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TOP         CDROMs & DVDs

____Peter Force's American Archives 2 CDs in Adobe Format
History of all the Colonies for the years 1775 & 1776. Originally completed in 1840. 2 CDs in Adobe .pdf format for Mac or Windows XP users. Disk 1 contains Vols I-V of the 6 volume Series Four. Disk 2 contains Vols I-III of series five and Vol VI of series four. NOW the entire CD is searchable, not just the index. $45.00

____CD: Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Family History of New York
By William S. Pelletreau. This four volume work contains hundreds of genealogical essays pertaining to New York City families. The majority of the sketches move forward from the oldest known ancestor to the contemporary subject of the essay. This is followed by a detailed biography of that person and, in scores of instances, his photo, as well as an enumeration of collateral lines related to the principal subjects. (1907), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1663 pp. $29.95 CD4235

____CD: Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey, Containing a General Collection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, Etc. 
By John W. Barber and Henry Howe. The object of this work is to give an account of the most important and interesting events which have occurred in the State of New Jersey, together with geographical descriptions and numerous engravings. In selecting the extracts which are introduced in the course of the volume, care has been taken to avoid dry detail and tedious official documents, which usually appear in regular, formal history, and to give those selections likely to interest the feelings, refresh the memory, and instruct the mind…The history of New Jersey is one of deep interest. Some of the most important events of the American Revolution occurred upon her soil. In that arduous struggle, the sacrifices she made will ever redound to her praise… This history is presented by county and each county is divided into its townships and cities. Biographical sketches provide human interest and numerous engravings within each county provide a visual history. (1846), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 514 pp. $19.95 CD4273

____New York Colonial Papers CDROM - NEW!!
The Ecclesiastical Records of New York State
Edited by Hugh Hastings, State Historian, The State of New York, Albany, James B. Lyon, State Printer, 1901, in 7 volumes. This includes one of the best primary source collections on the establishment of the Palatines in New York. In searchable, Adobe pdf format. 
     PLUS these 3 GREAT Historical References:

__The Documentary History of New York
by O'Callaghan Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable 
__Documents Relating to the Colonial History of New York
in 15 volumes. Includes Cadwallader Colden's 5 Indian Nations, and 4 Munsell Colonial Tracts, with editorial essays by O'Callaghan. Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable   
__The Colonial History of New York Under the Dutch
in 5 volumes. (Brodhead, O'Callaghan, and Jameson) A scholar's companion to both the "Documentary History of New York State" and the "Documents Relating to the History of New York State" Includes: "Narratives of New Netherland" (Jameson), "History of New Netherland" (O'Callaghan), "History of New York" (Brodhead), and also includes Cadwallader Colden and four Munsell tracts edited by O'Callaghan. Adobe - PC or Mac - fully searchable
includes -- contents of TRYON COUNTY CDROM "Border Wars of the American Revolution" & "The Minutes of the Tryon County Committee of Safety", with "The Annals of Tryon County" & "The Minutes of the Commissioners for Defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York". PLUS a 1777 Map of the Tryon County area. All 7 volumes 100% Boolean Search Capable, in pdf. The new CD is thus wholly searchable. And the materials are excellent. Stone and Campbell are of course familiar 19th century historians, and they write with a closeness to the materials. The Volumes on the Commission on Conspiracies is most extraordinary as a first hand original source presenting the fears of the Whigs of the Tories and Indians, and the steps they took to defend northern New York. Included with this CDROM - Stone's marvelous 2 volume biography of Sir William Johnson (which joins Stone's work on Joseph Brant, already on the disk). Also included - O'Callaghan's edited compilation of Sir William Johnson's Manuscripts in searchable pdf on the Disk. Finally, an excellent introduction by the State Historian, with back up documentary appendices, make this a CD worth having in your colonial New York library. 
                  ALL ON ONE CDROM for $60.00

____Genealogy and History of CATTARAUGUS COUNTY, New York 
CD Contents: Gravestone inscriptions of Cadiz cemetery, town of Franklinville, Sugartown cemetery, town of Franklinville, Delevan cemetery, town of Yorkshire, Cattaraugus County, N.Y. : Typescript; contains gravestone inscriptions in Cattaraugus County., 1930, Barber, Gertrude A. 54 pgs., Historical and biographical history of the township of Dayton, Cattaraugus County, New York, comprising the villages of Cottage, Wesley, Markham, Dayton, South Dayton and Fair Plain : a complete history of the town from its origin, with views of business places and residences, together with photos of prominent citizens of various professions and occupations past and present Buffalo, N.Y. Shults, Charles J., 1901, 303 pgs.
, History of Cattaraugus Co., New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers. Philadelphia: L.H. Everts, 1879, Ellis, Franklin, 650 pgs. Gravestone inscriptions in Cattaraugus County, New York : including cemeteries in the towns of Freedom, Franklinville and Yorkshire : typescript,1930, Barber, Gertrude A. 140 pgs. In total 1147 Pages of Information  $24.50.

____Genealogy and History of CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY, New York 
 CD Contents: Gravestone inscriptions of Chautauqua Cemetery, Chautauqua, N.Y. : Hunt family private cemetery, Chautauqua, N.Y., Magnolia Cemetery, Magnolia Springs, N.Y., Bemus Point, N.Y. Cowen, Minnie, 1932, 60 pgs., Gravestone inscriptions of Fluvannah Cemetery, Fluvannah, N.Y., Burrows Private Cemetery, Mayville, N.Y., Mayville Cemetery, Mayville, N.Y. : (all in Chautauqua County) New York,: Cowen, Minnie, 1932, 80 pgs., History of Chautauqua County, New York Boston, Mass.: W.A. Fergusson, 1894, Edson, Obed, 1014 pgs., History of Chautauqua County, New York : from its first settlement to the present time : with numerous biographical and family sketches Buffalo, N.Y.: Young, Andrew W., 1875, 803 pgs. , Index of Chautauqua County, New York : from its first settlement to the present time : with numerous biographical and family sketches Buffalo, N.Y. Young, Andrew W., 1875, 65 pgs., History of Chautauqua County, New York, and its people Boston: American Historical Society, 1921, 1537 pgs., Gazetteer and business directory of Chautauqua County, N.Y. for 1873-4 Syracuse: H. Child, 1873, 415 pgs., Soldiers of the American Revolution : who at one time were residents of, or whose graves are located in Chautauqua County, New York, 1925, 93 pgs., The early history of Fluvanna, Chautauqua County, N.Y. : with numerous biographical and family sketches, Sherwin, Hetty J., 1926?, 128 pgs., The conquest of Chautauqua. : Jamestown and vicinity in the pioneer and later periods as told by pioneer newspapers and persons Jamestown, N.Y.: Anderson, Arthur Wellington, 1932, 486 pgs., The churches and clergy of the pioneer period in Chautauqua County, Burgess, Chalon, 1902, 24 pgs., Historical and descriptive review of Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, N.Y. Dunkirk, N.Y., 1889, 99 pgs., John Alden of Ashfield, Mass., and Chautauqua County, New York : his ancestors and descendants Delaware, Ohio: Printed for private circulation, 1909, Alden, Frank Wesley, 273 pgs., Laws and resolutions of the Board of Supervisors of Chautauqua County : with list of county officers, historical sketches, and other matters of information and reference, from the organization of the county to the year 1908 inclusive Jamestown, N.Y.: Printed for the Board by Journal Printing Co., 1909, 155 pgs. In total - 5232 Pages of Information $24.50

____Genealogy and History of RENSSELAER County New York on CD 
CD Contents: Abstracts of wills of Rensselaer County, New York : in the office of the Surrogate at Troy, New York, 1791-1850 Nassau, N.Y.,: Phillips, Ralph David., 1938, 475 pgs., Some Rensselaer County, NY gravestone inscriptions: Washington, D.C.: C. Shepard, 1923, 28 pgs., Complete list of all gravestone inscriptions in Nassau-Schodack Cemetery at Nassau, Rensselaer County, N.Y. Phillips, Ralph David., 1935, 102 pgs., The burial grounds of Lansingburgh, Rensselaer County, New York Lansingburgh, N.Y.: F.D. Broderick, 1965, 174 pgs., History of Rensselaer Co., New York : with illustrations and biographical sketches of its prominent men and pioneers Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1880, Sylvester, Nathaniel Bartlett, 718 pgs. In total 1497 pages of Information $24.50

____Genealogy and History of SCHENECTADY County New York 
CD Contents: A history of Schenectady during the Revolution : to which is appended a contribution to the individual records of the inhabitants of the Schenectady district during that period Interlaken, N.Y.: Heart of the Lakes Pub., 1988, Hanson, Willis T. 317 pgs., Abstracts of wills of Schenectady County, N.Y. : copied from the original records at the Surrogate's Office, Schenectady, N.Y., 1941, Barber, Gertrude A. 152 pgs., Index of mothers mentioned in baptisms of First Protestant Dutch Reformed Church of Schenectady, N.Y., 1943, Cormack, Marie Noll 105 pgs., Schenectady County, New York : its history to the close of the nineteenth century, Yates, Austin A., New York History Co., 1902, 743 pgs., Gazetteer and business directory of Albany & Schenectady Co., N.Y. for 1870-71, H. Child, 1870, Child, Hamilton, 484 pgs. 1801 Total Pages of Information $24.50

__The Concise History of Ulster County CDROM
By Zimm. Written in 1946, this (200pp book if I printed it) history covers all the townships, all the major industries, and all the important people up to World War II. This is a .pdf ADOBE file on CDROM (I used to offer it as a DOS program on an IBM 3.5 diskette!) $15.00

___History of Northwestern New York on CD
CD Contents: Erie, Niagara, Wyoming, Genesee and Orleans Counties. One of the multi-volume regional histories (Central NY, Southeastern NY, etc) published on New York State by the Lewis Historical Pub. Co. early in the 20th century. Horton, John Theodore., 1833 pgs. in 3 volumes $24.50

____Orange County NY Genealogical & Historical Information
3112 Pages of Information on one CDROM. Graveyard inscriptions of Orange County, N.Y. : Volumes 1-4 New York,: Gertrude A. Barber, 1930, 437 pgs. Orange County patriot : a newspaper published at Goshen, N.Y. : marriages and deaths from May 1828 to Dec. 1831 Gertrude A. Barber, 1935, 42 pgs. Portrait and biographical record of Orange County, New York : containing portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county : together with biographies and portraits of all the presidents of the United States. New York: Chapman Pub. Co., 1895, 1534 pgs This volume is an extensive collection of over 1,100 biographical sketches of the residents of Orange Co., NY at the end of the 19th century. Sketches are clear, full of information, and entertaining. They document not just the lives, occupations, and avocations of their subjects, but also the personalities and peculiarities. Family history is provided as well, along with direct quotes from friends and acquaintances, and portraits of many of the sketch subjects. A new surname index completes the work. St. James Protestant Episcopal Church records : Goshen, Orange County, New York Gertrude A. Barber, 1932, 99 pgs. $24.50

____CD: The History of the Several Towns, Manors, and Patents of the County of Westchester, from its First Settlement to the Present Time 
By Rev. Robert Bolton. After the first publication of this history in 1848, the author received a mass of new information and corrections. He spent 29 years revising it, rewriting more than two-thirds of the original book, adding many old documents, and bringing the work up to date. He was working on it up to the day of his death, after which his brother published this revised edition. This massive work holds a vast amount of historical and genealogical material relating to Westchester County, New York. Broken down into individual town histories, the information dates to the early 1600s and contains many family histories, pedigree charts, Revolutionary War rosters, lists of civil officials, illustrations and town maps, census information, Indian history, treaties, deeds, histories of schools and churches, some tombstone inscriptions and town anecdotes. Includes a new surname index. This set is an essential resource for anyone interested in the early history or genealogy of this region in New York. The book is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the work just as it was originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. There is no electronic index, and there is no electronic text to search. However, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. Image numbers will match the page numbers for all of the main text, as well as the index. Any unnumbered portraits and illustrations are at the back of the actual file, to keep page numbering consistent. (1881), 2004, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, c1740 pages. $29.95

____Pictorial Field Book of the Revolution on CDROM
By B. J. Lossing.  Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC. $29.95 

____Index Quinlan's History of Sullivan Co on CDROM
The index of Quinlan's History of Sullivan County. $12.50

____Quinlan's History of Sullivan Co on CDROM
The complete and hard to find history of Sullivan County now on CDROM. If you already own a hard copy, (book) then you just need the index on CDROM (QHOin for $12.50)  $24.50

____George Washington's Complete Writings CDROM
A full 39 volumes, known as the Fitzpatrick edition for its editor. The U.S. George Washington Bicentennial Commission, established by Congress, appointed by President Roosevelt. This is the definitive edition, to my knowledge, and is an example of excellent scholarship. If you browse through it, you will find it, in pdf, fully searchable. $45.00

____Huguenot Historical Society Bible Records Vol I "The Ages of the Children" CD-Rom
Volume 1 provides vital information for over 1,500 individuals, and includes transcriptions of 73 family registers stored with the Society's Bible and Religious Book Collection.  Surnames  include all of the New Paltz Patentee families plus Bruyn, Bolles, Brodhead, Bull, Craig, Decker, Delamatter, Ean, Elting, France, Hammond, Jansen, Johnson, Knickerbocker, Lewis, Louw, Ostrander, Pells, Quackenboss, Van Orden, Van Wagenen, Walker, and more. The records typically consist of handwritten notices and newspaper clippings proclaiming the births, marriages, and deaths of family members. Records of servants and slaves also appear, albeit rarely. English translations of family registers written in French and Dutch are also provided. CD-Rom $29.95

____Civil War Reference Library: 238 Vols!! 3 CD Set
The Official Records-128 Vols; Photographic History of the Civil War - Text with nonprintable pictures, no clipart; Battles & Leaders of the Civil War- Text with nonprintable pictures, no clipart; Confederate Military History; Southern Historical Society Papers; Messages & Papers of the Confederacy; 1 vol. U. S. Grant; 9 vols. Lincoln; 10 vols Jefferson Davis; Rise & Fall of the Confederate Govt; 3 vols. Robert E. Lee; Special 3 CD Set $89.95

____Tioga County Genealogy & History CDROM
2064 Pages of Information - 3 Complete Searchable Publications on one CD. FIRST - Historical gazetteer of Tioga County, New York, 1785-1888 Syracuse, N.Y.: Gay, W. B., 1887. SECOND - Our county and its people : a memorial history of Tioga County, New York Elmira, N.Y.: W.A. Fergusson, Kingman, Leroy W. 1897? THIRD - Gazetteer and business directory of Broome and Tioga Counties, N.Y. for 1872-3 Syracuse: Child, Hamilton, 1872. $24.50

____CD: The Bevier Family; A History of the Descendants of Louis Bevier Who Came from France to America in 1675 after a Sojourn of Ten Years in the Palatinate and Settled in New Paltz, New York - Katherine Bevier. “Ulster County, New York, was the home of the Beviers in this country from the year 1678, when Louis Bevier the Patentee settled in New Paltz, until the middle of the eighteenth century ... As far as is known all the Beviers in America are descended from that Louis Bevier, who with his wife Marie LeBlanc, came to this country in 1675.” Genealogical entries follow the male line for eight generations and provide varying amounts of biographical material in a pleasant narrative style. An extensive genealogical chart detailing eight generations, a list of abbreviations, facsimile reprints of numerous original documents and photographs, a bibliography, and the original full name index enhance this work. (1916), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 332 pp.  $15.95

 TOP  New Books  

Adirondack Exploration for Kids and Families - History, Discovery & Fun: Stories, fun facts and activities to enchant children with the plants, places, faces and animals that are uniquely Adirondack 105 pages Paperback  $12.99

Legends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley: It is much more than Irving’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow that will cause shivers for the reader, these tales are the dessert beneath Irving’s frosting – a multi-layered exploration into our famous (and not so famous) stories. 142 pages b&w and color illustrations paper $19.99

The Ellis Island Quiz Book: 200 questions (don’t worry – there are answers, too!) to help you teach youngsters about life as a new immigrant arriving in America at the turn of the century. 158 pages Paperback $9.99

The Brooklyn Heights Promenade: The history of the linear waterfront walkway where the most picturesque views of Manhattan can be found. With maps and photos 111 pages paperback $17.99

Harlem in the Twentieth Century: A history of the most historic and culturally vibrant neighborhoods in New York City. With b&w photos 1126 pages paperback $19.99

Historic Photos of New York State: Feed the nostalgia for yesteryear with this black and white collection of historic pictures of New York’s past. From Buffalo to Manhattan, and from the southern tier to the Adirondacks, these images are reminders of how vast and beautiful Empire State has always been. B&w full page photos, coffee-table hardcover 206 pages $39.95


    Ulster County Railroad


    Cold Spring


Ulster County New York The Architecture History and Guide

By William Rhoads. Both a guide book to take on your travels around the county's roads and a satisfying history book to read - quite an accomplishment by the author of Kingston - An Architectural Guide. Filled with photos, dates, architects, and a brief history of each structure, this town-by-town guide illustrates just how much history we drive past every day. 7x10 356 pages index footnotes Paper$24.95

A Catskill Catalog
By Bill Birns. This is a collection of 84 essays about Catskill Mountain people, places, stories and events; an exploration of Catskill life and culture across many generations. 7x10 200 pages (including a 15 page index) with a few b&w photos Paper. $18.00

Where Did The Tracks Go - In the Catskills
By Michael Kudish. This is the long anticipated fourth volume in the author's series on the railroads of New York. (the first 3 dealt with the Adirondacks) This volume covers the Catskill Region from the Hudson Valley to the West Pranch of the Delaware River. Railroads included are the Ulster & Delaware; the Delaware & Northern; the New York, Ontario & Western's Delhi Branch; and the Catskill Mountain Railroad with its connecting narrow-gauged lines in Greene County. Following the same format as the previous volumes, and containing as many highly detailed maps, this volume expands the author's invaluable reference of early railroads in New York State. 8.5x11 321 pages index 191 maps b&w photos Paper $25

___Charlie’s Civil War

By Charles Brandegee Livingstone. Subtitled: “A Private’s Trail by Fire in the 5th New York Volunteers – Duryee Zouaves and 146th New York Volunteer Infantry.” Using richly descriptive letters, the author presents the story of one young man from his enlistment in the 5th New York Infantry (Duryee Zouaves) through  the 146th, including his capture at the Wilderness and imprisonment at Andersonville and Florence. It is a valuable depiction of the common soldier’s experience in the Civil War. 6x9 241 pages index, maps and b&w photos Paper $19.99.

____LOYAL HEARTS Histories of American Civil War Canines

By Michael Zucchero with a foreword by Patrick A. Schroeder.While many exotic mascots were adopted by Civil War soldiers, dogs were the most common. Their loyalty and affection helped many a soldier through the trials and tedium of combat. In this book, the author tells the stories of such famous dogs as “Dog Jack,” “Harvey,” and “Sallie,” as well as lesser known canines. For every documented dog in the field there were a dozen others unreported. These 19 chapters represent the most extensive work on Civil War Canines and should be in every dog lover’s library. 6x9 184 pages, 57 photos, index Hardcover $25.00

One Author - 2 NEW Hudson River Books!

____Steamboats on the Hudson River

By William H. Ewen Jr. form the Images of America Series. The Hudson River was the cradle of American steamboating. While many people think of steamboats on inland rivers like the Mississippi, the type of steamboat that evolved on the Hudson was far more typical of those that operated throughout North America. From Robert Fulton's steamboat through the last steamer on the river almost 170 years later, these boats were an integral part of the life and commerce of the Hudson River valley. Whether it was a huge 400-foot side-wheeler, a small freight boat, excursion boats, or a ferry crossing, almost every river community was served by a steamboat. In Steamboats on the Hudson River, the author includes a wonderful selection of images, many never published before, from his personal and family collections, the Hudson River Maritime Museum, and other private sources. 6x9 129 pages b&w illus Paper $21.99

____Steamboats on the Hudson River in Postcards

By William H. Ewen Jr.. In this collection of vintage-photograph postcards, William H. Ewen Jr. explores the river's steamboat past. 15 pages Paperback $7.99

PETER FORCE AMERICAN ARCHIVES – the most important books on America’s Colonial history NOW available individually as digital files:


 Peter Force 4 series Vol 1 


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 Peter Force 4 series Vol 2 


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 Peter Force 4 series Vol 3 


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 Peter Force 4 series Vol 4 


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 Peter Force 4 series Vol 5 


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 Peter Force 4 series Vol 6 


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 Peter Force 5 series Vol 1 


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 Peter Force 5 series Vol 2 


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 Peter Force 5 series Vol 3 


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____Germantown Methodist Churches Columbia County (#289)

Vital Records 1859-1909 (Baptisms, Marriages, Probationers & Recorded Deaths) $10.00

____Adirondack Rock A Rock Climber’s Guide

By Jim Lawyer and Jeremy Haas. The new comprehensive rock climbing guidebook to the Adirondack Park. It includes all technical rock climbing routes and boulder problems from all known crags and boulders located on public land within the Park. 1900 routes on 240 cliffs, 350 boulder problems, 200 climbing photos, 115  cliff topos, 90 approach maps , 60 aerial photos and 21 essays make this the Ultimate rock climbing guidebook.  5.5x8.5 652 pages photos (both b&w and color) maps, charts. $36.99 Paper

____The US Campaign of 1813 to Capture Montreal

By Robert Sellar. Subtitled: Crysler: The Decisive Battle of the War of 1812, the book recounts the US and the British attempts to capture Montreal. This facsimile reprint of the 100 yr old original marks next years’ Bicentennial of the War of 1812. 5x8 40 pages b&w maps & drawings $4.95 Stapled Paper

____The Holland Patent: More Than a Village 1797-1997

By editors Joan Klossner & Carol Moseman. Published for the Village’s Bicentennial in 1997, this collection of articles about the village history from all sources to combine into a comprehensive historical account. 8.5x11 200 pages photos, maps, illus, index Paper $14.95

____Place Names of Franklin County, NY – Their Origins and History

By Harder & Poole. An entertaining and valuable resource for not only researchers and genealogists, but for the interested layman. 5.5x8 380 pages b&w photos  Paper $24.95

____Memories of Inlet

By Letty Kirch Haynes. The author’s family history stretches back to the early history of the town. Chapters about early hotels, steamboats, children’s camps, recreation and more, help to describe this Adirondack town on Fourth lake in the Fulton Chain of lakes. 6x9 152 pages photos Paper $16.95

____The Iroquois Confederacy – History & Legends

By Emerson Klees. This is a history of the Native Americans to the Northeast and the evolution of the Iroquois Confederacy, including a brief history of each of its six nations, with legends and personality profiles. 6x9  320 pages, photos, maps, Index Paper $16.95

____The Catskill Mountain House DVD
A film by award-winning filmmaker Tobe Carey. This is an 80 minute mixed media documentary on DVD from the person who brought you DEEP WATER. Classic still photos and illustrations are interspersed with interviews of historians and authors familiar with the history of the Mountain Top in general, and the Catskill Mountain House in particular. This is the fascinating history of America's first great mountaintop hotel, and how it figures in the important events, movements and people of its era. $19.99  

____Oneonta in Olden Time
By Harvey Baker. Subtitled: Bits of Oneonta History: An Interesting Series of Articles Published in the Oneonta Herald During the Years 1892-1893. Based on his research of the area’s history dating back to colonial times and up to the current events of his lifetime, Baker covers topics as diverse as the American Revolution and Civil War, family histories, regional folklore, local newspapers, churches and schools, Native American legends, turnpikes and canals, and local geography and ecology. His description of the development of the railroad from Albany to Binghamton is of major interest. 7.5 x 9.25 in., 248 pages  B&W, illustrated, indexed Paper $22.95  

____ Shandaken - Images of America Series $21.99  

____Images of America Cicero
By Thomas Mafrici & Elizabeth August. This Onondaga County community just north of Syracuse gets the typical photo and caption treatment Arcadia Publishers is famous for. Houses, businesses, churches and even marching bands - the lost elements of a community come alive through photographs. 6x9 128 pages 200+ b&w photos Paper $21.99

____Images of America Middlefield: Otsego Lake's Eastern Shore
By Dominick Reisen. This neighboring community to Cooperstown stretches north along the "Glimmerglass" waters, and gets the typical photo and caption treatment Arcadia Publishers is famous for. Houses, businesses, churches and old farms - the lost elements of a community come alive through photographs. 6x9 128 pages 200+ b&w photos Paper $21.99

____Images of America Freedomland
By Robert McLaughlin & Frank Adamo. From 1960 to 1964 "Disneyland of the East" drew 100s of thousands to the Bronx. I went several times each year it was open. Razed to build what is now known as Co-op City, this Americana themed amusemant park gets the typical photo and caption treatment Arcadia Publishers is famous for. Houses, businesses, churches and old farms - the lost elements of a community come alive through photographs. 6x9 128 pages 200+ b&w photos Paper $21.99

____Images of America Middletown and the Unionville Railroad
By Douglas Barberio. The railroad operated from 1913 to 1946, when it was reorganized as the Middletown and New Jersey Railway. It connected the Erie RR to the O&W and the NY, Susquehanna & Western RR. This Orange County, NY, transportation institution gets the typical photo and caption treatment Arcadia Publishers is famous for. Engines, stations and businesses along the route - the lost elements of an important rail service come alive through photographs. 6x9 128 pages 200+ b&w photos Paper $21.99

____Images of America Harriman State Park
By Ronnie Coffey. In 1910 the Harriman family donated the land to create this 46,000 acre park just one hour from Manhattan.  Its 100 year history gets the typical photo and caption treatment Arcadia Publishers is famous for. WPA buildings, lakes and many camps (including both boy & girl scout camps) - the lost elements of an important recreation area come alive through photographs. 6x9 128 pages 200+ b&w photos Paper $21.99

____Landscape Gardens On The Hudson: A History
By Roberet M. Toole. Subtitled: The Romantic Age, the Great Estates & the Birth of American Landscape Architecture. The author, a landscape architect as well as a writer of lucid prose, presents the development and growth of garden design in America's Hudson Valley. The acknowledged leader of this movement, Andrew Jackson Downing, lived in and worked his landscape magic in the Hudson Valley. It is through his reports on the designs and the actual completed projects that we have such a thorough assessment of the movement. He is quoted extensively in the text. The gardens presented within these pages are all estates on the Hudson River, many preserved as historic sites. Olana, Sunnyfield, Clermont, Montgomery Place, Wilderstein, Philipse Manor, and Idlewild are just a few of the spectacular designs presented with extensive color and b&w photos and drawings. Truly a comprehensive look at the garden equivalent of the Hudson River School of Art. 8.5x11 184 pages index profusely illustrated in color and b&w, Paper $24.95

____WHERE THEY FELL: The Stories of Rochester Area Soldiers in the Civil War
By Robert Marcotte. The author lets the words of the soldiers and their families back home tell much of the story, making this as much a local history of Rochester during the war as it is a clear and concise description of the war's major military campaigns, showing how Rochester interacted with the greatest national event to determine the fate of our nation. Profusely illustrated and highly readable. 12x9x1.25 (too big for flat rate envelope!) Hardcover $45.00

____Historic Places in Greene County, NY
A collaborative publication of the Greene County Historical Society, this highlights the extensive histories accumulated over the last 19 years, representing the best examples of historic homes and sites in Greene County. A significant historical, architectural and genealogical resource finally available to the general public.  12x9x1 (too big for flat rate envelope!) Hardcover $49.95

____NEW Images of America Titles:
            Middletown Rail Road
            Harriman State Park
            Kingston & Ulster Townships
            Middlefield: Otsego Lake's Eastern Shore.     
All paperbacks $21.99 ea.

____Rhinebeck Association Cemetery; 20th Century Deaths (#290)
with cemetery maps. 8.5x11 192 pages Spiral Paper $40.00

____Rhinebeck Town Cemeteries; 20th Century Deaths (#291)
Rock City, St Peter's Lutheran, St Paul's Lutheran & St Joseph's Roman Catholic with cemetery maps. 8.5x11 77 pages Paper $20.00

____Milan Town Cemeteries, Through the 20th Century (#292)
Rowe Church, Shookville Church, Milan Church, Yeomans Ground with cemetery maps 8.5x11 45 pages Paper $12.00

____St Paul's (Zion) Lutheran Church Red Hook, NY  (#293)
with cemetery maps. 8.5x11 158 pages Spiral Paper $36.00

____ Vital Records Trinity German Lutheran Church, Troy, NY (#tbd)
with cemetery maps. 8.5x11  Paper $53.00

____A Kayaker's Guide to New York's Capital Region
By Russell Dunn. Subtitled: Albany, Schenectady, Troy, The Hudson & Mohawk Rivers, this new addition to the popular kayaking series includes from the communities of  Catskill and Hudson to Mechanicville, and from Cohoes to Amsterdam. This exhaustively complete volume covers 63 paddling adventures on New York's two mightiest, history-rich rivers. With 60 maps, 50 b&w photos 6x9 290 pages Paper $17.95.

John Burroughs' classic provides accounts of hikes and walks in the Catskills with all the natural observations this nature philosopher is famous for. Alf Evers, author of the ultimate history of the region THE CATSKILLS, when asked what book besides his own should always stay in print, replied without hesitation, John Burroughs' IN THE CATSKILLS. This is the centennial edition, edited and illustrated by Clifton Johnson, who was a friend and hiking companion of Burroughs. This is truly a classic, the one book you must read to understand the Catskill Mountain Region, and the continuing fascination with John Burroughs.5.5x8.5 251 pages, glossy B&W photographs Paper $19.50

____BECOMING GERMAN The 1709 Palatine Migration to New York
By Philip Otterness. Documenting the largest ethnic emmigration to the New World up to that time, one of the great stories in the history of immigration describes the dehumanizing effects of the 1709 migration on the Palatines without making them victims. From Germany, to London, to New York City, and on through the Hudson Valley to the bleeding edge of the New York frontier in the Schoharie Valley, these stalwart pioneers pushed white settlement westward. They accepted the Mohican invitation to settle on their land, and allowed the indians to raise their children while they established homes and farms. The lives of the sturdy hard working Palatines are recounted here. 6x9 235 pages index, notes maps Paper $19.95

____Lost Arrowheads and Broken Pottery in Bear Mountain
By Edward J. Lenik. Fully subtitled: A History of Native Americans In Bear Mountain State Park, New York - whew! It is definitely a comprehensive book worthy of that title. With charts, maps, b&w photos and drawings, the author recreates the history of Native Americans in the Hudson Valley, and more specifically Bear Mountain, with a discussion of the various digs and the amatuer and professional archeologists who conducted them. Great history here, including the Revolutionary War Forts Clinton & Montgomery. 5.5x8.5 79 pages Paper $9.50

____Empires in the Mountains
By Russell P. Bellico. Is the first volume to focus entirely on the campaigns and forts of the Great Warpath: the Lake Champlain, Lake George, and Hudson River corridor, during the French & Indian War (1754-1763). It covers the epic battles of the war in the lake valleys, as well as the building of the fortresses and battleships in Northern New York's wilderness. Not since Francis Parkmen has the epic story of the "Warpath of Empire" been told with such sweep, and in such detail. 7x10 367 pages Profusely illustrated Paper $27.50

____The Over-Winterers - A Novel 
By Harry Layman. A historical novel of hard winter life and times of a Haines Falls family written by a native.It includes tales of huge snowstorms, treacherous mountain roads, the great hotels burning and the investigation by the Attorney General of alleged gangster involvement in those fires. It begins with the Pelham & Haines families arriving at the Mountain Top as the first settlers, and continues through the hotel and railroad construction, through to the end of the golden era of tourism. Interspersed is the poetry of the author's aunt, evoking the natural beauty of the region. This is a personal and engaging family history that incorporates the history of the Mountain Top in its telling. 8.5x11 127 glossy pages w b&w illustrations hardcover $24.95

____Seven Generations of Iroquois Leadership (since 1800)
By Laurence M. Hauptman. Focusing on the distinct qualities of Iroquois leadership, this comprehensive study of their modern history is a fascinating look at the men and women who provided leadership in addressing the challanges faced by the Six Nations over the last two centuries. The book offers historical and contemporary portraits of leaders from all six Iroquois nations and all regions of modern-day Iroquoia. 300+/- pages 6x9 Paper $24.95

____IMAGES OF AMERICA Saugerties In Post Cards
By Marjory Block. The President of Saugerties Historical Society collected the postcards from the Society's collection to illustrate this new history of our town. The Images of America Series is identical format photo compilations of the history of each area mentioned in the title with over 200 b&w photos and extensive captions, plus a brief introduction by the author (usually a local historian or Historical Society.) These books sell on site, and provide hours of fun and nostalgia. Great gift too. 6x9 128 pages Paper 200+ b&w illus $21.99

____Bolton Coit Brown
By Tom Wolf and Ronald Netsky. A retrospective produced for the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, this catalogue explores the career of one of America's most noted printmakers and the seminal role he played in bringing the arts to Woodstock, New York. 8.5x11 99 pages color & b&w photos Paper $18.00

____ Hudson River Panorama A Passage Through Time
By Groft, McCombs & Greene-McNally. A beautifully illustrated history of the Hudson River and its impact on the peoples and landscape of New York State. The majestic power and rich history of the Hudson River are on unparalleled display in this beautifully illustrated volume commemorating Henry Hudson’s 1609 exploration of the river that bears his name, and including the remarkable story of the people, events, and ideas that have shaped this magnificent region. The book’s four major themes—natural history and environment; transportation; trade, commerce, and industry; and culture and symbol—connect the many agricultural, industrial, and cultural influences of this historic waterway. Hudson River Panorama presents a stimulating and enjoyable look at one of America’s great rivers and the people and history it helped to shape. 11x8.5 144 pages b&w and color illustrations Paper $29.95

____Panaroma of the Hudson River
Photographs by Greg Miller. One half of this book is a reprint of the 1910 photographic documentation of both sides of the Hudson River from the the harbor north to Albany. Each historic photo is updated with a new color image of the same view 100 years later. This is an impressive undertaking, making a century of the development and growth of the Hudson River Valley appear in clear side-by-side photographs. Cleverly designed to be enjoyed from front to back OR back to front - truly a fun book to look at. 8.5x11 100 pages Paper $18.00

____America's First River
(Collected) By Wermuth, Johnson & Pryslopski. Subtitled: The History and Culture of the Hudson River Valley, this is actually a collection of eighteen of the best essays from the 25 year history of the publication Hudson River Valley Review. From natives, to newcomers to 2oth century leaders, these essays examine the many facets of the Hudson's rich history, its distinctive regional culture, and its importance contributions, to the development of modern America. 8.5x11 252 pages, some b&w and color illustrations Paper $24.95

____Indian Ladder A Lyric Journey
Photographs by John Yang. 15 miles west of Albany rises the Helderberg Escarpment, a 1,100 foot wall of rock locally known as Indian Ladder. Legend has it that the Native Americans constructed a ladder to traverse the steep rock wall. Here Thatcher State Park is located. Yang's photographs illustrate the beauty and complexity of the escarpment in glorious sepia tinted images. Brief text 8.5x11 photographs Paper $29.95

____Jane Colden America's First Woman Botanist
By Paula Ivaska Robbins. Jane Colden was the daughter of the Colonial Lieutenant Governor of the Colony of New York, Cadwallader Colden, who was also a well known botanist. She became his protege, regularly corresponding with her father's friends in the international circle of botanists. She produced an herbal of 341 plants, with drawings and descriptions, that grew in and around their estate west of Newburgh NY. Her accomplishments are recounted here. 6x9 96 pages with b&w drawings, index & biblio Paper $12.50

____The River Indians Mohicans Making History
By Shirley W. Dunn. The Mohicans were native leaders along the Hudson. They welcomed Henry Hudson, initiated the upriver fur trade, were close friends of the Dutchman Van Culer, (saving farms of Rensselaerswyck) defended Albany from Canadian attack, and joined the American side in the Revolutionary War. In this, the latest of her books on the Mohicans, Ms Dunn again emphasizes their importance in the history of New York State. 7x10 135 pages b&w illus index & biblio Paper $17.00 

____The Essential Saugerties CDROM
By Michael Sullivan Smith. A fantastic collection of resources: The Pearl, Picturesque Ulster No. 8, Brink's Early History of Saugerties, the Saugerties section of Sylvester's 1880 History of Ulster County and the 1911 Saugerties Centennial program book. Additionally, maps, photos and illustrations such as the 1880 panorama of the Village of Saugerties, the 1875 map of the village from the Beers Atlas, Will Cockburn's 18th century surveys of what would become the town, and dozens of high resolution scans of pictures from the earliest photographs are included. Easy to access with an Acrobat Reader $24.50

____Greene County USA, a Local History of National Importance
By Jonathan Donald. This DVD originally aired on Public Access TV. It is the extraordinary story of this rural county south of Albany, New York where a great number of "historic firsts" made it a major contributor to the national destiny. These range from an 11,000 year old mine where early man created Mastodon killing weapons, to how the early Dutch deployed their political genius. Also the story of a skulking guerrilla war of murders and kidnappings during the Revolution, the first American photographer, the invention of color film, the invention of the skyscraper, invention of an early form of steel, invention of the high speed printing press, center of the American Romantic Movement in the Arts with the Hudson River School of Art and novels by James Fennimore Cooper and Washington Irving. It would also become the birthplace of American tourism, play vital role during the Civil War and become a late 19th century stronghold of emancipated womanhood and the Arts. DVD $19.95


____Bloody Mohawk 1713 to 1794
By Richard Berleth. Subtitled: The French and Indian War & American Revolution On New York's Frontier, this sweeping historical narrative chronicles events instrumental in the painful birth of a new nation-from the Bloody Morning Scout and the massacre at Fort William Henry to the disastrous siege of Quebec, the heroic but lopsided Battle of Valcour Island, the horrors of Oriskany, and the tragedies of Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley massacre and the Sullivan-Clinton Expedition's destruction of the Iroquois homeland in western New York State. Caught in the middle of it all was the Mohawk River Valley. Professor Richard Berleth charts the passage of the valley from a fast-growing agrarian region streaming with colonial traffic to a war-ravaged wasteland. When the fighting was over, the valley lay in ruins and as much as two-thirds of its population lay dead or had been displaced. But by not holding this vital inland waterway-the gateway to the West, "the river between the mountains"-America might have lost the Revolution, as well as much or all of the then poorly defined province of New York.6x9, 384 pages, maps & illustrations Paper $19.95

By Michael Perkins & Will Nixon. Subtitled: Journeys into the Wild Heart of America's Most Famous Small Town. More than another book capitalizing on the aura of "Woodstock" and more than a very good hiking guide, this is the thoughtful musing of two talented writers and hikers who bushwack their way through the hidden ways and conventions of one of America's oldest artist colonies. The delightful wood and lino cut illustrations of Carol Zaloom highlight the insightful writing. If you walk the highways or byways of Woodstock, you need this book.6x9 255 pages b&w illus Paper $18.95

____The Artillery Never Gained More Honor
By Douglas R Cubbison. Subtitled: The British Artillery in the 1776 Valcour Island and 1777 Saratoga Campaigns. Focuses on the tactical, logistical, and command functions of the Royal Artillery using primary sources, many used for the first time. It concludes with an examination of the British artillery pieces used during this campaign and makes an effort to identify their current location. 8.5x11 196 pages with b&w illus, notes, references and index Paper $19.00

____Hurley New York, A Brief History
By Deana F. Decker. Since its earliest days as a Dutch colony, Hurley, New York, has undergone many transformations: fought over by the Lenape tribe, commandeered by British settlers and buffeted between Revolutionaries and Loyalists as a strategic stronghold in the Revolutionary War. Local historian Deana F. Decker explores this Hudson Valley town’s history with a comprehensive assessment of its notable residents, such as Sojourner Truth, as well as its historical buildings, such as the Bevier House and Hurley Mountain Inn. From its roots as the dangerous Esopus frontier region to its industrial metamorphosis through bluestone harvesting and the Ashokan Reservoir, Hurley, New York chronicles the remarkable story of this Upstate town. 6x9 144 pages b&w illus Paper $19.95

____Focus on the Land
Foreword by James Howard Kunstler, Photography by Nate Simms. Subtitled: Images of Rensselaer County, New York. A full color photography books of the natural beauty of this primarily rural county across the Hudson River from Albany. BEAUTIFUL! 9.5x9.5 56 pages 50 color photos Paper $24.95

____Railroads of Rensselaer an Images of America title
By Ernie Mann. Rensselaer County is part of the Capital district of New York. It is on the east side of the Hudson River where the Mohawk and the Champlain Valleys meet. It was of hub of rail transportation - all doculented here. 6.5x9.25 128 pages b&w photos on every page. Paper $21.99

____UPSTATE NEW YORK Towns That We Love
By Elizabeth J. & Barton M. Cockey. Including the towns of Greenwich, Schuylerville, Saratoga Springs, Easton, Salem, and Cambridge, with a chapter of day-trips to lakes and historical sights. What makes this book unusual is the sheer size of it -- 9.5x13 -- and the fact that all the pictures are color paintings, not photos. The authors connect all the places illustrated through the history of the region, from the Revolutionary War forward, to present a current guide to a region, not just individual towns. 85 pages index beautiful color ilustrations Hardcover $22.95 

_____Native Americans in New York
By Lynn George. It's a Rosen Classroom Primary Source Book, designed for classroom use, but suitable for primary school readers. 8x8 24 pages colorful stapled paper. $7.00

____Cornflower's Ghost: An Historical Mystery
by Thomas Pullyblank. Thomas Pullyblank has skillfully woven a tapestry of historical mystery and modern-day campus politics into a uniquely American story that addresses the larger question of how our past should or should not be employed to address contemporary issues. Based upon two hundred years of upstate New York history, Cornflower's Ghost translates meticulous research into believable historical characters and events. 232 pages; 5.25" x 8" Paper $19.95

____Middlefield and the Settling of the New York Frontier
SUBTITLED:  A Case Study of Development in Central New York, 1790-1865 $24.95

____The Oneonta Roundhouse - BACK IN PRINT! 
By Jim Loudon. A round house is used for the turning of trains. In 1870 the first one was built near Oneonta. The facility grew until in 1906 the largest one in the world was constructed. This is the complete history of the railroads and the round house they needed in Central New York. 8.5x11 99 pages b&w maps, photos, and illus Paper $19.95

____Otsego Lodge No. 138, F. & A.M., Cooperstown, New York
SUBTITLED: A Collection of Historical Miscellanea, 1795-2007 $21.00

____Henry Hudson and the Algonquins of New York
By Evan Pritchard. The author, an Algonquin historian, whose previous works include Native New Yorkers, chronicles Henry Hudson's 1609 arrival at Manhattan Island from the perspective of the people who met Hudson's boat, fulling the prophecy of the Fourth Fire. A work of groundbreaking scholarship. 6x9 324 pages some b&w illus index Paper $20.00

____Roots of the 1969 Woodstock Festival - The Backstory
By Weston & Julia Blelock. This book grew from a panel discussion about the years of events leading up to the famous  Woodstock Music Festival, and why it was called Woodstock and is so closely identified with the town even though it took place in Bethel. 5.5x8.5 160 pages b&w photos Paper $19.95

____Remembering Woodstock
By Richard Heppner, Town of Woodstock Historian. From the publications and archives of the Historical Society of Woodstock comes this collection of period essays recounting the history of this famous New York town as it happened. The current Historian includes a few contemporary analyses of the history, but, for the most part, he lets historians and prominent citizens of old tell their story. 6x9 124 pages b&w illus Paper $19.99

____Murder & Mayhem in the Catskills
By Caroline Crane. Since pre-Revolutionary times this seemingly idyllic region has been a theater for some of mankind's darkest deeds and evildoers. This book provides a fascinating glimpse into the shadowy heart of the Catskills and reveals the area's surprising connections to America's most infamous criminals. 6/9 120 pages b&w illus Paper $14.99

____Shadow Soldiers of the American Revolution
By Mark Jodoin. Subtitled: Loyalist Tales from New York to Canada, this book traces the lives of ten men and women whose loyalties to the British forced them to leave their homeland, their farms and their families. It was George Washington who said: In letting the Loyalists leave we are depriving ourselves of the best and brightest men in our country. 6x9 160 pages b&w illus Paper $21.99

____Remembering Albany 
By Don Rittner. The author and columnist (Heritage on the Hudson) collected the best of his history columns on Albany into this 400 year span of charming tales. They offer a delightful perspective of the history and culture of the Capital city. 6x9 128 pages b&w illus Paper $19.99

____Sullivan County A Bicentennial History in Images
By John Conway. The past Historian of Sullivan County presents and interprets the most striking images from his vast collection to inform as it celebrates 200 years of history. 6x9 128 pages b&w illus Paper $21.99

____The Posten Kill Waterfalls to Waterworks
By John Warren. This Rensselaer County (Capital District) waterway has sustained county communities for generations, both in its natural beauty and in its vast water power. Here the author highlights the force and wonder that have stirred naturalists and entrepreneurs throughout its history. 5.5x8 128 pages b&w illus $19.99

____Historic Tales From The Adirondack Almanac
By John Warren. An insiders look at life within the blue line, this book collects the online writing from the Adirondack Almanac. These essays sought to connect current events with historical events to give the modern reader a context within which to see each event more clearly. Locals and visitors alike will be surprised by the hidden gems his research uncovers. 6x9 128 pages b&w illus Paper $19.99

____LOST TOWNS of the Hudson Valley
By Wesley and Barbara Gottlock. All that remains of these towns are roadside markers and memories of a bygone era. World War IIs Camp Shanks, Poseton, Shanks Village, Rockland Lake and all the towns beneath the Ashokan Reservoir are included here in extensive captioned images. 6x9 160 pages b&w illus Paper $21.99

____The World of Blantyre & The Cookery of Christopher Brooks
By Claire Hopeley. For those of us unable to spring for a weekend at Blantyre, which could easily cost more than $2000 for a couple, Ann Fitzpatrick Brown produced and published a luscious coffee-table compendium of all that is Blantyre. The stunning coffee-table book is filled with the history of this 5 star luxury inn in the Berkshires and the recipes that have earned Blantyre the coveted distinction of Grands Chefs Relais & Chateaux and a five-star Mobil Hotel award. Blantyre is considered to be one of the best hotels in the world. 9x12 hardcover 240 pages - 167 pages of beautiful photographs, some history and over 50 favorite recipes. $70.00


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