The Great Hudson River Brick Industry

By (author)George V. Hutton


7″ x 10″, paperback

Commemorating Three and a Half Centuries of Brick Making

At the beginning of the twentieth century, brick manufacturing was the dominate industry in the Hudson Valley. One hundred and thirty brickyards employed seven to eight thousand workers. It was the largest brickmaking region in the world, supplying vast amounts of this most essential building material to the fastest growing city in the world. Spanning three and a half centuries, this industry ceased to exist in 2002. This is the definitive history of this important industry.

“The colorful history of this, now almost-forgotten, major industry is here told in entertaining and lucid style for the first time by one of the few surviving people with personal experience in brickmaking. This is the most comprehensive book on the subject written for the general reader, but still provides basic technical information. A landmark book in its field.”
—Arthur G. Adams, author of The Hudson Through the Years and The Hudson River Guidebook

​“This long overdue account is recommended reading for anyone who wants to learn about this fascinating industry. Without this writing, essential technical information would have vanished forever.”
—William Minnock, President (retired), Powell and Minnock, Brickmakers

240 pages, illustrated, paperback, 7 x 10, ISBN: 1-930098-52-9

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