Bearsville Theater: Heartbeat of Woodstock


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In the early 70’s, famed artist manager and impresario, Albert Grossman, purchased a 15 acre estate on the edge of the town of Woodstock. His vision was to create a bucolic and creative home for his artists, who included Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, The Band, Peter Paul and Mary, and Todd Rundgren. He built recording and video studios, a beautiful theater, fine restaurants, housing, and a record label, Bearsville Records.

Now, many years later, and after a complete ground-up restoration, the Bearsville Center rises up like a phoenix and opens its doors again to the public.

This book tells the history of the Theater. A written and visual tour of the renovated facilities. With lots of amazing photos — new and old.


“To me, Woodstock will always be as significant and active an American music center as Memphis, New York, L.A., Nashville and Muscle Shoals. The Bearsville Theater stands as a monument to our community, honoring and celebrating its musical heritage and as a platform for new artists to create and showcase their work, here in Bearsville, for generations to come.”
— John Sebastian

“The Bearsville Theater has presented 30 years of extraordinary performances, many of which I’ve had the good fortune to experience. What a blessing that it’s been restored so beautifully with a focus on the area’s rich musical history!”
—Holly George-Warren
Author, journalist, and music historian

“The Bearsville Theater has always been the venue of choice for great gatherings of the jazz and world music community. I can’t wait to see it open again, featuring the broad spectrum of musical creativity that is so special for our era and time.”
—Karl Berger
Co-founder and artistic director of the creative music studio

“I grew up in Woodstock, absorbing its magic & music. I worked in the offices at Bearsville Records and saw what Albert Grossman and his vast & varied team of people created over time, once upon a time. The Bearsville Theater has thankfully risen once again, bright with beauty & creative integrity at every turn, a perfect spoke in the wheel that moves in tandem with the musical heartbeat that is Woodstock.”
— Cindy Cashdollar

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