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Canals      Railroads      Boats

Code: OSD01
Price: $18.50
A revised reprint of the 1907 original. Includes a short bio of Robert Fulton and a complete account of the origins, developement and demise of steamboat service on the Hudson. Plus a fold out chart of the Steamboats listing the Captain, cargo load, size, owner, dates and demise of each steamboat. Paper

Code: OAB01
Price: $49.95
A well-documented, exhaustive history covering nearly two centuries of ferryboats in New York Harbor. extensively illustrated Cloth

SUMMER DRIFTINGS Among the Lakes of Central & Western NY
Code: SD01
Price: $9.95
A reprint of an 1800's tourist guide that looks as if it came from Scribner's except for all the original ads. This is the railroad and steamboat tour of the finger lakes with illus on every page. 70pp P $9.95 Paper

The Savannah Line: New York to Savannah to Boston
Code: TSL01
Price: $29.50
By Edward Mueller. Chartered in 1872 to carry passengers and freight between Savannah and New York. 8.5x11 236 pages indexed

Lost Voyages Two Centuries of Shipwrecks in the Approaches to New York
Code: LV01
Price: $29.95
For history buffs and wreck divers alike, the sunken hulks of hundreds of ships of every era and type illustrate the maritime history of the world. 8.5x11 color & b&w photos Cloth

Queen of Sea Routes: The Merchants and Miners Transportation Company
Code: QOS01
Price: $37.50
One of the last great untold maritime stories of the Eastern Seaboard, this famous coastwise steamship line plied between Boston and Savannah, carrying passengers and freight from 1840 to 1950. 8.5 x 11 laminated Cloth

Code: RRA02
Price: $9.95
Facsimile of the 1903 catalog featuring Rushton classic boats. 9 x 6 Paper

The Canoe An Illustrated History
Code: TCA05
Price: $24.95
The canoe played a definitive role in shaping American History, and American society and culture. Our exploration, economy, and recreation would all be vastly different without the accessible canoe. This book tells us all abut canoes - styles, construction and uses - and illustrates it with vintage and contemporary photos and drawings. 10.5x8.5

OP - Sails & Steam in the Mountains A Maritime and Military History of Lakes George and Champlain
Code: SAS01H
Price: $45.00
A comprehensive and up-to-date maritime and military history of Lake George and Lake Champlain, spanning nearly 400 years. Hardcover one left

SS Independence SS Constitution Great American Ocean Liners
Code: SSI01
Price: $22.50
By William H Miller. These are the first big American export ships and Luxury liners to be build after WWII. They showcased our superior design and engineering skills, and were the largest, fastest, and most innovative yet built. On this, their 50th anniversary, a photo-filled documentary of their importance is now in print. 8.5x11 116 pages b&w illus Paper

Around Manhattan Island
Code: AMI01P
Price: $16.00
And Other Tales of Maritime New York. In six stories, the author provides us with a unique and wonderful tour of the port of New York through the 20th century, from the Circle Line Boats, to the Iron Steamboat Company and through to the Norwegian Cruise Lines - a treasury of New York's maritime history. Paper

Around Manhattan Island
Code: AMI01H
Price: $35.00
Same as above only Cloth

Shipwrecks in New York Waters
Code: SIN01
Price: $34.95
A chronology of ship disasters from Montauk Point to Barnegat Inlet from the 1880's to the 1930's. The pictures are the dominant theme of this book - capturing the plight of hundreds of ships in various natural and human-error disasters, with extensive captions and text. Glossy paper and great black & white photography make this an unusual and handsome gift for the maritime collector. 9x12 Cloth

The Sloops of the Hudson
Code: TSO03
Price: $10.00
An historical sketch of the packett and market sloops of the last century, with a record of their names together with personal reminescenses of the notable masters. With an introduction by Pete Seeger. Paper

To Poughkeepsie and Back
Code: TPA01
Price: $10.00 
Mid-Hudson Ferry history. Paper

Down To The River By Trolley
Code: DTT01
Price: $10.00
The story of the social, cultural, and economic changes the coming of four trolley lines brought to New Paltz and Highland in the 1890's. Paper

Sails & Steam in the Mountains A Maritime and Military History of Lakes George and Champlain
Code: SASD01P
Price: $29.00
NEW - Revised and Updated Edition! A comprehensive and up-to-date maritime and military history of Lake George and Lake Champlain, spanning nearly 400 years. Paper

Code: SFT01
Price: $29.95
The last of his books in print, this history of passenger service between NY and Kingston (via the Hudson River) 1829 - 1863 is destined to become a collector's item. All his others are OP and sell for $45-$60! oversized loaded with B&W photos!  Cloth

STEAMBOATS COME TRUE American Inventors in Action
Code: SCT02
Price: $20.00
The answer to the question 'Who invented the steamboat? makes exceptionally good reading. Author recounts steps that led to the steamboat as an accomplished fact, and recreates the living personalities of Fitch, Rumsey, and Fulton as they reacted to the times, their environment, and the inventive urge within them. 6x9 

Thomas Cornell and the Cornell Steamboat Company
Code: TCA06
Price: $39.00
This is the story of a great New York entrepreneur and his steamboat company during a period of Hudson Valley history so colorful and important it should never be forgotten. The Cornell Steamboat Company was founded in 1847, and grew to the largest tugboat company in America, enjoying a virtual monopoly on Hudson River towing. This book covers the company's growth through the heyday of Hudson River transportation to its slow demise in the 1960s, and is the first complete history of the man and his company. Includes a complete list of all the Cornell vessels (over 80) with full stats and disposition. 8.5x11 

Hudson River Pilot From Steamboats to Super Tankers
Code: HRP01
Price: $21.95
by Captain John G. Hamilton. A Hudson River pilot relives his remarkable 50-year career conducting vessels of every size and draft from New York Harbor to the Port of Albany, from steamboats for the Hudson River Day Line and the Cornell Steamboat Company to modern day ocean-going super tankers. This is a fascinating tale of lives lived on the river and the unique perspective from the pilothouse. 7.5x10 183 pages 100+ b&w illus and charts Paper 

RAILROADS             TOP

Code: CS01
Price: $7.50
Scenes on the Line of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad--1879. An historical sketch by the man who wrote RIP VAN WINKLE RAILROAD. Stapled Paper

Code: LIR01
Price: $13.95
Fascinating text and photo documentary detailing the history of Long Island rail transportation. Paper

Code: RIE01
Price: $11.95
Upstate NY. Features 208 full-size B&W rare postcard views from the 1900 to 1930 era with an historical description. 8.5x11 Paper

Hudson River & the Rail Road 
Code: HRR01
Price: $6.95
A reprint of an 1851 guide to the route the railroad followed along the Hudson. This covers the highlights of the history of the region, as well as the important features along the line, such as the bridges and dams, some of which, 140 years later, have also become a part of our history. The many woodcuts are an attractive addition and the three fold-out maps complete this picture of early rail travel in the Hudson Valley. Paper

Harper's NY & Erie RR
Code: HNY01
Price: $10.95
A description of the scenery, rivers, towns, villages and the most important works on the road with 136 engravings, reprinted from the 1851 original. Paper

Railroads in Early Postcards Vol II
Code: RIE02
Price: $11.95
Same as Vol I only covers New England. 8x11 Paper

Listen To The Whistle Blow
Code: LTT01
Price: $29.00
The Walkill Valley railroad. Cloth

Code: SIT01
Price: $6.95
A slim little reprint of the 1884 tourism guide to the Catskills with a brief tour by Rail and Stagecoach of the Mt Top and almost half its pages devoted to Rail Road charts and routes, with a fold out map of the Mt. Top. Paper

Code: NBR01
Price: $6.95
Photographs from the great years of railroading in the Niagara Frontier. 11 x 8-1/4 Paper

Code: NBR02
Price: $7.95
Another group of photos documenting the railroads of western New York. 11 x 8-1/2 Paper

Code: NBR03
Price: $7.95
A third collection of photos of the railroads of the Niagara Frontier.11 x 8-1/2 Paper

OP - Railroads of the Adirondacks: A History
Code: ROT02
Price: $55.00
With three times the detail and more lines and branches treated than his earlier work. In addition, over 200 meticulously drawn maps are included along with historic and contemporary photographs. Each railroad is explored in depth and accompanied by a detailed map that will help anyone locate railroad grades, abandoned mines and former industrial sites. 8.5 x 11

Code: TRO03
Price: $5.95
Turn of the century rail line connecting Rochester with Geneva. 5-1/2 X 8 Paper

Code: STL02
Price: $29.95
Captures the excitement and volatility of railroading in the Southern Tier. 11 x 8-1/2

Pioneer American Railroads: The Mohawk and Hudson & The Saratoga and Schenectady
Code: PAR01
Price: $25.00
The story of the first two railroads built in New York (only the third and fourth in the US!) to successfully utilize locomotive power in their regular operations. This details their construction and operation prior to their consolidation with other lines, against a background of politics, corporate maneuvering, and the varied human experiences, often humorous, involved. 8x11 Cloth

Code: GP01
Price: $34.95
Follow George Pullman from his birth in Portland NY (Chautauqua County) and to Albion where he began work as a clerk in a country store. The book talks about the effect the Erie Canal and The New York Central had on Pullmans youth and his eventual move to Chicago where he began construction of his railcar building empire. The book covers The Man, His Company, Products, Services, and Contemporaries. Paper

Code: NFY01
Price: $11.95
Join along as Former New York State Railways Conductor, Bill Gordon, covers the regionals and interurban trolleys that served Rochester and surrounding communities. Gordon covers the origins and history of lines in Rochester, Syracuse and towns in between. Information includes maps and schedules along with photos of depots and cars. Paper

Code: TWL01
Price: $11.95
Enjoy a stop by stop ride on the famous New York Central Water Level Route from Grand Central to Buffalo NY. Author Knoll has included short descriptions along with photos and maps describing major stops along the way. Includes, wrecks, depots, equipment, and photos Paper

Code: NFY02
Price: $11.95
Join along as Former New York State Railways Conductor, Bill Gordon, covers the regionals and interurban trolleys that served Rochester and surrounding communities. Gordon covers the origins and history of linesin Rochester, Syracuse and towns in between. Information includes maps and schedules along with photos of depots and cars. Paper

The Rail Lines of Southern New England
Code: TRL01
Price: $22.95
This is a wonderful compilation of information on the rail lines of southern New England, researched and written by a reference librarian at the University of Massachusetts at Lowell....it includes over one hundred maps and ninety photographs and illustrations. Anyone with an interest in the history of any railroad line in the region should consult this important and valuable book. Historical Journal of Massachusetts, Winter 1996 ... a methodical, information-packed guide to railroad history in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts... an excellent introduction to local rail history. Connecticut's New London Day ... provides brief yet thorough summaries on the predecessor rail lines of the region and tells what remains of them today. Keeping up with the discussion is made easy with dozens of maps. Railfan & Railroad MagazineVintage and contemporary photographs are liberally sprinkled throughout ....this book represents a huge research effort by the author and a quality publishing presentation. Everything rail-wise in southern New England that most of us want to know is in one place at our fingertips.Railroad History, 6 x 9 Paper

Lost Railroads of New England 2nd Edition
Code: LRR01
Price: $12.95
A reprint of what Railroad History called ...a gem of a book which serves as a useful reference for New England's abandoned railroads. This second edition features the same great information as the first and more! Expanded, updated, fully annotated directory of abandonments. 1848-1994 New photographs All new maps of abandoned rail lines in the six New England states. The definitive guide to abandoned railroads in New England! 6 x 9 Paper

Bradford & Foster Brook, the Peg Leg Railroad
Code: BAF01
Price: $20.00
Cattaraugus County, NY and McKean County, PA, had 27 different narrow gauge railroads. Accounts of their history are rare indeed. This 9x12 Paperback is filled with maps, b&w photos and histories of all of them.

Ulster & Delaware Railroad 1902 Guide
Code: U&D01
Price: $15.00
The Catskill Mountain Region is the most picturesque in the world. This book, issued by the Passenger Department of the U&D RR, is devoted to describing the mountains - their structure, history, and development as a Summer Resort, as-well-as the scenic beauty and wildwood charms. Originally published as the 1902 annual guide, this reprint offers an accurate and historic view of the region reached by the railroad and a description of the route and rail travel of the times. Includes a 16x20 fold-out map of the route, original ads and charts. 5.5x8.5 Paper

Delaware & Hudson The Bridge Line to New England & Canada
Code: D&H03
Price: $34.95
Here in a pictorial history, Jim Shaughnessy turns an eloquent photographer's eye to the Delaware & Hudson, the line that began in 1823 as a canal system to transport Pennsylvania coal to New York State. The D&H extended from Montreal to the coal fields of northeastern Pennsylvania. It was active for 170 years, when the route was sold in 1993 to the Canadian Pacific Railway Corporation. The line made early railroad fame by importing from England the famous Stourbridge Lion, the first steam locomotive in America. This occurred during a great expansion into gravity, an interesting phase which took advantage of the mountainous terrain. The nineteenth century saw a period of economic growth and amalgamation, which was shaped by extremely able and ambitious company presidents. Eventually the D&H advertised itself as the Bridge Line to New England and Canada. Mountainous terrain around the coal mines challenged the line with heavy grades, so it was natural for one of its presidents, L. F. Loree, to be fascinated with experimental traction power. The many Loree locomotives, leaders in progressive design, are pictured and described herein. Because a good railroad history is always an economic history of a region, this book will surely please historians, too. Delaware & Hudson is a definitive work, encompassing the mining of the region and detailing the steamboat operations on Lakes George and Champlain. Delaware and Hudson has-and will-continue to raise the standards for all future railroad books. Album Roster Appendix Index 9x11 Paper

Code: RIT02
Price: $21.95
This is the story of several typical New York State shortlines. The life of a shortline railroad is precarious. A line paying handsome dividends one day can be out of business the next if its prize customer closes up shop. Of the railroads in this history, only one remains today-the Lowville and Beaver River Railroad. This book is a joint effort by Keith Maloney, William Gove, Richard Allen and Richard Palmer, all of whom devoted many hours in extensive research. Great railroad book-great Adirondack book! 10 x 7 Paper

Code: NYC03
Price: $28.95
A comprehensive look at one of the northeast's great passenger lines. Paper

Code: NYO01
Price: $29.95
The O&W from the first of the diesel locomotives to the demise of the line, an illustrated documentary history of the now defunct railroad. 8.5x11 Paper

Covered Wagon Mystique Twilight Era for Streamlined Diesels
Code: CWM02
Price: $32.95
A full color tour of the nation's diesel trains, from Amtrac to the (Rio Grande) Zephyr, everyone lovingly depicted with a too brief caption of it's history. 11x8.5 Paper

The Rutland Road - 2nd Edition
Code: TRR01H
Price: $70.00
A much sought-after classic -- Now back in print! This winner of the Certificate of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History is one of the best railroad histories with a well-balanced mix of text and photography - plus timetables, locomotive rosters and original advertisements - of this Vermont line. Sets a standard of excellence for this genre. Cloth

The Rutland Road - 2nd Edition
Code: TRR01P
Price: $32.95
A much sought-after classic -- Now back in print! This winner of the Certificate of Merit from the American Association of State and Local History is one of the best railroad histories with a well-balanced mix of text and photography - plus timetables, locomotive rosters and original advertisements - of this Vermont line. Sets a standard of excellence for this genre. Paper

Code: RVW04
Price: $21.95
Filled with over 100 illustrations, including many rare archival photographs from private collections, this is the history of the narrow gauge railroads which steamed through the northeastern Catskill Mountains during the nineteenth century heyday of the grand hotels. 8 1/2 x 11 Paper

Ulster & Delaware Railroad Video
Code: U&DVide
Price: $20.00
Six silent movie shorts on the Ulster & Delaware Railroad, Otis Elevated Railway, and other Catskill Mountain routes - filmed in April of 1906! - are combined in this historic 46 minute video of the heyday of railroading in the Catskills. black & white

Great Train Wrecks of Eastern Pennsylvania
Code: GTW01
Price: $12.95
Stirring, true stories of the most historic and chilling railroad accidents in the heartland of American railroading. 5.5x8.5 Paper

The New Haven Railroad Along the Shore Line
Code: TNH01
Price: $18.95
The thoroughfare from New York City to Boston - a look back through the eyes of some of the world's greatest railroad photographers to a time when the new Haven linked New York with all of Southern New England. 11x8.5 Paper

Code: TMS01P
Price: $19.95
On November 1, 1918, as the Great War in Europe was entering its final hours, a five-car elevated train was heading for the Flatbush section of Brooklyn with hundreds of homeward-bound commuters aboard. As the train rumbled down a short hill between Prospect Park and Ebbets Field in the very heart of Brooklyn, the unthinkable happened: the motorman lost control and the train left the tracks as it curved 'into a tunnel at the foot of the hill. The ensuing disaster, known ever since as the Malbone Street Wreck, took the lives of almost a hundred people and stands as the worst mass-transit accident in U.S. history. Unlike the Titanic disaster, however, the Malbone Street Wreck has received scant attention from scholars and historians over the years. As is so often the case, popular accounts of the tragedy have managed to enshrine as dogma things that are absolutely untrue. Now, Fordham University Press is proud to present Brian Cudahy's long-awaited account of the Malbone Street Wreck, a book that recounts the events leading up to the disaster, describes the fateful train trip from its beginning to its terrible end, and reviews efforts conducted Ater the tragedy to fix blame and establish liability. Could the Malbone Street Wreck have been avoided? Clearly yes, is Cudahy's answer. Had any number of factors not combined in precisely the way that they did, the five-car train might well have continued its journey to Brighton Beach in a completely uneventful manner. But they did happen exactly as they happened, and that is why The Malbone Street Wreck makes such arresting reading. Could another Malbone Street Wreck happen at some future time in New York, or on any other U.S. mass-transit system? Transit professionals will have to answer this question after they read Cudahy's account of how and why November 1, 1918, has become such an important day in transportation history. Paper

Code: TMS01H
Price: $32.50
Same as above only Cloth

Code: BW01
Price: $5.95
Architectural description, history, industrial archeology and curiosities. Turn of the century rail line connecting Rochester with Geneva. 4½ x 9 Paper

Code: TAR04
Price: $8.95
A look at the past, present and future of the Adirondack Railroad. 5½ x 8½ Paper

Code: O&W01
Price: $15.95
The reprint of his classic history of the Old & Weary which operated from 1869 thru 1957, and ran from Oswego Lake on Lake Ontario to New York City. Extrodinarily well illustrated with 140 photographs. 6 x 9 Paper

The Ulster and Delaware. . .Railroad Through the Catskills
Code: TUA01
Price: $50.00
The author was a railroad historian whose books have long been sought by collectors. The effect of the coming of the railroad on the subsequent history of the mountains is incalculable. From Chapter 7: The Ulster & Delaware Reaches Its Goal . . Tim COYKENDALLS set up a program of improvements to place the railroad in a better position to take advantage of the ever-increasing popularity of the Catskills. One of Horace C. Young’s last acts was to firm up the plans to build an extension from Rondout to the site of Columbus Point, there to provide a landing for the Hudson River Day Line steamers. There had been many complaints from passengers going ashore at Rhinecliff and taking the ferryboat Transport from there to Rondout before boarding the Ulster & Delaware trains. To eliminate this bottleneck; the work of building a new steamboat landing to be called Kingston Point was authorized at the 1895 U&D annual meeting. A railroad connection from the new landing to Rondout was also authorized, but some of the landowners held out for high prices ... The area west of the landing was developed as a park, with an amusement section at one end, and the place became very popular with residents of the Albany area.... Kingston Point was only a minor improvement compared with others planned. The first was the replacement of almost all the original wooden bridges and trestles with 34 new iron bridges and to build a new repair shop at Rondout with powerhouse and electric generator to furnish power to new modernized equipment. Cloth

The Rail Lines of Northern New England
Code: TRL03
Price: $23.95
Anyone with an interest in the history of any railroad line in the region should consult this methodical, information-packed guide to railroad history. An excellent introduction to local rail history, it provides brief yet thorough summaries on the predecessor rail lines of the region and tells what remains of them today. Keeping up with the discussion is made easy with dozens of maps and photographs liberally sprinkled throughout this book. This represents a huge research effort by the author and a quality publishing presentation. Everything rail-wise in Northern New England that most of us want to know is in one place at our fingertips. 6x9 Paper

A History of Railroads in Western New York
Code: AHO10
Price: $35.00
By Edward T Dunn. Filled with maps, drawings and photos, this comprehensive railroad history covers the NY Central and the Hudson Valley Railroads as-well-as all the trains of Western New York. 8.5x11 346 pages illus and 2 indices. Paperback

Southern Division Tour Guide O&W Railroad
Code: SDT02
Price: $15.00
By Breiner & Scott. The definitive auto tour of the Cornwall to Liberty section of the now defunct O&W Railroad. Covers each station in detail with many maps and illustrations. 8.5x11 98 pages Paper

O&W Summer Homes1879
Code: O&W02
Price: $8.00
A reprint of the 1881 vacation guide for the O&W railroad. Greatly expanded with many lithos and advertisements.5.5x8.5 84 pages illus Paper

Original O&W Observer
Code: OO01
Price: $20.00
A reprint of all 6 magazines published in 1941. Great photos, classic ads, with many articles about the railroad, its employees, shippers and the communities it served. 148 pages Paper

A Hill A Branch and the Pecksport Loop
Code: AHA02
Price: $20.00
By John Taibi. Covers the Northern Division of the O&W Railroad in the Randallsville-Eaton-Pecksport area, with emphasis on the important loop. 96 pages 8x10 illus Paper

When The Railroads Went to the Beach
Code: WTR01
Price: $49.95
By John Taibi & Bruce Tracy. How the O&W Railway and the Lehigh Valley Railroad helped develop Sylvan Beach, the Coney Island of Central New York. 240 pages 11x8.5 217 b&w photos, 40 drawings and sketches. Cloth

The Oneonta Roundhouse
Code: TOR02
Price: $19.95
By Jim Loudon. A round house is used for the turning of trains. In 1870 the first one was built near Oneonta. The facility grew until in 1906 the largest one in the world was constructed. This is the complete history of the railroads and the round house they needed in Central New York. 8.5x11 99 pages b&w maps, photos, and illus Paper

The Niagara Gorge Belt Line - A Pictorial Album
Code: TNG01
Price: $14.95
By Gordon Thompson, editor. It was built to provide tourists full access to the beauty of the gorge and Niagara Falls itself, until all that ended when a rock slide closed the Niagara Gorge Line in 1935. Its history in the 40 years before that is beautifully illustrated here in b&w and color for all to see again.8.5x11 67 pages b&w maps and photos, multi-page color fold-out Stapled Paper

CASH, TOKENS, & TRANSFERS A History of Urban Mass Transit in North America
Code: CTA02H
Price: $39.95
The end notes, appendix, and bibliography are invaluable. If one wishes to supplement one's knowledge of public transportation, or especially focus on a particular aspect, this volume can serve as the strarting point rather than the ultimate end of one's research. You do not have to be a public transit buff to enjoy what Cudahy achieves. In the end, it is a well-chronicled tale, written by a transportation expert, who knows how to bring his reader aboard, conduct a tour, and finally discharge all passengers safely, somewhere between history and nostalgia. 6x9 Cloth

CASH, TOKENS, & TRANSFERS A History of Urban Mass Transit in North America
Code: CTA02P
Price: $24.95
Same as above only Paper

Code: PTC01
Price: $12.95
History of the Plattsburgh Traction Company operations from 1895 to 1929. 8-1/2 x 11 Paper

Code: EAC01
Price: $11.95
In the Southern Tier. This is strictly an electric book. It covers the hourse cars of Mark Twain's time, open trolleys to Eldridge Park and Rorick's Glen and to the Fair Grounds at Watkins, over the Glen Route interurbans of the Elmira and Seneca Lake Line. 8.5x11 Paper

Uptown -- Downtown; Horsecars -- Trolley Cars: Urban Transportation in Kingston NY 1866-1930
Code: UDH01
Price: $12.50
A crowd gathers after car # 1 jumped the track and plunged into RondoutCreek on February 19, 1907. It was one of several mishaps that occurred during the era when tracks wound through the streets of Kingston and trolley cars ran as frequently as every ten minutes. The ordinariness of today's urban public transportation makes it difficult to understand the passion with which the media and the traveling public embraced electric trolleys as they replaced horsecars. Minute details of trolley line construction and operation were eagerly reported by Kingston and Rondout newspapers, and a fifteen-minute delay in service brought reporters scurrying to discover the cause. The big story, however, was the rivalry between two competing lines: the Kingston City Electric Railway Company and the Colonial City Railroad Company. Glendon Moffett specializes in transportation histories for the mid-Hudson Valley. Other works chronicle the rise and fall of the New Paltz trolley line, the Poughkeepsie-to-Highland ferry and the ferries of Rondout, Kingston, and Rhinecliff. Paper

Interborough Fleet
Code: IF01
Price: $36.95
A picture history of the New York City Subway System - all the cars on all the lines are depicted in diagrams and photos, both color and black & white, with a brief history of the construction of the lines to accommodate them. Famous wrecks, personages involved with the lines, and various car designs are all lovingly detailed for the true rail buff. 11x8 glossy paper

The Subway A Trip Through Time on NY's Rapid Transit
Code: TSA02
Price: $29.95
This history of New York City's subways and els is the enlarged, updated edition of the classic best-seller Uptown--Downtown released over two decades ago. It is revised and expanded, with many more fascinating photographs and stories. 8.5x11 charts

Code: TOJ01
Price: $9.95
A well-illustrated history of trolley cars in the Chautauqua Lake region. 8 1/2 x 11 Paper

Trolley Trips Through the Hudson Valley
Code: TTT01
Price: $6.00
By 1911, a network of interconnecting lines made it possible to travel from Hudson as far as Sacandaga Park or Warrensburg entirely by swift-flying, cool and cinderless trolley. This booklet tells how with maps, timetables and descriptions. 5.5x8.5 Stapled Paper

Code: RFO01P
Price: $19.95
Railroad Ferries of the Hudson and the Stories of a Deckhand is a complete business, economic, technical, and social history of the ferryboats that were once operated across the Hudson River to Manhattan from New Jersey and that were owned and operated by various railroad companies in conjunction with their commuter and long- distance passenger trains. The work also covers the Staten Island Ferry (formerly operated by the B&O Railroad) and New York Waterway's present-day revival of services connecting with New Jersey Transit commuter-train, services. 8.5X11 Paper

Code: RFO01H
Price: $35.00
Same as above only cloth

Trolleys to Glen Haven
Code: TTG02
Price: $12.50
The first history of the line that connected Rochester with its resort area at Glen Haven on Irondequoit Bay from the late 1880s to the early 1920s. Paper

Bridging the Hudson Paper
Code: BTH01P
Price: $24.00
By Carleton Maybee. The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge and it's connecting rail lines, a many-faceted history of this first ever bridge over the Hudson River. The 100 year old railroad bridge crosses just above Poughkeepsie. It is now a pedestrian walkway. Profusely illustrated with an index. 9x12 . Paper 

Bridging the Hudson Hardcover Out-of-print
Code: BTH01H
Price: $39.00
Same as above only Cloth May be one left inquire

CANALS             TOP

The Erie Canal A Ditch That Opened a Nation
Code: TEC05
Price: $8.95
by Dan Murphy. Short and to the point, this is an odd, but thoroughly enjoyable collection of history, background, trivia, and sites to see on Clinton's Ditch, packed with little known facts, frequently asked questions, and a concise overview of the canal itself. 5.5x8.5 84 pages b&w photos Paper

Code: MRB01
Price: $9.95
Informative study of the Canal and river boats that navigated the inland waters. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Paper

The Delaware & Hudson Canal
Code: D&H01
Price: $4.95
Excerpted from The Concise History of Ulster County ebook, this 20pp pamphlet tells the story of the construction - 108 miles long with 110 locks - a nd a brief account of the use of the first steam locomotive in the US. Paper

The D&H Canal
Code: D&H02
Price: $15.50
A reprint from the Wayne Co Historical Society (PA) the only complete history in print by the primary chronicler of the D&H Canal which begins in Honesdale PA and ends in Eddyville (Kingston) NY. Index, maps and photos. Now available in paperback.

Code: BAB04
Price: $9.95
Lionel Wyld's collection of folk tales and historic sketches of the Erie Canal is sure to charm an audience that appreciates his knowledge of life on the Ee-ryee. This collection is a welcome addition to the store of Erie Canal literature. 6 x 9 Paper

Code: TCC01
Price: $25.00
...Will delight anyone interested in American canals and canal life. Represents the fourth generation of a canal family... his knowledge and experience are unrivaled.... Discusses the canal almost mile by mile,...outlining the development of transport along its route and the life of the people who lived upon it.... 115 historic photographs are an invaluable addition to the work.... Cloth

Code: TEC01
Price: $5.00
An excellent reference source for those with an interest in the Erie Canal. 6 x 9 Paper

Code: FDA01
Price: $18.95
Forty years experience on the 524 miles of canals in NY State provide deft handling of folklore and maritime fact, giving added depth to an engaging story of family life on the canals . . . Obviously knowledgeable about canal life, Godfrey describes life aboard a canal tug of the 1920s. ..A history of inland canal traffic. The plot comes straight out of the moralistic melodrarnas Godfrey read as a kid-Horatio Alger, Oliver Optic -but the novel is more readable as history, as an almost documentary chronicle of life on the canals. The reader learns how to pitch a line, polish brass, dump ashes and brew tugboat coffee. Most of Fugitive Deckhand is set in Waterford, where Godfrey spent much of his childhood. . . Older Waterford residents will recognize the originals of several characters. Paper

Code: LBA02
Price: $19.95
This author worked and lived among canal people - back in stock. Paper

Code: MPT01
Price: $6.95
Marco's accounts of his travels and life on the Erie Canal. 5 x 8 Paper

THE NEW ERIE CANAL: Travel Guide and History
Code: TNE01
Price: $14.95
Interesting and significant places along inland waterways of New York State. 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Paper

PORT JACKSON: An Erie Canal Village
Code: PJA01
Price: $9.95
Canal village which grew from a few houses near a ferry to a large village 8-1/2 x 11 Paper

Code: SWA02
Price: $28.50
..Travel throughout the NYS Barge Canal System, down the Hudson and into New York Harbor and its waterways... Treated to a history of the bygone era of the coal burning days of tugboats up to the present. Of companies like Kehoe, Mesek, McCarren, Matton, Blue Line, Murray, Hedger, Feeney and others, coal barges, tenninals-long gone -- but remembered forever on the pages of this book.

op - Canal Boatman: My Life on Upstate Waterways
Code: CB01
Price: $17.95 maybe one left
Foreword by Lionel D. Wyld Garrity was born along the Erie Canal at Tonawanda and, with his brothers and sisters, was actually raised on his father's canal boat. His simply written memories are rich in pure Americana, providing readers . . . with a sweeping panorama of commerce, canal life and now nearly vanished folkways during more than half of this century, and personal memories and yarns that are as engaging as they are modest. Publishers Weekly A compelling memoir that must become a standard item in the bibliography of New York canals. New York History

Mostly Canallers
Code: MC02
Price: $16.95
The stories, all of them, are readable, and together with [Edmonds'] novels are brilliant as well as thorough in their historical recreativeness. The New York Times Upstate New York has provided Edmonds with an inexhaustible store of characters one would like to know. The Atlantic Monthly Paper

Canal Boat To Freedom
Code: CBT02
Price: $5.95
A fictional adventure story that took place on the very real Delaware & Hudson Canal, suitable for youth and adult alike, this . . . is a fine book -- lively, convincing, showing clearly the manner in which the Underground Railroad worked and the courage of those who participated. NY Times Book Review. But don't be confused by the underground railroad reference, that is just part of this story about an indentured young immigrant working for a cruel canalboat Captain on the D&H Canal in the summer of 1840. While the story is fictional, the author's extensive historical research shows in the accurate descriptions of places that actually existed along the canal. Includes a short history of the D&H Canal. 5x8 Paper

The Erie Canal in the Finger Lakes Region
Code: TEC03
Price: $17.00
A history which starts long before the Erie Canal was build and continues to the present. This is a description and history of the villages on the Erie, with biographies of people instrumental in the construction and a discussion of the future of the waterway. Also includes information on places to visit in the region. 6x9

The Artificial River The Erie Canal and the Paradox of Progress, 1817-1862
Code: TAR03
Price: $13.00
Winner of the 1996 New York State Historical Association Best Manuscript Award. The story of the Erie Canal is the story of industrial and economic progress between the War of 1812 and the Civil War. The author uses innovative archival research to document the varied responses of ordinary people to this major environmental, social, and cultural transformation in the early life of our Republic. 6x9 Paper

New York State Canals A Short History
Code: NYS05
Price: $12.00
More than just the Erie, New York's 524 miles of canals helped make it the Empire State. This is the story of the contrast between those canals that contributed to the growth and development of the state and those that did not. 5.5x8.5 Paper

A Long Haul: The Story of the New York State Barge Canal
Code: ALH02
Price: $25.00
The first and definitive history of the Barge Canal. This large-format book is illustrated with more than 130 exceptional photographs. The canal is an outgrowth of and an intricate part of the natural landscape of New York State. It represents an intertwining of natural and human history. . . . Interests will be piqued by sections dealing with daily life on the canal, shippers, tugboat captains and operators, and commodities that once were commonplace ace. You will be drawn into this work as inexorably as the upstream current created when filling a lock. And you will find yourself wanting more, waiting with anticipation for what's 'around the next bend, as though you were a barge canal captain piloting for the first time your own vessel and tow.,' Thomas X. Grasso, President, Canal Society of New York State. 8.5 x 11 Paper

LIMESTONE LOCKS AND OVERGROWTH The Rise and Descent of the Chenango Canal
Code: LLA01
Price: $25.00
The Chenango, one of the lateral canals of the Erie, connected Utica and Binghamton between 1837 and 1878 and brought prosperity to numerous towns along its path. It was a staggering engineering achievement: 76 locks lifted boats from Utica to the summit at Bouckville (706 feet higher than the Erie Canal's summit). From there, 38 more locks lowered boats 300 feet to the terminus at Binghamton. Many of the old locks remain, and in recent years have attracted new attention in the drive to increase tourism in central New York. This book will interest general readers as well as canal buffs and historians. It is well written, and its scholarship is sound. The author writes with concern for the effects of the canal upon the area and the people influenced by it. She opens up the long- ago times and does it with verve, anecdote and historical accuracy . . . a fascinating and welcome account. 7 x 10

Activity Book - Canal Boat To Freedom
Code: CBT02a
Price: $2.95
Packed with dozens of D&H Canal related activities including a crossword puzzle, canal songs, drawing ganes and more. This is the companion book to Canal Boat To Freedom, a fictional adventure story that took place on the very real Delaware & Hudson Canal, suitable for youth and adult alike. Paper

Code: CWA01
Price: $19.95
A treasury of historical vignettes, tall tales, poems, songs and other materials pertaining to New York's Erie Canal. Paper

Digest Of Claims And The Action Thereon By The Legislature And The Canal Board,
Code: C044
Price: $26.50
Together With The Awards Made By The Board Of Canal Appraisers; Also A Supplement Showing The Claims Presented, Determined And Pending Before The Canal Board And The Canal Appraisers, From 1866 To 1870, Inclusive. . What first appears to be a rather boring title is in actuality quite an interesting collection of material regarding claims made for damages caused by the canals in the New York state canal system. The digest of claims, presented alphabetically, gives a short paragraph describing the nature of each claim, followed by a short paragraph or two describing the legislative action taken to satisfy the claim. The second half of the book, the supplement, is actually two alphabetical lists of claimants and claims. A surprising source of information. (1870) reprint Paper

Canalboat To Freedom (juvenile fiction)
Code: CTF01
Price: $5.95
About a young boy's life working as a hoggee for a hard bitten, bullying,canalboat captain on the Delaware & Hudson Canal. His only friend, a deckhand who is an ex-slave, allows him to help smuggle fugitive slaves through the Underground Railroad. Through the conflicts with the captain and adventures with the fugitives he finds the courage to be a hero. In a lively and convincing manner this book clearly shows how the canals and the Undergroung Railroad worked. A teacher's study guide ($2.95) is also available - see CTF01b.

The Canals of New York State
Code: TCO03
Price: $7.95
A collection of the articles devoted exclusively to the canals of the Empire State that have appeared in the Society's quarterly magazine over the last 30 years. Extensively illustrated. Paper

Towpaths To Tugboats A History of American Canal Engineering
Code: TTT02
Price: $8.00
While much has been written about the canal era and its impact on our history, little has been written on the men who actually built them. This is a collection of accounts of the most famous early canal engineers, those individuals who, with practical experience - but little formal training - created the vast network of waterways that helped to build this country. 8.5x11.5 Paper

  West Through The Catskills The Story of the Susquehanna Turnpike
Code: WTT01
Price: $15.00
by Dorothy Kubik. A history of the people and the forces that created and traveled one of the many private roads, or turnpikes, built after the Revolutionary War. The Susquehanna turnpike, also called the Catskill Turnpike, was the first such road to open New York's western frontier, and people from all walks of life used it to begin the expansion of the interior. This is the story of the brief flourish and slow decline of a very important passage into New York history. 120 pages b&w illus and a fold-out map Paper


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