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CATSKILL MTs.  Hiking / Maps / Nature Guides
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A Painter's Guide to the Catskills of Rip Van Winkle

Judith Orseck Katz. Sixty incredible paintings illustrate the ledges, waterfalls and private places in this gorgeous tour of these Catskill Mountain trails and quaint villages. When I saw the hand lettered and painted prototype I flipped - this is a beautiful book, lovingly created. 10x8 . 160 pages. maps, color illus. Cloth. APG01. 35.00

BEST HIKES WITH CHILDREN Catskills & Hudson Valley

Lewis, Cynthia & Thomas. By Lewis, Cynthia & Thomas. A fine choice of hikes, with practical information on distance and difficulty, especially good for parents of young children, all within 2 1/2 hr NYC. 222 pages illus + maps Paper. 222 pages. illus + maps. Paper. BHW01. 14.95

Canoeing The Delaware River

Gary Letcher. The newly revised and updated edition is an invaluable resource to both the novice day-tripper and the adventurer on a ten-day trip with guides to outfitters, campgrounds and information sources. With new photos, 34 maps and 40 b&w illustrations.. 256 pages. maps & illus. Paper. CTD01. 16.95

Catskill Day Hikes For All Seasons

Carol & David White. By Carol & David White. This Adirondack Mountain Club publication describes 60 hikes, treks and rambles to the various mountain summits, waterfalls, and vistas of the Catskill Park. This mix of easy, moderate and difficult short and day-long hikes includes practical advice, round-trip distances, page maps with reference to the appropriate number map in the NYCatskill Map pack, difficulty, and summit elevations. 5.5x8.5 176 pages index maps b&w photos Paper . 176 pages. index maps b&w photos. Paper. CDH01. 12.95

Catskill Mountain Guide

Peter W. Kick. By Peter W. Kick. The Appalachian Mountain Club's NEW guide to the hiking trails in the Catskills by a licensed wilderness guide and author of other popular regional guides. Here is up-to-date coverage of over 300 miles of trails of every ability level, including detailed descriptions, tips on trip planning and map and compass use, plus notes on the geology, flora and fauna of the region. What is most appreciated, is the 2 full color maps included. You don't have to buy the Catskill Map Pack ($13.95) needed with the other guides! 5x7 237 pages 2 color maps Paper . 237 pages. 2 color maps. Paper. CMG01. 19.95

Catskill Mt Drawings

Richard McDaniel. Nature quotes from Burroughs, Muir, Thoreau, etc., accompany these b&w drawings. 5x6. 111 pages. 55 illus. Paper. CMD01. 10.00

Catskill Mt. Journal

Steuding, Bob. By the acclaimed author of LAST OF THE HANDMADE DAMS, the poet laureate of Ulster County presents his most recent collection of introspective essays and poems. . 159 pages Paper. CMJ01. 14.50


WAPNER, KENNETH. An account of one journalist's search for quiet memories and ordinary miracles. . 209pages H. CR02. 22.95

Catskill Trails - A Ranger's Guide to the High Peaks

Edward G. Henry. Book One - The Northern Catskills. Hike the high peaks with a Forest Ranger by your side. That's right, the author is a Ranger, and he's included some of the most magnificent scenery in the Eastern United States - the rugged wilderness terrain of the Catskill Forest Preserve. The first (of 2) volumes covers the Hunter/Windham mountain top (and cloves) region, and includes the geology, ecology, wildlife biology, geography, economy, and local history for a well-rounded picture of the Catskill Mountains.Paper. CTA03. 14.95

Catskill Trails II - A Ranger's Guide to the High Peaks

Edward G. Henry. Book Two - The Central Catskills. Hike the high peaks with a Forest Ranger by your side. That's right, the author is a Ranger, and he's included some of the most magnificent scenery in the Eastern United States - the rugged wilderness terrain of the heart of the Catskill Forest Preserve. The second (of 2) volumes covers Mount Tremper, Overlook, Ashokan High Point, Slide, Giant Ledge, Panther, Cornell, Wittenberg, Belleayre, Balsam, Bigg Indian, Peekamoose, Table Mountain, Balsam Lake, Double Top and more, and includes the geology, ecology, wildlife biology, geography, economy, and local history for a well-rounded picture of the Catskill Mountains. Paper. CTA04. 14.95

Catskill Weather

Jerome S. Thaler. Jerome S. Thaler is the foremost climate historian of the Hudson Valley. Weather averages. Weather extremes. Weather trends. Weather cycles. Beginning with 18th-century weather diaries and working through the 20th century's carefully kept records, the author analyzes every aspect of Catskill Mountain climatology. 8-1/2x11 . 167 pages. illus. Paper. CW02. 22.50

Deep Woods

John Burroughs. Edited and with an introduction by Richard F. Fleck. John Burroughs hiked through the mountains of New York State, journeyed to Yellowstone with Theodore Roosevelt, and trekked around the Grand Canyon and Yosemite Valley with John Muir, recording his thoughts and observations on nature and the nature of man. This is a delightful collection of the famous essays from 1871-1912: on the seasons, his beloved Catskill Mountains, the Adirondacks, the Maine woods, and the far west of Yosemite and Alaska. A great introduction to the writings of the man credited with popularizing the American nature essay as a literary genre. 5x7.5 150+ pages Paper. 150+ pagesPaper. DW01. 19.95

Deer Hunting the Catskills

Carl Oleberg. Delaware, Greene, Sullivan and Ulster County guide to the where and hows of deer hunting. with fold-out maps. Pamphlet . 40 pages. maps, b&w illus. Stapled. DHT02. 3

Delaware River

Fulcomer & Corbett. A resource and guidebook to the River and the Valley comprised of 5 sections, each with a brief history and 15+ full page maps with photo inserts. c 1981. Originally meant to be a timely guide, but still informative.10x6. 95 pages. photos, maps. Paper. DR01. 10.00

Fire Towers of the Catskills: Their History and Lore

Martin Podskoch. AS CITIZEN VOLUNTEERS mobilize to save the Catskillsí remaining fire towers on state land, the media has followed the story. These last five towers, and eighteen others in and around the mountains, were made obsolete first by aircraft surveillance and later by modern communications. But at one time, they were the first line of defense apinst frightening and destructive forest fires. Always a destination for hikers, the towers served another purpose: Fire observers are remembered for the lessons they imparted visitors about fire safety in the woods and about the plants and animals of the mountains the observers knew so intimately. Marty Podskoch, a teacher at Delaware Academy in Delhi, has spent years tracking down fire observers and their descendants to weave together stories from each tower. For the families of observers, many of whom lived all summer in small cabins, the tower experience had a defining, mythic quality they were anxious to share. Among the observers, Mike Todd (1977-1960) stands out. He worked on balsam Lake Mountain for twenty-nine years and was a popular storyteller. The historic towers now being restored will serve as lookouts for hikers. 8.5 x 11. 128 pages. illus.,. Paper. FTO01. 20.00


McIntosh, Robert P.. A serious study with maps & charts.. 27paperback. FOT01. 5.00


Jim Capossela. From the waters of the Capital District to the Delaware River, this book provides more complete coverage - more detailed information on tactics and more specifics on stream access - than any other source. 6x9. 221 pages. Photos - Maps - Charts. Paper. GFI01. 19.95


Bruce Wadsworth and the Schenectady Chapter of ADK. By Bruce Wadsworth and the Schenectady Chapter of ADK. Covers hiking opportunities in the greater Catskill region of New York State. Includes route guides for trunk roads and all laterals leading to trailheads. Same size and format as Adirondack trail guides, but without topo map (references NY/NJ Trail Conference's Catskill maps.) x 6-1/2 332 pages Maps Softcover. 332 pages. Maps. Softcover. GTC01. 16.95

Guide To Trout Streams in the Catskill Mountains

Crane Hanover. Small pamphlet with a 2 page map, black & white photos, directions and descriptions of trout streams in the Catskills. 48 pagesStapled. GTT01C. 3.50

Guide To Woodstock

Michael Perkins. By Michael Perkins. This is the Friends of the Library Guide to Woodstock, with illustrated walking and driving tours of today's Woodstock, and vintage photos illustrating a brief historic overview of the original artist colony. 4.25x7 85 pages with photos and a map Paper . 85 pages. photos and a map. Paper. GTW02. 8.50


BURROUGHS, JOHN. John Burroughs' classic provides accounts of hikes and walks in the Catskills with all the natural observations this nature philospher is well-known for.. 251 pagesPaper. ITC01. 12.50


BURROUGHS, JOHN. Renowned essayist and naturalist John Burroughs used Audubon's own journals as his source for this gracefully written portrait of America's foremost ornithologist.. 142 pages H. JJA01. 22.95

Land of Little Rivers

A photographic history of fly-fishing in the Catskill Mountains - full color and huge!full color. hardcover. LOL02. 100.00

NYC Reservoirs in the Catskill Mts Guide to Fishing Waters

Glenn, Austin. 30 fold out pages of maps, photos and descriptions of where & how to fish all the reservoirs. Stapled. NYC01. 3.50

Remarkable Howe Caverns

Dana Cudmore. By Dana Cudmore. The tale of the discovery and uses of one of America's oldest and greatest commercial caves. Discovered by Lester Howe in 1842 in Schoharie County, this amazing cavern system was a cement quarry before it became a major tourist attraction. (In fact, I just read that the original stone house built from blocks quarried there is going to become a museum for the cement mine.) With b&w photos 5.5x8 166 pages Paper . 166 pages Paper. RHC01. 13.95

ROUTE 28: A Mile by Mile Guide to New York's Adventuroute

Rob Scharpf. From Kingston to Cooperstown, the Catskills to the Adirondacks, and Woodstock to Warrensburg, how to find the fun along New York's entire Route 28. Restaurants, lodging, camping, hiking, canoeing, snowmobiling, road and mountain biking, downhill and x-c skiing, equipment rentals, whitewater raftmg, scenic boat and rail rides, tackle and gun shops, amusements, a waterslide, golf, baseball and soccer clinics, museums, theaters, art galleries, shopping, antique shops, tourist info, ATMs, and more. Route 28 end to end. - - . 488 pages. Photos - Index. Paper. RT28. 19.95


WAPNER, KENNETH. An account of one journalist's search for quiet memories and ordinary miracles. . 209Cloth. CR02. 19.95

Snakes of the Catskills

Lawrence,J.. a pocket reference to the region's snakes.. 36pages. b&w photos. booklet. SOT02. 3.50


Bierhorst, John. In conjunction with the Olive Natural Heritage Society. An Illustrated natural history - the first ever for the Catskills - with a special section on Native American Prehistory, that brings to light the combination of rare elements that makes the Catskills unique.. 116 pages. Color and b&w illus. Paper. TAC01. 18.00

THE BEAVERKILL The History of a River and its People

Ed Van Put. Winding through the heart of the Catskills, the Beaverkill is America's most beloved and famous trout stream. Here Ed Van Put chronicles the river's history, offering portraits of those who affected its life and its development as a fishery, and looking at the impact man has had on the river. 8X10 . 320 pages. 70 photos. Hardcover. TB01. 35.00

THE CATSKILLS A Geological Guide - Revised Edition

Titus, Robert. Geology is America's favorite science. As children we commonly develop a keen interest in this science of dinosaurs and volcanoes, glaciers and earthquakes, and given a chance, we never give up that fascination. Robert Titus has completely revised The Catskills: A Geological Guide, first published in 1993. Come visit and learn about the great geological history hidden in the region's rocks and landscapes. Here is a story of continental collisions, lost mountain ranges, and primitive fossil creatures in an ancient sea. But most of all, it is the story of the land of Gilboa, literally a land that time has forgotten. Explore the Catskill region as it was nearly 400 million years ago.6 x 9. 127 pages. b&w illustrations. Paper. TCA01. 15.00

THE CATSKILLS A Bicycling Guide

Pierre Menetrier and Jay Wenk. The Catskills sprawl across Ulster, Delaware, Greene and Sullivan Counties, and the rides you will find in this book take you into each of them. The notorious 'Devil's Kitchen' is here. its climb forced many elite athletes in the first Tour de Trump to walk. There are flat rides through farmland and along streams. The selections are organized by difficulty, starting with the easiest. Twenty-seven tours are presented with skill levels, directions, maps, and scenic views. Both Jay Wenk and Pierre Menetrier have competed in the Senior Olympics. Jay is a semi-retired cabinetmaker from Woodstock and Pierre is a retired chef and restaurant owner from Shandaken. They have been exploring the Catskills for many years and may be found riding hard along the region's byways, often accompanied by Pierre's wife, Yvette. This is the second in a series of recreation guides for the Catskills. The first, The Catskills: A Cross.Country Skiing Guide, by George Quinn was published last year. 5.5 x 8.25 . 104 pages. illustrated. Paper. TCA03. 12.50

The Catskills A Cross-Country Skiing Guide

George V. Squire. Presents 27 trails and areas in all parts of the Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains with skill levels, directions, maps, and scenic views. 5.5x8.5. 110 pages. b&w photos, maps, index. Paper. TCA02. 12.50

The Catskills A Winter Sports Guide

George Quinn. By George Quinn. Enjoy the serenity and splendor of the Catskill and Shawangunk Mountains in winter on every page of this book. Included are 35 places for cross-country and downhill skiing, telemarking, and snowshoeing with skill levels, directions, maps and scenic views illustrated with b&w photos. 5.5x8.5 112 pages Paper . 112 pages. maps and b&w photos. Paper. TCA07. 12.50

The Catskills Alive

Francine Silverman. Forget what you know, or think you know, about the Catskills. This comprehensive guide redefines and updates this beautiful region for the 21st century explorer. Beautiful countryside, mountains and lakes, posh inns and cozy B&Bs, elegant restaurants and downtown eateries, and even animal farms for the kids, are described in detail from personal acquaintance. Called the best book ever on the catskills. The author kindly refers to Hope Farm Press Bookshop as a must-see establishment, so you know it's the best guide! 5x7. 493 pages. maps, illus index. Paper. TCA04. 16.95

THE CATSKILLS An Illustrated Historical Guide with Gazetteer

Arthur G. Adams. Combining a wealth of information with abundant illustrations, The Catskills falls into four sections. The geography, history, legends, literature, and art - plus an extensive gazetteer of the region. 402 pp./illus.. 402 pages. 250 illus. Paper. TC01P. 25.00


Robert Titus. To someone who knows how to read the landscape, the Catskills generate fabulous images of ice, glacial lakes, and fossil rivers roaring through valleys. The Catskill Mountains as we know them today are the legacy of these massive forces. Virtually all mountain villages are built where they are because glaciers made some of the land habitable. our best agricultural lands are the floors of glacial lakes. much of our recreational hiking and climbing leads to scenery carved by the passing ice. The glaciers that covered these mountains did not in themselves produce art, literature, or environmental ethics, but here they created a setting that inspired all three. 6 x 9 . 123 pages. illus. paper. TCI01. 15.00

The Dettes A Catskill Legend

Eric Leiser. The Dette family (Walt, Winnie, daughter Mary) is/was a fly fishing institution in the Livingston Manor/Roscoe area. Leiser knew them well and documents their masterful patterns as well as their pivotal role in the sport. This book is still (barely) in print and I just bought the last of them - signed by the author! . 267 pages. color & b&w illus. Hardcover. TDA02. 35.00

Views From On High - A Guide Book

John P Freeman. by John P Freeman. This book of trails in the Adirondack and Catskill Mountains will guide you to what was once the only safeguard of the forested mountains - the lonely fire-spotter's eyrie on the highest peaks - the fire tower. Now that the trend is toward restoring and opening to the public the once neglected towers, this invaluable guide to 28 of the original 69 structures will get you out of your armchair and onto the trails. Enjoy! 5.5x8.5 155 pages with maps, b&w photos, and the details necessary to enjoy a safe hike. Paper . 155 pages. maps, b&w photos. Paper. VFO01. 10.95

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