Famous Woodstock Cooks and Their Favorite Recipes


6″ x 8.75″, paperback

“The recipes include temptingly original dishes, uncompromisingly healthful creations and inspired junk food. The text is enhanced by biographies of the contributors.”
—The New York Times

“Undoubtedly, Famous Woodstock Cooks will be an instant collector’s item among local history buffs, celebrity addicts and serious cooks. It serves up a zesty potpourri of Woodstock lore and legend sprinkled among the recipes, includes flavorful tidbits of good old-fashioned gossip. Absorbing commentary, appetizing additions to any self-respecting recipe file.”
—Times Herald Record, Middletown, New York

“Famous Woodstock Cooks is a wonderful mixture of humorous anecdotes, interviews, and eclectic recipes that give a broad glimpse of an eccentric town.”
—Catskill Mountain News, Highmount, New York

“I enjoy reading and using Famous Woodstock Cooks. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
—Vladimir Feltsman, Pianist

Enjoy specialties like Judith Crist’s Fruit Salad for the Non-AA Crowd, Gail Godwin’s Southern Family’s Fried Chicken, and Jane Brody’s Anti-Cancer Soup. The book reads like a chronicle of Woodstock’s subculture, recording the confessions, revelations and adventures of the town’s luminaries. The fifty-one personalities included offer insight into what’s really cooking around this renowned village. The book is as much a serving of Woodstock in the Eighties, as it is a collection of the wizardry of local chefs.

190 pages

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