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Issues in Writing, Copyrighting and Publishing
A one day seminar
May 18, 2002 Columbia/Greene Community College

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The Association of Public Historians of New York
The New York Regional Publishers Association
co-sponsor this event

Course Description 

This Workshop is designed for individuals or organizations aspiring to publish a print or electronic book, pamphlet, web page or any other publication. Are you hoping to get that dusty manuscript finished and out to the public? Join experts from the historical, editing, publishing and copyright fields to explore the issues involved in the publishing process. Let these professionals show you the opportunities and land mines of the publishing world. Topics include why historians should publish, what are the categories of publishing, are we publishing for profit or commercial distribution, how to price and what is involved in copyright laws. Each participant receives a guide to copyright law by Andrew Alpern Esq. The Workshop was created by the Region IV Association of Public Historians of New York State in conjunction with The New York State Regional Publishers Association. Workshop leaders are solely responsible for its content. Participants should bring their lunch. 


09:30 — 10:00 Registration
10:00 — 10:15 Why you should publish
     Bettyjean Poole
10:15 — 10:45 Categories of publishing to entertain including electronic print potential
10:45 — 11:00 Q&A
     Richard Frisbie 
11:00 — 11:30 Copyright Law & Practice
11:30 — 11:40 Q&A
     Andrew Alpern J.D.
11:40 — 12:10 Reprinting & revising old texts — How to contact your sources for permission to use their materials, photos, texts, quotes, etc.
12:10 — 12:25 Q&A
     Debbi Allen
12:25 — 13:00 Lunch
13:00 — 13:30 Writing a new book — Permission to tape interviews, releases from archives and libraries of materials for your text
13:30 — 13:40 Q&A
     Wray & Loni Rominger
13:40 — 14:10 Legal & Contractual aspects of getting your material into the public's hand
14:10 — 14:20 Q&A
     Andrew Alpern
14:20 — 15:20 Panel Review — intended for instructors to cover any additional points that may need clarification (gives about 10 minutes each)
15:20 — 15:30 Post Prandial Intermission
15:30 — 16:00 Q&A — with questions having been written on cards and handed in by participants for instructors to answer (this is so we can best utilize the 30 minutes) 

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See a Adobe version 3 PDF registration form which is available  to print out and mail - OR -
College will accept registration by credit card over the phone at 518-828-4181 ext 3342

Instructor Bios

Andrew Alpern  ~~ J.D.  Counsel to Hughes, Hubbard, & Reed, LLP 
Andrew Alpern is an architectural historian, an architect, and an attorney. As an historian, he has published five books, with two more as an architect, and one as an attorney. As special counsel with the international law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP, Alpern practices general corporate law, with a specialty in copyright, technology, and publishing. Author of "101 Questions About Copyright Law" (a copy of which each conference registrant will receive), he will describe how copyright law has practical applicability, how it works, and how to make it work for you. He will help to dispel common misconceptions about copyright and will provide useful tips on protecting your own intellectual capital. In a separate afternoon session, Andrew Alpern will address the realities of publishing agreements and will present a basic primer of contract law, negotiating, and closing a deal with a publisher. He will address common conflicts between authors and publishers over contract issues, and will suggest ways to evaluate your particular situation so you'll be prepared. Alpern will help you to identify the critical must-have deal points so you'll know where you can compromise and where you can't. After participating in both of Andrew Alpern's seminar sessions, you will be in a better position to bring your work to the public's attention. 

Bettyjean Poole  ~~ Historian, Village of Athens, Region IV Coordinator APHNYS
Bettyjean Poole is the local government historian for Village of Athens, New York for 35 years. Coordinator for Catskill Region IV of Association of Public Historians of New York State for 3 years. Ms. Poole had been a member and officer of the Association of Municipal Historians of New York State for 35 years prior to its merger with APHNYS. 

Maureen Nagy  ~~ Manager, Overlook Press
Maureen Nagy specializes in sales to niche markets, subsidiary rights
and permissions for The Overlook Press, an independent publisher of
general books based in Woodstock and New York City. Prior to working at
Overlook, she held rights and editorial positions at New York based
publishers including John Wiley and Simon & Schuster. She has recently
been appointed as assistant historian to the town of Shandaken, New

Debbi Allen  ~~ Owner, Black Dome Press
Deborah Allen is the publisher of Black Dome Press, an independent publisher of  New York State histories.  Founded in 1990, Black Dome has over forty non-fiction titles in print on subjects ranging from the Hudson River School of painting, pirate television, quilting, geology and prostitution.  She was  Voted the "Best Publisher in the Hudson Valley" by the readers of Hudson Valley Magazine, 1997; “Best Book in the Hudson Valley,” 1999; 
recipient of the Economic Development Recognition Award for contributions made to the New York State economy, 1997 profiled in Publisher's Weekly, American Bookseller, and The New York Times.

Richard Frisbie  ~~ Owner of Hope Farm Press and Bookshop
Richard Frisbie is the owner of Booktrader, a "reader's" general interest used book store, which he opened in 1985, and the publishing company, Hope Farm Press, which was founded in 1959 and acquired by him in 1990. Both are housed in one location on Main Street in his hometown of Saugerties, NY. He specializes in New York State regional history, cataloging and shelving over 2600 in-print titles, and publishes or distributes 100+ New York related books and CDROMS. 

Wray & Loni Rominger  ~~ Owners, Purple Mountain Press Wray Rominger is co-publisher, with his wife Loni, of Purple Mountain Press, which they established in 1973 as a regional publishing and printing company. The printing division closed in 1988, and since then, the focus of the company has been the publication of books about New York State and books of maritime interest. In 1990 Harbor Hill Books, another regional publishing company, was acquired. The press has now 90 books in print. It also publishes books in cooperation with the Steamship Historical Society of American and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation and sells the books of other publishers in its field through an annual catalog and a website.


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