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Hike the Gunks!

Discover 50 Trails with Spectacular Shawangunk Ridge Views. This book is a must for all hikers (from novice to expert).

By Steffen T. Kraehmer

Hike the Gunks!
Hike the Gunks!

What are the Gunks?

The Shawangunk Mountains (aka Gunks) is a ridge with many trails. It is comprised of three main hiking areas: Minnewaska State Park Preserve (which includes Sam’s Point Area), Mohonk Mountain House, and the Mohonk Preserve. This guide is divided into these three areas and the connected trails in these parks. The corresponding sections of the book give detailed descriptions of the trail routes and are listed alphabetically by name of the trail or destination.

Why Hike the Gunks?

Acres to Explore
Trails to Hike
Scenic Miles to Bike
Routes to Climb
Rivers, Streams & Creeks
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Waterfalls to Admire

What to Bring

10 Hiking Essentials

1. Navigation

Map, compass, GPS system, and extra batteries.

2. Insulation / Rain Gear

Waterproof / windproof jacket, hat, gloves, thermal undergarments (pack extra), wool socks (pack extra), goggles and face mask – Winter.

3. Light

Headlamp, flashlight, lanterns, and extra batteries.

4. First Aid Supplies

Use a pre-made kit or build your own.

5. Emergency Kit

Whistle, signal mirror, duct tape, pocket knife/multi-tool, etc., and bright colored cloth.

6. Fire

Matches in waterproof container, lighter, and firestarters.

7. Nutrition

Choose high protein and high-calorie items, pack extra food, and in the winter break food into small pieces and pack in the center of the pack to avoid freezing.

8. Water

Pack at least 2 liters per person, water filtration or purifying system, and in the winter insulate your hydro-tubing or pack water in the center of the pack to avoid freezing.

9. Sun & Insect Protection

Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, bug repellent, and bug net.

10. Emergency Shelter

Tent, space blanket, and tarp.

"A must have for hikers and people exploring the area for the first time. By far, the most comprehensive hiking guide book of the area.”

Ken Halpern

Mohonk Preserve Trailhead Ranger / Nature Shop Manager

Do You Have a Map?

Top 10 Maps of the Gunks

1. National Geographic Shawangunk Mountains

An expansive map of the region and offers various charts of hikes by name and mileage – for purchase.

2. Shawangunk Trails NYNJTC Trail Map 106

Mohonk Mountain House, Roosa Gap State Forest, Shawangunk Ridge State Forest, and Wurtsboro Ridge State Forest – for purchase.

3. Shawangunk Trails NYNJTC Trail Map 105

Mohonk Mountain House and Mohonk Preserve – for purchase.

4. Shawangunk Trails NYNJTC Trail Map 104

Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Sam’s Point Area – for purchase.

5. Minnewaska State Park Preserve (online)

Click here to download the PDF map.

6. Minnewaska State Park Preserve (hardcopy)

Color topographical map for purchase at visitor centers and gatehouses.

7. Mohonk Mountain House

Click here to download the PDF map.

8. Mohonk Preserve

Click here to choose specific PDF maps to download.

9. Mohonk Preserve Trail

Topographical hardcopy for purchase at the Nature Shop in the Visitor Center.

10. Shawangunk Scenic Byway

Click here to download the PDF map.

About the Author

Steffen T. Kraehmer

Steffen T. Kraehmer is a national author, regional photographer, Adirondack 46-er, Catskill Mountain 3500 Club Member, and Mohonk Preserve Volunteer Trail Ambassador.

He has five published books including Exploring the Hudson Valley: 100 Great Places Just North of New York City as well as a Hudson Valley photographic expose CD with over 120 photographs of awe-inspiring scenery combined with information about the local cities and towns, lighthouses, historic home, fire towers, and trailed summits.

Steffen Kraehmer has extensive experience in outdoor recreation event planning and not-for-profit administration and has provided over 100 events in the Northeast.

He continues to hike, bike and kayak in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania with family and friends, and is “never far from a scenic overlook and a mountain view”.

Steffen T. Kraehmer

Nature at It's Finest

Photos of the Gunks

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