Indian Tribes Of Hudson’s River Vol I: To 1700

By (author)E.M. Ruttenber


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The preface by the author reads in part: “It has been the object of the author to trace the history of the Indians from the earliest period; to show their original position in the family of nations, and that which they subsequently maintained; the wrongs which they suffered, and the triumphs which they won; their greatness and their decay. In the narrative, liberal use has been made of current histories, so far as their statements were found to be in accordance with the facts. Acknowledgment, it is believed, has been fully made, and even to an extent which is not customary. Very full notes have been introduced for the purpose of explaining the text and enabling the reader to judge of the correctness of the conclusions drawn therefrom. As far as possible the narrative has been divested of the recitation of events which do not pertain to it, and though necessarily running beyond the limits of the territory regarded as the valley of the Hudson, has been as closely confined to it as possible, too closely perhaps, as it is believed that the eastern Indians have the same claim to consideration as a confederacy as the western. Offered in that the truth of history is vindicated in behalf of a people that have left behind no monuments to their memory save those erected by their destroyers.”

In these volumes readers will learn about Native Americans’ customs, organization, wars and treaties. These books are not an end-all, be-all reference, but, Ruttenber, as a historian, went to great lengths within his 1872 limitations. He even used some firsthand sources. It really is the best history available today of the tribes of the Hudson River. A full modern index has been added to each volume.

Volume I begins with Dutch explorer Henry Hudson’s arrival and reconstructs the history of dozens of tribes in the Northeast. It includes the nations of the Lenni Lenape, the Mahicans and the Iroquois. It also includes the Mohegan tribe, sometimes referred to as Mohican. ISBN#0-910746-98-2

182 pages with index

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