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The other day I found a menu that read:

"99th Anniversary 1847-1946 Smith Brothers Restaurant Poughkeepsie NY"

reproduced below with the text from the inside cover explaining that it was also the home of the famous Smith Brothers Cough Drops!

smith.jpg (16925 bytes)

This is the Home of Smith Brothers


IN 1847 JAMES SMITH and his family moved to Poughkeepsie from their home in Scotland by way of Canada. They started in a very modest way, furnishing meals to transients, and ever since that time have maintained a restaurant known far and wide for the "home- quality" of its cooking. Nothing but the best is ever served.

After getting established in the restaurant business, they introduced the now world-famous Cough Drop. At first, it was made on the kitchen stove and then a furnace was set up in the basement of this building. The business grew and the two sons of James Smith, William and Andrew, formed the original firm of "Smith Brothers". A factory was started on Church Street with a capacity of six tons a day.

In 1915, a new factory with all the latest automatic machinery was built on North Hamilton Street with a capacity of thirty tons a day. In 1919 the business was incorporated, becoming "Smith Brothers, Inc.," with the third and fourth generation of the founders as its officers. In order to supply the ever increasing demand, another plant was built at Michigan City, Indiana, with the same capacity as the Poughkeepsie factory, making a total capacity of sixty tons or one million packages a day.

In addition to their famous BLACK COUGH DROPS, Smith Brothers started making a Menthol Cough Drop in 1922. After several years of research and experiment, in 1927 they started putting on the market SMITH BROTHERS' TRIPLE ACTION COUGH SYRUP, which now meets with popular favor.

Both factories have the most modern automatic equipment and air conditioning plants. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT EITHER FACTORY.



The fans used in this dining room are almost as well known as the restaurant because of their uniqueness and obvious antiquity. They are retained in operation for this reason, plus the fact that they remain practical and efficient.

In 1887, when the fans were installed, the system was ultra-modern, Including the steam engine which provided the power. A water motor, very modern then, replaced the steam engine. Eventually in 1916 the present electric motor was installed.


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