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A Unique Assortment
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TWO Publishing Paths

Become a Published Author

Fulfill Your Dream - Get Recognized - Make A Profit

You worked so hard on your manuscript, and now it’s time to publish. You need trusted advice from experts that have been in the business for decades. Well you found us, whether that was by luck, a friend or our Google ranking, you’re now in good hands and we can’t wait to help you with all your publishing needs.

You Have Options

We offer two publishing paths for an author to choose from – Self publishing or a Traditional publishing arrangement. Both publishing options have advantages and disadvantages depending on your objectives as an author. Below is a summary of both publishing processes:

Self Publishing

  1. Write a manuscript
  2. Choose ColorPage to manufacturer your book
  3. Leave a deposit (typically 33% – 50% )
  4. Have your manuscript edited
  5. Select a design style for body and cover
  6. Select papers and binding
  7. Request ISBN, Barcode, LCCN
  8. Discuss fulfillment and distribution options
  9. Select quantity based on budget and goals
  10. Approve proofs of book
  11. Pay for books and all services in full
  12. Market finished books
  13. Keep 100% of your profits

Traditional Publishing

  1. Write a manuscript
  2. Submit to Hope Farm Press for review
  3. Manuscript is reviewed (accepted or denied)
  4. Accepted manuscripts: Author receives a contract. All publishing rights go to the publisher; copyright remains with the author.
  5. Work with Hope Farm Press as needed
  6. HFP manages all production aspects
  7. Books are designed and printed
  8. Marketing book in conjunction with the Author
  9. HFP manages all sales and revenue
  10. Author receives royalty on books sold, typically 10%-15% of the price the book is sold at

Self Publishing

Authors choose to self-publish for many reasons. The most common reasons authors self-publish is to keep 100% of their profits, or they are self-publishing a book primarily for family, friends, enjoyment, or educational purposes.

  1. Submit Your manuscript to ColorPage
  2. A book publishing specialist will schedule a time to discuss topics that include:
    1. Goals and objectives of book
      1. Why did you write the manuscript?
      2. Are you looking to make a profit selling your book?
      3. Do you have plans to write more books?
      4. Who is your target audience?
      5. Are you interested in selling the book in bookstores or online?
      6. Will you be seeking a publisher to publish your book
    2. What are your book design requirements
    3. Do you need a copy editor
    4. Select papers and binding
    5. Request ISBN, Barcode, LCCN
    6. Discuss fulfillment and distribution options
    7. Select quantity based on budget and goals
  3. When all specifications are determined, price options will be given for the services to be provided.
  4. A quote agreement is provided and signed by the author and a deposit is required
  5. Printed proofs are provided for sign off
  6. Approved proofs of your book are sent into production
  7. Typically, books are printed and bound in 7-10 work days after proof approval
  8. Books are completed and payment in full is required prior to shipment
  9. Author can request assistance with marketing and fulfillment of their book

Self Publishing?

Don’t Over Order.

Every Book Can Be A Prosperous One.

You’re in control… we’re here to listen and offer expert advice.  We do not insist on standard designs, fixed sizes, papers, or inks for your publications. At Hope Farm Press you’ll get personal attention and a plethora of options to create a unique publication at an affordable price.

Our two methods of printing, digital printing, and conventional offset makes us especially efficient in the Ultra Short-Run book printing process.

Why Self Publish Your Book?

The options available for self-publishing are now better than ever! If you want to have complete freedom over the way your book looks, and how it will be marketed to your audience, it has never been easier. More and more people are looking to self-publish to get their book in front of readers and book buyers.

ColorPage Marketing and Publishing

Our Self Publishing Services

If you are looking to Self Publish your book then you discovered the right place. Hope Farm Press is the sister company to ColorPage, the premier Hudson Valley book manufacturing division that has been providing self-publishing services to new and experienced authors since 1976.

Authors receive one-to-one professional guidance and advice that offers a variety of publishing options based on their publishing objectives. Ultimately helping authors turn their manuscripts into professional, well-designed, beautifully printed, self-published books that will have all the necessary components to be sold online, and at bookstores.

The Digital Printing Miracle Press

Full Color 4800 DPI

As a specialist in full color, short to medium run book printing process, we are prepared to work with our clients in developing their manuscript into a professionally printed book. Our clients can look forward to ongoing consultations, flexibility in meeting specific requirements, custom cover and body design, two methods of reproduction, fast turnaround time and competitive prices.

Our Services Include:
Book Editing, Book Design, Book Printing of Paperback and Hardcover, Book Binding, Fulfillment, Distribution, Book Promotion and Marketing.

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  • Publisher’s Imprint

Free Consultations

Our courteous and professional service team has years of experience in the printing industry and can answer any question you have about printing your book. They will explain “step-by-step” the self-publishing book design and printing process, enabling you to make educated decisions about the production of your book. A consultation between the author and one of our consultants is the first step in building our client relationship. It becomes for us, and for our clients, a very important part of the book manufacturing process.

Throughout the various phases of book production, our team will keep in close contact with our clients through phone consultations, e-mail, postal service, and face-to-face consultations. We have found this close working relationship goes a long way toward guaranteeing client satisfaction.

Award Winning Design

Our expert graphic designers and software technology extend way beyond traditional typesetting. Utilizing the most sophisticated suite of Adobe tools, our award-winning designers have a specialization in commercial desktop publishing that includes page design, the cover design of books and publications of all types. We have illustrators and photographers on staff to meet virtually any design requirement.

Book Printing Options

We offer both traditional offset printed books (for long runs > 2000) and digitally printed books (for shorter runs < 2000). Today, the majority of books we printed are digitally printed on our high-speed, commercial digital printing presses. These digital presses produce a quality level that exceeds expectations and makes short run color printing affordable.

How to choose between Offset and Digital printing?

Since offset printing has a higher setup cost, it is an economical choice for longer runs. In the past offset offered the author a wider variety of paper stock options, but that is no longer true. Our new digital printing presses can handle coated and uncoated paper stocks in thicknesses that range from lightweight 40 lb text to 18 point cover.

Digital printing has made short-run book printing possible. The importance of this process is that it has lowered the cost of both black and white and color printing and automated most of the bindery process. These savings are passed to the author who can now afford to self-publish, add color, and release more niche titles at a profit.

Book Fulfillment

Through Hope Farm Press we offer a unique fulfillment service that provides you with an affordable way to get your book sold online. A small upfront cost to get your book listed, and low fee on each book sold through our website. Your book will also get the benefit of free promotion. It will be announced on our social media pages and promoted.

Book Fulfillment Pricing Structure

Listing Your
Book on


Fee Structure:

$90 Annually (up to Jan-Dec)

Any books listed in Oct-Dec will be prorated at $112.50 to cover a total of up to 15 months.

Books listed Jan-Sept pay $90 to cover the remaining year the book was listed in.

Book Sales Management & Fulfillment Using HopeFarm.com


Fee Structure:

Hope Farm Press Receives 40% of Gross Book Sale*

Author Receives 60% of Gross Book Sale*

*If books were printed by ColorPage Hope Farm Press fee is 35% of Gross Book Sale.

Payments to Author


Fee Structure:

Author receives commission payment at the end of each month.

Commissions are paid only when accumulated to a minimum of $50.

Traditional Publishing

  1. Write a manuscript
  2. Submit your manuscript to Hope Farm Press
  3. Manuscript is reviewed (accepted or denied)
  4. Accepted manuscripts: Author receives a contract – All publishing rights go to the publisher; copyright remains with the author
  5. Work with publisher as needed
  6. Publisher manages all production aspects
  7. Books are designed and printed
  8. Marketing book in conjunction with the Author
  9. Author receives royalty on books sold – Typically 10%-15% of the price the book is sold at
Hope Farm Press

Our Imprint Publishing Services

Our Imprint Focus

Hope Farm Press is a local, independent publisher (aka small press) interested in publishing excellent works of authors and creators that focus their writings and creativity in ways that are connected to our local area.

The primary areas of focus are the greater Hudson Valley, the Catskill Mountains, and Berkshire Mountains regions. These regions are rich in history, and beauty and as of late, have been getting a lot of attention from national news media as a destination for travelers and people seeking a healthy lifestyle.

With so much to offer, typical genres that Hope Farm Press is interested in include: Tourism, History, Educational, Directories, related Fiction & Non-Fiction, and Children’s Books. We are also interested in publishing newsletters, magazines and journals.

Manuscript Review Process

Our review process will take approximately 4-6 weeks.

Manuscript Submission, Review Fee

There is a $225 fee for each title requested to be reviewed. If your manuscript has been selected to be published by Hope Farm Press 100% of the fee will be credited back to the author, and can be used for the sole purpose of book purchases at the author’s contracted discount rate.

Contact Us

If you are interested in self-publishing click here to schedule a FREE consultation or call 800-836-7581.

Submitting Your Works

By Upload (preferred)

By Email

Please send a complete manuscript via email to:


Guidelines to Submit Your Manuscript

Why Not Get A Publishing Company To Publish Your Book?

A number of changes in the publishing industry over the past ten years have meant that, although more titles are being published, there are actually fewer opportunities for new authors to get a publishing contract.

Publishers’ margins on books having decreased considerably. There are now fewer major publishing houses in existence than there used to be. Those that do exist have focused more on publishing books which have a proven track record, or have a celebrity name attached to them, so that they can guarantee a certain number of sales.

This leaves new authors in a difficult position in relation to these ‘traditional publishers’ and, increasingly, self-publishing is becoming the best opportunity to get your books read. With self-publishing, you can become an agent of your own success!

Whichever path you choose (and there is no reason why you can’t start doing both and see how it goes) it is important to go in with your eyes wide-open. Publishing and selling books are very competitive fields, and all of the potential avenues have their own advantages and disadvantages. Spend a good amount of time weighing out the options, so that you can find a route which is best for you.

Ready to Get Published?

Submit Your Works

"*" indicates required fields


Why should the book be published by Hope Farm Press? Information about you as an author. Include information that lets us know if you are a first-time author or have you published a book and do you have literary successes to your name. Tell us what makes you qualified to write on the subject and include references if possible. Do you also write full-time as an editor or copywriter? Keep your cover letter as brief as possible, no longer than one page.

Be sure your cover letter includes:

  • Your full name (and pseudonym if applicable)
  • Your postal address, telephone number, and email address
  • An estimated word count for your complete manuscript
  • List your Genre and your target audience
Accepted file types: doc, docx, pdf, Max. file size: 5 MB.

Submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word using these general rules:

  • Electronic versions of your manuscript should be in one file and not separate files for each chapter or section
  • Use 12-point type
  • Use a serif font; the most common choice is Times New Roman
  • Double space your manuscript
  • No extra space between paragraphs
  • Only one space between sentences
  • Indent each paragraph half an inch (setting a tab, not using several spaces)
  • Text should be flush left and ragged right, not justified
  • Black text on a white background only
  • One-inch margins (the default in Word)
  • Create a header with the title followed by your last name and the page number. The header should appear on each page after the title page.
  • Include inline images with captions below the image
Accepted file types: doc, docx, Max. file size: 5 MB.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.