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Ulster County Cemeteries

Ulster County Cemeteries was published in 1992 using information compiled in the 1970s and 80s. The information provided is from the headstones, not from church records, so only what is carved in the stone is listed. Cemetery locations and descriptions vary depending upon the compiler. The TOC lists the Townships and the cemeteries in them. This book contains records from operating cemeteries in Ulster County. 343 pages 8.5x11 Hardcover. This index is presented for your convenience. I do not sell the book itself. It is available from the Ulster County Genealogical Society. 

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Index A-J

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************ A *************** Abbey,Louise Abrams,David Abrams,Deborah Abrams,Delbert Abrams,Dorothy Abrams,Elizabeth Abrams,George Abrams,Ira Abrams,Isaac Abrams,Isaac Abrams,Kenneth Abrams,Phebe Abrams,Ruby M Abrams,William Abramson,Mildred E Abramson,Sally Abramson,Stanley R Abrehamsen,Frances Acker,James O Ackerman,Alfred S Ackerman,Alice Ackerman,Annie E Ackerman,Catharine A Ackerman,Charles S Ackerman,Charlotte Ackerman,Charlotte Ackerman,Cora H Ackerman,Daniel B Ackerman,Daniel Benson Ackerman,David Ackerman,David Ackerman,Edwin D Ackerman,Eliza T Ackerman,Ethel Ackerman,Frances Ackerman,Frances J Ackerman,George M Ackerman,James Perine Ackerman,John Ackerman,Joseph J B Ackerman,Julian Ackerman,Lottie E Ackerman,M F Ackerman,Margaret Ackerman,Marion Ackert,Clifton Ackert,Eliza Ann Ackert,L Wilson Ackert,Theo J Adam,Richard S Adam,Sarah Elizabeth Adam,Sarah M Adams,Anna Adams,Deborah Adams,Ebenezer Adams,George S Adams,Hannah Adams,Jessie V S Adams,Kathryn R Adams,Lodowick H Adams,Samuel Adams,Willard M Addis,Anne E Addis,Elizabeth Sarah Addis,Ethel Addis,Isaac Addis,Isabella Addis,Jane Addis,Joseph W Aderton,Hope Adriance,Sarah Adsit,Bertha B Adsit,Edward K Adsit,Fred N Agnew,Frederick Agnew,Margaret Jane Agnew,Robert H Agnew,William Ahearn,Dennis F Ahearn,Peter M Akerly,Lucy Albertson,Ann Albertson,Julia Albertson,Julia A Albertson,Paul E Albertson,William W Aldao,Bernardino Aldao,Hedwig Aldrich,Benjamin C Aldrich,F A Aldrich,Margaret Aldrich,Maria Aldrich,Peter Aldrich,Peter P Aldrich,S A Alexander,Chester Alexander,Flossie S Alexander,Frank Alexander,Samuel T Alexander,William Alexander,William J Alexander,William J Alexander,Wm R Aley,Andrew Aley,Celestia Aley,Deliah M Aley,Elsie Aley,Frankie Aley,Gitty Aley,Harry H Aley,Jerome Aley,Mary Jane Aley,Omer Aley,William D Aley,Wm C Allen,Alexander Allen,Charles L Allen,Cornelia Allen,Cornelia Allen,Cornelia Allen,Easton Allen,Hannah Allen,Hannah T Allen,Loring T Allen,Mary Allen,Mary E Allen,Richard Allen,Sherman O Allen,William Allen,William M Alliger,Benjamin Alliger,Catherine Alliger,Charles E Alliger,Cornelia Alliger,Elijah Alliger,Henrietta M Alliger,Isaac Alliger,John Allison,Elmond Allison,Emma M Altheiser,Phoebe A Althiser,George Althiser,Phebe Althiser,Phebe Althiser,Phoebe A Alton,Alfred L Alton,Bell Alton,Delbert Alton,Henrietta Alton,Ida Alton,Mary Alton,Willie Alverson,Ruth R Ames,Matilda Amos,Hety Andersen,Arthur H Andersen,Bergliot Andersen,John L Anderson,Anna M Anderson,Beatrice Anderson,Benjamin Anderson,Blandina Anderson,Charles W Anderson,Charlotte Anderson,Cornelia Anderson,Delia Anderson,Doris Anderson,Edvard Anderson,Ethel M Anderson,George Anderson,Gordon Anderson,Gordon M Anderson,Gustave Anderson,Isaac F Anderson,James Anderson,Jennie R Anderson,Joseph A Anderson,Joseph A Anderson,Kathrine Anderson,Kenneth Anderson,Leander P Anderson,Lillian Anderson,Maria Anderson,Martha Anderson,Nancy Anderson,Otto Anderson,Sarah Anderson,Selma Anderson,Wallace G Anderson,Wm L Andrews,Alice L Andrews,Bessie Andrews,Bud Andrews,Charlie Andrews,Frederick Andrews,John P Andrews,Lillian Andrews,Lillian Andrews,Mary W Andrews,Norma Andrews,Susan Andrews,Wallace Angevine,Elizabeth Angevine,H Eliza Angevine,Jacob Angevine,Marshall Angle,Clarence M Angle,Doras L Angle,Edward F Angle,Melvin O Angle,Parley W Apgar,Ida V Appleton,Elizabeth Apuzzo,Rosalia Arias,Albert Arias,George Armstrong,--- Armstrong,Anson Armstrong,Hazel Armstrong,Mary J Armstrong,T W Arndt,C Eugenia Arndt,Marie-Louise Arndt,Paul Wesley Arnold,Elizabeth Anne Arnold,Lester I Arnold,Lucy B Arnold,Magdalene Arnold,Mary Ann Arnold,Smith Arrex,Garrett Arthur,--- Aschenbeck,George Aschenbeck,Nettie C Ashcroft,Richard E Ashcroft,Walter Ashley,Claude C Ashley,Grace Ashton,John Ashton,Margaret Ashton,Maurice Atchinson,Edward F Atchinson,Minnie Atkins,--- Atkins,Abram B Atkins,Arthur S Atkins,Bessie Atkins,Carrie Atkins,Christopher Atkins,Cornelius Atkins,David M Atkins,Esther Atkins,Frederick Atkins,Harry Atkins,Jennie Atkins,John A Atkins,Lavina Atkins,Margaret Atkins,Maria Atkins,Mary C Atkins,Matthew Atkins,Melissa D Atkins,Melissa D Atkins,Ora Atkins,Peter R Atkins,Phebe Atkins,Richard Atkins,Richard T Atkins,Sarah M Atkins,Stella E Atkins,Susan Atkins,Susan Atkins,Tracy Atkins,William Atkins,William H Atkins,Willie H Atkins,Winchell Attanas,Anna G Attanas,George Atzenbeck,Theresia Auchmody,Anna E Auchmody,Elsey Auchmody,Isaac Auchmody,John E Auchmody,Rachel Auchmoody,Aaron Auchmoody,Abraham Auchmoody,Breget Auchmoody,Cornelia J Auchmoody,Dale W Auchmoody,David Auchmoody,David Auchmoody,David Auchmoody,David Auchmoody,David Auchmoody,David Auchmoody,Elvin C Auchmoody,Helen Auchmoody,John Auchmoody,Katharine Jan Auchmoody,Leah Auchmoody,Martha A Auchmoody,Mary Auchmoody,Mary O Auchmoody,Peter Auchmoody,William J Auchmooedy,Lyman H Austin,Maude Avery,A D Avery,Abram J Avery,Alpharetta Avery,Anna Avery,Edward Avery,George A Avery,Grant Avery,Jacob Avery,John W Avery,Lawrence Avery,Leona Avery,Letty Avery,Mary Avery,Mitchell Avery,Myrtle Avery,Ora L Avery,Rachel Avery,Sniffin Avery,Tammy Avery,Teresa W Ayers,--- Ayers,Alice Ayers,Amanda Ayers,Christine Ayers,David Ayers,Elizabeth Ayers,Hannah C Ayers,Isaiah Ayers,Maria Ayers,Oliver Ayers,Zelpa Ayres,Darius Ayres,Elisha Ayres,John H Ayres,Lewis Ayres,Lizzie Ayres,Peter A Ayres,Rhoda Ayres,Sarah C

************** B ***************** B--,M H B--,R H Babcock,Armeda Babcock,Charles Babcock,Dorcas Babcock,Josephine Babcock,Orcelia Babcock,Pamelia Backus,Charles Backus,Charles Backus,Cornelia Backus,Cornelia Backus,John Backus,John Backus,John Backus,John Emory Backus,John Emory Backus,Mary Ellen Backus,Mary Ellen Bader,Marie L Baierl,--- Bailey,Benjamin Bailey,Harry R Baird,Alice M Baker,--- Baker,Benson Baker,Calvin Baker,Cecil Baker,Delia Baker,Edison Baker,Edna Baker,Emma J Baker,Eunice Baker,Evelyn Baker,Ira Baker,Jacob Baker,Jacob H Baker,John Baker,Lillian Baker,Lionel A Baker,Luzerne Baker,Maria M Baker,Marion Baker,Marion C Baker,Mary H Baker,Mary H Baker,Mary L Baker,Monroe Baker,Nettie Baker,Oliver Baker,Orin L Baker,Orin L Baker,Orrin Baker,Ovid H Baker,Ozias D Baker,Rosa M Baker,Sarah L Baker,William D Baldelli,John George Baldwin,Benjamin Otis Baldwin,George S Baldwin,J H Baldwin,M C Baldwin,Silas Baldwin,Silas Baldwinn,Riley Baley,R Ballard,Asa Ballard,Egbert S Ballard,Jane Ballard,Maud Bank,William H Banker,Adolphus S Banker,Elliott C Banker,Mary M Banks,Charlotte A Barber,Addie M Barber,Addie M Barber,Alsup H Barber,Ambrose M Barber,Ambrose M Barber,Ann Barber,Berry Barber,Charles M Barber,Emily M Barber,Florence Barber,Henry Barber,Laura Barber,Mary F Barber,Sally E Barber,Sara E Barber,William H Barclay,Alexander J Barclay,Caroline M Barclay,Henry L F Barclay,Jason Barclay,Leon Barclay,Nora E Barclay,Peter A Barclay,Richard S Bard,Charlotte E Bard,Henry Bard,John Barger,Roswell B Barkmann,Dora M Barley,Albert Barley,Albert Barley,Cora Barley,David H Barley,Edward Barley,Edward Barley,Edward G Barley,Ely Ann Barley,Evelyn Barley,Frances Barley,George Barley,George L Barley,George W Barley,Gertrude Barley,Grace Barley,Granville Barley,Hannah Barley,Hannah Barley,Helen Barley,Henry Barley,Jacob Barley,Jacob H Barley,Jacob H Barley,Jane A Barley,Jane A Barley,Joan E Barley,Josephine Barley,Kenneth G Barley,Lewis Barley,Lorenzo Barley,Luther Barley,Lydia A Barley,Mabel J Barley,Marguerite Barley,Marion Barley,Martha E Barley,Mary Barley,Mary A Barley,Mary E Barley,Mary J Barley,Maud E Barley,Percy Barley,Rozina Barley,Sherman Barley,Weston L Barley,Zachariah Barnard,Elloda Barnes,Adaline Barnes,Bradford D Barnes,Cornelius Barnes,Elizah Barnes,Elnora Barnes,Flora D Barnes,George J Barnes,Helen G Barnes,Jennie Barnes,John Barnes,John S Barnes,John S Barnes,Margaret Barnes,Maria Barnes,Martha Barnes,Mary Ann Barnes,Nelson Barnes,Polly Barnes,Sarah A Barnes,Thomas Barnhart,--- Barnhart,Anson D Barnhart,Daniel A Barnhart,Deborah S Barnhart,E Jane Barnhart,Etta Barnhart,Etta Barnhart,Fred P Barnhart,Fred P Barnhart,George Barnhart,George Barnhart,George Barnhart,Hazel Barnhart,Hosea M Barnhart,J Barnhart,Jane Barnhart,Jesse T Barnhart,Kate M Barnhart,Kate M Barnhart,Sarah A Barnhart,Sarah A Barnhart,Sarah J Barnhart,Vera Barnum,Angelina Barnum,Isaac Barr,George F Barrenger,A Barrenger,Bertha A Barrenger,Burton A Barrenger,Herb Barrenger,John E Barrenger,R Barrett,Abraham Barrett,Absalom Barrett,Absalom J Barrett,Absalom J Barrett,Charles D Barrett,Deborah Barrett,Eliz R Barrett,Eliza Barrett,Elizabeth R Barrett,George L Barrett,George W Barrett,James Barrett,James H Barrett,Libbie Barrett,Margaret Barrett,Margaret S Barrett,Margaret S Barrett,Samuel A Barrett,Samuel A Barringer,Abigail Barringer,Alice Barringer,Alice Barringer,Alonzo Barringer,Alonzo Barringer,Alvin V Barringer,Arminda Barringer,Arthur Barringer,Asa Barringer,Bertha Barringer,Bessie Barringer,Catherine Barringer,Catherine Barringer,Catherine Barringer,Catherine Barringer,Catherine Barringer,Charles H Barringer,Charles H Barringer,Clara Barringer,Claude W Barringer,David L Barringer,Delia Barringer,Dorothy Barringer,Earl Barringer,Earl Barringer,Edna Barringer,Ellen Barringer,Elmer Barringer,Elsie M Barringer,Emma Barringer,Emma Barringer,Emma Barringer,Evelyn F Barringer,Fanny Barringer,Fanny Barringer,Floyd Barringer,Frank Barringer,Frank Barringer,Frank A Barringer,George Barringer,George B Barringer,Gerald E Barringer,Grant Waldo Barringer,Guy Barringer,Hannah C Barringer,Harvey Barringer,Herman Barringer,Horatio P Barringer,Josephine Barringer,Josephine Barringer,Julia Barringer,Kenneth Barringer,Lena C Barringer,Lillie B Barringer,Lizzie Barringer,Lorin Barringer,Louis Barringer,Luie Barringer,Mabel Barringer,Martin M Barringer,Mary E Barringer,Melissa Barringer,Melvin Barringer,Michael Barringer,Michael Barringer,Minnie J Barringer,Myrtle Barringer,Noah Barringer,Otis Barringer,Pamela Barringer,Peter Barringer,Peter Barringer,Peter Barringer,Peter H Barringer,Peter P Barringer,Peter T Barringer,Rebecca Barringer,Rebecca Barringer,Richard C Barringer,Ruth Barringer,Samantha Barringer,Solomon Barringer,Stephen Barringer,Thomas Barringer,Ur Barringer,William Barringer,William E Barringer,Willie Barringer,Wilma Barringer,Zadock Barry,John Barry,Rachel A Bars,Michael Bartees,Herman J Bartees,Peter H Barth,Lester E Barthel,Adam Barthel,Catherine Barthel,Edward Barthel,George Barthel,Mary S Barthelomew,Belinda Bartholomew,Belinda Barton,Corbin Barton,Edward E Barton,Emma Barton,George D Barton,Harley Barton,Hiram Barton,Sarah M Barton,Sophia Barton,Viola Bartow,Mary E Bartram,Hulda A Bastian,Mary A Bates,Harriet Bates,Kneeland S Bates,Mary E Batterson,Eliz Batterson,Leonard Batterson,Thos Batz,George Batz,George A Batz,Walburga Baumgartner,Emilie Bausenwein,Mary Baxter,Albert Baxter,Albert Baxter,Harriet Baxter,Lillian Baxter,Marie Baxter,Mary A Baxter,Theodore Beach,DeWitt Beach,Joseph Beach,Joseph S Beach,Millie M Beach,Nettie Beadle,Curtis Beadle,Ed Beadle,Ed Beadle,Ira V Beadle,Minne Beardslee,Charles Beardsley,Jon Beardsley,Jon-th J Beasmer,Alfred Beasmer,Cornelius Beasmer,Elizabeth D Beatty,Abraham Beatty,Alice Beatty,Ann Beatty,Catharine A Beatty,Charles Beatty,Charles Beatty,Cornelia Beatty,Effie M Beatty,Effie M Beatty,Elijah Beatty,Elijah Beatty,Elizabeth Beatty,Erastus Beatty,Esther Beatty,Frances O Beatty,Frances Ophelia Beatty,George C Beatty,Herman H Beatty,Isaac Beatty,Jacob Beatty,Jane Beatty,Jane Beatty,Jason L Beatty,John Beatty,John Beatty,John D Beatty,John H Beatty,Lucinda Beatty,Mary A Beatty,Mary Jane Beatty,Millie Beatty,Nathan Beatty,Nathan Beatty,Nellie Beatty,Nelly B S Beatty,Phebe Jane Beatty,Roena Beatty,Sarah A Beatty,Sarah A Beatty,Stephen Beatty,Vernon Beatty,Vernon Beatty,William D Beaty,Carrie Beaty,Charles Beaty,Charles Beaty,Ellen Beaty,Henrietta Beaty,Jacob Beaty,James Beaty,Phebe Beaver,Adelia Beaver,Adelia Beaver,Antoinette Beaver,Asiel Beaver,Elias Beaver,Eliz Beaver,Eliz Beaver,Eliza Ann Beaver,Ella Beaver,Ellen P Beaver,Esther Beaver,Hitty M Beaver,John Beaver,John Beaver,John Beaver,John Oliver Beaver,Joshua Beaver,Melvin Beaver,Mildred E Beaver,Roda Beaver,Willie Beck,Jane C Beck,Thomas Becker,Alma Becker,Harry Bedell,George Judson Bedell,Judson Bedell,Mae S Bedell,Newton Bedford,--- Bedford,Almire Bedigian,Artakey Arthur Beehler,Pauline Beekman,Mary Frances Beers,--- Beers,--- Beers,Bertha Beers,Emma Beers,Ruth Beers,Samuel Beesemer,Mary L Beesimer,Alida C Beesimer,Elting Beesimer,John R Beesimer,Lucinda Beesmer,Alberta Beesmer,Annie Beesmer,Berdella Beesmer,Biliche Beesmer,Clara Beesmer,Clara Beesmer,Clyde Beesmer,Delia Beesmer,Elizabeth Beesmer,Elizabeth Beesmer,Ernest Beesmer,Floyd Beesmer,Henry W Beesmer,Hiram Beesmer,Ivah L Beesmer,Jacob W Beesmer,John Beesmer,Joseph A Beesmer,Keziah Beesmer,Leroy Beesmer,Lucinda K Beesmer,Mary Beesmer,Mary G Beesmer,Mary Jane Beesmer,Mildred L Beesmer,Millie Beesmer,Otis Beesmer,Rachel Beesmer,Rachel E Beesmer,Robert Beesmer,Roy Beesmer,Rozella Beesmer,Ruth Beesmer,Sarah Beesmer,Sarah M Beesmer,Ulysses C Beesmer,Victor Beesmer,Ward Beesmer,William Behme,Albert Behme,Alwine Behrendt,Mary Behrwind,George Beidler,Claude N Beidler,Elizabeth E Beldson,Wm Belknap,Adah T Belknap,Charles Belknap,Ira Belknap,Mary Belknap,Mary E Belknap,Rose Bell,Albert Bell,Alvina Bell,Ann E Bell,Anna Bell,Anna T Bell,Biliche Bell,Catherine Bell,Charles C Bell,Clinton G Bell,Daniel D T Bell,Elizabeth Bell,Elizabeth Bell,Ellen Bell,Ellen Bell,Elting F Bell,Emeline Bell,Florance Bell,Frances Bell,George Bell,George E Bell,Henry Bell,Henry Bell,Jacob Bell,Jacob Bell,Joseph Bell,Juannah Bell,Julia Bell,Justin Bell,Laura Bell,Lewis W Bell,Lizzie Bell,Louis Bevier Bell,Margaret Bell,Margerie Bell,Mary D Bell,Nellie M Bell,Northwell E Bell,Olney Bell,Phebe Bell,Raymond W Bell,Rebecca Ann Bell,Richard Bell,Sally L Bell,Samuel Bell,Sarah E Bell,Susan Belvins,Noah W Bemis,Elijah Bendewald,Eliza Bendewald,George H Bendewald,Harry E Bendewald,Henry Benedict,A Judson Benedict,Gracia Benes,Bertha Benes,Frank Bengel,George M Bengel,John Bengel,John C Bengel,Mary Bengel,Wm Benjamin,Abbie Benjamin,Amanda Benjamin,Blanche Benjamin,Christle Benjamin,Claude E Benjamin,Esther Benjamin,Eva Alice Benjamin,George C Benjamin,Hulda V* Benjamin,Willard Bennet,Mary Bennet,Reuben Bennet,Sarah Bennett,Andrew C Bennett,Bouse Bennett,Clarence L Bennett,Edward Bennett,Elsie Bennett,Erna Bennett,Esther Bennett,Evelyn C Bennett,Floyd Bennett,Garrett C Bennett,Howard Bennett,Maude Bennett,Olaaf Bennett,Pauline Bennett,Wilton C Bensel,Jennie Benson,Ann Benson,Carol Benson,Elizabeth Benson,Henry Benson,Horatio E Benson,Levi Benson,Nelson Benson,Nettie C Benton,Clarence Benton,Ella J Benton,George D Benton,Sarah J Benyo,Charles Benyo,Katherine Berger,Elsie Berger,Sarah Berian,Silas Bernard,Andrew L Bernard,Ella Bernard,Ida M Bernard,J Edward Bernard,Maria J Bernard,Peter Bernard,Phillip Bernard,Rachel Bernard,Reuben Bernard,Vieva Berntsen,Amanda Berry,Elizabeth Berry,Jason Berry,Melvin Berry,Vivian Berryann,James H Bertrand,E J Bertrand,Marjorie E Bertrand,Nancy J Bertrand,Susan J Bertrand,W Bertrand,W Morton Bertrand,Watson Berweck,Lenhardt Besamer,Laura Besamer,Laura A Besamier,Benj. Besemer,Anna Besemer,Benjamin Besemer,Catherine Besemer,David Besemer,Eliza Besemer,Eliza Besemer,Garret Besemer,James Besemer,Martha Besemer,Rachel Jane Besimer,Abby Jane Besimer,Catherine M Besimer,Cornelia Besimer,Cornelia M Besimer,Essie Besimer,Freddie Besimer,James Henry Besimer,William Besimer,William T Bessemer,Jane A Bessemer,Louis Bessmer,Hiram J Bessmer,Jacob S Bever,Julia A Bevier,Anne Bevier,Catharine Bevier,Eliza Maria Bevier,Elizabeth Bevier,Jeremiah Bevier,Lydia Bevier,Philip D B Bie,August* Bie,Roy E Biegler,Anita Bienn,William Bilstad,Gabriel E Bindewald,Elizabeth Bindewald,Henry Birch,Eliza Birch,Marcus L Birch,Nettie C Birdsall,Evalyn Biship,Ella Bishop,--- Bishop,--- Bishop,Anna R Bishop,Anna R V Bishop,Asenith Bishop,Austin Bishop,Bessie W Bishop,Charles Bishop,Charles E Bishop,Clarence Bishop,Edith Bishop,Eliza Ann Bishop,Emily A Bishop,Ephraim M Bishop,Ephraim M Bishop,Eva Bishop,Florence Bishop,Francis V Bishop,Frank T Bishop,Frank V Bishop,George Bishop,Granville W Bishop,Hattie Bishop,J Wesley Bishop,Jacob Bishop,Jacob W Bishop,James H Bishop,Jennie Bishop,John Bishop,John F Bishop,Johnie J Bishop,Jonnie Bishop,Jonnie Bishop,Levi Bishop,Lillie C Bishop,Melissa Bishop,Orpha H Bishop,Phebe A Bishop,Sarah Ann Bishop,Simon K Bishop,Stephen Bishop,Stephen Bishop,Therese Bishop,Victor R Bishop,Virgil Black,Alida J Black,Frank F Black,Hannah Black,James Black,Lois Black,Mary N Black,Peter A Blackhall,May I Blackwell,Margt Blaisdel,Levi Blake,Ada Belle Blake,Comfort S Blake,Helen L Blake,Hulda A Blake,John M Blake,Julia Ann Blake,Mary J Blake,Nathaniel Blakeslee,Barnett Blakeslee,Charles E Blanshan,Benjamin Blanshan,Eliza Blanshan,Matthew Blasius,Conrad Blasius,Conrad Blasius,Fredricka Blasius,Henry L Blasius,Sarah D Blatchely,Albert J Blatchely,Bert D Blatchely,Ruth D Blewitt,Alfred Blewitt,Jessie Bligh,Cynthia Blish,Frances M Blish,Ivan A A Blish,Lillian Blish,Tillie C Bliven,Charles L Bloam,Elizabeth Blodget,Fred C Blohm,Elizabeth Bloodgood,George Bloodgood,Mary J Bloom,Frank Bloom,Frank Blue,Darrily Blume,Arthur Blythe,Jay Blythe,Laura A Bobivi,Jane Bock,John Bode,Eda M Bodie,Helen Irene Bodine,--- Bodle,George M Bodle,Mary E Bodley,David Bodley,Elizabeth Bodley,Elmer Bodley,Ida Bodley,John M Bodley,Martha Bodman,Theodore Bogard,Henry Bogard,Sara Bogard,Sarah Bogardus,Benjamin Bogardus,Harriet Bogardus,Rebecca Bogart,---nel-- Bogart,Alvah Bogart,Amy Bogart,Cornelia A Bogart,Earl Spence Bogart,Elizabeth Bogart,Eva L Bogart,Fannie Bogart,Henry Bogart,Ida E Bogart,Ida Elizabeth Bogart,Mary Bogart,Michael Bogart,Phebe M Bogart,Rosetta Bogart,Sabry Bogart,Vernon Bogart,Vida J Bogart,Virgil W Bogart,Walter Bogart,William H Bogoda,Ann Bohleber,Catherine Boice,Abby Boice,Almira Boice,Almira Boice,Alvina Boice,Barbara Ruth Boice,Egbert M Boice,Florence Boice,Harriet Boice,Isaac M Boice,Isaih Boice,John I Boice,John S Boice,Lemuel Boice,Lottie M Boice,Mary C Boice,Mary E Boice,Mary E Boice,Nancy Boice,Nellie A Boice,Nelson M Boice,Phebe Boice,Phebe Boice,Sarah A Boice,Sophia Boice,Sue Bollier,John W Bonagura,Anthony Bonagura,Crystal Bond,--- Bond,Lorana D Bonesteel,Catalina Bonesteel,Irene E Bonesteel,Jacob Bonesteel,Janet Bonesteel,Julia M Bonesteel,Margaret Bonesteel,Maria Bonesteel,William H Bonesteel,William H Bonesteel,William M Bonin,Martha P Bonin,Martin A Bonse,Rose E Boomen,Theodore Boomhower,Jacob Boomhower,Mary Boomhower,Naomi Boomhower,Olivia A Booth,Edwin A Booth,Etta May Booth,Mary E Booth,Nancy M Booth,Nora L Booth,Virginia Borckhaus,Hanna D Borras,Louis Joseph Borycewicz,Anna Boughnen,--- Boughton,Edward W Boughton,Florence E Boughton,George W Bouse,Nellie E Bouse,Peter J Bouton,David Bouton,Maria Bovee,--- Bovee,Clarence Bovee,Edgar Bovee,Edith L Bovee,Elmer Bovee,Frank Bovee,Jacob Bovee,Jacob H Bovee,Theodore Bovee,Wm Bowdoin,Arthur D Bowdoin,Eleanor Bowdoin,John Bowdoin,Margaret Bowdoin,Severin Bower,Mary Bowler,Ralph H Boyce,Joseph M Boyce,Mary Jane Boyd,Julia Boyer,Carrie Boyer,Clifford W Boynton,Roy E Bozick,Agnes Braby,Lulu M Braby,Thomas Braby,William T Braby,Winfield D Bradstreet,Eliz Bradstreet,Hannah A Braisland,Alexander Braithwaite,Harry T Braithwaite,Thomas F Brand,Emily J Brandow,Nettie Branen,Rebecca Brannan,Catherine Brannan,Hilah Brannan,Ray N Brannan,Virginia Brannen,Arthur W Brannen,Catherine Brannen,Cornelius Brannen,Cyrenus Brannen,Everett Brannen,Florence Brannen,Henry Brannen,Ira Brannen,Mary Brannen,Sally Ann Brannen,William Brasen,Rudolph F Bratt,Rachel Braun,James H Bray,Oliver M Breakey,Eliza Brede,Elizabeth Breede,Adam Breede,George Breithaupt,Bertha P Breithaupt,Edna M Breithaupt,Elnora S Breithaupt,H Lee Breithaupt,Harry W Breithaupt,Jennie Breithaupt,Louisa E Breithaupt,M Bertha Breithaupt,Martin Breithaupt,Martin Breithaupt,Robert Breithaupt,Rosana Breithaupt,Walter G Briggs,Earl R Briggs,Jessie Briggs,John J Briggs,John R Briggs,Nettie C Briggs,Orvill D Briggs,Roxaline E Briggs,Wm B Brimer,Arvilla Brimer,Charles Brimer,Francis A Brimer,Jeannette Brink,Andrew J Brink,Andrew J Brink,Cora Brink,Cora Isabella Brink,Cornelia W Brink,Elizabeth Brink,Elizabeth Brink,Ellen Brink,Ellen James Brink,George E Brink,Henry J Brink,James Brink,James D Brink,Jane Brink,John Brink,John W Brink,Lucy Brink,Margaret E Brink,Margarette Brink,Mary Brink,Peter P Brink,Rachel Brink,Rachel Brink,Robert L Brink,Robert L Brink,Sarah Brink,Sarah A Brinkerhoff,Abraham Brinkerhoff,Byron D Brinkerhoff,John J Briscoe,Raymond A Britt,Ed Britt,Emmitt Britt,Ira Britt,Jonathan Britt,Mary Britt,Minnie E Britt,Nellie L Britt,Stephen T Broadhead,Abraham Deyo Broadhead,Anne E Broadhead,Benjamin Broadhead,Eliza Broadhead,Henry Broadhead,Ira Broadhead,Jacob F Broadhead,Jesse Broadhead,Mabel Broadhead,Margaret Broadhead,Margaret Broadhead,U Grant Broadhead,Wessel Broadhead,Wessel Broadie,Lucy Broas,Edward G Brodhead,Abraham H Brodhead,Arabell Brodhead,Brockholst L Brodhead,Caroline Brodhead,Cattie Brodhead,Charles Brodhead,Charles Brodhead,Charles A Brodhead,Charles I Brodhead,Charles W Brodhead,Charles W Brodhead,Charlie Brodhead,Chas Brodhead,Clifford Brodhead,Daniel Brodhead,Dora Brodhead,Eliza Brodhead,Elting Brodhead,Emma M Brodhead,George L Brodhead,Gertrude Brodhead,Irving T Brodhead,James Matson Brodhead,John H Brodhead,John H Brodhead,Laurie J Brodhead,Louise Brodhead,Mariah Brodhead,Oliver Brodhead,Ralph W Brodhead,Ruth S Brodhead,Silas D Brodhead,Thomas Curtis Bronson,Betsy J Bronson,Charles H Brooker,Alice Brooks,Benjamin F Brooks,Charles Brooks,Charles A Brooks,Charles H Brooks,David A Brooks,Edward L Brooks,Elizabeth K Brooks,Frank V* Brooks,Janet Brooks,Pauline C Brooks,Thomas P Brophy,Agnes Brophy,Genevieve Brophy,John E Brophy,Julia A Browe,Edwin S Brower,Adolph D Brower,David Brower,Mervin Brower,Rebecca Brower,Roy L Brower,Sarah Brown,--- Brown,Adam Brown,Addie M Brown,Alexander Wilson Brown,Alice May Brown,Allphretta Brown,Ann Eliza Brown,Ann Eliza Brown,Anne Eliza Brown,Anson G Brown,Bea Brown,Beatrice Brown,Burt Brown,Burton R Brown,Carie Brown,Carol A Brown,Catherine Brown,Charity Brown,Charles Brown,Charles Brown,Commodore T Brown,Dudley Brown,Eliz Brown,Elizabeth Brown,Elizabeth Brown,Elizabeth Brown,Floyd Brown,Floyd C Brown,George W Brown,Grace Brown,Hannah Mary Brown,Harold E Brown,Harry Furnace Brown,Hattie Brown,Henry Brown,Henry Brown,Howard S Brown,Ida Brown,Jacob Brown,James Brown,James E Brown,James H Brown,James R Brown,John Brown,John Brown,John V* Brown,Joseph Brown,Lillie Brown,Loretta Brown,Louisa Brown,Lucretia J Brown,Lucy Ellen Brown,Lucy Marie Brown,Magdalene Brown,Margaret Brown,Margaret Brown,Martha Brown,Mary Brown,Mary Brown,Mary Brown,Mary Brown,Mary Brown,Mary C Brown,Mary E Brown,Mary Jane Brown,Maude Brown,Millard F Brown,Minnie J Brown,Nancy Brown,Nancy Brown,Orville Brown,Phebe A Brown,Richard W Brown,Romaine Brown,Ross Brown,Ruby C Brown,Stephen J Brown,Walter Brown,Walter Brown,William Brown,William Brown,William Brown,William J Brownell,Elsie Bruce,Elisha Bruce,Jane A Bruckner,Ida Brueckner,Elizabeth Brueckner,F R Brueckner,Frederick R Brundage,Lottie E Brunkhorst,Hilda Brunner,Melissa T Brush,Charles E Brush,Doris Ellen Bruyn,Charles DeWitt Bruyn,Chas D W Bruyn,Chas DeWitt Bryant,Pauline D Buckhout,Lydia Ann Budd,Amelia E S Budington,Evelyn M Budington,Harold Buhrer,Amial Buhrer,C Wilhelm Buhrer,Lida Buhrer,Pauline F Bukanan,Cathaline Bukanan,Samuel Buley,Alva Buley,Annie Buley,Catherine Buley,Catherine Buley,Cora D Buley,Emma C Buley,Emma C Buley,Eva Mytody Buley,Golden D Buley,H B Buley,Hannah Buley,Jacob Buley,James Buley,Lemuel Buley,Mary B Buley,Sarah Buley,Ward Buley,Wesley Buley,William Buley,William Buley,William Bulkeley,Edward H Bull,Frank Bullis,Salina Bulmer,Alfred A Bulmer,James A Bulmer,Thaddeus Bundy,Annie M Bundy,David A Bundy,Eliza Ann Bundy,James E Bunt,Harriet Bunt,John Bunting,Mary Katherine Bunting,Roland Edgar Burbank,Francis Burdick,Irvina Burgar,Sarah Burger,--- Burger,Adele Burger,Alonzo Burger,Anna Kate Burger,Anna Kate Burger,Anna M Burger,Arthur Burger,Benjamin C Burger,Charles Burger,Charles Wesley Burger,Charles Wesley Burger,David P Burger,David P Burger,Edna Burger,Edward Burger,Eliza Burger,Eliza Burger,Eliza Ann Burger,Elizabeth Burger,Elizabeth Burger,Ephraim Burger,Ephraim Burger,Ephraim Burger,Ephraim A Burger,Estella Burger,Estella Burger,Ethelyn Burger,George E Burger,Grace M Burger,Guernsey Burger,Hannah Burger,Hannah M Burger,Helen Burger,Henry Burger,Howard Burger,Isabella Burger,John Burger,John G Burger,John G Burger,Jonathan Burger,Joshua Burger,June M Burger,Lucey S Burger,Martha A Burger,Mary Burger,Mary C Burger,Mary E Burger,Mary Susan Burger,Munroe Burger,Munroe Burger,Peter M Burger,R Elting Burger,Ralph J Burger,Richard Elting Burger,Ruth H Burger,Ruth Hope Burger,Sadie Burger,Sarah Burger,Sarah Ann Burger,Sibby Burger,Thaddeus O Burger,Thaddeus O Burger,William H Burger,Winnie Burgher,David Burgher,Edith Burgher,Elizabeth Ann Burgher,Ferol Burgher,Florence Burgher,George Burgher,Isaac Burgher,Jervis B Burgher,Joseph Burgher,Leona Burgher,Linas Burgher,Loretta Burgher,Mary Burgher,Mary A Burgher,Mary E Burgher,Matilda Burgher,Mildred Burgher,Norma Burgher,Peter Burgher,Phoebe Ann Burgher,Richard Burgher,William Burghr,Olive Burgin,Bryan Burgin,Linda Lee Burhance,Catherine Burhans,Anna Burhans,Jane Burhans,Mary Buris,Charles K Buris,Susan E Burke,Davis A Burke,Edmund Burke,Eliz Burke,Eliz Burke,Mary A Burke,Rachel Burke,Richard M Burke,William Burke,Wm Burke,Wm Burkey,Loyd W Burling,Ann Burling,Thomas H Burlison,Anna Burnes,J Edward Burnett,Harriet Burnett,Leonard Burnham,Francis Burnham,John Burnham,Julia Burnham,Laney A Burnham,Linus Burnham,Ollie F Burnham,Pardee J Burns,Elisabeth Burns,Esther Burns,Gertrude Burns,Hannah Burns,Hugh Burns,Jane Burroughs,Curtis R Burroughs,Edward Burroughs,Edward W Burroughs,Eliza Burroughs,Eliza J Burroughs,Grace M Burrow,Eliza Burrow,J D Burrow,Jane Burtch,Russell D Burton,--- Burton,Aneta Burton,Edward Burton,Marvin R Busald,Elsie Bush,Ann E Bush,Anna Bush,Aron Bush,Arthur Bush,Arthur James Bush,Benjamin S Bush,Bertha Bush,Billie Bush,Carrie Bush,Catharine Bush,Charles Bush,Clair Bush,Cornelius Bush,Daisy H Bush,David Bush,Dorothy H Bush,Edward Bush,Eliza J Bush,Elizabeth Bush,Ella Bush,Emily Bush,Emma Bush,Emma D Bush,Ernest Bush,Ethel Bush,Granville Bush,Hannah J Bush,Harvey B Bush,Helen Bush,Henry Bush,Hiram Bush,Hiram Bush,Isabela Bush,Jacob Bush,Jacob L Bush,James Bush,James H Bush,Jane Bush,Jane C Bush,John Bush,John Bush,John D Bush,John D Bush,John J Bush,John M Bush,John Wesley Bush,Joseph Bush,Joseph Bush,Joseph Bush,Katie M Bush,Kenneth W Bush,Lena E Bush,Lewis Bush,Lottie Bush,M D L H Bush,Mary Bush,Mary Bush,Mary E Bush,Mary J Bush,Mary Jane Bush,Mildred Bush,Millie Bush,Nellie J Bush,Nina Bush,Pearl Bush,Peter Bush,Peter L Bush,Ralph Bush,Rebecca Bush,Rebecca Bush,Sarah C Bush,Sarah C Bush,Sarah E Bush,Sarah I Bush,Sarah L Bush,Sarah M Bush,Simon Bush,Stephen Bush,Uriah Bush,Vina C Bush,Walter F Bush,Walter J Bush,William Bush,William Bush,William Bush,William C Bush,William H Bush,Wm M Bushnell,Aaron Bushnell,Augusta Victor Bushnell,Darwin Bushnell,Elizabeth E Bushnell,Gideon E Bushnell,Ida Bushnell,Jennie Bushnell,Julia A Bushnell,Lucy Elizabeth Bushnell,Walter Butler,Charlotte Butler,Edward Butler,Francis Butler,James Butler,James Butler,James J Butler,James J Butler,John T Butler,Joseph W Butler,Mary A Butler,May* Butler,Sabrina Butler,Sandi D B Buttles,Etta E Buttles,Merritt D Buzdygan,Emily Buzdygan,John Buzzanco,Salvatore Byington,Gussie Byington,Mabel L Byington,Maggie Byrne,Annie Byrne,Bernard Byrne,Mary

*************** C ******************* Cable,Lillian Cable,Sheldon C Cadbury,Esther H Caddy,Arrie M Caddy,Arrie M Cady,--- Cahill,Annie Caldwell,George W Caldwell,Mollie A Calhoun,Adele Calhoun,Howard Calhoun,Jeanine Marie Calkins,Byron G Calkins,Jeremiah Callahan,Bartholomew J Callahan,Bernard T Callahan,Bernard T Callahan,Catherine L Callahan,Jennie A Callahan,John Callahan,Mary Callahan,Mary Callahan,Nellie Callahan,Thomas Callahan,Thomas E Camp,Lawrence C Camp,Mary E Campbell,Florence M Campbell,John Leslie Campbell,Rosaline Cangelosi,Pasquale Cangelosi,Rose Cannine,Eldora C Cannon,Charles Cantine,--- Cantine,A H Cantine,C A Cantine,Elizabeth Cantine,Sarah Capuozzo,Walter G Carey,Rachel Carl,Peter H Carle,Ezra Carle,Hattie Carle,Sally Ann Carleton,Arthur H Carleton,Auguste Carley,Bernard Carley,Elizabeth Carley,Margaret Carley,Thomas Carley,Wilson Carlsen,Charles C Carlsen,Elise Theodora Carlson,Adah Carlson,Carrie Carlson,Ebba Carlson,Harold Thurston Carlson,James Carlson,Ruth H Carlson,Theodore G Carlson,Theodore J Carlzon,John Emil Carman,Harrie Carman,Harriet Carman,Samuel H Carn,Christina M Carney,Almeda E Carney,Alvenia C Carney,Anna Margaret Carney,Daniel Carney,Daniel Carney,Dorothy E Carney,Eliza Carney,Elizabeth Carney,Elizabeth Carney,Franklin Carney,Jennie M Carney,John J Carney,Katherine Carney,Lucinda S Carney,Maria Carney,Mary Carney,Mary A Carney,Rhoda A Carney,Richard S Carney,Samuel Carney,Solomon E Carney,Walter E Carpenter,Albert Carpenter,Albert Carpenter,David Carpenter,Deborah S Carpenter,Edmond Carpenter,Lizzie J Carpenter,Mary Carpenter,Selleck Thoma Carpenter,Thomas B Carpino,Margaret Carr,Edward H Carr,Ella Carrig,William Carroll,Brian Peter Carroll,Bridget Carroll,Bridget Carroll,Cath Carroll,Catherine Carroll,Catherine Carroll,Dennis Carroll,James A Carroll,Jeffrey Carroll,John Carroll,Kathryn Carroll,Mary Carroll,William Carson,Clarence A Carson,Cora E Carson,Daniel W Carson,Emma M Carson,George P F Carson,George W Carson,Hazel S Carson,Mamie E Carson,Polley Carson,Richard Carson,Ruth C Carson,W V Carter,Arthur B Carter,Edith M Carter,Lewis H Carter,Mabel M Cary,Adelia Jane Cary,Anna E Cary,Emma E Cary,Ezekiel Cary,Francis P Cary,John P Cary,Lorellia Cary,Mary Cary,Solomon E Cassidy,Mary A Castle,Dora C Catalano,Salvatore Cates,Michael Catherine,Hannah Caverly,Esther Jane Caverly,John I Caverly,Sophia Caywood,--- Caywood,Margaret W Chambers,--- Chambers,Alexander Chambers,Archer C Chambers,Ellen Chambers,Frank Chambers,George Chambers,George B Chambers,Joseph Chambers,Kate Chambers,Margaret Chambers,Mary Chambers,Mary Chambers,Matie Chambers,Matthew L Chambers,Rachael Chambers,Simon P Chambers,Thomas Chambers,Virgil Chandler,Charles E Charles,David Charles,Ethel Charles,George W Charles,Sarah J Charlton,Ester M Charlton,John Chase,Abner Chase,Abner W Chase,Catharine A Chase,Dorothy L Chase,Eben Chase,Elizabeth Chase,Elizabeth A Chase,George A Chase,Harvey Chase,Isaac J Chase,James H Chase,Joseph W Chase,Maria E Chase,Mary E Chase,Nancy Chase,Steward W Chase,William H Chase,William H Chichester,Palaeman A Chipp,Howard Chipp,Josephine D Chrispell,Elizabeth Chrispell,William S Christensen,Andrew C Christensen,Berthe J Christensen,Florence M Christensen,George Christensen,Helen B Christensen,Vivian F Christiana,Adda Christiana,Albert Christiana,Alfred A Christiana,Amanda Christiana,Anna Christiana,Carrie Christiana,Cornelius Christiana,Daniel B Christiana,Eliza C Christiana,Elizabeth Christiana,Elsie Christiana,Ernest W Christiana,Ethel Christiana,Eva Christiana,Flora Christiana,Flora Christiana,Florence B Christiana,Frank Christiana,George A Christiana,George B Christiana,Grover C Christiana,Harry E Christiana,Helen W Christiana,Jacob Christiana,Jacob A Christiana,Jane Christiana,Jennie Christiana,Julia Christiana,Laura Christiana,Leon Christiana,Leona Christiana,Leona L Christiana,Leona S Christiana,Lorenzo Christiana,Lorenzo D Christiana,Louise Christiana,Magda Christiana,Marshall Christiana,Marshall Christiana,Mary E Christiana,Moses Christiana,Orr E Christiana,Otello Christiana,Raymond F Christiana,Reas Christiana,Sarah A Christiana,Sarah A Christiana,Sarah E Christiana,Simeon E Christiana,Simeon E Christiana,Solomon Christiana,Stephen D Christiana,Valentine Christiana,Webster Christiana,William Christiana,William M Christianna,Arthur Christianna,Elmer V* Christianna,Gertrude Christianna,James Christiansen,Olga Christiansen,Ragnvold Church,Arthur Church,Calvin Church,Chauncey Church,Elvira Church,Fanny Church,Frank Church,Henry Church,Hester A Church,John Church,John Church,John J Church,Samuel Church,Susanna B Church,William O Church,William O Church,Wilmer Churchill,Hester A Churchill,Joseph Churchill,Matilda Churchill,Sarah L Churchwell,Abraham Churchwell,Agnes Churchwell,Alexander Churchwell,Alexander Churchwell,Benjamin Churchwell,Cecil C Churchwell,Charles Churchwell,David Churchwell,Deremus Churchwell,Elting Churchwell,Frank B Churchwell,George Churchwell,Hanna L Churchwell,Israel D Churchwell,Jacob T Churchwell,Liby Churchwell,Lorenzo Churchwell,Lottie B Churchwell,Matthew Churchwell,Melvin L Churchwell,Phebe Churchwell,Rachel J Churchwell,Rose K Churchwell,Stephen Cintron,Ramon Clancey,Edith Clancey,Jean Clancey,Joseph A Clancey,Ronald Clapper,Ethel Clark,Agnes Clark,Cath Clark,Emily Clark,Estella Clark,Francis Clark,Genevine E Clark,Georgia Clark,James F Clark,Louise Clark,Roseline Clark,Thomas J Clarke,Belle Clarke,Frank K Clarke,Marie E Clarke,Roseline Clarke,William Clausen,Bessie Clausen,Claus T Clayton,Beatrice Clayton,Kathryn D Clayton,William Clearwater,Amanda Clearwater,Climmie Clearwater,Elizabeth Clearwater,Elizabeth Clearwater,Frances Clearwater,Frances F Clearwater,Hannah C Clearwater,Hiram Clearwater,James Clearwater,James Clearwater,Joseph D Clearwater,Leonard D Clearwater,Lucas Clearwater,Lucis R Clearwater,Mary Clearwater,Rowene Clearwater,S Catharine Clearwater,Sarah Jane Clearwater,Simon Clearwater,Thomas Clearwater,Thomas Cleaveland,Anne Cleaveland,Edith Clemen,Louis E Clemens,Anthony Cleveland,Elsie Cleveland,Ted Cline,Edwin B Cline,Gussie Clinton,Harry T Clinton,Katherine Clinton,Thomas B Close,Ella Coale,Harry E Coale,Helen E Coale,Starr D Cobbe,Thomas Coburg,--- Cockburn,Mary Louise Coddington,--- Coddington,Caroline M Coddington,Charles Coddington,Chester D Coddington,DuBois Coddington,Eliza J Coddington,Ellen F Coddington,Esther Coddington,Frank Coddington,George Coddington,George Coddington,Harry L Coddington,Hiram Coddington,Ida May Coddington,J B Coddington,James A Coddington,Jennie Coddington,Jesse L Coddington,Joshua Coddington,Lillian Coddington,Lizzie Coddington,Mabel E Coddington,Margaret Coddington,Pearl Coddington,Peter Coddington,Sarah C Coddington,Violet Coddington,William H Codington,Viola E Coe,--- Coe,Alice D Coe,Edna F Coel,Wm Coffey,Margaret Cohen,Anita E Cohen,Charles H Cohen,Jessie C Coin,William Colange,Jennie Cole,Abraham Cole,Abraham I Cole,Andres Cole,Ann Cole,Anna B Cole,Braham Cole,Catherine E Cole,Catherine E Cole,Elaine Cole,Elizabeth Cole,Franklin Cole,George Cole,George B Cole,George E Cole,H Idella Cole,Harvey Cole,Helen Cole,Henry A Cole,Hiram Cole,James Cole,Jennie Cole,Lavina Cole,Lillian Cole,Nellie Cole,Rebecca Cole,Richard Cole,Sarah J Cole,Susie Cole,Susie M Cole,Sylvester Cole,Timothy T Cole,Walter Cole,William A Coleman,John D Coleman,Mary M Coles,Roswell Collins,Alfred Collins,Cornelia Collins,Cornelia Collins,Dora R Collins,Edward D Collins,John Collins,John Collins,Marcelle A Collins,Mary Collins,Stacy Collins,Theodore Colvin,Margaret Colwell,Edward J Coniker,Maggie Coniker,Margaret Conklin,--- Conklin,Charles A Conklin,Ida Conklin,Manning Conklin,Melissa Conklin,Viola B Conklin,William F Conlin,Mary Alice Conlin,Richard Conn,Arthur M Conn,Lewis C Connelly,Amos W Connelly,Anna E Connelly,Arthur C Connelly,Esther B Connelly,George Connelly,Harry Connelly,Henrietta Connelly,Mabel Connelly,Mildred W Connelly,Stella C Connelly,Walter Connelly,Wm D Conner,Chancey J Conner,David Conner,Edna M Conner,Eliza C Conner,Hector A Conner,Henry J Conner,Herman Conner,Jane Catharine Conner,Kate J Conner,Laura M Conner,Lucas R Conner,Matthew Conner,Peter R Conner,Raymond Conner,Richard Conner,Samantha Conner,Uriah R Conner,Virgil E Conner,William Conner,William C Conner,Wilson Conners,Herman L Conners,Lillian Connor,Alida Connor,Bertha B Connor,Charles Connor,Cornelia Connor,Elizabeth Connor,Ella A Connor,Harvey Connor,Helen Connor,Jacob E Connor,Martha Connor,Mary Connor,Rose Connor,Theresa Connor,Thomas Connors,Anna Connors,Mary Conorman,Etta Conorman,Silas Conrow,Henry N Constabel,John Constable,Aaron Constable,Abram Constable,Amelia Constable,Ann Eliza Constable,Cornelius B Constable,David Constable,Ella Mae Constable,Ernest Constable,Garret Constable,Joseph Constable,Julia Constable,Lucinda Constable,Mathew Constable,Matilda Constable,Maud Constable,Sarah M Constable,Sarah M Constable,Stephen Conway,Dora Conway,Edward C Conway,George Francis Conway,Jacob J Conway,Peter Conwell,Russell Cook,Benjamin S Cook,Carrie M Cook,Catherine R Cook,Charles E Cook,Constance Cook,Frederick Wayne Cook,George E Cook,Grace M Cook,Jacob Cook,James H Cook,John J Cook,Louise Cook,Marlene Cook,Nancy B Cook,Otho Cook,Percy W Cook,Peter Cook,Ruth M Cook,Sarah A Cook,Sarah A Cook,Walter H Cooke,Charles E Cooke,Hiram Dwight Cooke,Kathrine Cooke,Leigh Hasbrouck Coon,Eugene L Coon,Gertrude Coon,Minnie Coon,Peter Coon,Robert N Coones,Irena Coones,Jacob E Coones,James H Coones,Joseph Coones,Marie Coones,Mary J Coones,Mary Jane Coones,Rachel J Coones,Stephen Coones,Stephen Coones,Ulilly Coons,Catharine Coons,Claudius Augustus Coons,Delany Coons,Ephraim Coons,Hannah D Coons,Ina B Coons,Irena Coons,Isaac Coons,Isaac Coons,John H Coons,Polly Coons,Rachel A Coons,Rebecca A Coons,William Coons,William A Coope,Jane Coope,Jesse Coope,Mary H Coppola,Anthony A Corbett,Daniel Corbett,Marie J Corbett,Rita Cordery,Dorothy Cordery,Edwin A Cornell,Calvin Cornell,Calvin Cornell,Catherine Cornell,Emeline Cornell,Emeline Cornell,Eugene Cornell,Mary G Cornell,Peter Cornell,Peter Cornell,Richard Cornell,Thomas W Cornish,Benjamin F Cornish,Bennie Cornish,Eliza Cornish,George H Cornish,Tabor W Cornwell,Louisa Cortright,David Cortright,Eliza Cossano,Mary Lou Costello,Mae E Cotter,John W Cotter,Mary L Cotter,Michael J Cotter,Robert Gerald Cougan,Augusta L Cougan,John S Cougan,Robert Bruce Counrtyman,Florence Counrtyman,Mabel Countryman,Arthur Countryman,Asa H Countryman,Austin Countryman,Charles F Countryman,Daniel Countryman,Davis Countryman,Elias Countryman,Elizabeth Countryman,Etta Countryman,George E Countryman,Gladys Countryman,Helen Countryman,Herman Countryman,Howard Countryman,Jacob Countryman,James Countryman,Jesse Countryman,Laura Countryman,Laura Ann Countryman,Lenna Countryman,Levey Countryman,Lewis Countryman,Lillian Countryman,Louis E Countryman,Louis H Countryman,Margaret Countryman,Margaret S Countryman,Mary Countryman,Mary E Countryman,Mead Countryman,Myron Countryman,Nathan Countryman,Nellie Countryman,Oscar Countryman,Osker Countryman,P A Countryman,Peter Countryman,Peter Countryman,Peter Countryman,Ruth Countryman,S Countryman,Solomon Countryman,Susan Countryman,Susan Countryman,Wealthy Countryman,William S Countryman,Williard N Countryman,Willie Courter,Ruth P Coutant,Charles T Coutant,Ennis R Coutant,Esther J Coutant,Gardner Coutant,Ira Coutant,Isabelle Coutant,Mary A Coutant,Olan Coutant,Raymond A Coy,Albert R Coy,Annie M Coy,Arthur F Coy,Charlotte M Coy,Clarence W Coy,Dora Mae Coy,Dora S Coy,Earl S Coy,Eber H Coy,Edith M Coy,Elsie T Coy,Frank M Coy,George B Coy,Gladys Coy,Helen R Coy,John L Coy,John L Coy,Miles E Coy,Oscar D Coy,Richard J Coy,Richard R Coy,Wm Coy,Wm R Craft,Alphonso H Craft,Courtlandt Craft,Edna Mary Craft,Georgette Craft,Herman Craft,Herman Craft,John T Craft,Maggie Craft,Marion Craft,Mary C Craft,Samuel D Craig,Carrie P Craig,Charles Craig,Charles B Craig,Gertrude M Craig,Gordon Craig,Gordon B Craig,Hannah Craig,Jane Craig,John L Craig,Margaret Craige,Mary Cramer,Cora Cramer,Frances Cramer,Harry J Cramer,John H Cramer,William O Crandall,Harriet L Crandell,Alice R Crandell,Charles E Crandell,George H Crandell,Minnie M Crandle,Cathy Crane,John Crane,Mary Craney,Patrick Crans,Leah Crantz,Amelia Crantz,Cristy Crantz,Louesa Crapold,Elizabeth Craven,June* Crawford,--- Crawford,Caroline Crawford,Cora Crawford,George H Crawford,Levi Crawford,Maria Crawford,Maria E Crawford,Oliver A Crawford,Ora E Crawford,Peter R Crawford,Philetus Crawford,Vera L Crawshaw,Lillian Crimmins,John Crispel,Calvin Crispel,Grace Crispel,Nelly Crispel,Tammey Crispel,Thomas Crispell,Abraham M Crispell,Almira Crispell,Andrew D Crispell,Ann Crispell,Anna Crispell,Catharine Crispell,Catharine Crispell,Earl Crispell,Edwin Crispell,Eliza Crispell,Emeline Crispell,Emma Crispell,Emma Crispell,Fernie M Crispell,George B Crispell,Georgeana Crispell,Gillbert Crispell,Hannah Crispell,Herbert S Crispell,Isiah Crispell,Jacob K Crispell,Jane H Crispell,Jessie Crispell,John Crispell,Kermit Rooseve Crispell,Levi Crispell,Levi Crispell,Levi M Crispell,Lincoln Crispell,Lizzie Crispell,Lyddia Crispell,Mariah Crispell,Martin Crispell,Mary Crispell,Mary Crispell,Mary E Crispell,Merritt Crispell,Moses Crispell,Nancy Crispell,Nemar Crispell,Orie N Crispell,Oscar V Crispell,Phebe A Crispell,Philip E Crispell,Phillip E Crispell,Rhoda Crispell,Samuel Crispell,Samuel Crispell,Sarah Crispell,Solomon Crispell,Susanah Crispell,VanDeMark Crispell,Vanlinder Crispell,Viola Crispell,William J Crissie,Sarah Crist,Frederick P Crites,David Victor Cronk,--- Cronk,Cecelia Cronk,Mary Cronk,Richard Crook,James H Crook,Libbie Crosby,Abbie Crosby,Crawford Crosby,David Crosby,Edith Crosby,Edward Crosby,Edward L Crosby,Neal Crosby,Orice Cross,Edwin W Cross,Elizabeth Cross,Elsie A Cross,Geo W Cross,Harley B Cross,Jennie J Cross,Kate Cross,Kathryn M Cross,Lavina Cross,Mary K Cross,Sanford A Cross,Victor E Cross,Wessel D Croswell,Alfred Croswell,Alida W Croswell,D E Croswell,Dewitt H Croswell,Elnora B Croswell,Frederick Croswell,Irving H Croswell,Percy L Croswell,Roy W Crouch,Ruth Crowell,Elmira E Cruickshank,Gertrude G Cruickshank,James Cruickshank,Marjorie Cruickshank,Marjory E Cruickshank,Robert F Cruickshank,William H Crum,Abby Crum,Wm H Cryne,Stella Cudney,Angeline Cudney,Benjamin Cudney,Effie Cudney,Hiram Cudney,Howard H Cudney,Jacob Cudney,John Cudney,Lewis D Cudney,Loversa Cudney,Percy A Cudney,Sally Cullen,Michael Cummings,Mary E Cunyes,Catherine A Cunyes,Frederick Cunyes,Frederick Cunyes,Hannah M Cunyes,Irene Cunyes,Isaac Cunyes,Luther C Cunyes,Margaret Cunyes,Margaret Cunyes,Sanford Cunyes,William H Cunyes,Wilson Curci,Jack Curci,Ruby Cure,Aby L Cure,Adelaide H Cure,Alida Cure,Elizabeth Cure,Henrietta Cure,Howard Cure,Jacob W Cure,John A Cure,Judith Cure,Louisa H Cure,Louisa H Cure,Mary Cure,Obed J Cure,Orrie E Cure,Phebe Cure,Polly Cure,Rebecca Cure,S Frasier Cure,U S Grant Cure,U S Grant Cure,William Cure,William S Curr,Richard Curran,Margaret Currey,George W Currey,Lizzie Curry,Ada B Curry,Guy Franklin Curry,John J Curry,Marcialinda Curry,Paul Franklin Cusack,Mary A Cusack,Patrick Cusick,Ethel Cusuk,Pat Cutler,Charles Cutler,Edgar Cutler,Eleanor Cutler,Hester A Cy,Myron Czerwinka,Adele Czerwinka,Oscar

************* D ****************** D'Agostine,Louis V* D--,Patient D--,Uriah Dahl,Albert Dahl,George C Dahl,John P Dahl,Lilly Dahl,Louis Dahl,Marie Dahl,Morton Dahl,Oscar C Dales,Mary Daley,George E Daley,George R Daley,Isabella C Daley,Lorraine J Daley,Thos A Dalluge,Albert H Dalton,Arthur Dalton,Arthur Dalton,Ralph Dalton,Rudl Daly,Thomas Dangerfield,Joseph Dangerfield,Ruth Daniels,Bernard H Daniels,Henry Dann,Nellie J Dann,William F Daren,Emm A Daren,Jerome Daren,Jerome Darling,Gertrude L Darling,Grace Darling,John F Darvie,Priscilla Davenport,Joanna Davenport,Nellie Davenport,Stephen Davenport,Stephen Davenport,William Hasbr David,Benjamin David,Sally Davidson,Amanda Davidson,Ellen Davidson,Jesse B Davies,Annie Davis,--- Davis,Abram Helm Davis,Abram V* Davis,Abrams Davis,Agnes E Davis,Albert L Davis,Alberta Davis,Aletta Davis,Alice Davis,Alonzo Davis,Alonzo G Davis,Alphonso Davis,Andrew Davis,Andrew Davis,Andrew C Davis,Andrew G Davis,Andrew H Davis,Andrew W Davis,Andries Davis,Andries Davis,Ann Eliza Davis,Anna Davis,Anna Davis,Anna Davis,Anna H Davis,Anna M Davis,Annette Davis,Arthur Davis,Arthur Davis,Arthur Davis,Augusta Davis,Augusta H Davis,Belle Davis,Benjamin H Davis,Benjamin O Davis,Bertha Davis,Blandina Davis,Byron Davis,Carl S Davis,Carrie Davis,Carrie Davis,Catherine Davis,Catherine Davis,Catherine Davis,Catherine Davis,Catherine Ann Davis,Catherine Jane Davis,Charity Davis,Charity M Davis,Charles Davis,Charles H Davis,Charlotte Davis,Charlotte Davis,Chester Davis,Chester Davis,Chester A Davis,Christiana Davis,Clarence H Davis,Clarence H Davis,Clarinda Davis,Clark Davis,Clark Davis,Clark Davis,Clasia Davis,Clayton Davis,Clyde Davis,Clyde Davis,Cornelia Davis,Cornelious M Davis,David Davis,DePuy Davis,Dianna Davis,Earl Davis,Earl J Davis,Earnist Davis,Edith Marie Davis,Edna Davis,Edna Davis,Edna Davis,Edna Davis,Edna M Davis,Elisha P Davis,Eliza Davis,Eliza Ann Davis,Eliza C Davis,Elizabeth Davis,Elizabeth Davis,Elizabeth Davis,Elizabeth Davis,Elizabeth V Davis,Ellsworth Davis,Elmer G Davis,Elvina Davis,Emma Davis,Emma A Davis,Emma C Davis,Ermie E Davis,Ernest L Davis,Ernest S Davis,Florence Davis,Florence Marie Davis,Florence S Davis,Floyd Davis,Floyd Davis,Floyd J Davis,Frank N Davis,Fred H Davis,Frederick E Davis,Frederick H Davis,G R Davis,Gadron C Davis,Garret N Davis,George Davis,George W Davis,Gordon C Davis,Gordon C Davis,Gould S Davis,Granville N Davis,Green L Davis,Green L Davis,Greene L Davis,Halsey Davis,Hannah Davis,Harold Davis,Harriett Davis,Harvey Davis,Harvey L Davis,Hasbrouck Davis,Helen Davis,Henry C Davis,Hiram Davis,Hiram A Davis,Horatie Davis,Ida M Davis,Idella Davis,Ira B Davis,Isaac Davis,Isaac Davis,Isaac Davis,Isaac Davis,Isaac C Davis,Isabella Davis,J H Davis,Jacob F Davis,James Davis,James A Davis,James Henry Davis,James I Davis,James M Davis,Jane A Davis,Janette Davis,Jennie Davis,Jeremiah Davis,Jerry Davis,Jesse Davis,John Davis,John B Davis,John B Davis,John H Davis,John J Davis,John J Davis,Joseph Davis,Joseph Davis,Joseph Davis,Josephine Davis,Julia A Davis,Kath Davis,Kemble Davis,Leonard Davis,Leroy Davis,Lester B Davis,Lester S Davis,Lester S Davis,Lizzie Davis,Loretta Davis,Lucinda Davis,Lucinda Davis,Lydia A Davis,Lymann Davis,Mae D Davis,Maria Davis,Maria A Davis,Marion F Davis,Martin Davis,Marvin Davis,Mary Davis,Mary Davis,Mary A Davis,Mary E Davis,Mary Jane Davis,Mead Davis,Melissa Davis,Merritt G Davis,Mildred Davis,Moses S Davis,Myron C Davis,Myrtle C Davis,Nellie M Davis,Nettie C Davis,Nettie C Davis,Nettie M Davis,Oakley Davis,Perry Davis,Perry Davis,Peter J Davis,Peter M Davis,Phebe Davis,Phebe C Davis,Phebe E Davis,Rachel E Davis,Ralph E Davis,Ray W Davis,Raymond Davis,Raymond Davis,Rebecca M Davis,Rebecca M Davis,Rhoda Davis,Rhoda Davis,Rosina Davis,Samuel Davis,Samuel Davis,Samuel J Davis,Sarah Davis,Sarah Davis,Sarah Davis,Sarah C Davis,Sarah C Davis,Sarah E Davis,Sarah E Davis,Sarah G Davis,Shepard Davis,Siah Davis,Stanley Davis,Stephen Davis,Stephen H Davis,Stephen S Davis,Thomas M Davis,Titus Davis,Uriah B Davis,Valentine Davis,Virginia S Davis,W Chancy Davis,Walton Davis,Watson Davis,Wesley Davis,William H Davis,Willis Davis,Willis R Davis,Wilson A Davis,Wm Davis,Zenia Dawes,Nathaniel Thomas Dawson,Lillian Day,Abigail P K Dayo,---ghter Dayton,Alma C Dayton,C Harold Dayton,Jacob Dayton,James E Dayton,Mary De Pew,Frank De Witt,Martina De Witt,Newkirk D W Dean,Arietta F Dean,Eliza Dean,Elliot B Dean,Elliot R Dean,Jesse Dean,John G Dean,Salina Dean,Thankful Dearinger,Catharine Dearstyne,Lewis Dearstyne,Simon S Dearstyne,Tammy Debates,Dora Mae DeBoice,Cordelia DeBois,Coral DeBois,Lewis Decker,Adella C Decker,Ann Decker,Asa Decker,Awilda Decker,Benjamin J Decker,Bertha E Decker,Bertha M Decker,Catherine Decker,Charles D Decker,Charlotte Decker,Daniel L Decker,Deliah Decker,Dorothy H Decker,Earl Ralph Decker,Edmund V Decker,Electer Decker,Elizabeth Decker,Elizabeth Decker,Ella Decker,Ethan S Decker,Ethel Decker,Florence Decker,Frank Decker,George N Decker,Hattie Decker,Ida C Decker,Jane A Decker,Jeremiah R Decker,Joanna Decker,John Decker,John L Decker,Judson Decker,Leonard Decker,Lizzie Decker,Lizzie Decker,Lucretia Decker,Luther Decker,Margaret Decker,Martain A Decker,Martha Decker,Martha A Decker,Martha J Decker,Martin S Decker,Martin V* Decker,Mary E Decker,Mary F Decker,Melissa Decker,Melissa A Decker,Minnie Decker,Orvie Decker,Peter M Decker,Phebe Decker,Rosa Decker,Samuel Decker,Samuel M Decker,Susan C Decker,Susan C Decker,Weston L Decker,Wm Decker,Wm H Dederick,Anna Dederick,Catherine Dederick,David Dederick,George Dederick,Henry Dederick,Henry Dederick,Jurry William Dederick,Leonard S Dederick,Maria Dederick,Matthew W Dederick,Sarah Dederick,Walter D Dederick,Willie E DeGarmo,Henry DeGarmo,Henry DeGarmo,Julia DeGarmo,Julia A DeGarmo,Sarah A DeGraff,Anna C DeGraff,Casper DeGraff,Casper W DeGraff,Celia DeGraff,Celia DeGraff,Edgar T DeGraff,Frederick DeGraff,Garrett D L DeGraff,Henry DeGraff,Jacob P DeGraff,Jacobus DeGraff,James M DeGraff,Jane DeGraff,John C DeGraff,Katie DeGraff,Katie DeGraff,Lawrence DeGraff,Louisa DeGraff,Mary DeGraff,Mary V* DeGraff,Peter C DeGraff,Serena E DeGraff,Walter DeGraff,Wesley V DeGroat,Ann DeGroff,Anna E DeGroff,Josephine DeGroff,Matthew V DeGroff,William L DeGroodt,Albion DeGroodt,Elizabeth DeGroodt,Elmer S DeGroodt,Hazel DeGroodt,Jacob L DeGroodt,James DeGroodt,Leah Mae DeGroodt,Raymond DeGroodt,Samuel DeGroot,Dora Deitrich,Alice N Deitrich,Harold C Deits,Eliza Deits,John A Deitz,Alfred Deitz,Delancy Deitz,Jemima Deitz,Libbie Deitz,Mary E Deitz,William Deitz,William Delamarter,Charlotte J Delamarter,Sarah Delamater,Amanda DeLamater,Blindean Delamater,Burton W Delamater,Charles Delamater,Cornelius Delamater,Dinah C Delamater,Eli Delamater,Harold W Delamater,John E Delamater,Lydia Delamater,Maria Delamater,Maria Jane Delamater,Minnie Delamater,Rachel E Delamater,Sarah A Delamater,Susan F Delamater,Wm Delameter,Abram H Delameter,Emma Delameter,Mary A DeLaMontanye,Maria DeLaMontanye,Nancy DeLaMontanye,Nancy A Delemeter,Abram H Delemeter,Lydia DeLeon,Glenda DeLewis,Angelo DeLewis,Olga DeLong,Daty DeLong,Deliah DeLong,Marcus DeLong,Olive Demarest,Howard deMichelle,J H Deming,Andres Deming,Anson Deming,Deborah Deming,Phebe A Deming,Sarah Ann Deming,William H Demming,Mary Demsky,Herman J Demsky,Martha W Denhurst,Leona Dennis,Nancy Denton,Beulah C Denton,Dorcas Denton,Eliza Denton,Hannah Denton,John A S Denton,John H Denton,Johnas Denton,Jonas DePew,Cinderella DePew,Dorothy DePew,Elizabeth DePew,Etta DePew,Frank L DePew,G F DePew,George F DePew,Glendora DePew,Jacob D DePew,Kent Lyle DePew,Rosetta DePuy,--- DePuy,Albert DePuy,Alexander DePuy,Ann DePuy,Anna M DePuy,Anna Margaret DePuy,B DePuy,Benjamin DePuy,C J DePuy,Carrie M DePuy,Catharine J DePuy,Catherine DePuy,Catherine J DePuy,Charity I DePuy,Christina DePuy,Cora DePuy,Cornelius M DePuy,DeWitt C DePuy,Dinah DePuy,Dinah DePuy,Dorothy V* DePuy,Edith Belle DePuy,Elias J DePuy,Elisha DePuy,Eliza K DePuy,Elizabeth DePuy,Ephraim E DePuy,Helena DePuy,Isiah DePuy,Jacob C DePuy,Jacob H DePuy,Jacob H DePuy,Jansen R DePuy,John C DePuy,John P DePuy,Joseph DePuy,Joseph DePuy,Julia DePuy,Lydia DePuy,Maria DePuy,Maria DePuy,Mariah DePuy,Martha DePuy,Mary DePuy,Mary DePuy,Mary DePuy,Mary C DePuy,Mary C DePuy,Moses DePuy,Moses J DePuy,Nancy DePuy,Olivia DePuy,Phebe E DePuy,Rachel DePuy,Rachel DePuy,Rachel J DePuy,Ralph W DePuy,Raymond DePuy,Sarah DePuy,Sarah DePuy,Simeon DePuy,Simon S DePuy,Susan DePuy,Wilber F DePuy,William M DeSantos,Elvira DeVall,Celia M DeVall,Mary A DeValle,Eunice deVisscher,Cornelis V J Devlin,Jennie Devlin,Walter DeVoe,Belle F DeVoe,Clinton C DeVoe,Gertrude L DeVoe,Louisa DeVoe,Louisa H DeVoe,Mary H DeWald,Sarah J Dewey,Blandina Dewey,Blandina Dewey,G Dewey,Gaius Dewey,Gaius Dewey,Gaius Dewey,Margaret Dewey,Mary DeWitt,--- DeWitt,Abraham DeWitt,Abraham Gaasbeek DeWitt,Abram T E DeWitt,Andries A DeWitt,Anna DeWitt,Anna DeWitt,Anna M DeWitt,Bertha DeWitt,Blandina DeWitt,Charles DeWitt,Chauncey DeWitt,Christopher N DeWitt,Cornelia DeWitt,Cornelia DeWitt,Dora DeWitt,Edna DeWitt,Elizabeth DeWitt,Elizabeth DeWitt,Emma DeWitt,Floyd W DeWitt,George W DeWitt,Gerald DeWitt,Gerald DeWitt,Grace DeWitt,Grover DeWitt,Harry DeWitt,Harry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry DeWitt,Henry S DeWitt,J Wallace DeWitt,Jacob DeWitt,Jacob DeWitt,Jacob DeWitt,Jacob Gray DeWitt,Jane DeWitt,Lillian DeWitt,Lorin DeWitt,Lula DeWitt,Lulu DeWitt,Mabel C DeWitt,Maria DeWitt,Maria H DeWitt,Martha DeWitt,Martha DeWitt,Mary DeWitt,Mary A DeWitt,Mary C DeWitt,Mary J DeWitt,Matthew P DeWitt,Matthew TenEyck DeWitt,Milard DeWitt,Minnie W DeWitt,Norman DeWitt,Norman DeWitt,Oliver DeWitt,Peter DeWitt,Priscilla DeWitt,Priscilla DeWitt,Rachel DeWitt,Richard DeWitt,Samuel DeWitt,Sarah DeWitt,Sarah DeWitt,Sarah DeWitt,Sarah E DeWitt,Sarah Jane DeWitt,Sarah Jane DeWitt,Stewart D DeWitt,TenEyck DeWitt,Tilleran DeWitt,William Deyo,Abigail Deyo,Abram Deyo,Addison Deyo,Albert Deyo,Alice Helena Deyo,Andrew Deyo,Anna Deyo,C Deyo,David Deyo,Dinnah Deyo,Eleanor Deyo,Elizabeth Deyo,Elizabeth Deyo,George Deyo,George Heley Deyo,Gertrude M Deyo,H Deyo,Harriet Elizabeth Deyo,Helen Deyo,Hendrick Deyo,Henry Deyo,Henry Deyo,Henry Deyo,Henry Deyo,Hiram Clark Deyo,Jacob Deyo,Jacob Deyo,Jane Deyo,Jane Deyo,John R Deyo,John W Deyo,Joseph Deyo,Joseph Deyo,Joseph H Deyo,Joseph H Deyo,Julia Deyo,M L Deyo,Maria Deyo,Maria Deyo,Mary Helen Deyo,Moses F Deyo,Nathan Deyo,Neva Deyo,Phebe Deyo,Phebe Deyo,Rachel D Deyo,Rebecca E Deyo,Reuben Deyo,Sarah Deyo,Simeon Deyo,Simeon S Deyo,William E Deyo,William E Deyoe,Fm M Dhianelli,Elsie Dibbell,Clara Dibbell,William Dickenson,Job Dickinger,Frank H Dickinger,Hulda A Dickinson,Sarah Dickman,George Diehl,Douw Diehl,George J Diehl,Harold Diehl,Louise Diehl,William H Diets,Abraham Diets,Charles Diets,Jonathan Diets,Lottie Dietz,Frances Dihl,Christine Dillon,Barbara J Dillon,Ellen M Dillon,LaNorma F Dillon,Mildred Dillon,Richard M Dimmick,Elizabeth Dimsey,Kenneth Dimsey,Phebe E Dimsey,Rachel Anna Dimsey,Wm H Dingee,--- Dingee,Algretta Dingee,Alton B P Dingee,Joseph Dingee,Joseph E Dinger,Eve Dingfeldt,Eda Dingfeldt,Elvira Dingy,Lizzy Ditter,Alfons Ditter,Luise Divine,Isaac J Divine,Nathan B Dixon,Benjamin C Dixon,Frank C Dixon,George T Dixon,Jennie C Dixon,Lloyd C Dixon,Mary E Dodson,Annis Doebele,Anton Doebele,Johanna Doebele,Maria Doheny,Eva Doherty,Helen E Doherty,John P Dolan,Alessandra Dolan,Bridget Dolan,J Vincent Dolan,Margaret Dolan,Martin Dolan,Mary Dolan,Patrick Dolcemascolo,Agnes Dolcemascolo,Louis Doll,John T Donahue,Bridget Donahue,Ella Donahue,James Donahue,James A Donahue,John Donahue,Kathryn Donaldson,Anna Donaldson,Bradford D Donaldson,Hannah Donaldson,Hugh Donaldson,Johanna Donaldson,Lorana Donaldson,Mary Donaldson,Patrick Donaldson,Rachel H Donaldson,Wm Donehue,Adelaide Donehue,Arland B Donehue,Clarence T Donehue,Edna A Donehue,Floyd H Donehue,George C Donehue,Hugh Donehue,Hugh Donivan,Charles Donivan,Cyrus Donivan,Roy A Donohue,Catherine Donohue,Clifford G Donohue,Daniel Donohue,Daniel Donohue,Daniel J Donohue,Daniel J Donohue,Eileen Donohue,Ellen Donohue,Gardner C Donohue,Isabelle H Donohue,James Donohue,James Donohue,James A Donohue,Joann Donohue,Joe Donohue,John Donohue,Jonathan Donohue,Katherine Donohue,Margaret Donohue,Margaret Donohue,Margaret Donohue,Mary Donohue,Mary Donohue,Patrick Donohue,William Donovan,Adaline Doolittle,G H Doolittle,L M Doolittle,Wm J Doran,Arthur Doran,Daniel Doran,Elenor Doran,William Doremus,William A Dougherty,Betsy Dougherty,James Dougherty,Jennie L Dougherty,John R Dougherty,Joseph Dougherty,Joseph O Doughty,Leanora A Douglas,Harold F Douglas,Kim Marie Douglass,Jahleal C Douglass,Mentor Douglass,Sarah A M Dowers,Henry B Dowling,Arthur M Dowling,David Downs,Ann Downs,John Downs,Mary Doyle,Abraham Doyle,Abraham Doyle,Edwin T Doyle,George Washington Doyle,Julia C Doyle,Mary J Doyle,Pearl Dragotta,Joseph A Drake,--- Drake,Daniel Hunt Drake,Gilbert Drake,Hendrick Drake,John H Drake,Julia Etta Drake,Lucy Drake,Phebe Drake,Rebecca Drake,Reuben Drake,Samuel Drake,Sarah Drake,Uriah Drake,Viola Drechsler,C J G Drechsler,Elsie K Dreher,Xaver Dresser,John J Driscoll,Mary Drozdowski,Anna Drozdowski,Felix P Drum,Annie E Drust,Evelyn Dryer,Aaron Dryer,Ambrose Dryer,Brossay Duboice,Elsie DuBois,--- DuBois,--- DuBois,--- DuBois,Abbie DuBois,Abner DuBois,Abram V DuBois,Adrienne L DuBois,Albert DuBois,Alice DuBois,Amos DuBois,Amy DuBois,Andrew DuBois,Andrew DuBois,Benjamin J DuBois,Benjamin L DuBois,Byron DuBois,Caroline DuBois,Catherine DuBois,Charles F DuBois,Charles R DuBois,Charlie DuBois,Clara DuBois,Cornelia A DuBois,Daniel DuBois,Edna DuBois,Edward P DuBois,Effie Dubois,Eliza M DuBois,Eliza M DuBois,Elizabeth DuBois,Elizabeth DuBois,Ellen Selina DuBois,Emily DuBois,Eugene DuBois,Florence DuBois,Frank Gordon DuBois,George C DuBois,George W DuBois,George W DuBois,Gertrude L DuBois,Grace DuBois,Henry A DuBois,Henry A DuBois,Herman DuBois,Herman L DuBois,Herman W DuBois,Hester A DuBois,Ida A DuBois,Jacob B DuBois,Jacob B DuBois,James O DuBois,Jane DuBois,Jane DuBois,Jane Ann DuBois,Jessie DuBois,Johenes DuBois,John DuBois,John Henry DuBois,John Henry DuBois,Jonathan DuBois,Joseph DuBois,Joseph S DuBois,Julia DuBois,Laura DuBois,Lemuel E DuBois,Libbie M DuBois,Margaret DuBois,Maria DuBois,Maria DuBois,Mariah M DuBois,Mary DuBois,Mary DuBois,Mary C DuBois,Mary Elizabeth DuBois,Minnie DuBois,Nettie DuBois,Norman DuBois,Olive DuBois,Orrin DuBois,Peter A DuBois,Rachel DuBois,Rachel DuBois,Salina DuBois,Samuel DuBois,Sephrine DuBois,Serena DuBois,Simon C DuBois,Simon W DuBois,Susan DuBois,Theora DuBois,Thomas S DuBois,Walter DuBois,William V Duboise,Catherine Ducinberrie,Helen Ducinberrie,Theodore Dudley,Catharine Dudley,DeWitt Dudley,Emma Dudley,Katie Dudley,Mary Dudley,Mary Dudley,William H Dudrey,Benjamin W Dudrey,Cornelia A Dudrey,Elizabeth Dudrey,John J Dudrey,Kenneth W Dudrey,Lemuel W Dudrey,Louisa Dudrey,Louisa C Dudrey,M Ella Dudrey,Mary Dudrey,Sarah Elizabeth Dudrey,Stanley J Duffy,James Duffy,James W Duffy,Julia Duffy,Owen Duffy,Patrick J Duffy,William Duffy,Winifred C Duhs,Beatrice Dumond,Charles Dumond,Frank H Dumond,Hannah M Dumond,John O Dumond,Joshua D Dumond,Newkirk Dumond,Sarah Dunbar,Emma F Duncan,Abram R Duncan,Eliz Duncan,James Duncomb,Samuel Duncombe,Charles Duncombe,Delilah Duncombe,DuBois Duncombe,DuBois Duncombe,Jane C Duncombe,Mary H Duncombe,Samuel Duncombe,Willet Dunham,Catherine Dunham,Clarence C Dunham,Eugene Dunham,Jesse D Dunham,Nellie B Dunham,Omar Dunham,Samuel Dunham,Ward Dunham,Ward J Dunla,Johnie Dunla,Robert Dunlap,Frank G Dunlap,Harold Dunlap,Howard Dunlap,Isabella Dunlap,Norman L Dunlap,Walter F Dunlap,William S Dunn,Ann Dunn,Edna F Dunn,George W Dunn,Ida J Dunn,Joseph Dunn,Mary Dunn,Mary Dunn,Patience Dunn,Patrick Dunn,Solomon Dunnagan,Alfred Dunnagan,Cath J Dunnagan,Lorenzo Dunnagan,Mary E Dunnagan,Solomon Dunnagan,William Durham,Carrie Durham,Eva Durham,Lewis Durham,Lewis M Durham,Roscoe Durham,Susan C Durham,Tora M Durham,Viola E Durham,William F Dury,Elizabeth Dury,Lawrence L Duryea,Daniel Duryea,Jane Duryea,Mary Duryea,Mary Emma Dusinberre,Catherine E Dusinberre,Ella Dusinberre,Eugene Dusinberre,George Dusinberre,John Dusinberre,Mary E Dusinberre,Philip Dutcher,Addie Dutcher,Agusta Dutcher,Betty Dutcher,Byron Dutcher,Charles Dutcher,Charles L Dutcher,Claretta Dutcher,Claude H Dutcher,Edward Dutcher,Emeline Dutcher,Harriett Dutcher,Harry E Dutcher,Helen M Dutcher,Henrietta Dutcher,James W Dutcher,Josephine Dutcher,Lafayette Dutcher,Laff Dutcher,Louise Dutcher,Mabel Dutcher,Nelia E Dutcher,Thankfull Dutcher,Thomas W DuVall,Isaac DuVall,John R Duym,Anthony Duym,Anthony Duym,Charlotte Duym,Janet Dwyer,Elizabeth Dwyer,James Dwyer,Julia Dwyer,Lizzie Dwyer,Mary Dwyer,William Dyer,Charlotte Dyer,John Henry Dymond,Bertha Dymond,Bertha Dymond,Frank Dymond,Herbert Dymond,Horace Dymond,Isaac Dymond,Jeffrey Lynn Dymond,Mabel Dymond,Phebe Dymond,Phoebe A Dymond,Sarah L Dymond,William P

********************* E ************** Ean,Victor Earl,Albert Earl,Albert Earl,Josephine Earl,Josephine Earl,Nettie Eastman,Bessie Ebel,A Carol Ebel,David J Eck,Caroline Eck,Clarence Eck,Conrad Eck,Edward Eck,Edward Eck,Edward Eck,Elizabeth Eck,Ella M Eck,Frederick Eck,George A Eck,John Eck,Joseph Eck,Maggie Eckerson,Cornelius Eckerson,Edith E Eckert,Adalida Eckert,Adaline Eckert,Albert Eckert,Albert Eckert,Alfred Eckert,Amadilla Eckert,Amanda Eckert,Amelia O Eckert,Billeche Eckert,Catharine Eckert,Catharine Eckert,Charles Eckert,Charles Eckert,Charles N Eckert,Charlie Eckert,Clara M Eckert,Clarence F Eckert,Cora Eckert,Cornelia Eckert,Cornelia C Eckert,Cornelius Eckert,David J Eckert,Delilah Eckert,Dora Eckert,Elisha Eckert,Eliza C Eckert,Elizabeth Eckert,Elizabeth Eckert,Elizabeth E Eckert,Elizabeth F Eckert,Elta Eckert,Eltia Eckert,Ester Eckert,Esther Eckert,Eugene N B Eckert,Francis Eckert,Fred E Eckert,Fred E Eckert,Frederick S Eckert,George Eckert,George A Eckert,George A Eckert,George W Eckert,Georgia A Eckert,Gertrude Eckert,Granville Eckert,Hannah Eckert,Hannah Eckert,Hannah M Eckert,J M Eckert,Jacob Eckert,Jacob R Eckert,James C Eckert,James R Eckert,James V Eckert,Jane Eckert,John D Eckert,John G Eckert,John P Eckert,Julia Ann Eckert,Julius H Eckert,Lewis Eckert,Lorenzo Eckert,Lorin Eckert,Lottie Eckert,Louise E Eckert,Maria C Eckert,Martin L Eckert,Mary Eckert,Mary Ann Eckert,Milton C Eckert,Minerva Eckert,Moses Eckert,Nellie Eckert,Nettie L Eckert,Orie E Eckert,Peter Eckert,Peter G Eckert,Peter G Eckert,Peter H Eckert,Peter J Eckert,Roena Eckert,Sally Eckert,Sally Eckert,Sarah Eckert,Sarah Eliza Eckert,Sarah J Eckert,Shirley A Eckert,Solomon D Eckert,Stella Eckert,Thompson Eckert,Ursula Eckert,Viola Eckert,Wilson S Eckhoff,Alberta M Eckhoff,Arthur B Economu,Anna Economu,Cocia Eddy,Chloe Eddy,George Eddy,George Eddy,George Eddy,Moses Eddy,Sarah Eddy,Stephen Edge,Horace L Edge,N L Edler,Chester W Edler,Harry J Edler,Henry John Edler,Irene E Edmiston,E Russell Edmonds,Mary Edmunds,Evert V Edson,--- Edwards,--- Edwards,Ann Eliza Edwards,Clara Edwards,George Edwards,Leonard Edwards,Morris Edwards,Morris Edwards,Nancy Edwards,Raymond A Edwards,Ward Edwards,Wealthy Edwards,Wygant Eggner,Elizabeth Eggner,Elizabeth Eggner,Lewis Eggner,Mary Ann Eggner,Peter Egner,Alida C Egner,Eliza C Egner,Lewis Egnor,William Eichler,Henry H Eichler,Kathryn E Eighmey,Barnett Eighmey,Benson D Eighmey,Cosby H Eighmey,Daniel S Eighmey,Elias D Eighmey,Ella L Eighmey,Fannie S Eighmey,Joab L Eighmey,John L Eighmey,Lany Eighmey,Oscar B Eighmey,Philip Eighmey,Phillip B Eighmey,Ralph Elias Eighmey,Ruth Eighmey,Samuel B Eighmy,--- Eighmy,Daniel Eignor,Abraham S Eignor,Alfred Eignor,Alfred Eignor,Algernon Eignor,Gola Lillian Eignor,Golda Lillian Eignor,Harold C Eignor,Isaac J Eignor,James O Eignor,Laura B Eignor,Leslie E Eignor,Margaret Eignor,Margaret T Eignor,Maria E Eignor,Martha A Eignor,Mary J Eignor,Naomi Eignor,Phebe Eignor,Sarah C Eignor,Smith A Eldridge,Florence Eldridge,Gertrude Eldridge,William Eller,Edna M Eller,Elizabeth G Elliot,Elizabeth Elliot,John Elliot,Robert Elliot,Robert Elliott,Cornelia A Elliott,Edith Elliott,Fedrico D Elliott,Katie R Elliott,Mabel A Ellis,Alida D Ellis,Olive Ellison,Catherine Ellison,Jane M Ellsworth,Armantha A Ellsworth,Beatrice M Ellsworth,Edgar Ellsworth,Edith Ellsworth,Edward Roy Ellsworth,Eliza H Ellsworth,Elmer Ellsworth,Eugene Ellsworth,Evelyn Ellsworth,Gertrude Ellsworth,Harry Ellsworth,Harry Ellsworth,Iona M Ellsworth,James Ellsworth,Katie V Ellsworth,Ross S Ellsworth,Willetta Ellsworth,William Elmendor,Maria Elmendorf,Abram D Elmendorf,Arthur Elmendorf,Blandina Elmendorf,Blandina Elmendorf,Catherine Elmendorf,Catherine Elmendorf,Claud Elmendorf,Cornelius B Elmendorf,Cyrus Elmendorf,David Elmendorf,David Charles Elmendorf,Delia Elmendorf,Delilah Elmendorf,Edna Elmendorf,Edward Elmendorf,Elias Elmendorf,Eliz Elmendorf,Ellen Elmendorf,Emma K Elmendorf,Evelyn Elmendorf,Fannie B Elmendorf,Fred R Elmendorf,Frederick Elmendorf,Frederick S Elmendorf,Guy Elmendorf,Hester C Elmendorf,Hubbert Elmendorf,Ira Elmendorf,James F Elmendorf,James H Elmendorf,Jane C Elmendorf,John A Elmendorf,John A Elmendorf,John Charles Elmendorf,John W Elmendorf,Lizzie Elmendorf,Lottie Elmendorf,Louis Elmendorf,Mabel C Elmendorf,Mary J Elmendorf,Mary Jane Elmendorf,Milton Elmendorf,Minard D B Elmendorf,Minne Elmendorf,Nettie Elmendorf,Norman Elmendorf,Oscar Elmendorf,Philetus Elmendorf,Phoebe A Elmendorf,Rachel Elmendorf,Rachel M Elmendorf,Sarah Elmendorf,Sarah C Elmendorf,Sarah M Elmendorf,Satie E Elmendorf,Simon R Elmendorf,Tracy Elmendorf,Vernon Elmendorf,Willett Elmendorph,Coenrad J Elmendorph,Levi Elmina,Sarah H Elmore,Magdalen Elmore,Martha Elmore,Riverious P Elsworth,Amelia Elsworth,Charles Elsworth,Cornelia Elsworth,Cornelius Elsworth,Daniel L Elsworth,Elting E Elsworth,Hattie Elsworth,Lulu Elsworth,William Eltine,Jane Elting,Cornelia Elting,David Elting,Ira H Elting,Jane Lucretia Elting,Mary Elting,May* Elting,Walter Elting,William S Eltinge,Acton W Eltinge,Anna Eltinge,Anna A Eltinge,Blandina Eltinge,Catharine Eltinge,Catherine Eltinge,Electa Eltinge,Elizabeth Eltinge,Hannah Eltinge,Henry D Eltinge,Henry E Eltinge,Henry P Eltinge,John H Eltinge,Kate Eltinge,Martina Eltinge,Mary C Eltinge,Noah Eltinge,Noah Eltinge,Philip Eltinge,Rachel Eltinge,Rebecca Eltinge,Solomon Eltze,Christine Eltze,George Elzea,Thomas Emberson,Carson Emberson,Carson M Emberson,Charles Emberson,Inez F Embre,Delena Embree,Abby Embree,Abigail Embree,Catherine Embree,Catherine Embree,Clarence D Embree,Curtiss Embree,Delia Embree,Florence Embree,George Embree,George Embree,Gertrude M Embree,Hector Embree,Isaac Embree,Jacob Embree,Jennie Embree,John Embree,Joseph Embree,Joseph Embree,Judy Embree,Loretta M Embree,Lydia Embree,Margaret Embree,Mariah Embree,Mary Embree,Mellisa A Embree,Millie G Embree,Peter Embree,Peter Embree,Rebecca Embree,Rebecca Embree,Richard Embree,Rowland Embree,Sally Embree,Stephen Embree,Susanna Embree,Vernon Embree,William Embree,William Embree,William Embree,William H Embree,Wm H Embry,Maria Emmet,Elmer E Emory,Alice V Emory,Alonzo Emory,Edith Emory,Mary Empt,Elthea Empt,Ezra Empt,Katheryn Empt,Phillip F Emsley,Chester E Emsley,Clarence Emsley,Laura Enderly,--- Enderly,Carrie Enderly,Cora Enderly,Cora E Enderly,Elizabeth Enderly,Emm A Enderly,Eugene Enderly,Gitty R Enderly,H A Enderly,Hannah Lois Enderly,Helen Enderly,Jacob Enderly,Jacob Enderly,James H Enderly,James H Enderly,John R Enderly,John W Enderly,Josephine Enderly,Joshua Enderly,Joshua R Enderly,Lillian E Enderly,Margaret Enderly,Mary E Enderly,Preston Enderly,Sarah Jane Enderly,Simon Engelhart,Florence M Engelhart,Laurence A Ennest,James D Ennest,Mary J Ennest,Rhoda Ennest,William Ennist,Alice Ennist,Amanda Ennist,Belle Ennist,Charlie Ennist,Cornelia C Ennist,Edna T Ennist,Elcy E Ennist,Harry Ennist,Harry Ennist,Helen R Ennist,Hilda F Ennist,Ira Ennist,Isaac L Ennist,James Ennist,John R Ennist,John R Ennist,Marcia Ennist,Mariah Ennist,Mary E Ennist,N Jansen Ennist,Nina Ennist,Richard Ennist,Robert H Ennist,Samuel Ennist,William Enroth,Robert M Erbie,George Erbie,Sarah Etta Erickson,Ida Erickson,Mary Erickson,Roy Espenhain,Hedwig Essig,Mary M Eter,Joseph Etsall,Susan Etz,Mary Evans,Anna Evans,Augusta Evans,David H Evans,Frances R Evans,Joseph A Evans,Mary E Everet,Milly Everett,Amelia Everett,Anna J Everett,Clemine Everett,Cora Ella Everett,Daniel Lawrence Everett,Emily Everett,George M Everett,Harold R Everett,Henry Everett,John Everett,John M Everett,Josephine Everett,Julia Etta Everett,Mary Ann Everett,Mary Ann Everett,Matilda Everett,Nehemiah Everett,North S Everett,Thomas B Everetts,Anna L Everitt,Daniel Everitt,Edna C Everitt,Lawrence S Evertson,Nicholas Every,Abel Every,Abel Every,Albert Every,Albert Every,Alice E Every,Almeadie Every,Alonzo Every,Alvin D Every,Amer Every,Andrew Every,Andrew P Every,Andrew P Every,Annie Every,Charles Every,Charles Every,Daniel Every,David Every,Ella Every,Ella M Every,Emma Every,Ernest L Every,Esther Every,Ethel Every,Eva Every,Florence Every,Fred Every,Frederick W Every,Freeman Every,Gladys Every,Hector D Every,Helen Every,Henry Every,Isaac Every,Isaac U Every,Jane E Every,Joseph D Every,Josephine Every,Josephine Every,Latus Every,Lavinia C Every,Leon Every,Lillian Every,Lizzie Every,Lottie Every,Maria Every,Martin Every,Mary Every,Mary Every,Minnie F Every,Mitchell Every,Moses C Every,Orpha Every,Pearl Every,Peter Every,Preston Every,Rachel Every,Rachel M Every,Rebecca Every,Rebecca Every,Roy Every,Rozetta Every,Sally Every,Sally Every,Sylvester Every,Uriah U Every,Urilla Every,Virgil Every,William Evory,Martha J Evory,Robert B Eyck,George Eyck,Lyda

******************** F **************** Fairbairn,Aileen Fairbairn,Archie Fairbairn,Arthur W Fairbairn,David L Fairbairn,Elizabeth Fairbairn,Frances E Fairbairn,Jane H Fairbairn,Jarvis B Fairbairn,John Fairbairn,Miller F Fairbairn,Nelson Fairbairn,Oscar Farand,Mary Jane Farrand,Sarah Farrand,William Faulkner,David A Faulkner,Donna Faulkner,Kristen Erin Faulkner,Thomas F Fauth,Katherine Feathers,Catherine M Feathers,Leslie H Feldhusen,Kathryn Felten,Anna M Felter,John K Felter,Sarah Feltman,Adam Feltman,Anna Feltman,Clarence Feltman,Jacob Feltman,Lewis Feltman,Minnie Feltman,Peter Feltman,Willie Fennelly,Anna Fennelly,Dorothy Fennelly,Ellen Fennelly,Ellen A Fennelly,John Fennelly,Katie Meehan Fennelly,Mamie Fennelly,Margaret Fennelly,Maria Fennelly,Maria Fennelly,Mary Fennelly,Mary Fennelly,P J Fennelly,Patrick Fennelly,Thomas Fennelly,Tom Fennelly,William Fennelly,Willie Fenney,Dad Fenwick,Eliza Fenwick,John F Ferguson,Alex Ferguson,Lester O Ferguson,Mary E Ferguson,Ruth H Ferguson,William V Ferman,John Ferman,Lenate M Fero,Arthur Fero,George Fero,George Fero,Sarah E Fero,William Fero,Wm Ferriado,Josephine Ferriado,Lena Ferrigan,Brian J Ferrigan,Robert E Fiedler,Amelia M Fiedler,Ferdinand Fiero,Mary E Finch,Clarinda Finch,David G Finch,Delilah C Finch,James Finch,Leona Finch,Mary Finch,Rachel Finch,Walter J Fincke,Josephine Fincke,Louis Fischer,Katherine C Fischer,Lawrence Fischer,William Fish,Celia H Fisk,Libbie M Fitch,Esther Fitch,Esther Elizabeth Fitch,Susan Fitch,Thomas Fitch,Wilbur Fisk Fitz Randolph,Isabella Fitz Randolph,Mary Ann Fitzgerald,David S Fitzgerald,Effie L Fitzgerald,Jesse Fitzgerald,Johanna Fitzgerald,William G Fitzsimmons,Eva M Flanigan,Ann Flood,David J Flood,Margaret Floyd,Charlie Floyd,Florence Floyd,Sarah F Flynn,Mary Flynn,Mary E Flynn,Peter J Foertner,Frederick Elme Foertner,Mabel Follette,Edith Foote,Frederick B Forbes,Annie Forbes,Charles C Forbes,Christopher Forbes,Eddie Forbes,Eddie Forbes,Edward Forbes,Ellena B Forbes,Freddie A Forbes,Gladys Forbes,Grace Forbes,Harriet E Forbes,Isabella Forbes,James F Forbes,John J Forbes,Joseph L Forbes,Leo Forbes,Margaret Forbes,Nellie Forbes,William E Force,Frank A Ford,Albert A Ford,Albert L Ford,Barbara M Ford,Beatrice M Ford,Charles E Ford,Charles J Ford,David W Ford,Don J Ford,Edna Ford,Edna M Ford,Fred G Ford,John E Ford,Laura Ford,Mary Ford,Merwin Ford,Russel T Ford,Teddy R Fordham,--- Forman,Eliza Forman,Eliza Forman,Joseph Forman,Joseph Forman,Susanah E Formisano,Gusta C Fosler,Eliz P Fosler,Herman Fosler,Jacob E Foster,Charlotte A Foster,Edwin Foster,James L Foster,Jenettie S Foster,Tillie A Foster,William Fowler,--- Fowler,Andrew Fowler,Anne Fowler,Clarence Fowler,Daniel D Fowler,Eliza Fowler,Gabriel Fowler,Hannah Fowler,Margaret Fowler,Marian Fowler,Maude Fowler,Millie Fowler,Phanael Ann Fowler,Philip F Fowler,Seymour H Fowler,Sophia Fowler,Stephen Fowler,Susan Fowler,Thomas Fowler,William Fox,John Fox,Matthew Fox,Sarah Fradenburgh,John W Fraker,John Fraker,Marianna Fraleigh,Dana Fraleigh,Rose Frament,Mildred L France,Delia M France,Edward W France,George France,Harry France,John T France,Margaret A France,Matilda France,Willie Franks,Floretta Franks,Lorinda A Fransen,Freida Fransen,John Franz,Anton M Franz,Edna M Franz,Emma Franz,Henry C Franz,Joseph Fraser,Elizabeth J Frasier,Arthur J Frasier,Augustus K Frasier,Donald L Frasier,Ella R Frasier,Ida J Frasier,Olive Frasier,Pauline Frasier,Sarah E Frasier,Walter B Fratsher,Anna M Frear,John A V W Frech,Emilie Fredenburg,Anna M Frederick,Edna M Freece,James Wendell Freer,Agnes Freer,Alonzo Freer,Alonzo Freer,Amy Freer,Anna L Freer,Benjamin F Freer,Catherine Jane Freer,Caty Freer,Charles L Freer,Chas S Freer,Chester Freer,Chester J Freer,Cleola E Freer,Cornelia Freer,Cornelia A Freer,Daniel Freer,Daniel Freer,Daniel Freer,Dennis B Freer,Edgar Freer,Edith Freer,Edwin B Freer,Egbert E Freer,Eliza M Freer,Elizabeth Freer,Elizabeth Freer,Elizabeth Freer,Ella M Freer,Ellen Freer,Emery Freer,Ezekiel Freer,Floyd Freer,Frank L Freer,George Freer,George A Freer,George H Freer,Gitty Freer,Grace Freer,Gussie Freer,Harriet Freer,Harriette M Freer,Harry Freer,Harry W Freer,Hasbruck Freer,Herman Freer,Hester Freer,Hiram Freer,Isaac F Freer,Isaac F Freer,James R Freer,Jane Ann Freer,Jennie Freer,Jessie Freer,Johanas V* Freer,John J Freer,John R Freer,John R Freer,Jonas E Freer,Joseph Freer,Joshua Freer,Joshua V Freer,Lavora Freer,Lemuel Freer,Lemuel Freer,Libbie Freer,Lillie M Freer,Lillis Freer,Lorenzo Freer,Luther Freer,Mamie Freer,Maria R Freer,Mary Freer,Mary C Freer,Mary Jane Freer,Nicholas L V* Freer,Nora Freer,Permelia Freer,Rachel Freer,Rachel E Freer,Rachel E Freer,Raymond J Freer,Rennie Freer,Sally Freer,Samuel Freer,Samuel D Freer,Sarah A Freer,Simeon Freer,Tillie A Freer,Valentine Freer,Viola Freer,Viva Freer,William F Freer,William H Freer,William H Freer,William M Freer,Willie Freligh,Charles E Freligh,Peter Freligh,Rachel Frey,Catherine Frey,Christian Frick,Jacob Fricke,Agnes M Fricke,Elaine Fricke,J Kenneth Friedman,Frieda Frint,Dimmis Frint,Martina B Frischer,Alexander Timo Frost,Emily Frost,Franklin M Frost,Geraldine Frost,Herbert N Frost,Jacob M Frost,Lester Frost,Mary E Frost,Maurice Frost,Nealie Frost,Stanley Frost,Tamar Frost,Thomas G Frost,W Ernest Frost,William Frost,William Frost,William N Frost,William T Fuller,Amos Fuller,Asa Fuller,Mary Fullerton,Eliza H Fullerton,William A Fulton,Bernice Funfstuck,Rudolf H Furman,Addie B Furman,Ann Furman,Ann Furman,Byron Furman,Catherine J Furman,David J Furman,Edna Furman,Esther Furman,Hannah M Furman,Harold B Furman,Howard B Furman,Howard B Furman,Ira O Furman,Jack Furman,James D Furman,John Furman,John Furman,Joseph Furman,Joseph Furman,Joseph V* Furman,May* Furman,Ora J Furman,Pearl Furman,Rose A Furman,Ward Furman,William Furman,Willie F Fuss,Frieda

***************** G ************** Gabel,Andrew Gabel,Josephine H Gainis,___ Gallagher,Margaret Ganoung,Mary Ganoung,Smith Ganter,Ella Ganter,Oscar Ganty,John Joseph Gardener,Libbie Gardener,Wm Gardiner,Lillian Gardiner,William Gardner,Alberteen Garrison,Abigail Garrison,Addie L Garrison,Catharine Garrison,Charles Garrison,Chas Garrison,Eliza Ann Garrison,Garrabrant Garrison,George D Garrison,Hannah Garrison,Harold E Garrison,Margaret Garrison,Mary E Garrison,Maryett Garrison,Mildred G Garrison,Nellie A Garrison,Nelson O Garrison,Norman Garrison,Rhoda M Garrison,Thomas Garrison,William D Garrison,William E Gasparello,Beckie Gasparello,Tony Gautesen,Kristine Gautesen,Osvald Gavet,Delilah Jane Gavett,Blaisel Gavett,Daniel W Gavett,Delila C Gavett,Delila C Gavett,Elizabeth Jane Gavett,George Gavett,George H Gavett,George R Gavett,George Washingto Gavett,Johonnas Gavett,Levi B Gavett,Levi B Gavett,Levi B Gavett,Levy Gavett,Mary A Gavett,Mary E Gavett,Mary G Gavett,Nancy Gavett,Nancy Gavett,Oscar Gavett,Samuel Gavett,Sylvester Gavett,Thomas G Gavett,Thurston Gavett,William Gavett,William H Gee,Ann Gee,Charles Gee,Charles Gee,Emily Gee,Mary Gee,Rachel Gee,Wm G Gelbert,Jane Gelbert,Janet Gelbert,Joan Gelbert,Milton Gelbert,Myrtle Gemmell,Emily Genova,Francesca Genthner,Anna E Genthner,Charles W Genthner,Christopf F Genthner,Edward Genthner,John M Genthner,John M Genthner,John Philip Genthner,Margaret Genthner,Margaret Genthner,Regine George,Clarence E George,Effie Geralds,David F Geralds,Eliz Gerard,Gordon A Gerard,Roberta A Germin,Bertha Germond,A B Germond,Arthur B Germond,Della Germond,Eugene J Germond,Ronald C Geroldsek,Walter G Gerow,B Gerow,Daniel D Gerow,Evelyn A Gerow,H Gerow,Lillie E Gerow,Lizzie Gerow,Mary Gerow,May* Gerritsen,Asuerus Gertrude,Cath Gessner,Cora Ghear,Carrie Ghear,Franklin Ghear,Jane Ghear,Joseph Ghear,Lillie Gibbens,Abigail Gibbs,John Elwood Gibbs,Mary Virginia Gifford,Bathshebe Gilchrist,Abraham M Mau Gildersleeve,Andrew Gildersleeve,Charles Giles,Abigail S Giles,Benjamin Giles,Charles Giles,Cora Giles,Elizabeth Giles,Joseph B Giles,Mary O Giles,Matilda Gillespie,Abner H Gillespie,Cornelius Gillespie,Cornelius D Gillespie,Donald J Gillespie,Edward Gillespie,Ella E Gillespie,Evelyn Gillespie,Fred Gillespie,Hannah Gillespie,Idella Gillespie,Sarah Gillett,Ida J Gillis,George E Gillis,George Joseph Gilsinger,Cora Giordani,Margherita Gippert,Adam Gippert,Anna C Gippert,Christena Gippert,Conrad Gippert,Conrad Gippert,Emma K Gippert,George Gippert,George Gippert,George Gippert,George A Gippert,Maria Glaize,Luther A Glashoff,Ella L Glass,Anna D Glass,Elsie B Glass,Ronald J Glass,Ronald O Glass,Sandra T Gledhill,Mary Ann Gleisner,Eva Gleisner,Herman Gleisner,Jesse Glen,--- Glen,Louise Glenn,Gaylord Glenn,Robert J Glennon,Eugene Glennon,Jennie Glennon,Lawrence Goa,Marie Goa,Oscar Olsen Godwin,Charles Oscar Godwin,Chas Goetcheus,Allen E Goetcheus,Icilius Goetcheus,Mary Goetcheus,Maurice W Goffredi,Margaret Goffredi,Mickey Goffredi,Mike Goldman,Samuel Goldpaugh,--- Goldpaugh,--- Gollman,Floyd M Gollman,Lulu Gomo,--- Gorden,Juliaetta Gordon,Anna Gordon,Betsy Ann Gordon,Hannah Gordon,James W Gordon,John Gordon,Matilda Gordon,Robert Gordon,Susan Gordon,Virgil Gordon,William H Gorman,Christine Gorman,Raymond V Gorsline,Mary C Gosline,Hannah Gossoo,A S Gossoo,Adeline Gossoo,Allen D Gossoo,Ambrose S Gossoo,Arthur Gossoo,Bertha E Gossoo,Caleb Gossoo,Chapman Gossoo,Charlotte Gossoo,Cora Gossoo,E D Gossoo,Earl F Gossoo,Egbert E Gossoo,Eliza C Gossoo,Ellen Gossoo,Emma K Gossoo,Fanny Gossoo,Frederick J Gossoo,Garrett Gossoo,Garrett C Gossoo,George A Gossoo,George W Gossoo,George W Gossoo,Gossoo Gossoo,H Earl Gossoo,Helena Gossoo,Henrietta Gossoo,Hezekiah Gossoo,Jay A Gossoo,John Gossoo,John G Gossoo,John S Gossoo,Josephine Gossoo,Lewis D Gossoo,Lottie Gossoo,Mae G Gossoo,Margaret M Gossoo,Mary Gossoo,Mary Gossoo,Mary A Gossoo,Mary J Gossoo,Mary M Gossoo,Rosaltha Gossoo,Roy C Gossoo,Sally Gossoo,Sarah Gossoo,Smith A Gossoo,Wash G Gossoo,Washington G Gossoo,William R Gossoo,William S Gottfried,Elsie Grady,Florence S Grady,Frank Edward Grady,John F Grady,M Catherine Graefe,Clara Graefe,M Helen Graefe,Margaret Graham,--- Graham,Aurelia Graham,Betsy J Graham,Charlotte Graham,Christopher Graham,Floyd Graham,I G Graham,James Graham,Jane E Graham,Jennie Graham,Jennie L Graham,Katharine A Graham,Laura Graham,Mary C Graham,Nancy Graham,Nora E Graham,Patrick T Graham,S E Graham,Sally B Graham,Theresa V Graham,William C Graham,William W Granquist,Art Grant,Gail G Grant,Kenneth Grant,Loraine Grant,Loren A Grant,Peter Grant,William O Graubner,Jacob Graves,A C Graves,Artie W Graves,Fannie Graves,M Gray,Anna E Gray,Annie Gray,Arthur Gray,Benjamin Gray,Carl Gray,Charles Gray,Christina Gray,Cornelia C Gray,Drusilla Gray,Edna Gray,Edora M Gray,Edward Gray,Ella Gray,Ella M Gray,George Gray,Gerda Gray,Gertrude M Gray,Harriet M Gray,Hiram F Gray,Hiram F Gray,Isabella Gray,Jacob Gray,Jacob T Gray,Jane Gray,Jane A Gray,Janet Gray,Jason E Gray,Joseph Gray,Levi Gray,Lewis S Gray,Marcia Gray,Margaret Gray,Margaret Gray,Martha Gray,Martha Gray,Mary Gray,Mathias Gray,Montzener Gray,Naomi Gray,Oliver Lewis Gray,Paris Gray,Peonie Gray,Phebe R Gray,Stephen O Gray,Wilson Green,Abby Green,Airly Green,Catherine Green,Charles S Green,Delilah Green,Edith Green,Eliza E Green,Elyda A Green,Emily Green,Ezra R Green,Frank Green,Frank Green,Henry Green,Henry Green,Henry R Green,Horatio L Green,James Green,James Green,John Green,Lizzie Green,Louisa Green,Lovina Green,Lydia Green,Marshall Green,Mary Green,Mary A Green,Ophelia Green,Rennie Green,Sarah Green,Seth Green,Theophilus Green,William Green,Yolanda Dale Greene,Andrew M Greene,Andrew M Greene,Bertha Greene,Carrie M Greene,Charles A Greene,Elmer Greene,Elmore Greene,Emma J Greene,George H Greene,George H Greene,Janet Greene,Marvin B Greene,Melbourne Greene,Nettie A Greene,William Gregory,--- Gregory,--- Gregory,Charlotte J Gregory,Ella K Gregory,James Gregory,Sally M Greisser,Carl Christoph Gridley,Delia A Gridley,Edna M Gridley,George W Gridley,Joseph Gridley,Joseph Gridley,Lola Gridley,Minnie Gridley,Nora Gridley,Sarah A Gridley,William Gries,Rose Griffen,Libbie Griffen,Sylvanus T Griffeth,Henry Griffeth,Mary Griffeth,Riseley Griffin,Addie S Griffin,Alice Griffin,Anna G Griffin,Annie G Griffin,Austin D Griffin,Catherine Griffin,Charles H Griffin,Charles S Griffin,Chas Griffin,Clarissa L Griffin,Daniel D Griffin,Delbert Griffin,Earl Griffin,Eliza C Griffin,Ezra Griffin,Henry W Griffin,Lester Griffin,Lillian E Griffin,Margaret J Griffin,Mildred N Griffin,Morton C Griffin,Pearl B Griffin,Rachel Griffin,Ralph Griffin,Richard W Griffith,Mary H Griggs,Martha Grigorenko,Zoe L Grim,George Grimm,Dora Grimm,Martha Gromoll,Anna Gromoll,Anna Gromoll,August P Gromoll,Frank Gromoll,Hazel Gromoll,Mary Elizabeth Gromoll,Nestor C Gromoll,Rudolph Gromoll,Rudolph C Gropper,Benjamin Gropper,Charles S Groves,George C Groves,John C Groves,Lillian E Gruber,Frederick M Gruman,LeRoy B Gruman,Mildred M Grundmans,Fricis Grundmans,Margarete Gubser,Frieda Guenther,Frieda Guenther,Herman Guerra,John David Guerra,Matthew Adam Gulnac,Catherine Gulnac,Frank C Gulnac,James Gulnac,Lillie Gulnac,Martin Gulnac,Robert F Gulneck,Jay Gulneck,Otis Gulnick,Benj Gulnick,Benjamin Gulnick,Cora May Gulnick,Cynthia Gulnick,George Gulnick,George H Gulnick,Lillian Gulnick,Marjorie Gulnick,Nellie F Gulnick,Solomon Gulnick,Willard Gumaer,Clarence J Gumaer,Frank H Gumaer,Margaret M Gumaer,Peter Gundberg,Eric C Gunderud,Alfrida M Gunderud,Hans T Gunther,Alina Gunther,Clarra Gustavson,Charles I Gustavson,Ragna A Guttormsen,Gustava N Guttormsen,Peter A

********************** H ******************** H--,Elizabeth H--,Henry Haaland,Olaaf Haber,Francis Haber,Willem Hacker,Amalie Hadden,Mabel Hader,Dorothy Hadley,Catherine Hadley,Esther Hadley,George Hadley,James Addison Hadley,Theresa V Hadley,W W Hadsall,Elizabeth Hadsall,Sarah Catherine Hadsall,Stephen Hafbrouck,Katharine Hagen,Lois B Haggerty,Anna Hahn,Amelia Cecelia Hahn,Marvin Haines,Lila Haines,Martha W Haines,Samuel G Haines,William Hait,Abigail Jane Hait,Alva H Hait,Amos Hait,Amos Hait,Charley Hait,David Hait,David Hait,David M Hait,Eliz Hait,Elizabeth Hait,Elizabeth Hait,Elizabeth H Hait,Emily Hait,Gilbert Hait,Glorianer Hait,Hannah Hait,Hannah E Hait,Harvey G Hait,Ira Hait,Irephena Hait,Israel Hait,Israel Hait,James Hait,James Hait,James Hait,Jane E Hait,Joanna Hait,John Hait,John Hait,John Hait,John D Hait,Lucinda S Hait,Maria E Hait,Mary E Hait,Moses W Hait,Rachel Hait,Rachel Jane Hait,Sarah Hait,Sarah Hait,Sarah Hait,Seymour Hait,Susie Hait,Susie J Hait,Thaddeus Halcott,Elizabeth Hale,William E Hall,--- Hall,Benjamin L Hall,Dorothy Hall,Ephraim D Hall,Ephraim Dunham Hall,Francis Hall,John Hall,Laura Jane Hall,Mary Hall,Mary Ann Hall,Mary Ann Hall,Mary E Hall,Roxana Hall,Sally Hall,William E Hallahan,Michael D Halldin,Gustaf Adolf Halldin,Olga Hallenbeck,Casper Hallenbeck,Edward Hallenbeck,Lewis J Halliday,Florence M Halliday,Wm Hallock,Allie Hallock,Ann Hallock,Ann Hallock,Charlotte Hallock,David Hallock,E Hallock,Edward Hallock,Edward Hallock,Elsie Hallock,Elsie B Hallock,Eula Hallock,Georgiana A Hallock,Gifford Hallock,Gifford Hull Hallock,Hannah Hallock,Henrietta Hallock,Henrietta B Hallock,Henry H Hallock,Henry Hull Hallock,Howard C Hallock,Isaac S Hallock,Isaac Sherman Hallock,James Hallock,Martha T Hallock,Milton Hallock,N Hallock,Nathaniel Hallock,Nicholas Hallock,Nicholas Hallock,P A H Hallock,Phebe Hallock,Phebe Hallock,Philadelphia Hallock,Phoebe H Hallock,Robert T Hallock,Sarah Hallock,Sarah Hallock,Valentine H Halloran,James A Halloran,Mary E Halstead,Harry Halstead,Thomas Halstead,Wm Halstein,Emma Halstein,Felix Halvorsen,Anna Halvorsen,Clara Halvorsen,Helene Halvorsen,Jorgen Halwick,--- Halwick,Donald Robert Halwick,James Halwick,Mary E Halwick,Olive Cornelia Halwick,Rachel A Hamilton,Alida Hamilton,Charles Hamilton,Jennie A Hamilton,John S Hamilton,Judith Hamilton,Nettie Hamilton,William Hamilton,Wilson Hamm,Emma Hammond,Georgia Hammond,Helen E Hammond,James W Hammond,Louisa H Hammond,Louisa M Hammond,Phebe Hammond,R C Hammond,R S Hammond,Richard C Hand,Ann Hand,Ann Hand,Harriet Hand,Ida E Hand,Jay Hand,William Handley,John Handley,Mary Haner,Hannah E Haner,Jacob Haner,Sarah J Hanford,W H Hanley,Agnes Hanley,Daniel Hanley,Ephram Hanley,John J Hanley,Nellie Hanmore,Elizabeth Hanna,Alex Hannings,Phebe A Hannon,Dennis Hannon,John Hannon,John Hannon,John D Hannon,Mary Hannon,Thomas Hanrahan,Elizabeth Hansen,Andrew Hansen,August* Hansen,Frederick J Hansen,Helen Hansen,Irving L Hansen,Ole A Hansen,Sophie J Hanson,Helen Hara,Henry Hara,Martha Harcourt,--- Harcourt,Alice C Harcourt,Edna E Harcourt,Egbert F Harcourt,Floyd M Harcourt,Lillian S F Harcourt,Mary Harcourt,Ralph P Harcourt,Sara M Harcourt,Viola J Harcourt,Wm E Hardenburgh,Charles L Hardenburgh,Charles S Hardenburgh,Eliza Kathe Hardenburgh,Ella Hardenburgh,Emma Hardenburgh,Fanny Hardenburgh,James Hardenburgh,John C Hardenburgh,Judith Hardenburgh,Mary V* Hardenburgh,Minne C Hardenburgh,Peter Hare,Ella Hare,George B Harkness,Flora Harkness,Mary Harkness,Richard Harleston,Brian Harleston,Brian Henry Harmon,Thomas F Harnden,--- Harnden,Beretta Harnden,Charlie D Harnden,Edwin Harnden,George E Harnden,Hannah M Harnden,Lottie M Harnen,Charles J Harnen,Velma C Harp,Earnest H Harp,Isabel Harp,John H Harp,Maude D Harp,William Harrington,Alida Harrington,Clarence Harrington,Cornish Harrington,Edna M Harrington,Innie Harrington,Mamie Harrington,William P Harris,Alma Harris,David D Harris,Esther Harris,Hallock W Harris,Jack N Harris,Mary Harris,Melissa J Harris,Mildred I Harris,Robert N Harris,Walter A Harrison,Anna L Harrison,Ellinor Lucy Harrison,James H Hart,Anna Hart,Eva Hart,George W Hart,William M Harte,Edna Hartelius,Carol Hartigan,Janet Hartley,Christle Hartman,George Hartman,Minnie Hartmann,Karolene Hartmann,Rudolf Hartney,Claire E Hartney,Raymond A Hartshorn,Kate Harvey,Harry R Harvey,LeRoy Harvey,Mary A Hasa,Henry Hasbrouck,Annie Hasbrouck,Arrietta Hasbrouck,Benjamin Hasbrouck,Calvin Hasbrouck,Calvin Hasbrouck,Caroline Hasbrouck,Carrie Hasbrouck,Catherine Hasbrouck,Christine Hasbrouck,Daniel Hasbrouck,Eleanor Hasbrouck,Elias Hasbrouck,Elizabeth Hasbrouck,Elvira Hasbrouck,Emerson B Hasbrouck,Eunice A Hasbrouck,Fanny Hasbrouck,Franklin Hasbrouck,Franklin P Hasbrouck,Garret D Hasbrouck,Gertie Hasbrouck,Gertrude Hasbrouck,Hannah Hasbrouck,Herbert R Hasbrouck,Isaac Hasbrouck,Isaac Hasbrouck,Isaac Hasbrouck,Isaac Hasbrouck,J P Hasbrouck,Jane Hasbrouck,John Hasbrouck,Joseph Hasbrouck,Joseph Hasbrouck,Joseph E Hasbrouck,Joseph E Hasbrouck,Josiah L Hasbrouck,Julia Hasbrouck,Julia M Hasbrouck,Lodowyck Hasbrouck,Margaret Hasbrouck,Margaret Ann Hasbrouck,Margaret E Hasbrouck,Maria Hasbrouck,Maria Hasbrouck,Maria Hasbrouck,Maria Hasbrouck,Marie L Hasbrouck,Mary Hasbrouck,Mary Hasbrouck,Mary Hasbrouck,Michael Hasbrouck,Michel Hasbrouck,Oscar Hasbrouck,Oscar Hasbrouck,Oscar Hasbrouck,Phebe Hasbrouck,Philip Hasbrouck,Rachel A Hasbrouck,Rachel Cather Hasbrouck,Rachel J Hasbrouck,Rachel Marie Hasbrouck,Samuel Hasbrouck,Sarah Eugenie Hasbrouck,Sarah Jane Hasbrouck,Severyn Hasbrouck,Silas W Haskell,Grace Haskell,William J Hasselman,Albert H Hatfield,Pearl A Hauseer,Emilie Hausler,Gustav Hausman,Alvina Hauver,Catherine Hauver,Frederick Haver,Alburtus Haver,Alonzo Haver,Arthur Haver,Benjamin Haver,Catherine Haver,Charlotte Haver,Dora Haver,Ellen Haver,Ethel M Haver,Francis Haver,George Haver,Hazel Haver,John W Haver,Leonard Havlin,Anna Havlin,Charles Havlin,Harry Havlin,Ladislau Havlin,May* Havlin,Otto Havlin,Rose Havlin,Rudolph J Havlin,Vincent Hayes,Adelia Hayes,Annie L Hayes,Augustus Hayes,Augustus Hayes,Clark Hayes,Jane Hayes,Kate L Hayes,Lena K Hayes,Martha Hayes,Mary E Hayes,Susan A Hayes,Syrus Haynes,--- Haynes,Addison Haynes,Addison C Haynes,Almira Haynes,Andreas Haynes,Clair A Haynes,Derick Haynes,Dorcas Haynes,Edgar Haynes,Edgar Haynes,Eliz R Haynes,Eliza Haynes,Elizabeth Haynes,Elizabeth Haynes,Elizabeth A Haynes,Evan Haynes,Frances M Haynes,Grace O Haynes,H D Haynes,Hiram D Haynes,Ida Haynes,Jennie Haynes,Judson Haynes,Judson Haynes,Judson Haynes,Judson Haynes,Judson R Haynes,Leander Haynes,Lucy A Haynes,Maggie C Haynes,Margaret Haynes,Margaret Haynes,Mary Haynes,Melissa Haynes,Myra Haynes,Oliver Haynes,Rebecca C Haynes,Russel Hayt,Harriet Hayt,Mary Emma Hayt,Stephen Haywood,William M Heath,Emma Heath,Mary A Heath,Stephen L M Hedden,Clarence J Hedden,Martha A Heermance,C Cuyler Heermance,Eudora A Heermance,Marian T Heermance,Rolland E Heidgerd,William Heidke,Frederick C Heidrick,Wilhelmina Heiman,Herman Hein,Mary Ellen Heins,Ernest E Heins,Eunice M Heinsius,Eva Heinsius,Rudolph Heinze,Lillian Heiser,Abram Heiser,Grace Helle,Knut O Helm,Polly Helmich,Catherine J Helmich,Cornelius Helmich,John C Henderson,Carl D Henderson,Mary Henderson,Minnie E Hendrick,E Brink Hendrick,John Hendricks,Catherine Hendricks,Elizabeth Hendricks,Irene Hendricks,John Hendricks,Luther V Hendricks,Maggie A Hendricks,Nelson Hendricks,Peter Hendricks,Philetus Hendricks,William Hendrickson,Cora Hendrickson,Debra B Hendrickson,Eli Hendrickson,Fannie E Hendrickson,George Hendrickson,Harriet Hendrickson,John Hendrickson,Joseph Hendrickson,Libbie Hendrickson,Lorenzo Hendrickson,Mariah M Hendrickson,Mary Hendrickson,Minerva J Hendrickson,Sarah Hendrickson,Selah Hendrickson,Wesley Henion,Mary Hennessy,Catherine Henriksen,Bertinius Henriksen,Ingeborg Henry,John Henry,Mary Henry,Thomas Herd,Frank H Herdman,Amasa J Herdman,Olive May Herdman,Sue Ellen Herman,Alexander Herman,Charles L Herman,Ellis Noble Herman,John Herman,Joseph Herman,Kenneth Alexande Herman,Marion Louise Herman,Mary Herman,Ralph E Herman,Ruth Virginia Hermance,--- Hermance,Andrew Hermance,Anna M Hermance,Daniel Hermance,Hannah Hermance,Jacob N Hermance,Rachel M Hermance,Sally Hermansen,Vivian F Herrick,Addison Herrick,Austin Herrick,Austin Herrick,Austin Herrick,Burnet D Herrick,Clinton M Herrick,Floyd Herrick,Hannah C Herrick,Israel Herrick,Judson Herrick,Margery Herrick,Martha A Herrick,Mary L Herrick,Mary L Herrick,Mary L Herrick,Peter W Herrick,Phebe Herrick,Phebe J Herrick,Sarah A Herrick,Sarah E Herrick,Smith Herrick,Willie S Herring,Carrie Herring,Elizabeth Herring,Harold T Herring,John Herring,Leslie Herring,Maurice Herrmann,Johnny Herrmann,Philipp Hertle,John J Hertle,Lillian L Hertle,Rosemary Herz,Anna Herz,Martin Hescock,Clinton E Hescock,Donald C Hescock,Marietta L Hesley,Anna Hesley,Charles Hesley,Charles I Hesley,Edward A Hesley,Ernestine Hesley,John J Hesley,Loella Hesley,Orpha Hess,Alexander Hess,Andrew V Hess,D Carol Hess,Henry Hess,Jacob H Hess,John Hess,John V Hesselgrave,Ruth Hewitt,Charles Edward Hewitt,Sarah Margaret Hickey,Dennis J Hickey,Eugene Hickey,Julia Hickey,Mary E Hickey,Nora Hickey,Thomas Hicks,Floyd Hicks,Susan M Higgins,Celina Higgins,Frances C Higgins,Marricle Higgins,Phebe Higgins,Phebe A Hill,--- Hill,A B Hill,Adelaide W Hill,Alonzo Hill,Andie Hill,Andrew D Hill,Clifford H Hill,DuBois Hill,Edith M Hill,Eliz Hill,Elmer Hill,Emma Hill,Ephraim Hill,Flossie E Hill,Floyd Hill,Frances Hill,Frances Hill,G Hill,George Hill,George Hill,Gertrude F Hill,Gordon Hill,H C Hill,Hannah Hill,Isaac D Hill,James Hill,Jane Eliza Hill,John Hill,John I Hill,John P Hill,Katie Hill,L George Hill,Lizie Hill,Lucinda Hill,Marion Hill,Mary Hill,Mary Hill,Mary Hill,Mary C Hill,Mildred Hill,Nelly Ann Hill,Orville Hill,Oscar Hill,Percy Hill,Percy Hill,R Watson Hill,Richard Hill,Richard C Hill,Richard W Hill,Robinson D Hill,Samuel Hill,Sarah Hill,Sarah Ellen Hill,Susan Hill,Sylvan Hill,Thomas C Hilleker,Bertha Hilleker,George Hilleker,George Lee Hiller,Elizabeth J H Hillman,Marie Hillsinger,Carrie C Hillsinger,Peter Himmelstein,--- Hines,John Hines,Sarah A Hinkley,Bill Hinkley,Egbert Hinkley,Margaret G Hinkley,Mary Hinkley,Sextus Hinkley,Simon Hinkley,Walter B Hinkley,Wes Hinzmann,George Hiob,Frieda Hiob,Herman Hirsch,Agnes M Hirsch,Edmund S Hitt,Denni Hitt,Elizabeth Hitt,Finch Hitt,Hannah Hitt,Helen Hitt,Henry Hoar,Amy Hoar,Friend Hoar,Hannah M Hockmuth,Sigrid Hodge,Anson Hodge,Charles Hodge,Ella Hodge,Emma Hodge,Isabella Hodge,Jason Hodge,Louisa Hoelsche,Amelia Hoelsche,William Hoelshe,Killian Hof,George Andrew Hof,George H Hofert,Anna Hofert,Bertha Hoff,Joseph Hoffer,Nils Hoffman,Abraham Hoffman,Adeline Hoffman,Albert I Hoffman,Amelia Hoffman,Clara J Hoffman,Dorothy Hoffman,Elizabeth Hoffman,Harriet A Hoffman,Herman Hoffman,Jane Hoffman,Lansing Hoffman,Lettie Hoffman,Lizzie Hoffman,Milicen Hoffman,Milicen Hoffman,Nellie Hoffman,Olive R Hoffman,Pauline F Hoffman,Rachel Hoffman,Robert A Hoffman,Sarah Hoffman,Theodore Hoffman,Viola Hoffman,Wm S Hoffman,Zachariah Hoffman,Zachariah Hogan,Adaline Hogan,Clarence Hogan,Jane Hogan,Jane Hogan,Ralph Hogan,Richard Hogan,Richard Hogan,Richard Hogan,Roscoe Hogan,Sanduska Hogeboom,Jacob Hoghfield,Hermance A Hohoff,Ernest Albrecht Holbert,Burton D Holdcombe,John Holden,Christina Holden,Oliver Holden,Wesley C Hollister,Lewis Hollister,Maria A Hollister,Sarah Holmberg,Hanna R Holmberg,Karl A Holmberg,Karl Rudolf Holmes,Elsie Holmes,Helen M Holmes,Mary Holt,Clark S Holt,Hester B Holt,James E Holt,Theresa Holumzer,Wolven Holyoke,Harriet M Homes,Anna L Hommel,--- Hommel,Catherine Hommel,Ephraham Hommel,Ephraim Hommel,George Hommel,Jeremiah Hommel,Luetta Hommel,Margaret Hommel,Sally Hommell,Elizabeth Hommell,Emory D Hommell,Florence Hommell,Kathryn Hommell,Peter Hommell,Peter M Hommell,William H Honold,Annette Honold,Jacob Honold,Jacob Honold,Louisa G Hood,Jane Eliza Hooke,James Valentine Hooker,Margaret Hooper,Arthur L Hoornbeck,Catherine Hoornbeck,David B Hoornbeck,Earna Hoornbeck,G H Hoornbeck,Matty Hoornbeck,Wyatt Hoornbeek,Archie Hoornbeek,Bryon Hoornbeek,Eli D Hoornbeek,Ethel Hoornbeek,Nellie Hoornbeek,Nellie Hoornbeek,Pansy Hoornbeek,Rachel Hoppe,Fred Hoppe,Lina Hoppenstead,Sarah J Hoppensteadt,Rachel A Hopper,Catharine Hopper,Frederick Hopper,Margaret Hornbeck,Adam S Hornbeck,Alton P Hornbeck,Anna M Hornbeck,Benjamin Hornbeck,Benjamin Hornbeck,Caroline Hornbeck,Catharine Hornbeck,David Hornbeck,Eleazor Hornbeck,Eli Hornbeck,Esther Hornbeck,Ethel Hornbeck,Fannie Hornbeck,Grace Hornbeck,Hanna Hornbeck,Hannah Hornbeck,Hannah E Hornbeck,Helen Hornbeck,Helena Hornbeck,Henry D Hornbeck,Hester M Hornbeck,Isaac Hornbeck,Isaac Hornbeck,Jacob Hornbeck,Jacob E Hornbeck,Jacob H Hornbeck,Jennie Hornbeck,John Hornbeck,John Hornbeck,John H Hornbeck,John Henry Hornbeck,Joseph Hornbeck,Josephine Hornbeck,Josephine W Hornbeck,Lewis Hornbeck,Margaret Hornbeck,Maria Hornbeck,Martha E Hornbeck,Matilda A Hornbeck,Nail Hornbeck,S Jane Hornbeck,Simon Hornbeck,Simon P Hornbeck,Thadoeus Hornbeck,Wm Hornbeek,Josaphat B B Hornbeek,Marian Horton,Andrew Horton,James Horton,Reuben Horton,Sarah Horton,Sarah J Horton,Tamer Horton,Wm Elliot Hosier,Elizabeth J Hosier,Hugh H Hosier,Mary C Hostman,--- Hotaling,Alida Hotaling,Annie Hotaling,Hiram Hotaling,Jennie A Hotaling,Lee E Hotaling,Sarah C Hotchkiss,--- Hotchkiss,Mary Houghfield,Arthur H Houghtaling,Abraham B Houghtaling,Eliz A Houghtaling,Elizabeth Houghtaling,J Jones Houghtaling,Jennie Houghtaling,Lizzie S Houghtaling,Ruth H House,Charles I Housten,Mary Ross Hover,Benjamin L Hover,Fannie Laura Hover,Florence Hover,Grace Hover,Loren Hover,Ruth Howard,Anna Howard,DeVall Howard,Elizabeth G Howard,James Howard,Joseph L Howard,Mary Howard,Minnie E Howard,Robert J Howarth,Charles E Howarth,Martha B Howe,Andrew Howe,Franklin Howe,James Howe,Margaret C Howk,Charles L Howk,Maybelle Howland,Clarence L Howland,Dorcas Howland,Edward Howland,Egbert Howland,Egbert R Howland,Gershom L Howland,Hetty Howland,Hiram Howland,Marcia Howland,Walter R Howland,Wilber F Howland,Wilber M Hoyt,Catherine R Hoyt,Cornelia Hoyt,Elizabeth Hoyt,Francis M Hoyt,Jennie V* Hoyt,John Hoyt,Malvira Hoyt,Mary J Hoyt,Sanford Hubbard,Jessie Hubbard,Mae Hubbard,William Hudler,Aaron Henry Hudler,Elizabeth Hudler,Getissi G Hudler,Mary G Hudler,Norman Hufford,George E Hufford,Lillian G Hufnagel,Joseph Hufnagel,Victoria Hugger,Elisabeth Hugger,Fidel Hughe,Owen Hughes,Cynthia Hughes,Cynthia Hughes,Dennis Hughes,Dennis Hughes,Irene Hughes,J W Hughes,Peter Hughes,Rose Hughes,Sarah Hull,Alice J Hull,Bathshebe Hull,D Hull,D Hull,Edward Hull,Elizabeth Hull,Frances A Hull,J R B Hull,James Hull,Oliver C Hull,Phebe Hull,Phebe T Hull,Sarah Hull,Sarah Ann Hull,William Hulsair,Kathryn Hulsair,Lewis Hults,Charles Hults,Emma Hults,Fred Hults,Harold Hultz,Margaret C Hultzen,Annie Hultzen,Charles Hummel,George Hummel,Rose Hummell,Charles M Hummell,Clarence Hummell,Jane M Hummell,Ward C Humphrey,Bell Humphrey,Edgar E Humphrey,Horace Humphrey,Julia Humphrey,Mary E Humphrey,Nancy A Humphrys,Isabella Hungerford,Alonzo C Hungerford,Charles E Hungerford,Charles E Hungerford,Clarissa Hungerford,Grovie Hungerford,Mary E Hungerford,Minnie Hunt,--- Hunt,Catherine M Hunt,Daniel Hunt,Daniel J Hunt,Eleanor Hunt,George E Hunt,Lavinia A Hunt,Lucius P Hunt,Margaret Hunt,Mary Hunt,Phebe Hunt,Phebe E Hunt,Samuel Hunt,Samuel Hunt,Sarah Hunt,Thomas Hunter,John Hunter,John D Hunter,Mabel E Hunter,Marie Hunter,W Douglas Hupfeld,Catharine Hurd,Amy Hurn,Clarence Hurn,Frances Hurtado,Samuel E Husbands,Emma L Huson,Benjamin Huson,Charles M Huson,Charlotte Hussey,Cornelia Hussey,Cornelia Hussey,George Hussey,Hetty Hussey,Mary Hussey,William Howland Hussey,Wm H Hust,Jennie Huston,Andrew Huston,Benjamin Huston,Charlotte Huston,Edward O Huston,Walter E Huter,Frieda Huter,Gustav Huther,Frederich Hutton,Alida P Hutton,Annie Hutton,Annie M Hutton,Ella B Hutton,Emma J Hutton,George Hutton,Wm E Huxford,Robert B Hyatt,Alice Hyatt,Cath Hyatt,Emmett S Hyatt,Ethel Hyatt,Florence O Hyatt,Harold B Hyatt,Ira D Hyatt,James B Hyatt,Louis Hyatt,Mae Hyatt,Minnar C Hyatt,Sarah A Hyatt,Vaughn Hyatt,Walter Hyde,Christopher Hyde,Eliza

***************** I ************** Iavarone,Aniello Iavarone,Aniello Iavarone,Giuseppina Improta,Edmund Improta,Julia Ingalls,Edith Eliza Ingalls,John Kearney Ingalls,Margaret Lucy Ingraham,Amy Maria Ingraham,Caroline Ingraham,Henry Ingraham,Nina S Ingram,Alex Ingram,Bessie M Ingram,Eugene Ingram,George Charles Ingram,George Herbert Ingram,John Herbert Ingram,Julius Ingrim,Nash Ingrim,Rebecca Inserra,Anthony J Irving,Hattie Irving,Hazel Irving,Jansen Irwin,Abram N Irwin,Anna B Irwin,Bertie Irwin,Charles Irwin,Charles Irwin,Charles H Irwin,Clarinda Irwin,Cornelia Irwin,Cornelius B Irwin,Daniel Irwin,Freda A Irwin,George W Irwin,George W Irwin,J D Irwin,James L Irwin,John D Irwin,Mary Irwin,Mary H Irwin,Rachel Irwin,Samuel P Irwin,Susan M Irwin,Vernice Irwin,William Irwin,William H Irwin,Willie ******************* J ************* Jackman,Michael Jackson,James B Jackson,Mary P Jacob,Jane Jacob,Stephen Jacobsen,Oswald Jahn,Clara A Jahn,Clara L Jahn,Fred A Jahn,Julius Jahn,Julius A Jahn,Oscar F James,Donahue James,Ellen James,Frank C Jamieson,Samuel Jamieson,William Janeson,Annie Jansen,Blandina Jansen,Charles Jansen,Daniel Jansen,George W Jansen,Henry Jansen,Henry E Jansen,Irvin Jansen,James E Jansen,James E Jansen,Johannis Jansen,L J Jansen,Lena Jansen,Lena M Jansen,Lizzie Jansen,Loughran D Jansen,Nettie Jansen,Ora Jansen,Peter L Jansen,Peter L Jansen,Rachel Jansen,Rachel M Jansen,Rosamond Jansen,Sarah C Jansen,Sarah M Jansen,Thomas B Jansen,Ward K Jansen,Wyntje Janz,Christine Janz,Ernest Jarvis,William E Jenkins,Annie Jenkins,Annie E Jenkins,C Wesley Jenkins,Emily L Jenkins,Geo Jenkins,George E Jenkins,Henry S Jenkins,James Jenkins,James J Jenkins,S S Jensen,Ragnvald Jobson,Emily Jocelyn,Dolly Jocelyn,F Charles Jocelyn,Ferris Jocelyn,George E Jocelyn,Myron Johansen,Jutta Johnson,Abram Johnson,Albert Johnson,Amelia Johnson,Anna Johnson,Anna Johnson,Christopher Johnson,Egbert B Johnson,Elias Johnson,Ella Johnson,Ellen Johnson,Emma Johnson,Ephraim Johnson,Esther Johnson,Florence E Johnson,Frank Johnson,Frank Johnson,Grace Johnson,Harold D Johnson,Harry Johnson,Harry W Johnson,Henry Johnson,James Johnson,James Francis Johnson,Joel Lael Johnson,John A Johnson,John N Johnson,Laura Johnson,Lillian Johnson,Louisa Johnson,Luther D Johnson,Martin Johnson,Mary Johnson,Mary A Johnson,Melissa L Johnson,Norma E Johnson,Oscar J Johnson,Perry R Johnson,Robert Johnson,Samuel Johnson,Sarah J Johnson,Sarah M Johnson,Theodore Johnson,Thomas Johnson,Thomas Johnson,Viva I Johnson,Warren Johnston,--- Johnston,Andrew V* Johnston,Anna Johnston,Augustus Johnston,George H Johnston,Hester Johnston,Hester Johnston,Irving Story Johnston,Lois A Johnston,Mary Johnston,Mary Jane Johnston,Nellie Johnston,Percy Johnston,Samuel Johnston,Sidney Jones,Alfred C Jones,Aline M Jones,Anna Jones,Anna M Jones,Betty W Jones,Charles S Jones,Clarence A Jones,Clyde H Jones,Cornelia Jones,Daniel Jones,Daniel Jones,Elizabeth Jones,Ella Mae Jones,Frank Jones,Frank L Jones,George M Jones,Gilbert Jones,Harry Jones,Harry G Jones,Helen A Jones,Helen M Jones,Henry Jones,Henry Jones,Henry Jones,Isaac L Jones,James R Jones,Jane Jones,Jennie Jones,Madeline A Jones,Marion S Jones,Mary Ann Jones,Mary E Jones,Matthew A Jones,May W Jones,Mildred M Jones,Phoebe H Jones,Rachel Jones,Spencer L Jones,Viva E Jones,Wm Jones,Wm L Jordan,Louisa Jordan,Maria Jordan,Martin E Jordan,Mary Jordan,Phebe Ann Jordan,Sarah Jordan,Selah T Jorge,Michael Joscelyn,--- Joscelyn,George S Joscelyn,George W Joscelyn,Marie Josefson,Charles Josefson,Emma L W Joseph,Dunn Joy,Charles E Joy,John B Joy,Julia L Joy,Maggie M Judd,Augusta Jurgensons,Arnolds Jurgensons,Karlina Jurgensons,Laura Jurgensons,Olga

************ K - Z **********