established the first Ranger company, which was made up of hardy New England woodsmen who were expert survivalists and Indian fighters. This study of the early Ranger years follows their rise as they won their spurs, experienced growing pains, and eventually gained fame as the most fearsome force on the British-American side of the French and Indian War. The wealth of information to be found in Mr. Loeschers's books cannot be overstated. This new edition is beautifully hardbound in dark green cloth and stamped with gold foil (to match Volume II). Includes a color print of Robert Rogers by Helene Loescher, illustrations of early Rangers, maps of the two famous snowshoe battles of La Barbue Creek and Rogers' Rock, and a fold-out map of 22 early Ranger battles between 1755-1758. Absolutely essential for every Ranger enthusiast! (1946) reprint

Saratoga Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War
Code: STP01P
Price: $15.95
More than a brilliant, gripping account of one of history's most important battles; it is a vivid, needed reminder of how hardfought, gritty, sweat-soaked, God-awful, heroic and all-important was the American Revolutionary War. Superbly and judiciously researched, elegantly written and meticulously detailed, and an absorbing study of character and how it affects history. The use of personal diaries and letters helps to bring to life this most crucial of battles. 6.5x9.5 Paper

Chronicles of Lake Champlain Journeys in War and Peace
Code: COL02
Price: $29.00
In this sequel to his hugely successful Chronicles of Lake George, the central role of Lake Champlain in both military and social history emerges in the words of eyewitnesses, and Bellico's extended introductions to each chronicle provide the best compact history of the lake to date. 4-color cover, 7 x 10

Code: AYJ01
Price: $4.50
A Bicentennial publication from the state which deals with one of the most important Revolutionary figures in the Albany area, Abraham Yates, Jr.. He mobilized and led the colonial rebellion there, chaired the committee which produced the state's first constitution, andd was a powerful force in our first legislature. 5.5x8.5

Code: LIA01
Price: $3.95
Another Bicentennial booklet on the colonial military importance of Long Island during the Revolutionary War. with maps and photos 5.5x8.5

Code: NYI02
Price: $14.95
A bibliography of nearly 1100 publications on New York State's involvement in the Revolutionary War. 6.5x9

The Spirit of '76
Code: TSO07
Price: $3.95
Another bicentennial booklet - this one presenting an overview of New York in the American Revolution. Quite accessible with explanatory notes.

Code: SWJ01
Price: $4.95
Another bicentennial booklet that presents Sir William Johnson as a key figure in the relations with the Indians during New York's colonial period. 6x9

Code: TCV01
Price: $4.00
Another bicentennial booklet - this presents an overview of the war in the Champlain corridor. 5.5x8.5

Code: THV03
Price: $3.95
Another bicentennial booklet - this presents the strategic importance of the Hudson River and the struggles to defend it against the British fleet. 5.5x8.5

Forging A Nation: From Revolution to Civil war
Code: FAN01
Price: $24.95
By Linda Zimmerman with Richard Ricca. Personal experiences of three generations of the Thompson family, from documents in the private collection of Richard Ricca. First, Captain (Rev War), then Colonel (War of 1812,) and finally Reverend Thompson (Civil War,) complete the long family tradition of military service that the Thompson family enjoyed. With maps, charts, drawings and photos. 8.5x11 170 pages index Paper

War, Hell and Honor: a novel of the French and Indian War
Code: K1875
Price: $14.95
By Brenton C. Kemmer. The most authentic, most exciting and most realistic military novel of the new millennium! Get your copy now and relive the Battle of Lake George on the New York frontier in 1755. Follow Charles Nurse as he volunteers for service and makes his way to Lake George. On your way you will witness Gen. William Johnson’s Indian councils, the daily life of the army and the hell of colonial warfare. Then after the battle, join Charles on several hair raising scouting forays with the famous Robert Rogers and Israel Putnam. You’ll think you were there! 2001, 171 pp., paper

The Journals of Christian Daniel Claus and Conrad Weiser
Code: TJO02
Price: $14.95
subtitled: A Journey to Onondaga, 1750. Translated & edited by Dodlin & Starna. Significant as a previously unknown source concerning an important period of Indian-white relations in the American Colonies. Weiser, as the experienced and influential Indian agent, was asked to head a mission to unite the Six Nations and the British by the President of the Virgina Council. This is an account of his unsuccessful errand into the Hudson/Mohawk/Catskill region. 7x10 64 pages index Paper

The Final Invasion
Code: TFI02
Price: $28.95
by Colonel David G Fitz-Enz. Subtitled: Plattsburgh, the War of 1812's Most Decisive Battle. On September 1st, 1814, Great Britain, the world's strongest naval power, launched the battle with the largest foreign army ever to invade the United States. Colonel Fitz-Enz brings to life the immediacy and immensity of the British threat, the bloody reality of naval warfare, and the far-reaching consequences of the American victory against tremendous odds. 6x9 271 pages index b&w illus maps & photos Hardcover

OP - American Revolution and the French Alliance
Code: ARA01
Price: $34.95 2 left!
During the Period of the American Revolution, the newly founded United States of America overturned the traditional attitudes of enmity toward Catholic, monarchical France, to establish an alliance that endured until the end of the war. This prize winning study as the best book on French-American relations, provides the first extensive treatment of this relationship with abundant use of diplomatic documentation. 6x9 Cloth

The History of Rogers’ Rangers, Volume III: Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers
Code: L1967
Price: $20.00
By Burt Garfield Loescher. You have read about their daring exploits as the first elite fighting unit in America, but have you ever wondered just who the individual Rangers were? Was one of them your ancestor? A treasure trove of biographical material, this work contains information on more than 200 Rangers (some of whom served in both the French and Indian War and the American Revolution), the legendary Robert Rogers himself, John Stark, the Brewers, Moses Hazen, the Stockbridge Mohegans, and the lesser-known men of all ranks including surgeons, clerks, cadets and corporals. It is enhanced with black and white illustrations, and is handsomely hardbound to match Volumes I and II. (1957, 2001), 86 pp., illus., new fullname index, cloth 

Writings from the Valley Forge Encampment of the Continental Army
Code: B1825
Price: $20.00
Sub-titled: December 19, 1777-June 19, 1778. Vol. II. “Winter in this starved Country” By Joseph Lee Boyle. There are documents of uncounted numbers by lesser officers and staff functionaries that have never been published, or have been printed long ago and are no longer readily available. The intent of this effort is to present a selection of these, in the second of several such volumes, to allow greater understanding and appreciation of the Valley Forge Encampment. A descriptive note at the foot of each entry gives the source location of each document, and identifies the writer and recipient the first time each individual appears. The author scoured the National Archives and more than 20 other state archives, university libraries, and historical societies in his search for these rare papers. 2001, 182 pp, fullname plus subject index, paper,

Warriors of La Presentation
Code: R2017
Price: $19.95
The Apostle to the Iroquois, Abbe Francois Picquet, founded Fort La Presentation, where, for over a decade, the Warriors living there struck fear in the hearts of English colonial settlers in New York and beyond. Overs an overview of the history of the Ogdensberg area and covers the massacres and victories of these controversial natives.

Revolutionary Rangers: Daniel Morgan's Riflemen
Code: L2052
Price: $22.00
Their Role on the Northern Frontier, 1778-1783 by Richard B. LaCrosse, Jr. with introduction by Harry Kels Swan. A complete account of the riflemen and their weapons; the formation and battle record of this elite regiment; activities in Schoharie, Onoquaga and Unadilla; and during Sullivan's campaign against the Iroquois. Biographical sketches detail the careers of the officers and men. Of special interest is an analysis of the myths versus the facts regarding the life of the legendary Timothy Murphy. 2002, 221 pp., appends, illus., index, paper

Journals of Major Robert Rogers
Code: JOM01
Price: $29.00
By Timothy Todish. Illustrated by Gary Zaboly. Major Robert Rogers of the Rangers is not only one of the most famous men to come out of Colonial America, he is also one of the most fascinating. This book, reprinted from the rare 1769 Dublin edition of his Journals, allows the major to tell portions of his life in his own words. To supplement his accounts, numerous annotations have been added by the author to give a broader picture of the events described. Most are from eyewitnesses, or at least contemporaries of Rogers. Later secondary sources are used sparingly. Occasionally an annotation, or series of annotations, are used to present the background for the action. The wonderful original illustrations, along with well-written captions, add an invaluable dimension to this edition. They also fill in some gaps in his life that are not specifically covered in the text of the Journals. 341 pages, 8.5 x 11, illustrated, bibliography, index Paper

America's FIRST First World War - The French & Indian War
Code: AFW01
Price: $15.00
By Timothy J .Todish. Contrary to the belief of many people, the first world war in which America was involved was fought on our native soil, with an impact on our nation's history at least as significant as that of the 1917-18 war. Twenty years before the outbreak of the American Revolution, the colonies were locked in a struggle for their very existence - a struggle that rarely receives more than a passing word in modern day history books. For some seventy-five years, France and England had engaged in a series of generally inconclusive wars both in Europe and North America. The year 1754 marked the outbreak of the last of these conflicts, which would determine once and for all which power would dominate in North America. This popular history has been fully rewritten and new illustrations have been added. It brings to life original accounts from the French and Indian War, along with recently discovered information regarding key moments in the conflict. Readers are given a full understanding of the basic elements that shaped the conduct of the war - from young George Washington at Fort Necessity, to Major Robert Rogers' daring raid on St. Francis. It's all here, and more! Written in a style that's rich and vibrant, yet easy to read. No library is complete without a copy of Todish's book. 124 pages, 6 x 9, illustrated, bibliography, index Paper

Navy Island Historic Treasure of Niagara
Code: NIH01
Price: $14.95
By Roland L. Nafus. The history, archeology and folklore of this island in the Niagara river above the falls. 7x10 168 pages extensively illustrated Paper

Green Coats and Glory The U.S. Regiment of Riflemen 1808-1821
Code: GCA01
Price: $12.95
By John C. Fredriksen. This is the first study of this distinguished, but relatively obscure regiment, whose saga is more like a Hollywood screenplay than a sobering war story. 7x10 80 pages b&w illus Paper

Massacre at Fort William Henry
Code: MAF01
Price: $16.95
By David R. Starbuck. Fort William Henry, on the south end of Lake George, was the Northernmost outpost of British soldiers in the interior of Colonial America, and the scene of a massacre memorialized by James Fenimore Cooper in The Last of the Mohicans. The author uses his own archeological findings to support this engaging and sobering correction to the myths the battle generated. 7x10 131 pages index illus Paper

A Clash of Cultures on the Warpath of Nations
Code: ACO03
Price: $19.50
By Theodore Corbett. A history of the colonial wars in the Hudson-Champlain Valley, which was the borderland between Albany, New York, and Montreal, Canada, that Britain and France struggled to control from 1660 to 1760. The author brings to life borderland conditions, which ignored formal European military objectives and emphasized peaceful interaction between the combatants, from the creation of villages to the exchange of captives and slaves. 300 pages, 6 x 9, illustrated, index Paper

Code: AFB02
Price: $35.00
By Robert Harvey. subtitled: The Realities and Mythologies of the American Revolution. This book dispels the myths, both large and small, that have persisted about the Revolution, from the idea that the war was motivated mainly by America's love of liberty to the notion that Washington's crossing of the Delaware had military significance….His thoughtful arguments explore the complexities of both American and British points of view, and offer American readers a new perspective on the crucial conflict. 478 pages, index Cloth

Leading By Example: Partisan Fighters & Leaders Of New France, 1660-1760. Vol I
Code: B2068
Price: $15.00
By Bob Bearor. Volume One tells the stories of two great partisans, Jacques LeMoyne de Ste. Hélène and Charles-Michel de Langlade. Ste. Hélène led the grueling winter attack on Schenectady and battled brilliantly in the siege and battle of Quebec in 1690. The other nine LeMoyne brothers, who were some of the greatest leaders in New France's history, are also discussed in Ste. Hélène's chapter. Langlade's fame and reputation for fearlessness grew out of his roles in the 1752 attack on Pickawillany, Braddock's Defeat on the Monongahela and, ultimately, the battle for Quebec. A brief chapter on primitive trekking describes the tools and techniques that enabled the partisans to survive under the most extreme and demanding conditions. This book is generously illustrated with photos and artwork, and contains a fullname index. 2002, 100 pages, illus., index, paper, Available Summer 2002

The History of Rogers' Rangers, Volume 4, The St. Francis Raid
Code: L2077
Price: $37.50
By Burt Garfield Loescher. At last, from the undisputed expert on Rogers' Rangers, here is the long-awaited chronicle of this tragic and infamous event. This phenomenal commando attack, initially successful, would be forever scarred by the violent deaths and starvation suffered by the Rangers during their return journey. Burt Loescher traveled thousands of miles tracing the routes of the separate Ranger parties, interviewing old-timers and descendants, and digging through hundreds of archival documents to painstakingly piece together the truth of the St. Francis Raid. 300 pages, illus., maps, appends., bibl., cloth $37.50 

Soldiers of the American Revolution . . Chautauqua County, New York
Code: C2082
Price: $13.00
The full title: Soldiers of the American Revolution Who at One Time Were Residents of, or Whose Graves Are Located in Chautauqua County, New York. In order to pay tribute to these soldiers, the women of the New York Chapters of the DAR have painstakingly researched both military and personal records such as official pension papers, family records, local history, and early local newspapers. This volume provides a list of all the soldiers by DAR chapter, then, in the following chapters, provides a detailed accounting of each soldier. Also provided is the location by township and cemetery of each soldier's grave. An appendix provides additional names of those soldiers about whom little is known from the records. In addition, a fullname index provides easy access to information. (1925) reprint, 78 pages, illus., original fullname index, paper, Paper

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